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Black Lives Matter Group Attacks Hero Marine – Police Release CCTV Video of Attackers…

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Christopher Marquez is a decorated war hero (Bronze Star), he was recently attacked by a group of Black Lives Matter supporters and advocates. The story of his attack is outlined in this recent ABC News report:

The police have released the following CCTV video of the attackers in an effort to capture the criminals.
The Metropolitan Police Department seeks the public’s assistance in identifying and locating three persons of interest in reference to an Aggravated Assault and Robbery (Pickpocket) incident which occurred in the 900 block of E Street, NW, on Friday, February 12, 2016 at approximately 9:40 PM. The subjects were captured by the establishment’s surveillance cameras:

(Via Fox News) […] Christopher Marquez, 30, an Iraq War vet, told the Washington Post he was eating in a back corner of the restaurant when a group of teens and young men approached his table.
“I’m telling this to everybody because it’s been happening a lot around here and across our country,” Marquez told “Fox & Friends.” “It was a hate crime. They targeted me because of my skin color. So, we’re seeing a lot of these events of people being attacked because they’re white. And I’m thinking we have to speak up more about this because it’s just going to continue to happen.”

James Iredell of NC

 James Iredell 2

The South is a garden.  It has been worn out by the War, Reconstruction, the Period of Desolation, the Depression and the worst ravages of all—Modernity;  yet, a worn-out garden, its contours perceived by keen eyes, the fruitfulness of its past stored in memory, can be over time, a time which will last no longer than those of us who initially set our minds to the task, restored, to once again produce, for the time appointed unto it, the fruits which nurture the human spirit and which foreshadow the Garden of which there will be no end.  
Dr Robert M. Peters of Louisiana


“When Congress passes a law consistent with the Constitution, it is to be binding on the people. If Congress, under pretense of executing one power, should, in fact, usurp another, they will violate the Constitution.”[1]

One of the greatest legal minds of the founding generation was also one of the most reserved and unobtrusive. On many levels, he differed from his peers. Outspoken Federalist from New York, John Jay, became the first Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Prominent Virginia Governor Edmund Randolph was selected by George Washington to be the first Attorney General. Patrick Henry, who was an incredibly effective lawyer, became known as one of the greatest orators of his time. James Iredell did none of this – he was plainly overshadowed and eclipsed by his haughtier peers. Still, his life is worth studying for his unshakable consistency to the constitutional principles he espoused.

After a modest upbringing in Lewes, England, Iredell immigrated to Edenton, North Carolina at the age of 17. For a time, he collected custom duties from Port Roanoke in Edenton. He began to study law under the tutelage of one of the most prominent lawyer in North Carolina, Samuel Johnston. At an extremely young age, he completed the training necessary to practice before North Carolina and passed the bar in 1771.

Virginia Flaggers: I-95 Wade Hampton Flag Raised in Prince George County

Saturday morning, we woke to temperatures in the low 20's, and as I added layers and gathered cold weather gear, I considered that the frigid temperatures would likely mean a small, but dedicated crowd at the flag raising in Prince George later that morning. The forecast called for cloudy skies and high winds, but by the time we arrived at the site, the sun made an appearance and when the service began at 11:00 a.m., and to our amazement, over 150 folks had gathered to be a part of the dedication ceremony.

Obama to veto proposals to bomb ISIS stronghold in Libya despite US military warnings about terror group's growing presence in north Africa

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 Stronghold: The jihadist group has established a base with thousands of fighters in the coastal city of Sirte

The Obama administration plans to veto a proposal to bomb the Islamic State's growing stronghold in Libya, a report claims.

Defense officials have spent weeks designing papers that describe the most effective way of crippling the terror group in Sirte, the Libyan capital which is becoming its north African headquarters.

However, senior military figures involved in the talks told The Daily Beast the entire proposal to strike ISIS resources and train up a Libyan special ops team has been swept to one side. 

Apparently reluctant to take the lead over Europe, Obama says the United States would only take action where there was a 'clear target'.

T-15 Armata: Russian 5th generation main battle tank February 18

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Russia Busts Gang Producing Face Passports for ISIS – Was Planning Attacks

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Paging the Pope. :)

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has arrested 14 suspects from an international criminal group involved in forging passports and other documents for Islamic extremists preparing to go to Syria, and those coming to Russia for terror missions.

A joint special FSB and Interior Ministry operation in the Moscow region has exposed an international organized crime network, which was providing forged papers for extremists from Russia and CIS countries.

Pastor Mark Burns on the Pope's Remarks: " The Vatican is 100% surrounded by a wall!"

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‘Islamic Rape Of Europe’: Polish Magazine Splashes ‘White Europa’ Girl Groped By Migrant Hands

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About time

One of Poland’s most popular weekly magazines has splashed a graphic depiction of the rape of Europe’s women by migrants on its front cover. The image may be one of the most politically incorrect illustrations of the migrant crisis to date.

While Poland is generally much more relaxed about expressing itself than the self censoring tendencies of western and northern Europe, the cover of the latest wSieci (The Network) conservative magazine has already prompted reaction just 24 hours after release, being beamed around the continent by social media.

