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New U.S. mayor sets sights on 'black nation' 

Good luck, kiddies.

Voters in Jackson, Miss., a mid-sized city in the heart of the Deep South, have picked a Democrat as their mayor. What’s different about this individual is that he is a former leader of the Republic of New Afrika, a group dedicated to creating an independent black nation out of five southern states.

Now leading the city of about 175,000 is Chokwe Lumumba – who has a long history of radical activism and whose plans for the largest city in Mississippi could be called “revolutionary.”

A co-founder of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, which promotes black “self-determination,” Lumumba was sworn in on July 1, after winning 86 percent of the vote in the general election.

He had won the Democrat nomination with 54 percent of the vote.

Despite what could be considered an overpowering victory, Jackson’s business owners are extremely concerned with Lumumba’s proposals for the city.

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Late-Term Abortionist Invites Mother to Hold Aborted Baby




An interview published at The Hairpin gives a disturbing exchange between a late-term abortionist and an interviewer who discuss the new documentary After Tiller, and a scene in which the late-term abortionist encourages the mother to “hold” her aborted baby, and take home its footprints and a “memory box,” as if it were a baby that suffered a normal infant death.

Jia Tolentino interviewed Susan Robinson, one of only four American abortionists who openly perform third-trimester abortions. Robinson is featured in the new documentary After Tiller, which premiered in New York last weekend:

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McCain Hires Controversial Syria Analyst "Moderate Rebels" Elizabeth O'Bagy


Will someone please put McCain back in the Hanoi Hilton where he can't harm us anymore?

Sen. John McCain has hired Elizabeth O'Bagy, the Syria analyst in Washington who was fired for padding her credentials, The Cable has learned. She begins work Monday as a legislative assistant in McCain's office. 

O'Bagy was a young but well-respected advisor at the Institute for the Study of War and had emerged quickly as an important voice among those arguing in favor of intervention in Syria. McCain and others had cited her work publicly before her nascent reputation collapsed when it was discovered that her claims to having a combined master's/Ph.D. were false and that in fact she had not yet defended her thesis. 

"Elizabeth is a talented researcher, and I have been very impressed by her knowledge and analysis in multiple briefings over the last year," McCain told The Cable in a statement. "I look forward to her joining my office." McCain's office said there would be no further comment on the matter.

Iran cashes in on captured drone. Rogue regime says it has reverse-engineered American craft

Iran claims to have reverse-engineered a captured U.S. drone tracked and brought down inside the country in late 2011, according to report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, or IRGC, intends to unveil it soon.

In December 2011, IRGC forces electronically tricked a highly classified U.S. RQ-170 drone into Iran after it had taken off from Afghanistan.

The U.S. drone was under the command of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Informed sources say that its capture and reverse engineering may have compromised the entire U.S. stealth drone program.

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Lawsuit targets atheist's influence with Pentagon


An anti-Christian activist who has such a close relationship with the Pentagon he had a piece of artwork removed from an Air Force base within 56 minutes of calling is now under scrutiny by a team of legal experts.

The non-profit government-accountability group Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act suit in federal court in Washington seeking all records in the Department of Defense regarding conversations with Military Religious Freedom Foundation founder Mikey Weinstein.

Weinstein is well known for comparing evangelical Christians to  al-Qaida and demanding the courts martial of Christian chaplains.

Further, he recently convinced the Air Force to remove a copy of a famous essay from a chaplain’s section of the website for Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. It was a copy of the famed World War II essay “No atheists in foxholes: Chaplains gave all in World War II.”

He did, however, taste defeat shortly later when the military re-posted the essay, determining it was within a chaplain’s rights to express his faith.

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It took eight British aces to bring down 20 year Werner Voss, fighting alone.

 He truly was a brilliant aviator.


Leutnant Werner Voß
48 Confirmed Aerial Victories
13 April 1897 - 23 September 1917
Holder of the Pour le Mérite
Killed in Action, 20 years old


Dick Wolf 17th SOG

Ted Cruz vs. Bob Corker

BB&T's $688 Million Court Loss Shows the Evil of the Tax Law

The U.S. Court of Federal Claims ruled that BB&T cannot get a refund of some $688 million because the basis for the refund claim by BB&T was determined to be a tax shelter.

The elaborate complexity of the transaction, while arguably technically correct, was needed to cope with the byzantine tax code sections involved.

The court decided that when all is said and done, all BB&T did was to try and save on taxes. These days just trying to save some cash flow from getting lost to federal income tax is verboten.

