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Tribute to the Most Brilliant Tactical Commander I'd Ever Known by General H. Norman Schwarzkopf

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 Famous Vietnamese Generals During the Vietnam War ...

The Ia Drang Valley campaign was a landmark for me, because it introduced me to the most brilliant tactical commander I'd ever known.

Colonel Ngo Quang Truong was General Dong's chief of staff. He did not look like my idea of a military genius: only five feet seven, in his midforties, very skinny, with hunched shoulders and a head that seemed too big for his body. His face was pinched and intense, not at all handsome, and there was always a cigarette hanging from his lips. Yet he was revered by his officers and troops-and feared by those North Vietnamese commanders who knew of his ability. Any time a particularly tricky combat operation came up, Dong put him in command.

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H.R. 4994 Will Defile and Dishonor Sacred Battlefields

 Ku Klux Klan with the American flag, early 20th century, height of Jim Crow era.

It appears he is influenced by the $outhern Poverty Law Center from the way his bill is written. Why would a New Yorker make it his annual crusade to erase Confederate monuments that he admits are mostly in the South?

H.R. 4994 Will Defile and Dishonor Sacred Battlefields
Called the "No Federal Funding for Confederate Symbols Act," It Removes Monuments to Southern War Dead in All National Parks and on All Federal Public Land
This Is Nothing But the Shameful Use of Hatred for Political Gain
It's Based on the Sponsor's Extreme Ignorance of History
But Despite How Vile This Legislation Is, Cowardly Stupid Republicans Have Destroyed More Southern Memorials than Antifa, BLM and the SPLC Combined, Times 100

U.S. Representative Adraino Espaillat of New York's 13th District, who brags everywhere online that he is the first formerly illegal immigrant elected to the United Stated Congress,1 has once again introduced an unconscionable and unhistorical piece of trash into the United States House of Representatives as H.R. 4994.

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A Clear Path


I know there is the temptation to look at the events in Afghanistan as some major failure of the Biden Administration, but it is not. This is who Biden has always been, what he ran on in the election, what everyone knew he would do, how he would sell out to the communist regime in China, do their bidding when he got into office. It was why they had to steal the election, because so many of us knew what a traitor, what a corrupt politician he was, that there was evidence of the bribes he took, verified by the courts in Ukraine. The fact of his mental incapacity only seemed to cement that he could not and should not be placed in control of the nation and its military forces. We now see why.

This is on the Republicans.

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Don't Be Surprised if Gun Owners Don't Comply With Gun Control Laws Getting a law passed is not the same thing as getting people to obey.


Media outlets love reporting the results of polling on hot-button policy issues, but they rarely tell you if the people supporting proposed legislation (especially when it's restrictive) are the same people who would be affected by it. That matters in several important ways, not least of which is that getting a law passed is not the same thing as getting people to obey. Nowhere does that matter more than in the heated debate over gun laws.

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Old Houses Farms and Country Photography

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Donald Trump Hits Back At Dems Jan. 6 Committee Demanding Personal Information, Contacts

Donald Trump is overruling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats regarding their January 6 Select Committee to investigate the incident at the U.S. Capitol earlier this year.

In a scathing letter, Trump said he will invoke executive privilege to block requests for access to executive branch communications.

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Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe........


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Border smugglers are getting crafty (photos)

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Border Patrol in Tucson arrested a Valedictorian DACA smuggler who basically cloned an official SUV, was wearing a fake uniform, and had 10 illegals in the vehicle.

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At least 12 US service members killed in attack, US officials say

At least 12 US service members killed in attack, US officials say; Boris Johnson confirms UK will continue evacuation efforts

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Masks Forever

Forensic Voting Audit For 2020 Election Moves Forward In Pennsylvania

The PA Senate Leader Resisted his Pro-Trump Wing for Months. Now He Wants a MAGA Makeover.

For nearly a year, our Commonwealth has been tied in knots by doubts surrounding recent elections. No matter whether you supported Donald Trump or Joe Biden in the 2020 election, everyone should have confidence in the results of that election. That is the only way our system works.

Unfortunately, that is not the case in Pennsylvania. The underhanded actions of our disgraced, now-former Secretary of State cast doubt upon the fairness of the process, and our new Acting Secretary has done everything in her power to shield that process from transparency. This includes undercutting the Senate’s clear legal authority to provide oversight of our elections in threatening to de-certify equipment reviewed by “third-parties.”

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"Dr." Jill Biden Is Demanding An Apology From Fox News


Fox News Host Rachel Campos-Duffy just made a great point. She claimed there is someone who is often overlooked that greatly hurt America, Jill Biden. Campos-Duffy made a great argument for how Biden being our president really is Jill Biden's fault, and she heard it and was pissed. The First Lady's Office is now demanding an apology. But Campos-Duffy is not wrong.

The argument Campos-Duffy made that has the first lady fuming:

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82nd ABN Immediate Response Force Deploys To Afghanistan

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DATED: Fort Bragg where I went to basic.

George Mason

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Screw Biden: CIA and US Troops Are Conducting Rescue Operations to Evacuate Stranded Americans

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 Screw Biden: CIA and US Troops Are Conducting Rescue Operations to Evacuate Stranded Americans

To Americans who might be trapped in Afghanistan after August 31, the Biden administration has two words for you: good luck. Oh, you can send an email or something to let the Biden White House know you want to leave post-deadline, but the overall message is clear. You’re on your own. Biden is going to leave Americans behind. They’ve admitted it. Why? Well, because they don’t want to anger…the Taliban. Oh, and they trust them to behave. That’s the policy. We shouldn’t have expected much because Democrats are terrible, but holy hell, guys.

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What Makes This Musician Great?–Carl Perkins

As a personal note, I am deeply saddened by today’s contemporary music industry trend of dividing listeners into exclusive categories, so that people are loyal to one particular genre at the expense of all others.  It’s a Yankee thing, and I hope and pray that young Southerners will see through this nonsense and continue the tradition of their ancestors by embracing multiple directions in music, no matter the artificial category.

In this fifth installment of the series “What Makes This Musician Great,” we will travel back to the cultural hurricane in the early days of Rockabilly music, and celebrate the innovative musical giant known as Carl Perkins.

As our society moves further beyond those explosive, tumultuous days of the mid-1950’s, it’s becoming easier to lose focus on everything that was happening simultaneously in music back then.  We have a habit of organizing historical events into singlular timelines that don’t often tell an accurate story because overlapping events just don’t fit.  For example, what is the difference between Rock ‘n Roll and Rockabilly?  Was Elvis considered to be Rockabilly or Rock ‘n’ Roll?  Which was Carl Perkins?  Since they performed together, and they both recorded the same songs in the same studio at the same time, what’s the difference?  The answer is that at first, not much.  The word “Rockabilly” is obviously a blend of the words “Rock” and “Hillbilly,” but it’s a lot more complicated than that.  Since Rock ‘n Roll was a blend of Country and Rhythm & Blues, then those styles must be noted.  However, Rockabilly differs from Rock ‘n Roll by having a stronger Country and Bluegrass influence in the sound.  That’s why Elvis was Rockabilly, at first and then more Rock ‘n Roll later.  Carl Perkins did not change – he was always Rockabilly to the very end.  Rockabilly is not a spinoff from Rock ‘n Roll.  It was its own separate genre that simply didn’t go as far as Rock ‘n Roll because it wasn’t as adaptable.

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