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Achieving Proper Chromatography in Public Schools

One of the results of 1865 was the establishment of a protected class of citizens of the now-consolidated United States; prior to 1865 the States were the locus of who and what a citizen of their sovereign domains were, and what qualifications had to be met in order to vote. The ongoing reconstruction of the South after WWII saw the central government assume control of education to enforce equalities other than political for its protected class, and the predictable chaos has resulted.
Bernhard Thuersam,

Achieving Proper Chromatography in Public Schools:

“No one has yet constructively and pragmatically defined what “integration” in the schools requires. Enough survey work has been done to show that Negro parents, like white parents, are more interested in the quality of education than in the chromatic proportions of the classroom. Yet in every city so much emotion is spent weighing the numbers, the percentages, the admixture of black and white, that Negro leaders have convinced far too many of their own people that Negroes sitting together in one classroom retard each other’s education.

In cities like Washington DC, where 80% of children in public schools are Negro, or areas like Manhattan, where 69% are Negro and Puerto Rican, “integration” could be achieved only by the most mechanical and arbitrary importation of white children from distant areas.

So in the name of “integration” some Negro leaders, notable in Los Angeles and New York, are demanding that white children be transported into Negro slums to achieve proper chromatography. Few Negro leaders in New York dare denounce the idea publicly for fear they will be blasted by others of their race for being against “integration.” Meanwhile white parents can be tormented by a magnificently emotional appeal: “Integration means your kids will be forced on buses and shipped to Harlem with all those illegitimate and backward kids.”

The kind of confusion set up by the word “integration” as applied to education is best reflected in a conversation with a bitter young Negro student leader in Chicago who began by listing as his No. 1 demand of American society ”separate but superior education for Negroes – if we could get it.”

Then, after increasingly emotional talk for an hour, he took up the matter of cross-busing white children into Negro districts and said: “The white kids got to pay for what their parents did to us. Even at the age of 6, they got to pay – because they’re going to pay one way or the other. Besides, it will be good for them.”

(Power Structure, Integration, Militancy, Freedom Now!, Theodore H. White, Life Magazine, November 29, 1963, pp. 78-80)

Goodies from Ol' Remus

1939. Delta, Mississippi

History - The world is a museum of Marxist failures and Europe will be no different.
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Bare minimum - With about $800 you can buy a new modern bolt action, a spam can or two of commie carbine ammo—the steel case thirty cent a round in 762x39 or 223—a good Corona grinder and Katadyn water filter element and a year’s supply of wheat in buckets.
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Voting - As I was walking in I spotted a school bus unloading a bunch of Aztecs and Mayans. An old white woman was handing them instructions and speaking to them in bad Spanish... Bussing in illegal aliens in a district with 99% Democrat electorate is going the extra mile... The pointlessness of it was overwhelming. The nitwit in front of me and the Mayans behind would surely cancel my vote many times over. I walked out without voting.
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About the first Black senator elected by South Carolina - Speaking with the Washington Post, Clyburn explained, “If you call progress electing a person with the pigmentation that he has, who votes against the interest and aspirations of 95 percent of the Black people in South Carolina, then I guess that’s progress.” Scott also notoriously refused an invitation to join the Congressional Black Caucus, saying, “My campaign was never about race.” I’m not cheering the GOP presenting Black faces to policies that contribute to Black denigration. Not now, not ever.
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Was Liberty the Real End? Not Hardly!

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Gary M. Galles has been a professor of economics at Pepperdine University. Awhile back he wrote an article for which was entitled The Anti-Federalists Were Right. Galles noted in his article that: “Anti-Federalists opposed the Constitution on the grounds that its checks on federal power would be undermined by expansive interpretations of promoting the ‘general welfare’ (which could be claimed with every law) and the ‘all laws necessary and proper’ clause (which could be used to override limits on delegated federal powers), creating a federal government with unwarranted and undefeated powers that were bound to be abused.” In the light of subsequent history it’s hard to argue with that analysis. Can anyone say “Obamacare”?

Gary North, in an article on wrote quite plainly that: “The Constitution was deliberately designed to centralize power vastly beyond what the legitimate constitution–the Articles of Confederation–allowed.

NC: Black Educational Fraud


It would be unreasonable to expect a student with the reading, writing and computing abilities of an eighth-grader to do well in college. If such a student were admitted, his retention would require that the college create dumbed-downed or phantom courses. The University of North Carolina made this accommodation; many athletes were enrolled in phantom courses in the department of African and African-American studies. The discovery and resulting scandal are simply the tip of the iceberg and a symptom of a much larger problem.

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Unveiled: DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter


It seems like just yesterday that the first DJI quadcopter arrived at B&H—the Phantom 1. Well, things have come a long way. Cameras have gotten sharper, gimbals have gotten more precise, flight batteries have gotten easier to maintain and are more efficient, to mention just a few technological improvements.  

With the Inspire 1, DJI brings together all that has been learned from the Phantom, Phantom 2, and Phantom 2 Vision models, amalgamating them into what promises to be the ultimate aerial video and photography solution. Glancing at the specs, probably the first feature most people will notice is the dedicated camera with 4K video recording capability. The camera supports both DCI "Full" 4K (4096 x 2160) in 24 and 25p, as well as UltraHD 4K (3840 x 2160) in 24, 25, and 30p—making the Inspire camera the first dedicated flight camera with 4K capability. The camera also takes 12-megapixel stills in compressed JPEG and RAW DNG, and can record 1080p and 720p video at up to 60 fps.

