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Image may contain: text that says 'The media is more outraged over Trump holding a bible in front of a historic church than they are over the fact that the rioters lit the church on fire. That tells you all you need to know about the mainstream media in America.'

& Democrats.

Bedford Forrest and the Fort Pillow “Massacre”

Nathan Bedford Forrest, Bust in Tennessee State Capitol in continuous danger of removal.


Context is all Important in Understanding History

Part 3 of a series on Confederate Cavalry

The Battle of Fort Pillow was not militarily significant, but it was called a “massacre” by the New York Times, other Northern newspapers, and the Radical Republican dominated Joint Congressional Committee for the Conduct of the War. More importantly, it became an important propaganda tool to demonize the South and the Confederate cause, which still dominates much of academia, the media, and virtue-signaling American politics.  

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American Girondins

This third American Revolution is about power, nothing more, and judging by the conciliatory response to the riots by people on both the left and the right (we want to understand you!), the founders’ America is already gone. It’s not a matter of if but when the entire fabric of American society will be torn to shreds.
Who should Americans blame for the iconoclasm on display during the “protests” in virtually every American city this past weekend?

Not the Left. They are the easy targets, and not without culpability. The washed up hippies teaching in American classrooms at every level have certainly been a major component of the cultural Marxism that now saturates American society.

But they are in the open about it. They are the real revolutionaries, the conspicuous Jacobins in this vast culture war most Americans are just now realizing is taking place. Rioting, looting, and vandalism will have that effect.

The Egalitarian Myth and Secession

What has happened on the streets of major American cities in recent days has far less to do with an imagined “institutional racism” than with the fact that there is no longer anything, other than perhaps geography, that binds us all together.
Increasingly, I try to avoid news-binging, watching assiduously all the compiled, feculent bilge that passes for news reporting these days, those authorized “stories” fed to us like tasteless, industrial-strength pablum to non-rational infants, or more, to non compos mentis inmates of the giant asylum which is what our country is quickly becoming.

Viewing just a few minutes of Fox’s coverage of the reaction to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis this past week, I was struck by the essential sameness of what could have been seen—and was, in fact, seen—over on MSNBC or even CNN. First, the cries and jeremiads about “racism”: Will we ever overcome that “problem” which seems to be endemic in our history, in our character, the broadcasters exclaimed in virtual unison? Then, the hand-wringing about the destruction of property, the “wrong way to express revulsion at Floyd’s death,” again said by almost all the pundits, although a few of the more exalted social justice types at CNN expressed degrees of sympathy for the rioters (after all they were just exhibiting their “justified rage”).


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This is the only deed I can find in the register of deeds. Bronson Williams states there are deeds after this one. He is going to share if he can find.

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Starting Slowly


Morning Me Droogs N Droogettes

Seems that early yesterday evening Western Rifle Shooters Webpage got bent over and fucked in the ass by the PTB.

Tucker: Our leaders dither as our cities burn

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Trump’s Warning About ‘When Looting Starts Shooting Starts’ Completely Vindicated & 58% of Young, College-Educated Americans Say Riots Are Justified

 TOPSHOT - Flames from a nearby fire illuminate protesters standing on a barricade in front of the Third Police Precinct on May 28, 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during a protest over the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, who died after a police officer kneeled on his neck …
President Trump warned us “when the looting starts the shooting starts,” and, tragically, that is exactly what has happened.

Naturally, our fake news media and social media overlords attempted to twist the president’s warning into something it wasn’t — a threat, as in If you start looting, my government’s going to start shooting. But that’s not what he meant, and all sane people knew that.

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Poll: 58% of Young, College-Educated Americans Say Riots Are Justified

ACWM Responds to Our Community in Crisis

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 Surrender at Appomattox: Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee and ...

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

 Received this email from your organization and was taken aback at first on a history museum seemingly swimming in political waters.  Though as it seems that this is your modus operandi I certainly hope that as you, "offer resources and programs designed to aid with historical understanding, as well as opportunities to listen and learn from one another. Help us do our part to bring healing to these 400-year-old wounds," that you share the truth in such things as the slave trading industry of the northern states, the honest views of an overwhelming majority of northerners on the black race and "honest Abe's," own views on the black race.  While on the topic it may be shared that the war was fought as most wars over the two main concerns of power and money.  How would the United States fund itself if the South had been allowed to leave in peace? These items are in our history though do not seem to be at the forefront of our education system nor our historical museums.  I support you in your endeavor to "share the truth," please do so.


