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On the $PLC and Their Lie$: The Harassment of Andrew Anglin

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The Despicable $outhern Poverty Law Center

In what is sure to be the biggest legal assault on free speech this year, news has emerged that the Southern Poverty Law Center is orchestrating a lawsuit against leading Alt-Right media figure Andrew Anglin. The text of the suit alleges that Anglin orchestrated a harassment campaign against Tanya Gersh, a Jewish realtor residing in Whitefish, Montana, that involved “invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and violation of Montana’s Anti-Intimidation Act.”

That the SPLC, of all organizations, should be pressing forward on such grounds is ironic to say the very least. Aside from scare-mongering among old, wealthy Jews in order to solicit donations and bequests, the SPLC’s entire modus operandi has for some time revolved around ‘exposés’ of Nationalist figures. Although these doxxings are dressed up as “Intelligence Reports” forming part of an overall “Hatewatch” strategy, in reality they are little more than grubby, sensationalized, and often libellous attempts at political intimidation. Indeed, the efforts of the SPLC in this regard are rooted in a desire to invade privacy and inflict emotional distress — precisely the kind of actions they are presently accusing Andrew Anglin of encouraging.

Is it time for an updated Grace Commission?

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 [from Wikipedia]

The Private Sector Survey on Cost Control (PSSCC), commonly referred to as The Grace Commission, was an investigation requested by United States President Ronald Reagan, authorized in Executive Order 12369 on June 30, 1982. The focus of it was waste and inefficiency in the US Federal government. Its head, businessman J. Peter Grace,[1] asked the members of that commission to "be bold" and "work like tireless bloodhounds. Don't leave any stone unturned in your search to root out inefficiency."[2]

The Grace Commission Report[3] was presented to Congress in January 1984. The report claimed that if its recommendations were followed, $424 billion could be saved in three years, rising to $1.9 trillion per year by the year 2000. It estimated that the national debt, without these reforms, would rise to $13 trillion by the year 2000, while with the reforms they projected it would rise to only $2.5 trillion.[4] Congress ignored the commission's report. The debt reached $5.8 trillion in the year 2000.[5][6] The national debt reached 13 trillion after the subprime mortgage-collateralized debt obligation crisis in 2008.

The report said that one-third of all income taxes are consumed by waste and inefficiency in the federal government, and another one-third escapes collection owing to the underground economy.

“With two thirds of everyone’s personal income taxes wasted or not collected, 100 percent of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the federal debt and by federal government contributions to transfer payments. In other words, all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services [that] taxpayers expect from their government."[4]

Rutherford Institute Denounces Attorney General's Plan to Further Police Militarization, Cease Justice Dept. Oversight of Police Misconduct

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Denouncing a plan by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to increase the flow of military equipment to police and have the Justice Department cease its oversight of police misconduct, The Rutherford Institute warned that if the federal government persists in its pursuit of policies that ignore systemic problems within local law enforcement agencies at the expense of the safety and constitutional rights of the American people, “we the people” will all suffer. In a letter to the Attorney General, constitutional attorney John W. Whitehead urged Sessions to align the Justice Department’s priorities with that of the Constitution and, in doing so, not only protect the civil rights of citizens against abuse of power by state and local law enforcement but also “help police departments get better” by holding them fully accountable to the rule of law.

What if We Don't Really Govern Ourselves? Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Same format that got him fired in 2012.:)  Ha!

What if our belief in self-government is a belief in a myth? What if the election of one political party over the other to control Congress changes only appearances? What if taxes stay high and regulations stay pervasive and the government stays oppressive and presidents fight wars no matter what the politicians promise and no matter who wins elections? What if the true goal of those whom we elect to Congress is not to be our agents of self-government or even to preserve our personal liberties but to remain in power by getting re-elected?

What if they use government to aid their own re-elections by bribing us with our own money — the rich with bailouts, the middle class with tax breaks and the poor with transfer payments?

What if Congress has written laws that are too complex for its own members to read and understand?

What if the language of most federal laws is intentionally arcane so that ordinary voters cannot understand it? What if that language is actually written by faceless bureaucrats and not by accountable members of Congress? What if members of Congress in fact rarely read any legislation before voting on it? What if some legislation refers to secrets and secret procedures that only a few members of Congress are permitted to see and utilize?

What if when the select few members of Congress who are permitted to see those secrets do see them, those members are themselves sworn to secrecy? What if that means that our elected representatives — our supposed agents of self-government in the government — do not fully know what the government is doing and that even if they do, they can't legally tell us?

What if our representatives in Congress don't really represent us? What if they really represent a political party? What if each political party is controlled by a small leadership group that punishes members who defy it? What if Congress has written laws and rules that permit its leaders to punish members' defiance? What if another way to characterize defiance of political party leadership is political courage?

What if the laws that Congress has written about the CIA have delegated congressional power to a small secret committee of members from both houses of Congress and both political parties? What if that committee can authorize secret wars in foreign lands conducted not by the military but by the CIA? What if the reason these folks authorize the CIA and not the military to conduct secret wars is the existence of federal laws that require reporting to and a vote of the entire Congress for the military to be used but require only the small secret committee to approve for the CIA to be used?