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This Is What It's Like To Be Shot At With an AK in a Mercedes-Benz

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My New Hero: 108 Year Old Smoker, Drinker, and American Hero

Well… It’s settled. I have a new hero. Oh, sure, Superman was pretty cool, until he renounced his US citizenship. (I’m still waiting for Tony Stark to do something about that.) In the end, I thought that maybe I should ground myself in reality, and find a real-life hero whom I can admire.

Richard Overton is a 108-year-old World War II veteran who served at Pearl Harbor, and fought in both Okinawa and Iwo Jima. But, let’s just pretend that wasn’t enough to make you forget your admiration of some reality-TV pop star… He also smokes 12 cigars a day, loves guns, and drinks whiskey with his coffee every morning.


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School Cancels Veteran’s Day Ceremony… Because of 21-Gun Salute


Yesterday America honored its men and women in uniform for their bravery and sacrifice, unless that is, you live in Wisconsin’s Eau Claire School District where celebrating our liberties and freedoms should only be done when it’s convenient and politically correct.

According to The Week the school district has cancelled its Veteran’s Day program because the shooting of guns is “inappropriate.”
For more than 80 years, a local Wisconsin school district had hosted a Veterans Day program to honor former soldiers, featuring a traditional 21-gun salute. But after reports earlier this year of parents and students feeling “uneasy” about the firing of guns on school grounds — even with blank rounds, as is customary in the 21-gun salute — the Eau Claire School District canceled the program.
Apparently, some parents complained to the school council – it’s not clear how many – but the town’s 80 year old tradition has now been cancelled. Well, maybe not cancelled, Veterans and those who want to celebrate can move down to the local Burger King parking lot, where the 21 gun salute has been authorized.

Alaska Deer Hunters Fend Off Attack by 5 Brown Bears

 A group of Alaska deer hunters is lucky to be alive after a dangerous encounter with five bears.

What do you call a group of bears? The most familiar term may a “pack,” but more interesting terms include a “sleuth,” a “sloth,” and perhaps most ominously, a “maul.” For hunters carrying deer meat, however, “trouble” may suffice. According to a report by the US Coast Guard, a party of deer hunters near Kodiak, Alaska was ambushed and attacked by at least five brown bears. The bears, believed to be a mixture of adults and cubs, severely injured one of the hunters but were eventually driven off or killed by the other hunters in the group.

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Patriot Plate One-Year Anniversary Christmas Gift Special

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We’re coming up on the first anniversary of Patriot Plate!  What started as a neat idea has emerged into what we think is the best body armor in America for the price.

It would be very disingenuous to suggest that the success of Patriot Plate was all our doing.  We’ve had the help & support of more people than I can name.  Dave, DR, & Kenny deserve a special mention, but this entire mailing would be full of names if we named them all.  Nonetheless, we owe the success of Patriot Plate to all of you who both purchased the plates & shared the good news with your friends & colleagues.

One of the most gratifying moments we’ve had with Patriot Plate was last Christmas.  We had dozens of orders from IIIs who asked that the order be shipped to someone else anonymously.  Yes, IIIs looking out for fellow IIIs who couldn't afford body armor.

Maryland public schools delete Christmas from calendar

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Christmas no longer exists in the Montgomery County school district in Maryland.

Kyle Olsen reports for EAGnews, Nov. 12, 2014, that the school district is stripping Christmas from its official calendar after Muslim parents complained. So the school board voted 7-1 to stop recognizing Christian and Jewish religious holidays. Although the schools will still have holidays in December, they will now be called “winter break” and “student holidays,” instead of Christmas and Yom Kippur.

But that isn’t enough to satisfy Muslims who demand recognition of and “parity” for the Muslim holiday of Eid.

Rep. Trey Gowdy Slams ObamaCare Architect's Comments

Current labor hours similar to those at end of 20th century

The latest rosy national jobs picture is a "paint-by-numbers delusion" that hides a brutal erosion in the nation's employment picture, according to David Stockman, U.S. budget chief in the Reagan White House.

Stockman, not one to sugarcoat the failings of Washington, D.C. — or of the Federal Reserve in particular — said the delighted squeals of the "bubblevision commentariat" (his characterization of traditional financial TV coverage) about the October employment report were bogus.

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Black males murder five year old white girl in Milwaukee. No national outrage

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Two black males in Milwaukee walked up to the home of a white family, in a majority black neighborhood, and unleashed a hail of gunfire. A five year old white girl was murdered while sitting on her grandfather’s lap.


Milwaukee police say there is no question the shooters were deliberating trying to kill people inside the house. At least a dozen bullets were fired directly into the house. There may have been a third person driving a getaway car.

The house was located in a census tract that is 77% black and 14% white.

What frightened the USS Donald Cook so much in the Black Sea?

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According to some specialized media, 27 sailors from the USS Donald Cook requested to be relieved from active service.
The State Department acknowledged that the crew of the destroyer USS Donald Cook has been gravely demoralized ever since their vessel was flown over in the Black Sea by a Russian Sukhoi-24 (Su-24) fighter jet which carried neither bombs nor missiles but only an electronic warfare device.

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The Lumberjills

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Some of the members of the Women's Timber Corp walking to work during the Second World War. They were recruited by the Forestry Commission and replaced the men who had left to join the armed forcesĀ 

Dressed in overalls and carrying axes, these are the women who helped the Allied forces on their way to victory during the Second World War.

The women, nicknamed the 'Lumberjills' were members of the Women's Timber Corps (WTC), whose job it was to fell trees, work in sawmills and carry out other heavy land duties.

They were recruited by the Forestry Commission and replaced the men, who had left their jobs in order to join the armed forces.