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All The Commie Wackos In One Spot! ‘Rage, Rebellion, Revolution’: Left Forum kicks off in NYC (LIVE VIDEO)

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While the two powerhouses of American politics get ready to host their national conventions in July, the Left Forum is beating them to the punch by celebrating the country’s radical and revolutionary side this weekend.

Conceived as “something fundamentally different from conventional politics and presidential election mainstream media hype,” 4,500 people are expected to descend on the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City.

Underway since Friday afternoon and continuing until Sunday, speakers include left-wing rock stars such as Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin, journalist Chris Hedges, Socialist Seattle council member Kshama Sawant, the Green Party's Jill Stein, and public intellectual Slavoj Žižek.

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A big endorsement no matter what you may think of the NRA. ( GOA )

The War Against Civilians,204,203,200_.jpg

 Marching Through Culpeper
 Culpepper S/B Culpeper

Lee’s grand army departed Gettysburg “dog-tired and hungry.” Poorly fed, they have existed on bread, berries and green apples with the horses eating only grass, and only after arriving at Culpepper did the men enjoy a cooked meal and the horses found loose corn. Of the battle at Gettysburg, Lee tells President Davis not to blame his men, that he alone is to blame “in perhaps expecting too much of [his army’s] prowess and valor.”
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

The War Against Civilians

“August 4 [1863]: Culpepper civilians are apprehensive again. [General JEB] Stuart has not even enough men to protect them from the Federal raiders who seem to cross the Rappahannock at will. Sally Armstrong’s family is still plagued by the blue devils.

“Nothing but Yankees from morning to night,” she protested on July 29, “no signs of them leaving yet.” She hears of how horribly the Federals have been treating people in Fauquier County, and lives “in dread of having the infantry come over and pillage.” “Great anxiety we live in . . . our neighbors . . . have had almost every mouthful taken from them.”

[Nearby enemy regiments have] emboldened Culpepper slaves to dash toward Union lines all along the river, from Kelly’s Ford to Waterloo. On one evening alone, about forty “children of Ham,” as [the enemy commander] calls them, moved within his picket lines . . . . Many of the boys and men will be hired by Federal officers as body servants, although some officers refuse under any circumstances to hire “wretched niggers.”

Most have been mere field hands as slaves, complains one [Northern officer], and therefore are ignorant of the duties of a personal servant. “To this ignorance,” he elaborates, “must be added the natural laziness, lying, and dirt of the Negro, which surpasses anything an ordinary white man is capable of.” Not [all Northern troops] agree with this assessment . . . A member of the 20th New York Militia admires “the thousands” of contraband blacks laboring in [General] Meade’s camps as cooks, teamsters and servants . . . he informs his mother. He believes the blacks “as a class” exhibit more “native sense” than the majority of white Southerners.

[Meade] makes no move [and many sense] that Meade is not yet comfortable as the army’s commander. Word has it that he nearly gave up the fight at Gettysburg after the second day, and he now seems overly deliberate and cautious.

Meanwhile, Culpepper’s civilians hunker down. Captain Charles Francis Adams, Jr., commanding the Union picket force on the Hazel River . . . knows that these people hate him and his men, but he understands the reason. He has witnessed daily “acts of pillage and outrage on the poor and defenceless” that make his “hair stand on end,” and cause him to “loathe all war.” [His] Soldiers, usually under cover of darkness, break into homes, rifle closets and drawers, take what they like, and abuse and threaten their victims. Some citizens are too terrified to sleep.

“Poor Virginia!” laments Captain Adams. “Her fighting men have been slaughtered; her old men have been ruined; her women and children are starving and outraged; her servants have run away or been stolen; her fields have been desolated; her towns have been depopulated.”

“The horrors of war are not all to be found in the battle-field,” he laments, “and every army pillages and outrages to a terrible extent.”

“What shall I write for these times?” [Sally] asks her diary. “Yankees doing all conceivable wickedness.” “If God did not rule we would die in despair. He only can help us.”

(Seasons of War, The Ordeal of a Confederate Community, 1861-1865, Daniel E. Sutherland, LSU Press, 1995, excerpts, pp. 269-276)

Replacing a Critical but Severely Bent Nail: Paul Ryan

We need to replace a critical nail in a horse's shoe or lose a battle and the war to save our county from radical political agendas and special interest corruption. We need Republican leaders that have the backs of conservative voters in every region, including the South, most especially the South. RINOs take warning. We have had enough betrayal and insults.