As tax shelters go, the BB&T transactions are impressive in size, scope and intricacy. The amount of sheer intellectual effort that went into its creation, implementation and defense is almost unimaginable.

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Fairness Amendment': House Republicans Demand Obamacare Delay Until 2015


Good reasoning that only a liberal can argue against.:)

In response to President Barack Obama’s demands that the House pass a continuing resolution that funds the Affordable Care Act, House Republicans fired back, demanding a delay for all of Obamacare until 2015.

The amendment, led by Tom Graves (R-GA), the congressman behind the House's Obamacare defunding push, is called the “Fairness Amendment” and would, according to Graves’ office, delay the healthcare law until 2015.

“A simple and reasonable way to ensure fairness for all is to provide every American the same one-year Obamacare delay that President Obama provided for businesses and others,” Graves (pictured) said in his announcement of the new plan, which already has 62 cosponsors, including himself. “Beyond the Obama Administration’s major delays to Obamacare, it seems like every day there is a new headline about how the law is not ready for implementation.

"It’s simply wrong to roll the dice with this major law, enact protections for businesses and insurance companies, but force individuals and families to comply with all the mandates, fines and confusion.”

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Lessons Learned from #MakeDCListen

The ruling class is losing its cotton-picking minds, because it’s getting a long-overdue comeuppance from their employers they thought all along were really their subjects.

Whether it’s because of our nixing of their plans for another pointless Middle Eastern war, or our insistence they not foist Obamacare’s epic fail upon us while exempting themselves from it, the resulting ruling class conniption fits are coming fast and furious.

When even a few stand on principle it reveals the character of everyone else around them. And if the Obamacare filibuster begun by Ted Cruz and capably aided and abetted by Mike Lee (with others chipping in) ends up accomplishing nothing else, it has provided a searing spotlight on the character (or lack thereof) of their contemporaries and the system they’re fighting.

Here are 10 things that searing spotlight has revealed:

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Will New Yorkers Elect a "Democratic Socialist" Mayor?

Will New Yorkers elect a new mayor who dedicated himself to the Sandinistas in the 1980s, honeymooned in Cuba in the 1990s (in violation of a U.S. travel ban), and participated in a New York City Council event honoring Zimbabwe's tyrannous Robert Mugabe in 2002?

Right now, it looks that way. In 1988, Bill de Blasio went to Nicaragua to aid the Marxist, Soviet-supported Sandinistas. He came home, as The New York Times put it, with "a vision of the possibilities of unfettered leftist government." Today, 25 years later, New York City Public Advocate de Blasio, who remains "very proud" of his radical activities (he has since regretted his Mugabe "mistake"), is the front-runner in New York's mayoral race. Recent polls show the Democrat nominee with a whopping 40-point margin over Republican candidate Joe Lohta.

That could change if two things happen: 1) If New Yorkers actually figure out that they are about to elect the most Marxist mayor in Big Apple history; 2) If the concept appalls them. Both are Big Ifs.

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Dems Fear Cruz: Joaquin Castro Ignores Recent Poll, Claims 'He Can't Be President'

Via Angry Mike

Gazing into his crystal ball, left wing Congressman Joaquin Castro (D-TX) asserted Friday that Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) "can't be president."

Castro, whose twin brother Julian is the Democratic mayor of San Antonio and considered to have national political ambitions of his own, made his prediction in an interview on MSNBC's Morning Joe, according to Politico. "What became clear this week is that he can’t be president," Castro said.

"And the reason is, nobody will follow him. Even people within his own party won’t follow him," he concluded.

The most recent poll, however, tells exactly the opposite story. Rank and file Republicans are flocking to Cruz's banner. A Public Policy Polling poll conducted September 25 and 26 shows that among likely Republican voters, Ted Cruz is now the leading candidate for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, garnering the support of 20 percent of his party's voters. That places him three percentage points ahead of second place Rand Paul, who received 17 percent.

This poll is especially significant because it was conducted during and after Senator Cruz's 21-hour speech on the floor of the Senate making the case to defund Obamacare, and it was released by Public Policy Polling, a research firm that notably leans left.

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EMP and Faraday Cages

"..........I'm an Electronics Engineer, and I've worked inside a large number of cages over the years. There is a lot of myths about the cages running around, but almost without exception, they all neglect one single fact. For a Faraday Gage to function properly, it MUST be grounded to the earth, solidly and properly. this means multiple ground rods and heavy ground wire, NOT aluminum, but COPPER. Another myth is that an EMP will take out electric motors, this is a major fallacy, and can be seen as disproven by a quick google search for the YouTube video where a Ford Taurus is driven into laboratory pulse field, it took out the ignition system and the ECM but the electric windows still operated. Purely contact based thermostats wont be affected, electronic controllers will, but unless you have a protected generator, your AC wont work.

