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The Origins of the Neo-Marxist Attack on the South: Excellent

One method Gramscists’ have used to gain power enough to re-write history has been to gain tenured teaching positions at colleges and universities. This gradualist approach is called boring from within. It has resulted in significant representation of anti-American Gramscists at U.S. universities and colleges. The people that interviewed the initial Gramscists and hired them may have been open-minded people that projected their own honesty to those that they interviewed and hired, but Gramscists’ once tenured, have not been.

On July 5th, the Abbeville Institute published an article entitled “Southern Identity and the Southern Tradition” by John Devanny.

Mr. Devanny noted that Marxism is involved in attacks on southern culture and heritage and wrote that many of them were “the inheritors of a secular Puritan legacy and the disciples of cultural Marxism who began to dominate the academy in the 1960s.”

The northeastern geographic origin of many New Left reconstructionists makes me suspect Mr. Devanny is right, and that many may be cultural-political descendants of secular Puritanism.

Certainly, the milieu there is hospitable to post-secular-Puritan Neo Marxists. There are, of course, other New Left pinks and reds of a California variety. In the 1960s the impetus for the increase of this virulent variety was U.S. succession to France’s war in Vietnam and southeastern Asia.

Minnesota Schools Adopt Transgender Toolkit for Kindergartners (Not a parody)

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A "transgender toolkit" for public schools in Minnesota advises teachers to call children "scholars" instead of boys and girls.

The guidelines were approved Wednesday by the "School Safety Technical Assistance Council" and will be distributed to Kindergarten through 12th grade public schools and charter schools throughout the state. The toolkit attempts to "ensure a safe and supportive transition" for children becoming a different gender at school.

The toolkit allows for boys who identify as girls to use the girls' bathroom, and tells teachers to ask kids what their "preferred pronouns" are.

Trump warns Iran could face 'new and serious consequences' if it doesn't free US prisoners

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Trump specifically called for the release of American citizens Robert Levinson and Baquer and Siamak Namazi. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

President Trump warned Friday that Iran could face "new and serious consequences" if it doesn't free U.S. citizens imprisoned in Iran.

"President Donald J. Trump and his administration are redoubling efforts to bring home all Americans unjustly detained abroad," the White House said in a statement. "The United States condemns hostage takers and nations that continue to take hostages and detain our citizens without just cause or due process. President Trump is prepared to impose new and serious consequences on Iran unless all unjustly imprisoned American citizens are released and returned." It did not detail what those consequences could be, however.

Trump specifically called for the release of American citizens Robert Levinson and Baquer and Siamak Namazi.

Levinson is a former FBI agent who disappeared from Iran's Kish Island in 2007.

'Oh He Just Died': Teens Laugh At Drowning Disabled Man In Disturbing Video

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A group of teens, who filmed and mocked a disabled man as he slowly drowned in a pond, would not be criminally charged as no laws were broken in recording the video, Florida Police said Thursday. 

Jamel Dunn, 32, drowned in a retention pond July 9 as the teens recorded his ordeal and did not bother to help him, or call for help in Cocoa, Florida. Dunn’s body was not discovered until three days, according to Florida Today, a part of the USA Today network.

The video that police called "disturbing" surfaced online after his body was discovered, and showed him in his final moments. 

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Sanctuary city standoff looms as ICE director vows agent surge

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The acting ICE director is vowing to use new resources to target undocumented immigrants in sanctuary cities – a move likely to hit resistance from mayors and local law enforcement who previously have refused to cooperate with federal authorities.

ICE Director Thomas Homan told The Washington Examiner he thinks sanctuary cities like New York and San Francisco are “ludicrous” and plans to direct extra agents to those areas.
“What I want to get to is a clear understanding from everybody, from the congressmen to the politicians to law enforcement to those who enter the country illegally, that ICE is open for business,” Homan said.

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Anthony Scaramucci Takes First Questions

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How Democrats stole the nation's lower federal courts

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OPINION | How Democrats stole the nation's lower federal courts

The Democrats, and Sen. Chuck Schumer in particular, have engaged in an outrageous set of practices from 1993 to 2017 that have allowed them to steal huge majorities on all the federal circuit courts of appeals.  This story needs telling because Senate Republicans, while performing very admirably in replacing Justice Scalia with Justice Gorsuch, have had their pockets picked with the courts of appeals.  