The cleanest way to save the Republican Party and the nation is to dump House Speaker Paul Ryan in his Wisconsin primary.

Paul Ryan needs to be dumped in the Wisconsin Primary. I have already  contributed to his opponent, Paul Nehlen's campaign, a true  conservative. (See info below). Ryan's latest arrogance Is to insult the Heritage of Southern States that generally vote in more Republicans than Wisconsin. There would not be a viable Republican Party, If it were not for Southern States. and conservative Southern voters who are not ashamed of, but proud of, their Southern Heritage. Ryan's arrogant ignorance of Southern and Civil War History is appalling and offending a large part of the historically knowledgeable Southern electorate. This plays right into the Democrat radical agenda. Ryan has betrayed conservatives on almost every issue, especially immigration, national security, trade, and  government spending. We need to get him out before he destroys the Republican Party and the nation.

We don't need a Republican Speaker of the House who obstructs the Republican nominee for President and Insults Southern conservatives. If Ryan thinks he can win a national election without conservative Southern voters who honor their Southern Heritage, he doesn't have adequate political and policy judgement to be S a Congressman, much less Speaker of the House.

Mike Scruggs is the author of The Un-Civil War: Shattering the Historical Myths (Ryan apparently believes the myths rather than the truth) and Lessons from the Vietnam War: What the Media Never Told You, and over 500 articles on military history, politics, economics, and miscellaneous subjects.
 He has an MBA from Stanford University and a BS from the University of Georgia. He is a combat veteran of the Vietnam War and has been a Republican County Chairman in both North Carolina and Alabama.


 Paul Ryan's Hypocrisy on Outside Interests

 “Paul Ryan loves double-standards. He has a lot of them,” said Paul Nehlen late this afternoon. Nehlen is challenging Ryan for the congressional seat in Wisconsin’s 1st District. Nehlen’s comments came in reaction to a series of public comments Ryan has recently made.

 “It’s interesting, for starters, that he recently said he doesn’t think outside interests should have any influence on this congressional race.” said Nehlen, “Big news, Paul Ryan! You’re the poster boy for outside interests. Paul Ryan is an 18-year incumbent, a career-politician who’s reaped his ever-growing mountain of campaign funding primarily via large donations that come straight from inside the Washington Beltway. To help out his Big Donor buddies, Ryan votes against the manufacturers, small businesses, workers, taxpayers, and families of Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District—never mind the people of the United States—on issue after issue. Yet he continues to pretend he’s supporting us.

 “The old saying is correct,” Nehlen laughed. “Money talks. And Paul Ryan has accumulated one ton of crony cash.”
“I am going straight to the constituents of  this district because their agenda and voice have been sadly ignored by their current representative. This campaign’s message has been consistent since day one. Paul Ryan’s cronyism needs to end, and this district needs to be reclaimed for its constituents.


Paul Ryan's establishment hacks are trumpeting a new poll out showing Nehlen trailing here in Wisconsin's first district. And while they pound their chests proclaiming the race is over, they fail to mention the part of this reality that terrifies them.

 Paul Nehlen is a businessman here in Wisconsin. He has never run for office, he doesn't have any name ID and outside of the hundreds of workers who work for him here, no one in the district knows who he is. Yet.
So the fact that with no advertising, no political background and no previous campaigns Nehlen already pulls a sizable percentage of the vote likely has team Ryan a little discombobulated.
Remember, Eric Cantor was winning by 30% just three weeks out from his election in Virginia.

 This race is just beginning.

 In fact, this morning we launched our first Super Saturday and right now we have an army of door knockers out in Walworth County. This will continue for the next three months, and we guarantee you the next poll will show Nehlen increasing his lead even further.

 And yes, we will win this race.

 Winning will come at a cost. Paul Nehlen has put significant money in to get this started and many of you have pitched in as well. But this is going to be very, very costly.

 We need to build and build quickly. And we need your help to do it.

    ++ Please click here to chip in a few bucks to help us continue building a grassroots army to defeat Paul Ryan.

 If we stand together and with a loud enough voice, we will win this election. A win that will send political shockwaves across the nation and world.

