Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Police constable shows judge “how grenade works” inside courtroom, three injured

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A hand grenade exploded inside courtroom in Karachi’s Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) after a judge asked a police constable if he knew how grenades worked. The constable, instead of explaining his expertise in weapons and grenade handling to the judge, opted to demonstrate practically by promptly pulling out the pin from the grenade.

This resulted in a loud explosion, injuring three including the constable and a court clerk.

Game Show: "I don't like him because he's black."

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Greek Week events altered after members painted “Build the Wall”

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Trump Wall

Several events for Ohio University’s Greek Week, an annual, weeklong event focused on philanthropy, have been canceled after some Sorority and Fraternity Life members painted “Build the Wall” on an area typically designated for graffiti last week.

The Greek Week events, set to take place between April 11 and 18, were amended after unnamed members of Sorority and Fraternity Life painted the graffiti wall by Bentley Hall, including the phrase “Build the Wall,” according to a letter sent Sunday to sororities and fraternities.  

The phrase has been a part of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's campaign to construct a wall between the United States and Mexico to discourage immigration from South and Central American countries.      

The letter was addressed to the “OU Sorority and Fraternity Life community and supporters,” and was signed by the Interfraternity Council, Multicultural Greek Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council and the Women’s Panhellenic Association.

“This phrase is offensive and hurtful to many individuals as it is directly tied to the Hispanic/Latino/a community, makes them feel marginalized, and the message was interpreted that they do not belong at Ohio University,” the letter stated. (Awwwwwwwww)

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Donald Trump Male Supporters Have Good Reason to Be Mad

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Nearly 7 million men, between the ages of 25 and 54, are neither employed nor looking for work.
To Trump supporters, Hillary or Kasich in 2016? Only if you hate your son!


Men supporting Donald Trump have reason to be mad as hell. The economy has turned against them, and policies advocated by Democrats and tolerated by mainstream Republicans make their circumstances worse.

Trump does best with voters having less education, and the shift away from manufacturing toward service activities decidedly disadvantages them.

At the turn of the century, factories employed more workers than education and health care combined or professional and business services. Nowadays the latter two groups of industries both employ millions more Americans than those making things.

While many positions in education, health care and professional and business services pay well, those often require a college or advanced degree or expensive specialized training beyond high school, and nowadays girls do better in school than boys. And while the grimy environment of many factories was appealing to men, a lot of jobs in the aforementioned sectors are as attractive or even more appealing to women.

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Dilbert Creator Scott Adams: If Trump Loses Nomination, ‘GOP Will Be Done, One Way or Another’

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Dilbert creator Scott Adams, the author and persuasion expert who correctly predicted the rise of Donald Trump, says the Republican party has a choice: strengthen itself with a Trump candidacy or face certain destruction with a contested convention.

In an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) question-and-answer session, Adams told “The Donald,” Reddit’s community for Trump supporters, that the GOP can only hurt itself if it “screws” with the billionaire frontrunner’s chances of securing the presidential nomination at July’s convention.

“If Trump is nominated, the GOP will grow stronger and become a bigger tent,” Adams wrote. “If Trump is denied after getting the most votes in the first round, the GOP will be done, one way or another.”

In his final post before logging off for the day, he reiterated this point. Asked whether a viable third party could rise, Adams responded, “If Trump gets screwed by the GOP, the third party will be bigger than the GOP fairly soon.”

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RNC member predicts: Trump can win with 1,100 delegates

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cruz chart 2

Republican National Committee member Randy Evans predicted Wednesday that Donald Trump would likely be able to secure the Republican nomination if he captures anything more than 1,100 delegates, short of the 1,237 delegates needed for a simple majority.

Attacking Our Nation's Founders

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During Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign visit to Liberty University, he told the students that our nation was created on racist principles. Students at a Christian-based university, such as Liberty, do not often hear the founders-as-racists argument. But it is featured at many other universities, as well as primary and secondary schools. Most often, the hate-America teachings are centered on the fact that slavery is a part of our history. What is left untaught is: Slavery was a routine part of human history. Blacks were the last people to be enslaved. Plus, our Founding Fathers struggled mightily over the issue of slavery. Let us look at some of that struggle.

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Invasion Turning Proper = Excellent


Bullets are cheaper and more effective than tear gas canisters.

Bullets and bombs are merely war’s last recourse. The actual front of most conflicts occurs in the vacuum between men’s ears. One gains a deep appreciation of this fact when watching the rapid social effects that result from orchestrated media onslaughts. The images and narratives carpet bombed daily into mentally defenseless targets demonstrate the undeniable power of air superiority.

And when spiritual fortifications have been flattened, antagonists put boots on the ground. That’s what’s happening now in unmoated areas of the West. But eventually even the dullest cucks begin to understand that virtue signaling on migration is subject to the law of diminishing returns. Conspicuously accommodating 100 brown people is a boast, while 100 million is a eulogy. And most prefer their praise served warm.

So what we are seeing presently in Europe is a people slowly realizing their moral vainglory is best taken in moderation. Unfortunately for them, that doesn’t much address the designs of a billion or so global refugees fleeing the war in Syria. You don’t simply lock the door after other people have decided they want in.

For once a large enough number of outsiders determine your house is precisely what they want, seeking your permission loses much of its appeal. That’s when fences start falling, tear gas starts wafting, and it dimly begins to dawn that invasion doesn’t require the Red Army.

Here’s one piece on the siege of Indomeni.

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