Sunday, September 16, 2018

TRUMP FIRES WARNING SHOT AT DEEP STATE: Devin Nunes to Release Depositions from 70 Witnesses Before Election

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House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday morning to discuss the ongoing investigation into the Obama administration interference in the 2016 elections.


Rep. Devin Nunes: Maria, the American people are now beginning to see, the walls are beginning to close in on the corrupt officials from the Department of Justice and the FBI. Many of them have been fired. Many of them are on leave. Many of them have been demoted. But you are slowly starting to see this collapse in on them even though the mainstream media is not covering this because they seem so focused on drinking the Russian Kool-aid… So, we believe that the depositions we took, from about 70 people, those need to be published and they need to be published before the election, published I mean, they need to be put out for the American people to review, so they can see all the work that we did, and they need to see all the people we interviewed and those answers to those questions. I think full transparency is in order here. So I expect to make those available from our committee to the American public in the next few weeks.

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North Texas Fake Fair Catch | 90-yard Punt Return TD

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Crystal Ball Performances

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Candace Owens visits ICE immigration center: it's nicer than every school I attended!

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New York Times on Roaring Trump Economy: Change How It Is Measured

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Perhaps some of you might remember a familiar scene while playing poker during your teen years.

Very frequently someone who was upset at how the game was doing would yell out "DEUCES WILD!" to change the rules. It was especially suspicious if the person had just been dealt a new hand before yelling out that rule change.

Well, New York Times op-ed columnist David Leonhardt is essentially yelling out "DEUCES WILD!"  Now that the economy is soaring under President Donald Trump he wants to change the rules on how it is measured as you can see in his September 14 column, "We’re Measuring the Economy All Wrong."'

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CNN can't even report on the weather without faking it.

George Bush Stumping For GOP Candidates, But Not Ted Cruz

Via John "....and to think, I held my nose and voted for this Deep State creep, TWICE. He cost our nation thousands of lives and more than $5 trillion dollars and he is now working against the president who is trying to fix his biggest blunders and doing what he can to reduce the GOP's Senate majority by, in effect, supporting a Democrat to help turn Texas blue."

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“I just don’t like the guy,” former president reportedly said about the Texas senator in 2015.

Former President George W. Bush is headlining fundraisers for GOP candidates facing tough challenges ahead of the midterm elections. He won’t, however, be appearing on behalf of Ted Cruz, the Republican senator from his home state of Texas, The Dallas Morning News reported.
A spokesman for Bush told the newspaper that the other campaign appearances “work with our schedule.”

Cop Triggers an ANTIFA snowflake

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