“Civil Rights” Morphs Into Anti-White Discrimination And “Transgender” Rights–Part Two

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As previously stated the “Civil Rights Movement” was mostly not the noble crusade it has been painted as by a compliant “news” media. If anything it was an exercise in class struggle and a vehicle to feather certain political nests over on the far left. In his book It’s Very Simple–The True Story of Civil Rights author and investigative reporter Alan Stang noted, on page 97, that: “…There are in the United States two kinds of ‘Negro Leaders’: the violents and the ”. non-violents. The violents want to destroy the United States and set up their own nation on part of it. All the non-violents want is integration. Americans of all colors are going to get one or the other, they are told,  so they’d better take the integration. If they don’t, they’ll get the self-determination, and that’s bound to be unpleasant.

In other words, if the violents make a riot, and the non-violent Rev. Galamison doesn’t get what he wants,  the violents will probably make a bigger riot. If you wanted to define it in one word you’d pick the word ‘entortion’.” That’s what a lot of the “Civil Rights” Movement was built on. This is not new. The same principle was used in the labor union movement. So most people, in an attempt to do the right and peaceful thing, picked integration. Has that choice solved the race problem?  Hardly! It wasn’t intended to. So we got the integration and the riots right along with it–and now blatant anti-white discrimination and the perverted “transgender” movement have become new “civil rights.”

So exactly what are the “civil rights” of the white majority? Why they have the “civil right” to put up with all this, and to pay for all the cleanup from all the riots they got along with the “peaceful” integration!

The Appalachian Messenger May 20th, 2016

This week’s edition of the Appalachian Messenger has articles by:

Robert Gore
Murdering America

Paul Rosenberg
The Snowden Effect

Introduction to Counterintelligence

Publius Huldah
We Must Renew Our States Self Defense

Click here for the May 20th, 2016 edition.

Today is North Carolina Secession Day -- 1775 and 1861

“On the 20th of May, 1895, the monument was unveiled in the presence of thousands of citizens of the Old North State who had gathered there to do honor to the brave men whose valor the monument perpetuates.

Little Julia Jackson Christian, granddaughter of the immortal Stonewall Jackson, drew the veil.

The monument was constructed entirely of North Carolina granite. The design is on the Corinthian order. It is over seventy-two feet high, with a base of twenty-eight feet. The shaft is a solid block of granite twenty-eight feet high, and is surmounted by a handsome bronze figure representing an infantry soldier.

On either side of the base is a life-size statue – one of an infantryman, and the other a cavalryman.

On the first base, which is six feet square, is a large die block and on its two faces are bronze medallions – one representing the seal of North Carolina, and the other the seal of the Confederate States.  This is considered to be one of the handsomest monuments in America.”

Inscribed on the western face is “To Our Confederate Dead”; inscribed on the eastern face is “First at Bethel, Last at Appomattox.”

                                                               “The Confederates”

“Little indeed, must be the soul that grows morbid with misgivings and with malice at the reunion of the grizzled veterans of the Cause.

Let these old battle-scarred heroes have their times of revived associations and happy reminiscences. Let them march together on crutches and wooden legs, with empty sleeves dangling at their shoulders, and an occasional green patch over an eyeless socket.

Let them talk of the thrilling days gone by in bivouac and on battlefield. Let them compare notes of [Manassas] and Chancellorsville and Chickamauga and Gettysburg. They suffered enough, and showed courage enough in those perilous days to entitle them to all of the consolation they can get now out of stirring memories.

Small the soul and mean the heart that charges these valiant men with treasonable principles. They represent the flower of Southern manhood –as true and as brave a type as breathes the air of American freedom . . . The soldiers of the South are as loyal as any citizen of the land.

Having startled the world with an intrepidity of spirit, a dauntlessness of daring, a brilliancy of execution, and an almost marvelous capacity of endurance in the face of overwhelming forces, they surrendered in honor, and have been living through these years in loyal submissive not less heroic than their many successes which would have kindled Napoleon’s pride.

We of the South are proud of the records of those men who shouted about Lee and Jackson and Johnston and Gordon in those days gone by.

We are proud of their silent comrades who sleep in unmarked graves and in unkept cities of the dead. Some of us who were entirely too little to know anything about those dreadful days of war, have read the story with patriotic pride, and we rejoice to know that honor to the memory of the brave soldiers of our sunny South does not mean dishonor to a reunited country. – The Midland Methodist.”