Because wars cost money and often cost lives, what if the effect of the decisions of the small secret committee is that the committee is basically a Congress within Congress? What if the Constitution says that only Congress can spend tax dollars and declare wars but Congress has let the Congress within Congress do this? What if the voters will never know what the Congress within Congress has authorized? What if the very existence of the Congress within Congress mocks, defies and betrays the concept of American self-government?

What if the data seen and discussed and the decisions made in secret by the Congress within Congress are generated by the CIA and other intelligence agencies? What if these intelligence agencies selectively reveal and selectively conceal data to manipulate the decisions of the Congress within Congress? What if those manipulations often result in bloodshed about which the American people often never learn? What if the bases for the decisions of the Congress within Congress are kept from the other members of Congress, from the media and from the voters?

What if the folks from both political parties who set up the Congress within Congress care more about wielding power than they do about preserving self-government? What if those who pull the levers of power in the intelligence community are so far removed from the voters that they don't know and don't care what the voters think? What if they know that the voters would react forcefully and decisively if the voters knew what the members of the Congress within Congress know but they still won't tell us?

What if all this diversion of power from the elected Congress to the Congress within Congress and all this reliance on secret data has resulted in the most pervasive surveillance by any government of any people at any time in world history? What if the federal government's domestic surveillance today captures and retains digital copies of every telephone call and every computer keystroke of every person in America and has done so since 2005? What if members of Congress who are not in the Congress within Congress do not know this?

What if the Congress within Congress has authorized American spies to spy without personal suspicion or judicial warrant on the military, the courts, the police and every person in America, including the remaining members of Congress, much of the remaining intelligence community itself and even the White House?

What if the selective use of the data acquired from mass surveillance can be used to manipulate anyone by those who have access to the data? What if those who have access to the data have used it to manipulate the president of the United States? What if all this constitutes a grave but largely unseen threat to our liberties, not the least of which is the right to self-government?

What if we don't really govern ourselves? What do we do about it?

The Last Battle of France: Islamic Immigration and the Fate of the West

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V Desportes 
 Retired French General Vincent Desportes author of the book, “The Last Battle of France,” has written extensively of Islamic terrorism.

"Men of Harlech" or "The March of the Men of Harlech" (Welsh: Rhyfelgyrch Gwŷr Harlech) is a song and military march which is traditionally said to describe events during the seven year long siege of Harlech Castle, Wales, between 1461 and 1468.

“The Last Battle of France” is the English translation of a new book by retired French General Vincent Desportes, La Dermiere Bataille de France. Desportes is not writing about the fall of France to the German Army in 1940 or of the battle of Dien Bien Phu that ended on May 7, 1954, and resulted in French withdrawal from its colonies in Indochina: Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. General Desportes is warning France and the Western world, very seriously, that accommodations to Muslim culture and purely defensive actions against Islamic Jihad and terrorism will not bring peace or arrest the Islamization of France.

General Vincent is the author of many books and seems to be one of the rare and courageous truth tellers that France, Europe, and the United States need to heed. According to a Tanisie Secret article by Nebil Ben Yahmed, dated January 19, 2015, General Vincent announced that Daech (ISIS) is a “Dr. Frankenstein” monster created by the United States. This was apparently a finding of a French Commission on Foreign Affairs related to issues important to the French armed forces. He specifically mentioned Hillary Clinton’s role as U.S. Secretary of State.

This finding has also been confirmed by a de-classified intelligence report obtained by Judicial Watch in June 2016.

More @ The Tribune

:) EDGE: How The Israeli Occupation Has Made It Impossible For Palestinians To Score Drugs

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A video that strikes a chord regarding the Super Majority NC Republicans currently enjoy, thanks in large part to gun owners like you. "This is not a threat, it's a promise!)

Jan Morgan speaks against an amendment to SB724 which would allow stadiums and campuses to submit security plans to police in exchange for exempting certain areas from concealed carry. Her statements end with a mild threat to legislators. Jan is known as the "1st Lady of the 2nd Amendment" and has appeared on Fox News in support of the NRA.

Time is up, yet so-called "pro-gun" Republicans  continue to drag their feet on gun bills.

Republicans must decide on MONDAY to move the bills, or else they will fail to make the Thursday 'crossover deadline,' killing them.

What good is a super majority if the party that enjoys it thumbs its collective nose at its constituency, and does no more to rollback the erosion of gun rights than the opposition party? Of course, the answer is, it does voters no good at all. So why are they there?


More @ GRNC

Details and Analysis of Senator Ted Cruz’s Tax Plan

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Key Findings:

Senator Cruz’s (R-TX) tax plan would enact a 10 percent flat tax on individual income and replace the corporate income tax and all payroll taxes with a 16 percent “Business Transfer Tax,” or subtraction method value-added tax. In addition, his plan would repeal a number of complex features of the current tax code.

