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NC Libertarian/Republican State Senator Thom Goolsby Defending His Traitorous Holden Pardon

I will post once more the facts, as I have explained twice to the brain dead senators and corrupt newspaper men. He was impeached because he was *"exceedingly corrupt" and a **"tyrant" not for the reason you cherry picked which was his opposition to the KKK. The KKK was needed to combat the Union League.
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***Bartholomew Figures Moore

The Raleigh N&O In Full Blown Liberal Mode On Holden

My great, great Grandfather ***Bartholomew Figures Moore, The Father Of The NC Bar, words below.

"Holden's impeachment is demanded by a sense of public virtue and due regard to the honor of the state. He is an *exceedingly corrupt man and ought to be placed before the people as a public example of a **tyrant condemned and punished."

Bartholomew F. Moore: Tribute To/On Holden/State V Will

My great, great grandfather's credentials are impeccable. He was sought by both sides when Holden was impeached, but declined. His portrait hangs in the Planetarium at Chapel Hill and in the Supreme Court. At the above link, you can read his biographical history, the Senate's tribute to him as well as his winning defense of Will, which recognized the right of the slave to defend himself against the assaults of his master in the preservation of his own life, a thing never asserted by slaves heretofore in the county."

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"Ride The Thunder" Honour & Triumph In Vietnam

Untold Courage Triumphs Again

(Page 60. BT)
Fix Bayonets!"

"And they began to yell and scream and curse like mad men. Rebel Yells, blood curdling Rebel Yells. Just like the men who followed Stonewall Jackson and Jeb Stuart. Here in the godforsaken jungles of Vietnam one hundred years later another crazy-like-a-fox Virginian was ordering men to fix bayonets and charge."

"......the story of Le Ba Binh is so incredible, the reader will find himself wondering if he was really a film character. Le Ba Binh can teach leftwing Americans, safe in their Constitution-backed country, the folly of appeasement. His saga, which cannot be detailed here, will serve as a signpost of honor for adults and children alike."

Le Ba Binh's 700-man South Vietnamese Marine force facing 20,000 North Vietnamese......

"As long as one Marine draws a breath of life, Dong Ha will belong to us."

Nine time wounded Lt. Col. Le Ba Binh Binh served 13 years in heavy combat and another 11 years in prison camps.
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"Finally! A war story the state-run media hate to reveal. Forget what you think you know, here's the real Vietnam account."


Vietnam Babylift, My Story


"Ride The Thunder" Honour & Triumph In Vietnam

If Heaven ain't a lot like Dixie

Stop the Deceit -- Demand an Audit of the Fed

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Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) is once again fighting for real transparency regarding the Federal Reserve. He has introduced a measure calling for an audit of the Fed, H.R. 459, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011. Help in the Senate has come from Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) who has introduced S. 202 designed to accomplish the same goal. Newly appointed as Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy, Rep. Paul has scheduled hearings in May to discover more about the Federal Reserve’s lending practices, especially its loans to foreign banks.

In March 2011, the Supreme Court forced the Fed to release documents detailing information about 21,000 “emergency” bailouts. It is already known that the Fed provided hundreds of billions to foreign banks, one of which is the Arab Banking Corporation that is partly owned by Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Other foreign banks receiving these loans included the Bank of China, Royal Bank of Scotland, Depfa, and other banking institutions in Mexico, Bahrain and Bavaria.

For many of these foreign institutions, including the one partly owned by Gaddafi, no interest is being charged. This means that money created out of thin air that derives its value by lessening the value of everyone’s dollars is now earning profits for its recipients. Rep. Paul estimates that 70 percent or more of the Fed’s discount window lending went offshore.

In addition, Matt Taibbi has revealed in a Rolling Stone article (caution: article contains some foul language) that wives of two Morgan Stanley executives received huge low-interest loans from the Federal Reserve. The already well-to-do housewives were given $220 million in cash for investing a mere $15 million under the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan program. Taibbi termed the deal a “classic heads-I-win, tails-you-lose investment.” Other domestic recipients of the Fed’s benevolence included $2 trillion in loans to Citigroup and Morgan Stanley, and billions more for “millionaires and billionaires with Cayman Island addresses,” fumed Taibbi.

Full awareness of the Fed’s policies will never be gained without a complete and honest audit. This is what H.R. 459 and S. 202 can facilitate. It will expose exactly how the unelected and unaccountable Fed policy makers manipulate the economy and dilute the American peoples’ freedom and financial well-being. Passage is a necessary step toward restoring soundness to the American dollar and eventually phasing out the Federal Reserve.

