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RIP: Remus and the Woodpile Report

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I'm sure we all were afraid of this news.

New York Daily News logo FEMA denies Minnesota’s request for federal aid to help repair Twin Cities damage after George Floyd protests

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A protester carries a American flag upside down, a sign of distress, next to a burning building in Minneapolis.

Minnesota, you’re on your own.
About a week after Gov. Tim Walz wrote to President Trump requesting federal aid to repair widespread damage in Minneapolis and St. Paul from the fiery George Floyd protests, the Federal Emergency Management Agency rebuffed the request for a financial helping hand.

The state has estimated total damages at more than $500 million, and Walz specifically wrote in his July 2 letter that $15 million in cleanup and repair costs could be eligible for federal reimbursement.
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How Our Anti-American Education System Made Riots Inevitable


 Rioting social justice warriors are remaking the world as they see fit, consistent with what they’ve been taught from K-12 to the highest echelons of learning. 

The past fire-lit weeks in America’s cities have made clear that the protests, and the riots that attend them, have little to do with the condemnable alleged murder of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis.

Even in the non-violent demonstrations, protesters can be seen burning the American flag, an act that just 30 years ago engendered such outrage it spurred Congress to pass an unconstitutional law, but doesn’t even warrant coverage today. In broad daylight, protesters have defaced and toppled statues dedicated to any and all figures of America’s history.

The American Welfare State

 The Road Ahead: Flynn, John T.: Books

Shortly after the Bolshevik revolution and consolidation of power in Russia came the Great Depression and the opportunity for a charismatic American politician to introduce his own version of a planned economy, fiat money and social programs funded by deficit financing.

American Welfare State  

“My father was a true liberal as it was defined prior to World War II. He was also a highly regarded and respected liberal, in the forefront of his profession of journalism. At that time, most of those in the newspaper field were staunch supporters of the Constitution as originally adopted; that is, they believed that the role of the federal government was quite limited. And they also believed in the free enterprise system. There were few leftists in their midst.

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The New Deal: An Old Racket

 John Thomas Flynn (October 25, 1882 – April 13, 1964) was an American journalist best known for his opposition to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and to American entry into World War II

About 400 years before Christ, Athens, was perhaps the first republic overtaken by economic depression with widespread unemployment and many flocking to the Agora seeking aid. First the farmers were granted handouts, then came the laborers and others wanting their share. The ancient racket continues unabated today.

The New Deal: An Old Racket

“It is clear from Plutarch’s account that Pericles, the political ruler of Athens, understood the cause of the trouble. Plutarch describes the character of the workers who thronged into Athens clamoring for relief. They were, he tells us, brass workers, wood workers, smiths, moulders, founders, stonecutters, goldsmiths, ivory workers, and painters. It was perfectly obvious that Athens was in a depression because of the collapse of the building industry and particularly the extensive shipbuilding industry at Piraeus, the port of Athens. In other words, the capital goods industry was in a slump.

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Homeowner Opens Fire, Kills Two of Three Home Invasion Suspects

 The two intruders who were shot and killed by a Wesley Chapel homeowner were identified by the Pasco County Sheriff's Office as Luis Casado, left, and Khyle Durham, both 21. [Pasco County Sheriff's Office]

A Wesley Chapel, Florida, homeowner shot and killed two out of three home invasion suspects Friday morning.

Fox 35 reports that the homeowner was playing video games when he heard glass breaking just before 1:00 a.m. He retrieved a gun and shot one suspect in a hallway, then fired again when a second suspect allegedly appeared in the hallway with a gun.

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Tarboro: Where is the plaque for this Confederate Historical Monument?

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Within a small timeframe, the plaque was present, taken off and then painted over as if it didn’t ever exist. #CoverUp, #ConfederateHistoricalMonument

Please see article below for anyone interested in this Confederate Historical Monument and how it came to be placed in the Town Commons.

Near Saigon April 30th: Regular and PF Troops

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More On Wokeness At West Point

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Getting good letters on this one. If you haven’t read the original “Wokeness Comes To West Point” post, by all means do. Then read these letters.

Here’s the first, slightly edited to protect confidentiality:

I graduated from West Point in [date] and currently still serve.  I was dismayed, but honestly not very shocked, with the 40-page manifesto fired at the Academy by the disgruntled former cadets.  There has been a gradual shift at West Point in recent years to become more progressive, to include:
 -In 2018, inviting Ta-Nehisi Coates to spend two days at the academy, speaking to cadets about a variety of topics, with an emphasis on race.  This is the same Ta-Nehisi Coates who wrote in regards to the police and firefighters who died on 9/11 “They were not human to me. Black, white, or whatever, they were menaces of nature.”

Missouri AG On Warrant Served On St. Louis Couple: Democrat Prosecutor Has History Of ‘Politically Motivated Decisions,’ Has Not Charged Those Who Attacked Prayerful Protesters

 St Louis couple

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt responded to Friday night’s breaking news that a search warrant was served and at least one gun confiscated from the St. Louis couple who defended their home last month from an angry mob by saying that the Democrat prosecutor who was handling the decision has an alleged track record of making politically motivated decisions.

“I know this is being handled by a local prosecutor, not something you’d be involved with, but what is your take on what we’re seeing tonight?” Fox News host Shannon Bream asked Schmitt. “The local warrant there signed off by a judge and being executed by St. Louis police?”

Four Stages of Marxist Takeover: The Accuracy of Yuri Bezmenov: The journalist and Soviet defector long ago pegged the current left-wing moment.

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 Four Stages of Marxist Takeover: The Accuracy of Yuri Bezmenov ...

It’s important to understand that this is a revolutionary moment in American history, and it isn’t a bad idea to act in ways that would fall under the traditional description of “accordingly.”

But it’s also important to understand that the revolution taking place in America is not yet a “kinetic” one. That may come soon, or it may not. The battle taking place presently is a war of information — or disinformation, as the case may be.

And the revolution is a Marxist revolution. You should make no mistake about that. The groups fomenting it, the intellectuals promoting it, and the money financing it are all quite open about who they are.

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GOOD MORNING, BROCK! We the People ARE in Deep Doo Doo. And President TRUMP IS THE Way out of it. Just like Reagan, President TRUMP WILL DEFEAT the Marxist PUSH to "Overthrow this Nation without firing a shot." This is a simple TRUTH Meme that sums up a lot in just a few words. Ole Clint is looking tired. But he still has it going on behind those eyes.

I found this article at Mike's 90 Miles from Tyranny today, I followed the links to The American Spectator:

It is a short article. BUT A LONG READ. Who was Alexander Kerensky? What have Alexander and Joe Biden got in common? DOES HISTORY REALLY REPEAT ITSELF? Does anyone in their right mind believe that any one of these Marxist Pukes trying to influence our Nation has the BRAINS to Come up with the SCHIFFT that they are spewing, on their own? Or, are they just ACTORS (Useful Idiots) READING A POISONOUS SCRIPT. One which was written long ago, and when enacted to it's final scene of Death and Destruction, has Conquered Many Profitable, and Prolific Societies, throughout History. What these Marxists are trying to achieve is NOT OF THE JUDEO-CHRISTIAN GOD that we Know. It is of, and from, the ADVERSARY to TRUTH AND INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS, pure and SIMPLE. See what you think, Brock.

Thank You for ALL that you Do for Freedom Brock.................. Endeavor to Persevere, Sir.

~~ G.W. Long