We are heartbroken. We mourn the loss of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the countless other victims of racial violence.
This violence has roots in the history of the Civil War era. So is reason for hope. At the American Civil War Museum, we seek to understand and illuminate this past, and how it lives on in our present.
Over the next few weeks, we will offer resources and programs designed to aid with historical understanding, as well as opportunities to listen and learn from one another.
Help us do our part to bring healing to these 400-year-old wounds.

Candace Owens Says She Does NOT Support George Floyd

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Philly mayor, police commissioner scold gun store owner for 'vigilante justice' after he defends himself against looters

 As S. Philly gun store owner kills potential looter, customers line up for firearms at other dealers

Via John "He should  make them his next targets.  The time for "scenario playing" is over.  Doesn't matter where you live now; you're living in a war zone,  and its for keeps. 

Should he have let the guns and ammo be looted like at the 3rd precinct in MN...?  EmojiWhere the PD couldn't have cleared all their guns and ammo when they bugged out
How long till the police arrived to find the owner's dead body? " 

I’m always amazed that people try to loot gun stores. I get that the contents are valuable on the black market but, given the fact that the people who run the establishments know how to use the products they sell, the risk seems awfully high. As if “regular” looting isn’t a bad enough idea, looting an arms dealer just feels like you’re begging to get shot.

It’s a lesson one would-be looter learned the hard way last night at a Philadelphia gun store.

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Horrific Facebook Live Video Captures Retired St. Louis Police Captain Murdered by Rioters

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Our highest respect to the family of David Dorn, a Great Police Captain from St. Louis, who was viciously shot and killed by despicable looters last night. We honor our police officers, perhaps more than ever before. Thank you!

The nation is shocked and outraged over the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police. On May 25, Floyd was arrested for using a fake $20 bill at a local establishment. He was arrested, placed in handcuffs, and later died when Officer Derek Chauvin placed his knee on the back of his neck. Floyd was on his stomach, crying that he couldn’t breathe. The whole incident was captured on video. It’s ghastly. The use of force was absurd. Chauvin was fired and booked on third-degree murder and manslaughter charges. Three other officers involved in the arrest were also fired.

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Protesters Showed Up In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho But The Locals Made Sure That There Would Be No Riots…


When word started spreading that the same protesters that had just broken windows and looted stores in Spokane were going to come to Coeur d’Alene, hundreds of citizens mobilized to protect their community.  So when the protesters did show up on Monday night, they quickly discovered that a very heavily armed “welcoming committee” was waiting for them.  Just like most Americans all over the country, most residents of north Idaho were absolutely horrified by the death of George Floyd, and there seems to be an overwhelming consensus that the police officer that killed him needs to be brought to justice.  But most residents of north Idaho have also been absolutely horrified by the violent riots that have erupted in cities from coast to coast, and they sure don’t want the same thing to happen in their neck of the woods.

Comment on "Nickelodeon pauses programming for 'I can't breath...":

First, the American media said George Floyd didn’t resist the cops. We now know that that was a bold lie. He resisted 4 or 5 times.

Now comes this interesting detail about Floyd:

“The complaint says that Floyd began saying and repeating he could not breathe while standing outside the car.” While standing! Well, that certainly runs against the Black narrative! Floyd probably swallowed his bindle of cocaine/meth/PCP as the cops approached. It’s a common tactic. He was overdosing 10 minutes later.

But more importantly, realize this fact: every Black man who has died recently during an arrest was fighting with the cops. Had the Blacks simply cooperated with the cops (like White people do), they’d all be alive today [1]. Blacks are not innocent victims like the media and Hollywood want you to believe. Blacks are a huge, dangerous problem for America, and it’s time that that fact be publicly addressed. Idea: How about the U.S. government, instead of giving Blacks endless welfare payments, giving them one-way airplane tickets to…Africa? Nicaragua? Madagascar? Some other place with a warm climate? They could each receive $1,000 as well — paid for, of course, by increased taxation. 

~~ Reborn

The Myth of Systemic Police Racism

 George Floyd riots: The myth of systemic police racism in US

Hold officers accountable who use excessive force. But there’s no evidence of widespread racial bias.

George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis has revived the Obama-era narrative that law enforcement is endemically racist. On Friday, Barack Obama tweeted that for millions of black Americans, being treated differently by the criminal justice system on account of race is “tragically, painfully, maddeningly ‘normal.’ ” Mr. Obama called on the police and the public to create a “new normal,” in which bigotry no longer “infects our institutions and our hearts.”

Joe Biden released a video the same day in which he asserted that all...

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