The North American Power Grid is not hardened, and an EMP will shut it down. What happens with an ELECTRO MAGNETIC PULSE as a current is generated across all wire (remember the electo magnets we made as kids?) well this current creates a voltage spike that is extremely high, so high that it will burn out all the solid state devices within the magnetic field of the EMP this means all microchips, transistors and diodes will burn out. A low level EMP will even burn out thyristors which are what surge suppressors are made out of. Quite literally any electronics made since the mid to late sixties and forward are susceptible. As for protecting your vehicle, two words SPARE PARTS... or a vehicle that is pre 69... with a carburetor and breaker point ignition. Military trucks are hardened, and use different alternators and are generally diesel with mechanical based injection for this reason, the electronic controlled vehicles are considered sacrificial and can be found on government auction sites with very low miles/hours because they just don't want to deal with them after an aftermath, but the hardened vehicles are either stripped for parts or rebuilt, and you will find their hulls on the sites for scrap metal only. Especially the Mraps and Hummers.

One other thing, the "frequency" of an emp is irrelevant since it is a singular event. If it is due to a Nuclear detonation it viably could throw a pulse that would equate to a frequency of a THz (terahertz)or 1000 gigahertz, and your mesh wont stop it. next the wavelength of the typical cell phone transmission is either 13 inches or 6 and a quarter inches, depending on your carrier, now with that said, all it takes is less than 1/8 wave ingress for a recoverable signal to penetrate a cage.

Meaning less than 1.6 inches or just a hair over 3/4 of an inch opening in the cage, and remember, this is to receive an intelligible signal, and that is due to the fact that our cells are digital, analog would not need that much. Now for the bad news, that one terahertz EMP single pulse? it has a FULL WAVE LENGTH of THREE millimeters so NO MESH what so ever will block it.

Ive been working in this field literally for decades, dealing with Computers, Communications and Electronic Security. Ive paid my dues as a technician who was sick of dealing with engineers who were clueless about what the tech had to deal with in the field so I moved up the ladder in order to make a mark in that respect. It didn't help. Colleges are just big sales machines and try to sell the old standards and don't care about reality."


The inexplicable ban on purely defensive guns


The two derringers she's holding are chambered in .22 Short. They through a 27-29gr bullets at about 700fps, enough for 6-8 inches of penetration in flesh. Due to the minimal sights, they can be aimed reliably only at a fairly short range, perhaps half-dozen steps. Reloading is done manually and isn't very quick.

 These guns can be used as offensive weapons, but even a medium-sized knife is likely to be more effective for killing somebody. A person threatened with one can likely escape being hit by running away. Despite the minimal power and range of these pistols, they are treated the same as a full-size .45 by the US authorities. In Russia, even people who can own 12ga shotguns - nearly 50 times more powerful - cannot own these for self-defense unless they are special people, friends of the government. Much the same situation obtains in New York City, where only special people get gun licenses and official permission to carry. Given that these are unsuitable to offensive use, why would they be as restricted as full-power sidearms?

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Ted Cruz = The English Longbow

Via Daily Timewaster

I'm all for Texas - heck it's home to part of the Canadian River - but I don't think the Ted Cruz incident is about a last stand. Nor do I think it is circumscribed or defined by the Obamacare fustercluck.

What we have here is the opening salvo against the ruling political classes. I think that Ted Cruz is using Obamacare as the reason for lobbing the first verbal grenades over the stockade wall into the massed political classes inside the fort - many of whom inhabit the Republican Party.

I think this is the long overdue start of a necessary upheaval in the American political establishment. What course it will take and how it will play out is impossible to know.

That uncertainty of outcome is exactly what is needed - the living, risky real world meets the tired, moribund old world of deals, cronies, fixes, dynasties, power cartels and endless manipulations to ensure no surprises.

The English longbow was the very first voter's veto because it allowed a peasant to knock the Lord of the Manor off his horse and because it could be done from far enough away to give the peasant a chance to escape by running like hell for the nearest woods.

The feudal system is no more in Western countries. We use words now instead of the longbow. Words will be sufficient to upset the modern ruling classes. I think it is time to open the windows so that fresh air blows in. Time to put the best dinnerware safely away in the cupboard, send the kids over to Grandma's house and let the war of words begin.

Maybe Americans are embarking on a most interesting Cruz.

Happy Baby

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Understanding Gun Control

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