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A Tale of Two Cities

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John Taylor and Construction

States’ rights may have been the defining force in Antebellum America, but modern, mainstream historians would have you believe that they were nothing more than a wicked creed cooked up by a few corrupt slaveowners. A review of a recent biography of John Taylor of Caroline referred to his “opprobrium” as the “premier states’ rights philosopher.” It would have been news to Taylor, who wrote brilliant books on everything from basic principles to specific issues, that States’ rights were all part of a conspiracy to protect slavery. According to one historian who delights in deconstructing Southern “honor,” States’ rights were merely the “rationale” with which the South “presented” her defense of slavery, the “paramount” interest of her “ideology.” According to this past president of the Southern Historical Association, Southern culture itself was just another rationale for slavery.

Child Interprets for Mother

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Operation Fast and Furious: The Forgotten History of the ATF's Notorious Gunwalking Scandal

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The ATF isn’t all bad. In fact, they had a policy of letting illegal gun purchases go between 2006 and 2011. It ended up getting U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry killed on December 14, 2010, and let Mexican criminals get enough guns that they were found at over 150 crime scenes where Mexican citizens were either killed or maimed. And some of the guns were used in the November 2015 terrorist attack in Paris at the Bataclan. But other than that, it turned out just fine.

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San Clemente High

Ella, one of my granddaughters, second from the left, middle row.  4 of my 5 daughters went to San Clemente High. The bathrooms have the antiquated 'boys' and 'girls' signs.  :)