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Take a Trip Back In Time To Ong Lanh Bridge

Believed to be built in the 19th century, Ong Lanh bridge is a name that, upon its mention, often conjures up tales and myths of Vietnamese gangsters and criminals.

Cau Muoi Market, which is located underneath the bridge, was notorious for being the hotbed of crime, gangs and drugs. On the other side of the bridge, another lesser known market called Ong Lanh Bridge Market also existed.

While one might be taken aback by the area's reputation, it was also a bustling marketplace and home to many Saigon traders and residents. There's a possibility that some of the legends associated with Ong Lanh bridge could also be exaggerated.

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The Land We Love: The South and Its Heritage

A review of The Land We Love: The South and Its Heritage (Scuppernong Press, 2018) by Boyd Cathey

I must confess that I feel a bit awkward about reviewing Dr. Boyd Cathey’s outstanding anthology, The Land We Love: The South and its Heritage. I am, as the reader may notice, mentioned in the preface, along with Clyde Wilson, as one of the author’s two most significant guides in preparing these essays. And despite the fact that unlike Clyde I didn’t write the foreword, I do appear with this eminent Southern historian on the back cover, as one of several bloggers praising the many fine qualities of Dr. Cathey’s work.

Notwithstanding my obvious conflict of interests, I did volunteer to review the book because it illustrates an observation that I’ve been making for the last forty years, namely, the most provocative writers for the onetime American conservative movement have been generally Southerners. Moreover, what’s rendered them worth reading is that their perspective is unlike the one that has prevailed elsewhere in the US. Southern conservatives wrote and still do, if this book is any indication, with a tragic sense born of defeat, an ingrained sense of place, and an appreciation for older, European conservative traditions.

H'Hen Nie Is the First Vietnamese to Make Top 5 of Miss Universe


In early 2018, H'Hen Nie became the choice to represent Vietnam in this year's Miss Universe 2018 competition. She also became the first Miss Vietnam from an ethnic minority.

According to the results announced during the final night of Miss Universe 2018 aired on December 16, Miss Universe Vietnam H'Hen Nie bested other 89 contestants to be listed in the top 5 of the competition.

The result is the furthest Vietnam has ever made in the history of the country's participation in the contest. No Miss Universe's Vietnamese contestants in the past have made it to the top 10 finalists of the competition. The furthest a Vietnamese contestant has ever made was to the top 15 in 2008.

The contest should not be open to those who have had Plastic Surgery (see above) or are transgender, needless to say.

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John McCain Associate Gave Dossier To BuzzFeed

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A longtime associate of late Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain provided a copy of the infamous Steele dossier to BuzzFeed News, according to an explosive court filing released Wednesday.

David Kramer, a former State Department official who was an executive at the McCain Institute, met on Dec. 29, 2016 with BuzzFeed reporter Ken Bensinger, according to a filing submitted Wednesday by U.S. District Court Judge Ursula Ungaro.

BuzzFeed published the dossier, which was authored by former British spy Christopher Steele, on Jan. 10, 2017.

TRUMP BORDER WALL GoFundMe Page Breaks $1 Million in Donations in 3 Days! … Despite Being Censored

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• My name is Brian Kolfage, I have a verified blue check facebook page …
Last donation 19s ago
$1.5M raised of $1.0B

A Florida-based triple amputee veteran has created a GoFundMe push to fund President Trump’s border wall through donations from the public.

Brian Kolfage, who launched the GoFundMe, has also been an active free speech advocate who has spoken against censorship on digital media platforms.
Kolfage promises that he will make sure the United States government will be legally required to spend the donations on the wall and only the wall.

The GoFundMe page passed $1 million in donations on Wednesday afternoon.

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UCLA Professor: Too Many White Male Firefighters Out There

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In an article printed in the Harvard Business Review, a UCLA professor argued that there are too many white male firefighters in America.

Corinne Bendersky, Professor of Management and Organizations at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, who does research on “gender bias,” posited “black firefighters still face challenges with social exclusion and explicit racism,” and “firefighters tend to default to a reductive set of traits (physical strength evaluated through strict fitness tests, for example) that serve to maintain white men’s dominance in the fire service.”

A Judge Says Cops Have No Duty To Protect Kids From School Shootings.

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A federal judge ruled this week that neither the police nor the school system had any duty to protect students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High during the shooting that claimed 17 lives last year.

U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom dismissed a lawsuit filed by several students of the school. She claims that the duty to protect only applies to prisoners and others who are being held in state custody involuntarily. Kids, apparently, are on their own. The motion filed by the judge, according to the Miami Herald, explains, incredibly, that children in school have "the ability to take care of themselves." Bloom also argued that the shooter was not a "state actor." Which is an entirely irrelevant point that nobody disputes.

Judge Sullivan of Flynn Fame Just Blocked Trump’s Asylum Crackdown – Demands Deported Aliens Under Policy Be Brought Back

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Boy, were we wrong about this guy!

On Tuesday Judge Emmet Sullivan dressed down military hero General Michael Flynn in federal court. Sullivan called Flynn a man who “sold out his country” and committed “treason.” He later walked back the treason part but the damage was already done.

