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What Jefferson Davis Would Tell Us Today (And Why It Matters)


In our turbulent times it is increasingly evident that our government is disconnected to the citizens of the republic. Rather, what we behold is a zealous managerial class, an elite buried deep in an aggressive bureaucracy which is, essentially, a “government within a government.” It is an unelected, self-perpetuating oligarchy that offers the illusion of popular participation, and the chimerical mirage of two political parties which tussle back and forth, each claiming to represent the wishes and views of the citizenry. Voting takes place, of course; and then one party or the other claims victory to implement its agenda. Yet, in Washington D.C. (and in many state capitals) the administrators who actually run government and its agencies—those dour faces—remain the same, and very little changes at all.

Brexit Delay Signals The Death Of British Democracy

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LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 28: Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his political advisor Dominic Cummings leave 10 Downing Street on October 28, 2019 in London, England. EU leaders have announced that an agreement to extend Brexit until 31 January 2020 has been agreed in principle.

Despite repeatedly stating that the United Kingdom would fulfill the democratic decision of the British people and leave the European Union on October 31st, Prime Minister Boris Johnson seems to have become the latest victim of the combined weight of internal British political sabotage and a monolithic European bureaucracy.

When Parliament passed the EU Withdrawal (No. 2) Act, known as the “Benn Act,” Boris Johnson’s government was forced to work to stop a “no-deal Brexit” on October 31st. Earlier today, as the latest departure date loomed, European leaders agreed to yet another extension — this time to January 31st, 2020.

Judge allows Nick Sandmann to sue Washington Post, reverses prior ruling

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Pro-life teen Nick Sandmann’s defamation suit against the Washington Post got a new lease on life Monday thanks to US District Judge William Bertelsman partially reversing his prior ruling, which will allow the suit to move forward.

Immediately following the January March for Life in Washington, D.C., the press erupted with claims that a video showed boys from the Kentucky religious school harassing Nathan Phillips, a Native American activist, outside the Lincoln Memorial. But additional extended video and firsthand accounts soon revealed that Phillips was the one who waded into the group waiting for its bus and decided to beat a drum inches from Sandmann’s face, while the boys had merely performed school cheers in hopes of drowning out racist taunts from members of the Black Hebrew Israelites fringe group.

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Turkey, the Kurds, and Kurdistan

 Majority Kurdish provinces in Turkey

Turkey sits between Europe and the Middle East. About three percent of it on the western side of the narrow passage through the Bosporus, the Sea of Marmara, and the Dardanelles is in Europe, and the rest, situated on the Anatolian Peninsula, is the western most extension of Asia. It is 99.8 percent Muslim. Aside from the United States, Turkey is the most populous nation in the NATO alliance with 82 million people. It has a free market economy, which is the 13th largest in the world. With 355,000 active military and 170,000 ready reserves, it has the largest armed forces in NATO except for the U.S. The Turkish Army has 2,500 tanks and over 9,000 other armored fighting vehicles.

 The Turkish Army has long held the reputation of one of the toughest fighting forces in the world. The Turkish Air Force has 635 aircraft of which 240 are modern F-16 Falcons, and 49 are F-4E Phantom II attack bombers. It has 90 nuclear bombs located at the USAF air base at Incirlik.  The U.S. canceled Turkey’s order for 30 advanced F-35 Lightning aircraft, when the Turkish government purchased advanced S-400 Surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems from the Russians. The Turkish Navy is the 4th largest in NATO with a variety of surface ships, 12 submarines, 52 aircraft, and Marines and Special Forces personnel.

Impeachment Witness Bill Taylor Led Ukraine Delegation for Group Advised by Hunter Biden

 U.S.Ambassador to Iraq Bill Taylor speaks about reconstruction in Iraq at a press conference in Baghdad's heavily guarded 'Green Zone' in Iraq Saturday, May 21, 2005. Taylor said insurgents targeting oil lines, electricity plants and other projects vital to Iraq's reconstruction had delayed U.S.-led rebuilding efforts since the 2003 invasion …
Taylor’s testimony was characterized by CNN as “explosive” and was similarly hyped by other news media outlets despite it not being unusual for the U.S. to condition aspects of relations on participation in ongoing American investigations involving the foreign country in question.
Still, Taylor conceded that there was no quid pro quo.
“Ambassador Sondland said that he had talked to President Zelensky and Mr. Yermak and told them that, although this was not a quid pro quo, if President Zelensky did not ‘clear things up’ in public, we could be at a ‘stalemate.’ I understood ‘stalemate to mean that Ukraine would not receive the much-needed military assistance,” Taylor testified.