Contact your Representative and Senators and insist they support H.R. 459 in the House and S. 202 in the Senate. Transparency at the Federal Reserve is a must if America is to remain free and independent.


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63% oppose raising debt limit

(Credit: CBS)

Despite Obama administration warnings that failing to do so would devastate the economy, a clear majority of Americans say they oppose raising the debt limit, a new CBS News/New York Times poll shows.

Just 27 percent of Americans support raising the debt limit, while 63 percent oppose raising it.

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Muster Day

The IRS Running Amok: Forcing Americans Banks to Put Foreign Tax Law Above U.S. Tax Law

THOR TR-15 "Paladin" Special Edition CQB Carbine



THOR TR-15 \"Paladin\" Special Edition CQB Carbine
THOR Global Defense Group offers the TR-15® in a standard Mil-Spec configuration to allow the adaption of virtually any modular accessories or modifications you may wish to install. Our design has been torture tested to stand up to the toughest conditions, ensuring you reliable, accurate operation in the most extreme environments. Each rifle is assembled on site and is held to strict quality control standards. The TR-15® model has been designed to adapt well to the use of sound suppressors, our direct impingement model allows for less restrictive gas flow increasing cycle and reliability.

Charlton Heston on Global Climate Change

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Ron Paul: The Founding Father

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He is a constant in a changing world, an emissary from an older America. A self-styled constitutional purist, he has for forty years been a voice in the wilderness. But now he has sparked a movement that has put him at the center of the struggle over what kind of country we want to be. But is America ready for his radical vision?

Now it's time to go backstage. Down the narrow space between the back wall and the high blue curtain, washed by the white noise of eleven thousand overcaffeinated believers waiting in a huge ballroom filled to standing room, plus two overflow ballrooms where the man's message will be received on giant screens. Here's the door to the small drab room where assorted politicians wait to audition to be the future of America. And here's Ron Paul, smiling and holding out his hand. "Nice to see ya," he says.

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"Did an ATF Program Allow Guns to be Smuggled Into Mexico?"

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Violence in another Mc Donalds almost kills customer

Remember, if you are assaulted by more than one individual, you have the legal right, as well as your Natural Right, to use deadly force.

"Here is another fine example of the trend of violence in fast food restaurants. Two black females beating the hell out of a white patron, while several black employees stand by and watch. One black male manages to provide the facade of assistance to the white victim in this brutal attack.

The two black females exit, then re-enter the store to continue the beating, until a an older white woman attempts to stop them from dragging the white victim outside into the parking lot. note: the black male employees have disappeared from camera view, even though they are plenty well capable of stopping the attack.

At the end, the white victim is beaten until she has a seizure, at which point the camera operator warns the black female attackers to flee, because the police are on the way. Note: he makes sure to repeatedly tell the criminal attackers to flee, instead of keeping them there for the police to apprehend"

We Few, We Happy Few, We Band Of Brothers......

..... For He To-Day That Sheds His Blood With Me Shall Be My Brother.
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For Old Virginia

If this doesn't get you, nothing will.

So, you want to CCW in Poland! :)

‘Why Doesn’t ANYONE in Washington........

The LRC Blog

. . . stand up and say, it’s over, let’s bring the troops home from Afghanistan . . .” That’s what the entire panel of rich leftists and neocons on MSNBC’s “Morning Jo[k]e” show said this morning. How amazing — and dishonest — that they completely ignore the one man in Washington who they know has been saying this for years — Ron Paul.

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"It is certainly true that a popular government cannot flourish without virtue in the people." --Richard Henry Lee, letter to Colonel Martin Pickett, 1786

A Band of Brothers

Statue of Richard Henry LeeRichard Henry Lee

Thomas Lee’s sons Richard Henry Lee (1733-1794) and Francis Lightfoot Lee (1734-1797) were the only brothers among the fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence. Their older brother Thomas Ludwell Lee was an active member of the Virginia Convention which instructed the Virginia delegation to make the resolution for independence from Great Britain. Younger brother William Lee in London verbally challenged his brothers at every turn to take action against Britain’s powerful parliamentary regime which imposed tariffs to keep the colonies under tight control. The youngest Lee brother, Arthur Lee, also in London, wrote pamphlets against the injustices of Parliament to inspire public support for independence of the colonies. These five Lee brothers were described by John Adams as, “That band of brothers, intrepid and unchangeable,. . .[who] stood in the gap in defense of their country, from the first glimmering of the Revolution on the horizon, through all its rising light, to its perfect day.