(Historic Southern Monuments, Bettie A.C. Emerson, 1911, pp. 253-254)

Furniture firepower: Gun sales drive specialty 'concealment' craze

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Rising gun sales have triggered a new trend in furniture fashion -- coffee tables, cabinets, headboards and hutches with secret compartments for firearms.

'Gun concealment furniture' sales, once the province of solitary craftsmen making custom goods have gone mainstream, allowing firearms owners to maintain easy in-home access to hidden handguns and rifles.

“There are a lot of people who don’t want a big iron safe,” said Dan Ingram, owner of NJ Concealment Furniture, based in Hampton, N.J. “There are a lot of people who don’t even have room for one, but they still need someplace to safely store their guns.”

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Federal judge blasts DOJ, orders ethics training for attorneys

Using a mix of scathing language and movie quotes, a federal judge in Texas who had blocked President Barack Obama’s immigration executive action ordered Thursday that Justice Department attorneys attend an ethics course, saying they misled him about whether the administration had begun implementing one of the proposals.

After a group of 26 states filed a lawsuit in late 2014 challenging Obama’s proposed measures, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen issued a preliminary injunction that halted them. Before ordering the injunction, Justice Department attorneys told Hanen one key part of Obama’s actions, an expansion of a program that protects young immigrants from deportation if they were brought to the U.S. illegally as children, hadn’t taken effect.


Home Depot worker wore 'America Was Never Great' cap

Doesn't look like a Bull, but must be since there's a ring in her nose.........:)

Home Depot says one of its New York City stores will take steps to ensure employees aren’t promoting political messages at work after one wore a cap opposing a Donald Trump slogan.
The Staten Island Advance newspaper says the action was prompted after an image of an employee wearing the cap went viral Wednesday.

Krystal Lake says she went to work wearing a hat that read “America Was Never Great,” a twist on the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s slogan “Make America Great Again.”


WA PO Poll finds 90% of American Indians are OK with Washington Redskins name

A poll in the Washington Post has found that nine out of 10 Native Americans are not offended by the Washington Redskins name.

The poll surveyed 504 people who identified as Native American in every state in the US, and reflects the findings of a similar poll in 2004. Washington’s NFL team has been under pressure for some time over its name, which many say is offensive. The survey also asked respondents whether the word “Redskin” itself is disrespectful: 21% said it is.

Washington’s owner, Dan Snyder, has long resisted calls to change the team’s name, and said the poll backed up his stance.

“The Washington Redskins team, our fans and community have always believed our name represents honor, respect and pride,” said Snyder in a statement. “Today’s Washington Post polling shows Native Americans agree. We are gratified by this overwhelming support from the Native American community, and the team will proudly carry the Redskins name.”

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Trump Advisor: "Hillary Clinton's Platform Is To Start Wars In The Middle East, And Import All The Refugees"

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Stephen Miller, one of Donald Trump's top policy aides (on loan from the office of Sen. Jeff Sessions) speaks with CNN's Brooke Baldwin about Hillary Clinton's foreign policy.

"Bernie Sanders is exactly right that Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president," he said.

"Do you think Hillary Clinton is qualified?" asked the CNN host.
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Dated: Bernie Sanders destroys Hillary Clinton in debate on Vermont gun laws

Who's the Conservative Heretic?

In his coquettish refusal to accept the Donald, Paul Ryan says he cannot betray the conservative “principles” of the party of Abraham Lincoln, high among which is a devotion to free trade.

But when did free trade become dogma in the Party of Lincoln?

As early as 1832, young Abe declared, “My politics are short and sweet, like the old woman’s dance.

I am in favor of a national bank … and a high protective tariff. These are my sentiments and political principles.”

Campaigning in 1844, Lincoln declared, “Give us a protective tariff and we will have the greatest nation on earth.”

Lt. General Jerry Boykin, Ret. fired from his position as a teacher at Hampden-Sydney

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 Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin

Decorated hero Lt. General Jerry Boykin, Ret., was recently fired from his position as a teacher at Hampden-Sydney College for holding the very un-PC position that boys and girls should use separate facilities. Now Senator Ted Cruz is urging every American to stand in solidarity with Gen. Boykin and shaming Hampden-Sydney College and every other fascist liberal institution in America for their ruthless assault on free speech.

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