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Before government interference........

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My kids were born and raised in the '70s.

It was a time before the government took all the fun out of life. Somehow, some of the kids of that era survived, thrived, and were better for the experience. They had a sense of adventure that gained them experience in the real world rather than a sense of entitlement and faux self worth gained in front of a video game screen on a television set in their room.

Sadly, theirs was also the first generation to begin to be taught in earnest under the current (Communist, Socialist, Marxist) education system. All Amerikan children attending public school beginning in about 1972 were taught based on this (Communist, Socialist, Marxist) philosophy. I think that some areas of the country taught it more enthusiastically than others.

Todays young public school teachers, especially those who were public school students themselves, were taught under this (Communist, Socialist, Marxist) system from kindergarten through college. They have never known anything different. They are teaching what they were taught. They believe it. They believe in it. They believe and they teach that someone owes them something. It is their life's agenda to perpetuate the lie, whether they realize it or not.

These kids who were raised and educated beginning in the '70s are also the first generation raising their kids (our grandkids) with the (Communist, Socialist, Marxist) ideology that was imbued into their brains from such a young age. It's at a point now where the indoctrination begins at birth. The parents believe it and teach it to their children before the (Communist, Socialist, Marxist) public school teachers take it up with those same pliable minds.

There are a lot of those little monsters out there.

The (Communist, Socialist, Marxist) teachers and administrators were subtle. They were sneaky. They were persistent.

They were also successful.

They followed the plan that the (Communist, Socialist, Marxist) puppet masters in Washington set forth.

The mess we are in as a nation today has been a long time coming.

"How wonderful for governments that the people they administer do not think" ~~ Adolph Hitler

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I was asked recently to provide some reference reading on the subjects covered in this blog. Below, I am listing some of the references currently on my bookshelf. Keep in mind, I average 8-10 books a week, meaning this is far from an inclusive list of everything I’ve read on the subject in the last two months even. Nevertheless, some of my favorite, “I keep going back to them,” books are on this list. Some of them may come as a surprise to readers. Others will be expected.

You’re not going to learn to fight and win from a book, but they serve as a useful reference for developing a training program, as well as keeping your mind in the game.

Missing the Point About Santorum

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Some people have missed my point about Sick Rantorum and his claim that happiness means doing what is moral. That's not all that he said. The key point here is that Rantorum also said that this means "doing what you are ordered to do" by the state. The Newt Gingriches, Bill Clintons, and Sick Rantorums will define for us what is moral, and then use the state's powers of imprisonment, taxation, execution, torture, etc. to force us to live like they want us to live. In other words, some of the most immoral people in society, who have gotten to where they are by being masterful liars, connivers, and manipulators, will force us to live our lives in their image.

Quoting ancient Catholic theologians or founding generation politicians on the subject of happiness is therefore irrelevant unless they, too, were totalitarians like Rantorum. He said this in the context of running for office to become the most powerful politician in the world, after all, not the College of Cardinals. Only the state can force you to live in a cage for ten years for smoking a joint; the Catholic Church can only urge you to quit smoking. That's why he cited the war on drugs as how he differs from Ron Paul; he would like to put all pot smokers in prison.

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