Senator Cruz’s plan would cut taxes by $3.6 trillion over the next decade on a static basis. However, the plan would end up reducing tax revenues by $768 billion over the next decade when accounting for economic growth from increases in the supply of labor and capital and the much broader tax base due to the new value-added tax.

According to the Tax Foundation’s Taxes and Growth Model, the plan would significantly reduce marginal tax rates and the cost of capital, which would lead to a 13.9 percent higher GDP over the long term, provided that the tax cut could be appropriately financed.

The plan would also lead to a 43.9 percent larger capital stock, 12.2 percent higher wages, and 4.8 million more full-time equivalent jobs.

On a static basis, the plan would cut taxes by 9.2 percent, on average, for all taxpayers.

Accounting for economic growth, all taxpayers would see an increase in after-tax income of at least 14 percent at the end of the decade.

More @ Tax Foundation

Comment on "There Will Be Blood: Left Prepares For War After Berkeley Beat Down: Combat Training, Better Equipment, Guns.”

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The word, war has been so over used, misused and abused that has lost the real horror of what war really means. We have had a war on crime, war on drugs, war on poverty. Unlike playing a war game on your computer, in the comfort of your own room, bad things do happen to you in war. Very bad things. By the way, have we won any of those other wars yet (on drugs, crime and poverty)? We have a word to describe what the lefties are advocating: Sedition. A crime, that still is a capital offense.

Should this all turn ugly (the use of guns to impose your will on the other guy), it will get uglier than either side anticipates. Those on "the right" are condescendingly calling those as in the above photo, pussies, wimps and cowards with no stomach for a real right. The arm chair warriors with their weapon of choice and the amount of ammo they have on hand confidently state how any lefty that dares to come within a certain distance is a dead man. Over confident. They have forgotten history.
Lefties are quite willing to commit mass murder to achieve their political goals. What happened at Berkeley was a fluke. Recall the SDS, and the Black Panther movements of the 60' and early 70's.

Students were willing to blow things up. It is only a matter of how soon they bring weapons to the next protest rally. They will learn from what happened and not make that mistake twice.
Those on the left having gotten their way for decades at little cost don't have a clue as the rage those Deplorables barely contained under that very thin veneer of respect for the law. They have committed the mistake of believing their propaganda about those on the right. Big Mistake. Wars have this very nasty habit of not going according to plan. Consider how the South and the North viewed each other just before the War Between the States started. Each side thought the other side was not a match for the quality they had as a soldier, and any war would be over quickly ending in victory. There does come a point where name calling will not work to intimidate the politically incorrect person into silence, when he does not care what you call him.

Then what? What if the ONLY thing stopping some middle aged white guy from pulling the trigger is the over riding wish to pay his bills, and one day he doesn't care if the mortgage gets paid? It is one thing to lecture others on "social justice issues" from the comfort of your You Tube web cam with a Starbucks coffee in hand and another recovering from a gun shot wound that leaves you crippled for life from a guy that refused to respect your invented personal pronouns and what you "identify as". Walking around with your "this is war", is not a good plan. It will NOT end the way you think it is going to. Go back and read those old books written by those dead white males on the topic of real war. You lefties can learn about what real war is, by doing it the easy way or the very hard way. Your call. The gods of the copy book heading will, absolutely, have the final say in the matter.

PS:  Another thought here, to be put under the heading of, that is a good question: In the event the Lefties get their wish of a war on the Deplorables on the right, what are the LEOs going to do?

Officer Friendly has morphed into Officer Safety. It already has gotten to where what is printed on the uniform will tell you if the uniform is a soldier or a member of some LEO department. Many LEOs do see themselves as members of a paramilitary organization. They over the years have gotten all the military hardware the various branches were willing to give away. It is only a matter of time when they use them. agencies have gotten their very own paramilitary security force.

They have purchased using your tax money to buy enough ammo to practically never to have to worry about running out. They do believe their bright shiny badge does given extra rights. They do know that to get away with murder all they have to state is the offender resisted arrest and the officer feared for his safety. I don't want to be in the same zip code when Officer Safety get to play with all that uber cool, high speed, full cammo, official and genuine military stuff that he now has. I strongly suspect that he will shoot first and ask questions later. And not caring about your feelings, respecting your safe space, or what video you are going to post on Facebook. They many not care if you are wearing a Che shirt or a stars and stripe shirt, you're a sheeple

Korea - Venezuela - Syria - Europe - USA

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Join the North Korean Army or slowly starve to death. 

The Ghost Has Been On A Brief Vacation. 

In the interim the world and its insanity goes on. Sometimes it gets harder and harder to care. A symptom of getting older I guess. 


Korea: Yawn. Big deal. So what. Yes the little fat boy is a menace and nobody wants to see NK armed with nukes and the missiles to deliver them. Somehow though I don't think either China, South Korea or Japan or the US want to take on the burden and costs of trying to assimilate millions of starving and brain washed people into civilized society. It would require a multi-generational effort and the rest of the world is far to enmeshed in their own pending crises.