Thursday, February 18, 2016

T-15 Armata: Russian 5th generation main battle tank February 18

Via panzerbar


  1. If you delete the vodka dispenser there's plenty room for the beer, and you can use the same refrigeration hookups for the coolant lines. Gotta buy a European beer cooler though, due to the 230V/50 cycle power thing.

    1. :) or a converter, but I want to keep the vodka for occasional Bloody Mary's speaking of which, our plane broke down on the R&R return from Taipei and they put us up in a government hotel. I ordered a Bloody Mary in the morning and almost spit it out as they had used Gin. When I asked why, they said vodka was Communist and they weren't allowed to use it. :) I didn't like Taipei at all as their girls paled in comparison to South East Asians ones and Thais.

  2. Merkava IV Israeli main battle tank.