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George Soros on Lifelong Funding of Leftwing Causes: ‘Tide Has Turned Against Me’

George Soros, Founder and Chairman of the Open Society Foundations attends the European Council On Foreign Relations Annual Council Meeting conference in Paris, Tuesday, May 29, 2018. (AP Photo/Francois Mori)

Billionaire George Soros, who has spent his fortune promoting leftwing politicians, media, and organizations, said over the weekend that he hasn’t failed in his lifelong quest to put socialism in place in the United States, but has been impeded by his opposition, including President Donald Trump.

“Between the election of President Trump and Britain’s ongoing debate over Brexit, the billionaire philanthropist George Soros recognizes that populism is on the rise and that his brand of liberal democracy is faltering,” said Michel Martin, host of All Things Considered on taxpayer-funded National Public Radio (NPR). (Gee,wonder why NPR is liberal....?)

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A Dog and the Leader of ISIS

Today, President Trump declassified a picture of the wonderful dog that helped to capture and kill the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi  | October 28, 2019

Dancing Through the Darkness of Mao’s China

Via John "We see the beginning of this 'darkness' in the USA now, where people are beaten for wearing a MAGA hat or are silenced, or harassed - even denied employment based on pressures, both overt and covert, from this domestic group of latter day Maoists masquerading as the (former) Democrat Party.  If you're not worried about that,you're not paying enough attention, and you need to change that for your own sake as well as the sake of those whom you care for/about, including your fellow Americans. We are confronting raw evil from the left and the question becomes, what are we willing to do to fight back? Are we willing to come to the aid of our beleaguered president,beset from all sides, as he tries to defend us?   I hope so."

A photo of Tia Zhang from the cover of the new book "Dancing Through the Shadow."
 A photo of Tia Zhang from the cover of the new book "Dancing Through the Shadow."

Book Review: Tia Zhang’s journey of pain and triumph is brilliantly told in ‘Dancing Through the Shadow’

Sometimes the impact of mass tragedy gets lost in the statistics. When death tolls are in the tens of millions, such large-scale suffering becomes remote and untouchable. The human capacity for empathy has reached its limit.

On the other hand, personal accounts of those who lived through atrocities do more to shed light on them than any sterile statistic could. One such story is told by Agnes Bristow in “Dancing Through the Shadow,” a first-person account of life in Mao Zedong’s China.

Defense Officials Release Shocking Details Of Al-Baghdadi Raid: ‘Six Helicopters,’ ’50-70 Members Of Delta Force’

 27 October 2019, Syria, Barisha: Syrians inspect a burnt vehicle at the site near the northwestern Syrian village of Barisha in the province of Idlib near the border with Turkey, after media reports said Islamic State (IS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was believed to be killed in a US Special Forces raid in the same province. Photo: Mustafa Dahnon/dpa (Photo by Mustafa Dahnon/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Defense Department officials are slowly leaking out details of the shocking raid in western Syria that resulted in the death of ISIS mastermind, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi — and there may even be video of the exact moment al-Baghdadi detonated his own suicide vest, killing himself and several members of his family so that he couldn’t be taken alive by the American military.

 The Daily Mail reports that “between 50 and 70 members of the US Army Delta Force and Rangers flew in on six helicopters and surrounded al-Baghdadi during the overnight raid in Syria’s Idlib province,” per sources.

WOW! What if?

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1. Trump needed to nail down Al-baghdadi's location. @POTUS knew withdrawing troops from Syria would spark an uproar and isis would be emboldened. Because deep state ties have been cut with Syria and isis, someone had to get a message to Al-baghdadi in person.

2. But, who could go there while missiles and bombs were being lobbed across international borders by multiple countries? So...Trump manages to get both sides to agree to a cease fire. If someone is going to go meet with Al-baghdadi, they would have to go during the cease fire. 
3. Completely unannounced, Pelosi and Schiff, both deep state traitors, both ClA, suddenly head to the middle EAST.

Do you understand the significance of this timing? If there was no troop pullout and if a cease fire had not been arranged, Pelosi and Schiff would not have gone. 
4. Somehow, according to the New York Times, Al-baghdadi's location is learned

Paper coup: How Comey kicked off the 'Deep State' insurgency that Nunes put down

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In this March 24, 2017, file photo, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington. Nunes is suing The McClatchy media chain for $150 million, saying a 2018 report about alleged cocaine use on a yacht related to a company he co-owns was character assassination. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

Excerpts from “The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History” (Center Street, Hachette Book Group, Oct. 29, 2019), a 368-page book being published Tuesday by journalist Lee Smith.

The Democrats’ push to impeach President Trump began long before the whistleblower’s complaint regarding the president’s July phone call. The origins of the effort to undo the 2016 election date back to former FBI Director James Comey’s March 20, 2017, testimony in front of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

I am a criminal.....

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