On Wednesday Judge Emmet Sullivan blocked President Trump’s asylum crackdown and ordered deported illegal aliens to be brought back.
He was supposed to be the ‘good’ DC judge. Boy, were we fooled.

Rep.NC: Mark Meadows Catches Comey Pushing Debunked Claim About Anti-Trump Dossier "Who cares?"

 Former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey talks to reporters after testifying to the House Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform committees at the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill December 07, 2018 in Washington, DC.

On Tuesday, Republican Rep. Mark Meadows (NC) highlighted an exchange between himself and James Comey in which the Trump-fired FBI director repeated a long-debunked claim about the anti-Trump Steele dossier and then admitted he simply didn't care who was behind the salacious and still unverified document that helped spark the FBI's "collusion" investigation.

Comment on A Report from South Africa


My one friend and I have talked ad nauseam about our current culture war. And he agrees, Western Civilization is under attack. Yet, he is so indroctionated, he is unable to say / admit that not all cultures are equal. He has been so brow beaten that to admit it would make him racist. While solidly in the moderately far right. He is terrified of being thought a racist. He goes into shock every time I proudly brand myself a racist. No, I’m not but by making that declaration, I stop every liberals attack. I took back the power of that charge and it is now hollow.

Don’t agree with a liberal, their first attack, you’re just racist. I simply don’t let them get to that point. A preemptive attack by me and they are silenced. Take their meaningless attack away and most just stand there with a stupid look. They have never had to think past that point in an argument.

Back to point, he is so indroctionated with the concepts of “multiculturism,” “inclusion,” “tolerance,” and “equality,” he cannot get past them. He admits they do not work, they are destroying Western Civilization but just cannot seem to admit it to himself. Because by admitting these ideas are evil, he suddenly became a racist. And he just could not live with himself if he was. I think in time he will accept the truth, but he isn’t capable today.

The African culture like the Muslim culture are NOT compatible with Western Civilization culture. I am not saying we need to change them. But I am saying we need to be sure they do not change us. Because throughout history there has never been a case of two cultures coexisting. One culture dominates, and the other is destroyed, every time.

There is a reason the elites are pushing to destroy western civilization. Most do not know or realize but it is only in Western Civilization the individual matters. Below is an excerpt I got from somewhere, I wish I remembered, I would credit them. But it says exactly why our cultures are not compatible.

This Is Biggest Problem In Africa, Tribal Identity And Culture.

There is no concept whatsoever in African tradition that the individual matters. It's all about the tribe. You are born into a tribe, and that basically circumscribes most of your life. You work for the good of the tribe; you die (if necessary) for the good of the tribe (including older people walking out into the bush to starve if there isn't enough food, so that what's available will keep the youngsters - the future of the tribe - alive); you identify so strongly with your tribe that all others are regarded with, at best, suspicion, if not fear and/or hatred. You work to strengthen your tribe in every way possible, including by weakening all other tribes (this is why so many African civil servants will bend or break all the rules to accommodate their tribe, while applying them rigorously against the interests of others).

That that concept of individual is what the elites want to eliminate. It is much easier to make slaves from people with no concept of the individual. There in no other culture in the world that values the individual. ONLY in western civilization. Eliminate and destroy Western Civilization and the remaining people are easy to control. They make good little slaves and drones.

Even knowing and agreeing to everything above, my friend is still unable to say, “All cultures are not equal.” He will agree with the differences but to openly admit one is better. No he is incapable of saying it. That is how deeply people in general are and have been indroctionated into this liberal concept of equality. I could rant on for pages, but I have been verbose enough for this morning. Ya All have a great day and wonderful and Merry Christmas! May your New Year be blessed by the grace of God.

NC Senate Overrides Gov. Cooper's Veto of Voter ID


Late last Friday afternoon, Governor Cooper vetoed the voter ID bill to implement the constitutional amendment that was passed by voters with broad support this year. His only explanation for refusing to enact the will of the people? A tired rehash of unconvincing anti voter ID talking points already rejected by the voters.

Despite the Governor’s personal feelings on voter ID, the fact remains that the constitutional amendment passed with a broad mandate from North Carolinians. The Governor is putting special interests ahead of the people’s will, and that is why yesterday, the North Carolina Senate overrode the Governor’s veto.

The constitutional amendment to require voter ID passed with more than 55 percent of the vote, and we crafted implementing legislation that will secure elections while making it simple, easy, and free to obtain a photo ID for those legally eligible to vote. Despite those facts, Gov. Cooper called the bill, “designed to suppress the rights of minority, poor and elderly voters.”

In his veto message, Gov. Cooper also wrongly opined that this bill does nothing to address the absentee ballot issues that we have recently seen come to light due to questionable activities that appear to implicate candidates from both parties over multiple election cycles. However, this bill was actually amended to include a voter ID requirement for those voting by absentee ballot.

By choosing to ignore the people of N.C., Gov. Cooper has shown his personal beliefs supersede a democratic vote. North Carolinians deserve leaders they can trust to carry out their will, and that is why I am happy we were able to override the Governor’s veto. I fully anticipate that the N.C. House will follow suit today, delivering the election security that voters have overwhelmingly said they desire.

Senator Phil Berger