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Kyle & Lindell

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Remembrance Day, 2021 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.


The Decisive Battle

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 Having spent much of their stored power on a shock and awe campaign that neither shocked nor awed the working men and women of America, the woke now increasingly hunker down for a long political war of attrition that they on some level must know they structurally cannot win, no matter how disciplined, fanatical, or moral they may be.

“A lot of people are feeling relieved, or saying they’re ‘grateful to Admiral Yamamoto’ because there hasn’t been a single air raid. They’re very wrong: the fact that the enemy hasn’t come is no thanks to Admiral Yamamoto, but to the enemy himself. So if they want to express gratitude to somebody, I wish they’d express it to America. If the latter really made up its mind to wade in on us, there’d be no way of defending a city like Tokyo.”

– Isoroku Yamamoto

“A war is not lost until you consider it lost.”

– Erich von Manstein

In recent days, the phrase ”Let’s go Brandon!” has taken on a life of its own. At one point, four out of ten songs on the Spotify top 10 list were called ”Let’s go Brandon”. People are saying it as a form of greeting, or wearing it on t-shirts. For some, this is just a funny gag. For others, it is a source of significant and growing dread; dread about what is happening politically in the United States, and what the future now looks to have in store for them.

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Things I Learned from the Trial: Refuting a Depraved and Dishonest MSM Agenda

A neighbor passed on this summary of some of the little-known facts about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. Yet most of the mainstream media is still distributing the most dishonest and hateful distortions about Kyle Rittenhouse and the trial. CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times are the loudest and most extreme in their dishonesty and hate. Google seems to be on a full-court press to bury the truth under a high priority blizzard of lies.

     “Too bad so many are still enthralled with the MSM that they never hear the true story. Unfortunately, the MSM is still spewing their HATE! Justice was served, you have the right to defend yourself PERIOD. The Jury is to be praised. If you didn't watch the trial, hear and SEE the video evidence, you have NO say that is contrary to the Jury's verdict! Praise God that video of the trial itself was LIVE for all to see and hear the TRUTH!”


~~ Mike Scruggs




     “I didn’t know the gas station where it all started and where Kyle stayed up until they started attacking him, is owned by his grandparents. They came on to his property to attack him.


     I didn't know that Kyle put out a dumpster fire that was being rolled down to a gas station to blow up, with people all around.


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Newt Gingrich Destroys "Dictator" Pelosi

FBI Forcefully Raids Home of Colorado Homeschool Suburban Mom Sherronna Bishop

Although the National School Board apologized for labeling parents as “domestic terrorists,” the unethical labeling has set a dangerous precedent.

With their narrative imploding, the Biden regime is in such a panic they’ve resorted to bashing down the doors of Mothers and raiding their homes.

The mom who will go down in history as the first to be raided by the FBI’s SWAT unit is Sherronna Bishop.

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'Why Do You Not Know?' Hawley Demands Answer From Mayorkas On Afghan Refugee Vetting

Kyle Rittenhouse Gets TWO Offers For a Congressional Internship?


 Will Kyle Rittenhouse soon be joining Congress?

At least as an intern?

He might if he’s interested in accepting an offer from either Madison Cawthorn or Matt Gaetz.

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Tucker: This drives Democrats insane about Rittenhouse verdict

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Tim Scott Buries Biden's Marxist Banking Nominee With Facts

The Refused Handshake

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                            May be an image of 2 people, people standing, military uniform and outdoors 

 Translated from Vietnamese.

The person in the picture on the left is the VNCH Trungle Nguyen Son. And the person on the right hand is the central police station Bui Tin - People's Army reporter - VNDCCH.
Nguyen Son is an officer of the 23rd Division/ League of 2 Army Battalion. In October 1972, Trung Si Nguyen Son was sent to Saigon to study the Intermediate Thai Extreme Education course, then was transferred to the Comprehensive Mathematics of the Ministry of Chuy Trung Ung/ Biet Dong Quan/ QLVNCH in early 1973.
February 5, 1973, Lieutenant General Nguyen Son and many other soldiers of Mathematics were appointed to protect the guests at an international press conference in Saigon, the meeting was for the launch of the Military Commission The Four Sided Unity.
That time Trung Si Nguyen Son stood on the right side on the entrance to the meeting room. Before hundreds of international fake signatures, Trung Ta Bui Tin stepped in to shake hands with Trung Si Nguyen Son in order to show people the friendship of the communist officer. Unfortunately, Trung Si Nguyen Son straightly refused not to shake hands with Trung Ta Bui Tin with the sentence: "I am on a duty to be handed over, I can't shake hands with him."
Trung Ta Bui Tin laughed and clapped Trung Si Nguyen Son's shoulder before going into the meeting room.
It was an iconic act for the two parties' attitude towards the Paris Agreement. The VNCH side rejected the election of the establishment of a 3-part federal government according to the Paris State Council - later confirmed through the statement of the establishment of "4 Zero" by the President of VNCH Nguyen Van Thieu.
Central Ta Bui Tin will later become the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the People's Journalism - Speech Agency of the Vietnamese Democratic Party. However, September 1990 Bui Tin went to France to the annual conference of the newspaper L'Humanité (Humanité, newspaper of the National Assembly of the National Democratic Party) France), then decided not to go back to the country but appeal to France, with the reason to "fight for freedom, democracy and human rights" in his own way. From then on, he became a criminal offender until he died.
Mr. Nguyen Son is 70 years old this year, still alive in Vietnam.
~~Truc Duong

Non peccavimus (Not Guilty)

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