Featuring a personification of Europa being pawed at by dark hands — what the German media would perhaps euphemistically term “southern” or “Mediterranean” — the headline decries the “Islamic Rape of Europe”.

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Republicans have no constitutional duty to vote on Supreme Court nominees

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The procedural debate over filling the Supreme Court vacancy resulting from Justice Scalia’s death has become tiresome already. Both sides are dressing up their arguments in constitutional clothing, to which the Democrats are adding a dose of moralism.

Yet everyone understands that if positions were reversed — if a Republican president wanted to fill a vacancy and the Democrats controlled the Senate — Democrats would be prepared to block any conservative nominee on the theory that the president is a lame duck (see more on this below).

Meanwhile, Republicans would be trying to shame Democrats for their obstructionism and the Republican president would be leading this charge, while looking for the nominee whose rejection would provide the GOP with the most political ammo.

Republicans might also be claiming that the Senate has a constitutional obligation to confirm a qualified Supreme Court nominee or even to give such a nominee an up-or-down vote. If so, they would be wrong. The argument is untenable, as Adam White shows.

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Sad: 12 Year Old Muslim Bride In Russia

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Three Key Things PBS Black Panther Documentary Left Out (in First 25 Minutes)

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 Taxpayer-funded PBS aired a documentary Tuesday night titled Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution and – surprise! – it’s a whitewashed piece of propaganda about the radical black nationalist group.

The film comes in the middle of Black History Month, and just a little over a week after BeyoncĂ© Knowles and a troop of dancers costumed in outfits that were somewhere between “Black Panther” and “streetwalker” raised their fists during the Super Bowl halftime show. As the new PBS film aired, it quickly became the number one trending topic on Twitter for the entire country.

The frightening thing is that films such as Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution act as history lessons for passive viewers, creating the illusion of education while actually working as propaganda.

More with video @ Breitbart

GRNC & GOA Action Alerts: NC Thom Tillis Supports Voting On Obama's SC Nominees

Pope Francis: Donald Trump not “Christian” for wanting to build a wall on the US border… Trump responds

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trump response to pope 

South Carolina governor sued for importing Muslims

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Why Trump Wins

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"The fault line in American politics is no longer Republican vs. Democrat nor conservative vs. liberal but establishment vs. anti-establishment. This is an inevitable result of serial failure in establishment policies." Failure as a Way of Life  Bill Lind

Donald Trump is crushing the establishment candidates of the Republican party.  Sanders is doing the same with the Dems.  With that in mind, here are a few insights into Trump that I found useful:
  • Donald Trump isn't a fool.  Here's a recent interview that shows Donald Trump is much more interesting than the performance art of his stump and debate.  BTW:  he's a non-interventionist when it comes to foreign policy.
  • "From the start, Trump targeted the (mostly) white working class, which happens to be 40 percent of the country. And he’s done it not just with issues, but with how he talks — the ball-busting, the “bragging,” the over-the-top promises... 
  • But it speaks volumes — whole encyclopedias — about the ignorance of our political and media elites that they’re only now realizing that much of what Trump’s been doing is just busting balls.  It’s a blue-collar ritual, with clear rules — overtly insulting, sure, but with infinite subtleties. It can be a test of manliness, a sign of respect, a way of bonding and much more.

    America hasn’t been great for the working class for decades — which is why “Make America Great Again” is a great slogan for a guy who’s talking tough on the problems that blue-collar Americans (and more than a few middle-class folks) see as killing them."  And it is killing them:  "The rise in mortality from 1999 to 2014 was 22 percent: Up 134 deaths per 100,000 for whites aged 45 to 54 whose education ended in high school....  (due to) jumps in suicides and in deaths from drug abuse." Donald Trump has Invented a New Way to Win Mark Cunningham
  • Nils Parker:  "He is the first true social media/internet candidate. He is not only harnessing its tools like no one before, but he is both speaking to and responding from the culture social media has created. It is social media more than any other influence that has created the cowed culture that the 40% white male demo he is going after feels alienated by and furious at.

    The trolling, the bombast, the bragging, the conspiracies--it's quintessential Internet.  also he understands the temporariness with which all normal people treat social media engagement on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram. It's a bottomless scroll that effectively disappears since no sane person goes scrolling back more than a week's time in order to find something to get pissed off or offended about. So he pops off and then lets it go--which his supporters fundamentally understand.   When opponents and media pull up a tweet from 2012, literally no one gives two shits and it only ends up reflecting (poorly) on the person pulling up the tweet."



Cliven Bundy called 'lawless and violent,' ordered detained



Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy will remain behind bars while he faces a half-dozen felony charges in the April 2014 armed standoff with law enforcement in Bunkerville.

A federal judge in Portland, Oregon, on Tuesday ordered the defiant Bundy patriarch held without bail after prosecutors called him "lawless and violent." U.S. marshals will return him to Las Vegas to answer the charges.

Bundy, 69, poses a danger to the community and might skip future court dates, according to the prosecutors' 34-page memorandum.

Prosecutors said Bundy refuses to obey court orders, has used force and violence in the past against authorities, "nearly causing catastrophic loss of life or injury to others," and has pledged to use force again.