Sunday, November 17, 2019

Rep. Lee Zeldin: Mark Sandy’s Testimony Needs to Be Released – Made for “A Very Bad Day for Those Pushing Impeachment Charade” (VIDEO)

On Sunday Rep. Lee Zeldin joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures.Zeldin said yesterday’s testimony by Mark Sandy made for a very bad day for Adam Schiff and his impeachment team.
Rep. Lee Zeldin:  There was a lot of coverage obviously for the open hearing of Ambassador Yovanovitch on Friday. But once that was done even though we thought we were in this new open public part of this impeachment inquiry we went back into this SCIF in the basement of the United States capitol on two more depositions. On Friday it was David Holmes who was an assistant for Ambassador Taylor and then Saturday, yesterday, we were there for several hours for Mark Sandy, who was a dedicated career staffer at the Office of Management and Budget who came in to answer a question on why there was a hold on aid to Ukraine. His answer was one that I don’t believe there should be another open hearing until that transcript is released because it’s going to change some of the answers that was given by say Lt. Col. Vindman on Tuesday morning.

On Colin Kaepernick

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See that black guy on the left.. his name is Colin Kaepernick. See those racist white people? Those are the racist white people who adopted his black ass when he was a child and Raised him like their son in a loving home. Today Colin calls NFL team owners slave masters and perpetuates this white supremacy myth. Funny how Irony works .

Down To The River To Pray - Alison Krauss

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"President Benjamin Harrison explains why the Left hates the family"

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Revolt of the Ukraine Desk Bureaucrats

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 Does Donald Trump deserve 4 more years?

To date the Schiff hearings -- unfairly run as they are -- show nothing less than a revolt by the Ukraine Desk Bureaucrats in which they concede they are poorly armed with any facts sufficient to overthrow the president, whose only crime was to change the direction of our Ukraine policy in which they’d played a significant role.

History of Democratic Party’s Treatment of Ukraine

While the hearings might have led some to believe that U.S. policy respecting Ukraine has been consistently supportive, the facts are otherwise, and the President’s effort to change that has the bureaucrats' dander up.

Exclusive — Jeff Sessions Explains How GOP Can Dominate for Two Generations with America First Immigration Vision


Former U.S. Attorney General and former Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), who is again running for his old seat in the U.S. Senate in Alabama, told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview last week that Republicans can dominate electorally for generations if they stick to what President Donald Trump campaigned on in 2016 when it comes to immigration and trade.

“I’m going to push the Republican Senate conference hard,” Sessions said when it comes to immigration, should he win back his old seat in Alabama. “And I’m going to push the House Conference. The American people want a lawful system of immigration. They want to protect the national interest of the United States. They’re not globalists. They want us to protect American manufacturing interests against global trade competition. China is the worst offender. We have this monumental trade deficit with China. So, also, the world is always wanting the United States to join some organization in which other people get to vote on what should happen around the world, and then we’re expected to support what they vote for. This is why the Brits want to Brexit, and to get out of the E.U. because the E.U. has taken over their sovereignty.”

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Democrats Omit Exculpatory Information from Summary of Tim Morrison Transcript

Democrats Omit Exculpatory Information from Summary of Tim Morrison Transcript  via @BreitbartNews

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Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee released the long-awaited transcript from senior National Security Council official Tim Morrison on Saturday, and immediately distorted it for the benefit of the anti-Trump media.

It was a typical example of how Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and his staff have tried to skew the fact-finding process in an effort to inflate public support for impeachment, believing few will read the lengthy transcripts for themselves.

First, the committee withheld the transcript since October 31, only releasing it after the first public hearings began last week. Morrison’s testimony was rumored to be very good for President Donald Trump’s defense — Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) had described Democrats in the room during the closed-door hearing as “sucking lemons” — and Republicans would have made good use of it, had they had the transcript available. But it was not provided.

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The Last Days Of An American Dairy Farm: “Hard To Believe It’s Over"

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 Since 1970, more than 90 perfect of all U.S. dairy farms have closed due to low milk prices and industry restructuring. Recently, a corporate decision by Walmart led to the shutdown of a three-generation family-run dairy farm in Kentucky. We followed the Coombs family as they’re forced to sell off the last of their dairy cows and try to make sense of what’s ahead.

New documents allege millions went to Biden’s and Kerry’s firm

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Corrupt actions by the former Obama-era vice president and secretary of state are coming to light after new leaked documents surfaced. In a bombshell tweet, activist and entrepreneur Michael Coodrey released a series of leaked documents from the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office, which allegedly detail a so-called ‘slushfund’ collecting large sums of money from foreign sources.

The report claimed this fund is owned and operated by former Secretary of State John Kerry and Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden.

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VIDEOS: Shot Iran protesters lay dead in streets — death toll climbs to 27

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Protests spread to over 75 cities in Iran today, and security forces shot and killed several protesters.
Horrific video shows at least three different activists laying dead in the streets.

 According to the National Council of Resistance of Iran:

Iranian youth members of the uprising in various cities fought off Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) attacks and torched government centers of suppression and plunder such as Bassij bases and state-owned banks and vehicles of security forces.
A traffic police center in Karaj and all its vehicles and 15 banks were set ablaze. Drivers stopped their cars to halt traffic on all roads. They could be heard chanting, “Pressure has broken us, we will break this pressure,” “Iranians enough, show spine,” “Rouhani have shame, let go of our pockets.” The protesters also set the Taleghani petrol station on fire.

‘Ways To Assassinate Leaders’: Islamic State issues guide to killing world leaders – gives 3 ways for jihadis to execute ‘leaders, officials and military commanders’

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  ISIS mouthpiece Al-Taqwa shared edited execution-style image of Trump today
    Showed President on his knees with a blade-wielding jihadist standing behind
    Poster shared on Monday by another IS group gave examples for lone wolves
    One suggested dressing as a journalist and concealing a weapon in a camera

WILLIAMS: Young People Ignorant Of History

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 Symbols of communism: the hand wielding the hammer and sickle, in the background the rising sun and the red star ***Long live the fifth anniversary of the Great Proletarian Revolution!***. Color lithograph. Digital optimization from detail of a Ivan Simakov 1922 poster. Italy, Milan 2016.

A recent survey conducted by the Victims of Communism and polled by YouGov, a research and data firm, found that 70% of millennials are likely to vote socialist and that one in three millennials saw communism as “favorable.”

Let examine this tragic vision in light of the Fraser Institute’s recently released annual study “Economic Freedom of the World,” prepared by Professors James Gwartney, Florida State University; Robert A. Lawson and Ryan Murphy of Southern Methodist University; and Joshua Hall, West Virginia University, in cooperation with the Economic Freedom Network.