Federal courts of appeals decide over 60,000 cases a year while the Supreme Court decides only 80.  We could have a Supreme Court of nine Justices Gorsuch and still lose 59,020 cases a year.  That is a pretty bad situation for Republicans in the judiciary.  Moreover, the current imbalance has occurred almost entirely because of the bad-faith dealing of Sen. Chuck Schumer, who has outwitted Republicans at every turn.

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Jill Stein Drops Truth Bomb on DNC: Mocks Crazy Russia Conspiracy

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Former Presidential candidate for the Green Party, Jill Stein dropped an atomic bomb on the DNC Friday from her Twitter account. Stein slammed the rigged DNC then accused them of covering their tracks with ‘ludicrous Russia conspiracy theories’.
The liberals went crazy and attacked her for ‘carrying the water for the GOP’. There is something so satisfying about watching liberals attack each other!

Jill Stein sent out a tweet slamming the DNC saying, ‘Unlike the Dems, I didn’t sabotage Bernie Sanders in the primaries, then try to cover my tracks with ludicrous Russia conspiracy theories.”

OUCH! Hey Jill Stein is on point with this tweet, but every broken clock is right twice a day!

Newt Gingrich: Mueller's Law Firm Gave 99.81% of Its Donations to Hillary Clinton

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Black LIES Matter - What BLM doesn't want you to know!

Rand Paul On Trump: 'Every Day I Wake Up And Say, "It Could Have Been Hillary" '

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U.S. President Donald Trump, right, acknowledges US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), left, prior to signing H.J. Res. 38, disapproving the rule submitted by the US Department of the Interior known as the Stream Protection Rule in the Roosevelt Room of the White

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who ran unsuccessfully against Donald Trump in the 2016 Republican nomination battle, has been a bit of a thorn in the president's side ever since.

Most prominently, Paul has battled Trump tooth and nail on health care. “Republicans across the country are unified on repeal, not on replace,” Paul said this week. But the two have actually battled for the last few years, with Trump tweeting in 2015:

Rupert Murdoch told Roger Ailes: Tilt the election 'to anyone but Trump,' 'even Hillary'

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Media mogul Rupert Murdoch wanted to tilt the U.S. presidential election to any candidate but President Trump, according to a longtime friend of former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes.

"Murdoch instructed Ailes to tilt to anyone but Trump, Ailes confided to me before he was fired, even Hillary. (Ailes, for his part, characterized Murdoch's periodic efforts at interference as similar to Nixon's instructions to bomb this or that country — best ignored.)," Michael Wolff wrote in a column Thursday, one day before the one-year anniversary of Ailes' resignation.

The former writer for USA Today and the UK edition of GQ insisted Ailes' unapologetic support for President Trump ultimately led to his firing by the parent company's Murdoch family.

Rep. Kelly: It’s Time to ‘Tear Up’ the UN Arms Trade Treaty


Last week, Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA) called on President Trump to pull U.S. support for the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) signed by the Obama Administration in 2013.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, Man, I thought this thing was killed a long time ago because the Senate never ratified the treaty? What’s going on?

The ATT is not dead, unfortunately.  This effort to globalize gun control is like an infectious disease lurking below the surface.  Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.  And unless it’s treated, an outbreak is imminent.

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Florida Daughters of the Confederacy president supports statue move

As you know, I am a staunch supporter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.However, my reply to this is, "Is this woman on crack cocaine?"

I can't believe that the many Daughters that I know nationwide will sit for this.

Your brother,



 Contact National President General

To all,

If you are incensed, angry or frustrated with the comments made by the Florida Division president regarding our heritage and Confederate Monument in Tampa please email the President General in Richmond and express your opinion. Hopefully stark changes will be forthcoming with this organization and repudiation of the President in question.

President General Patricia Bryson

Mike, would you consider sending an e-mail to the UDC President General regarding the firestorm Ginger Rudigar has started? We have been advised to flood the president general with our e-mails asking for her to take action and remove Ginger from office. What you have written below is great. Hope you will send it.

Patricia M. Bryson, President General, UDC -

Thank you very much
Judy Rainey

Florida UDC President

Ms Rudiger would make a excellent spokesman for the NAACP after her comments last night on Fox 13. Apologetic and totally delusional she supported nearly every argument for removing all items Confederate. But she went further and decreed that Battle flags should adorn grave sites only with no display in the public eye and proudly stated that states rights protected slavery during the 1800's. If this does not create a revolt from Key West to Pensacola with in the UDC then this once noted organization should retreat to the closet and remove Confederacy as part of their title. What a shameful downward spiral the past 15 years!

Mike Herring
Gen. Jubal A. Early Camp 556

The United Daughters of the Confederacy erected a monument outside the old Tampa courthouse all the way back in 1911.  Now, that statue has triggered a firestorm, and the Florida president of the UDC says she favors moving Confederate monuments off of government land in the interest of bringing people together.

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House Passes Bill MANDATING Transfer of ALL US Army M1911 Handguns to the CMP

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The United States House of Representatives has just passed their version of the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and included within it is a provision that will mandate the release of all M1911 handguns currently in US Army inventory to the Civilian Marksmanship Program, for distribution to eligible US civilians. The new bill would overwrite the 2016 NDAA, which allowed for the release of 10,000 of the pistols, but did not mandate it. The text of Section 1064 of the 2018 NDAA is as follows:

EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Looked Other Way As Bill’s China $ Link Returned To US

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 James Riady, Chief Executive Officer of Lippo Group, poses for photographers after announcing the Meikarta project at a news conference in Jakarta, Indonesia May 4, 2017. REUTERS/Darren Whiteside

When James Riady and his family’s company, called the Lippo Group, pled guilty to campaign fraud in the 1990s for donations to Bill Clinton, it looked as if the Indonesian-based businessman’s days were over — and just another ugly chapter of American political history.

Yet, starting in 2011 when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, the Riadys started their return to the United States through a new Chinese subsidiary called Lippo China Resources, which sought to become a minority owner in a Utah company called CS Mining.

Riady’s Lippo China Resources hopes to obtain majority ownership of the Utah company at a bankruptcy court hearing Friday in Salt Lake City. They are trying to acquire the land — the size of Manhattan — at fire-sale prices, The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group has found.

The Riady family — Indonesian citizens who property worldwide and business holdings that include mainland China — hope to gain control of the copper, gold and silver reserves on 60,000 acres in Utah.

Conway: We didn’t need Russia to find damaging info on Clinton

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Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway said on Friday that the Trump campaign didn't need Russia's help to obtain dirt on Hillary Clinton, because the candidate herself was a "treasure trove of negative information."

"I was the campaign manager for the winning campaign. I didn't have to look any further than Hillary Clinton when I wanted damaging, negative information in Hillary Clinton," Conway said on Fox News's "Fox & Friends."

"It was all there. She was like a walking, talking treasure trove of negative information," she said.

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Republican lawmaker: Probing Mueller's team is 'standard legal practice'

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Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., argued Friday that President Trump's effort to investigate special counsel Robert Mueller's investigative team is a "standard" practice that anyone would take in that kind of situation.

Press reports said Trump's legal team is looking for possible conflicts of interest within Mueller's team. That tactic follows complaints from Trump's team that most of Mueller's lawyers have donated to Democrats.

DNC 3.3 Million in Debt: RNC +$75.3 million.

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Under the leadership of former Obama official Tom Perez, a new FEC report reveals the DNC finished the month of June $3.3 million in debt. 
They’re broke. Just like their policies.

Judicial Watch: Mueller Probe is a Political Effort to Jail Trump and His Family

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President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton is one of the loudest voices calling for the end of the Mueller probe. He says the probe is out of control, unsupervised and unconstitutional.
In a recent interview with The Daily Signal, Fitton said the Mueller probe is “a political effort to jail the president and his family because people don’t like him.” Fitton is absolutely correct. The Democrats will not stop until Trump, his family members and people in his administration are put in jail.

Fitton also said, “Sessions should un-recuse himself and get rid of Mueller.”

Fired FBI Director, Comey admitted to leaking memos to the press to prompt a special counsel, so why is this investigation still going?

Plunging Enrollment at Mizzou | New York Times