Thursday, October 21, 2021

Office of Director of National Intelligence Admits US Intel Community Spied on Trump

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Attorney Ty Clevenger, who submitted a FOIA request on behalf of the Transparency Project, was notified today that the Director of National Intelligence will “neither confirm nor deny” that intel agencies infiltrated the Trump Administration or pro-Trump groups, or that intel agencies have infiltrated Trump’s current staff. You may think, “So what?” It is just a non-denial denial. Right? Wrong!!

It is an admission that various elements of the  U.S. intelligence community did infiltrate and target the Trump Administration. How do I know? Because if there was no truth to the allegation, the DNI would have strongly denied a seemingly outrageous allegation. Don’t take my word for it. Consider the following strenuous denials by the CIA:

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Tradition and Culture: “Tradition is a matter of much wider significance. It cannot be inherited, and if you want it you must obtain it by great labour.” T.S. Eliot

“For a long time we have believed in nothing but the values arising in a mechanized, commercialized, urbanized way of life: it would be as well for us to face the permanent conditions upon which God allows us to live upon this planet.”
~~T.S. Eliot

Our farm was a broadly covered area of green stalks, blanketing the ground for hundreds of acres all around. In a slow-motion explosion, day-by-day, week-by-week, the land revealed the white birth of cotton, the king crop of the Mississippi Delta. There were great vines of honeysuckle on one side of the house. The aroma seemed more noticeable in the open country, too. It occupied your nostrils like a natural perfume; a fragrance of home. Also, large, fifty-year-old sweet gums, magnolias, and four giant oaks fortified the house and yard, forming a canopy of shade, from the hot dusty summers. There was no Bermuda grass or St. Augustine, just yard grass, crab grass, lush and green from the rich soil. We cut it with mower and sling blade.

The house was apropos to the Mayfields and their lives. But it was almost home to all of us. And each of us was in many ways like the other.

The rooms seemed bare, though wallpapered: browned by age and time and dust and humidity. Various prints of artwork: The Blue Boy; a ship sailing an unknown sea presenting dark sails against a moonlit night; a lake in the mountains somewhere, unknown but to the artist. A clock rested on the mantle in the living room, the hourly chime spilling throughout the house, somehow more wistful after bedtime.

The ceilings were high, and the furniture was dark mahogany, firm and sturdy and had a look of dominance. Though it could be scarred, it would hold its ground when bumped by an elbow, or a toe without a slipper; though it shared its masculine power with a feminine gentleness: No drink touched its skin absent a coaster.

The wall along the stairway was festooned with photographs of the Mayfield tree: great and grand uncles and fathers, many deceased; the depictions clearly etched, fading with age. One, a former Confederate soldier, an empty sleeve pinned to his chest.

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Michael Flynn Suggests Biden’s WH is ‘Trying to Turn America into a Communist Nation’, Urges the Public to ‘Take a Stand’

 Michael Flynn Suggests Biden’s WH is ‘Trying to Turn America into a Communist Nation’, Urges the Public to ‘Take a Stand’

“The [White House] is full on attempting to turn America into a communist nation,” retired Army Lt. General Michael Flynn declared Tuesday on Telegram.

The former NSA and DIA director backed up his statement by pointing out various consequences of the Biden administration’s agenda before urging the public to “step up” and “take a stand.”

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Marine Corps Vet Disarms Gun-Wielding Robbery Suspect at Arizona Gas Station


Doctors Can Prescribe Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine Off-Label for COVID-19: Nebraska AG

 Doctors Can Prescribe Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine Off-Label for COVID-19: Nebraska AG

In a victory for those advocating treating COVID-19 with ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, Republican Doug Peterson, Attorney General for the State of Nebraska, indicated he would not penalize or seek disciplinary action against physicians prescribing the off-label drugs as part of a COVID-19 treatment plan.

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WATCH: Merrick Garland Did Not, Will Not Seek Ethics Review over Alleged Family Ties to Critical Race Theory

Attorney General Merrick Garland told the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday that he had not sought, and would not seek, ethics review from the Department of Justice over his son-in-law’s alleged ties to the promotion of Critical Race Theory (CRT).

The issue arose because of a report that Garland’s son-in-law, Alexander “Xan” Tanner, had promoted tenets of CRT through his educational data firm, while Garland was cracking down on parents objecting to CRT at recent school board meetings.

As Breitbart News noted earlier this month, citing Becker News:

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Seven Reasons Why the US Will Not Defend Taiwan

 China Versus Taiwan Confrontation Would Challenge U.S ...


The question of a US military reaction in the event the Chinese government decides to make use of its military strength to reunify the island with the mainland has been the subject of intense policy debate for years. The US government has encouraged this debate, as its policy of “strategic ambivalence” was specifically formulated in order to prevent the need to make any promises that might need to be broken as well as to add an element of uncertainty to the Chinese leadership’s analysis of the situation.

However, it is abundantly clear that for all its posturing and strong words and saber-rattling, there is no chance that the US military will make any serious attempt to defend the independence of Taiwan island or to intervene in Chinese domestic affairs. There are seven reasons for this.

1. The USA will not risk the conclusive loss of its global status in a single throw.

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Jerry Nadler just CENSORED Republicans on LIVE TV and blocked them from playing a video of parents speaking at school board meetings during a hearing with AG Garland.

China’s Nightmarish New Bio Weapon Targets Race and Ethnicity

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Biden Should Force China To Pay the World Restitution for Coronavirus Damage, Retired General Says


In new policy paper, Gen. Keith Kellogg warns Biden admin against ignoring Chinese Communist Party threat.


The Biden administration should force China to pay restitution for the deaths and economic havoc caused by the coronavirus, according to retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, who was a senior National Security Council official in the Trump White House.

Kellogg, in a new doctrine produced by the America First Policy Institute, a nonprofit research group, says the coronavirus pandemic must serve as a wake-up call to the American people and government about China's threat to global stability.

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Thomas Jefferson statue to be removed from New York City Hall

 Statue of Thomas Jefferson to Be Removed from - One News ...

Via John "Trump said Jefferson's statues would be removed,The leftist media mocked Trump for saying that.  Fast forward to today; it has happened and as usual, Trump was proven right yet again.

He has an amazing record for being right. Note that the people wanting to remove him are mental midgets compared to the mental giant of his time .....and any other time.Someone needs to destroy the Socialist Left before they destroy the country Jefferson helped found, and for which there is no parallel in human history." 

A statue of Thomas Jefferson that stands over New York City Hall's council chamber will be removed after a city commission vote Monday.

The New York City Public Design Commission voted unanimously to move the statue to a public location, yet to be determined, before the end of the year. Efforts to remove the statue of the third president — who owned about 130 slaves when he died in 1826 — were renewed during the nationwide racial reckoning that followed the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis last year.

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US Military Is ‘Right There on the Edge.’ Here’s What’s Driving Its ‘Marginal’ Status.

 Military width=

With aging equipment, a lack of adequate funding, and limited production capabilities, the U.S. military is ranked “marginal” at best. That’s the conclusion of the 2022 Index of U.S. Military Strength, an annual report from The Heritage Foundation that assesses the status of the military and the global threat level to the United States, which was released Wednesday.

“It’s right there on the edge. It could handle one major war for, we believe, a limited period of time, but it couldn’t do anything other than that,” said Dakota Wood, the lead editor of the index and a senior research fellow at The Heritage Foundation’s Center for National Defense. (The Daily Signal is the news outlet of The Heritage Foundation.)

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Trump Sues Jan. 6th Committee Over Records Request: The lengthy nature of the fight could keep the committee from tainting the 2022 midterms.

There was never any doubt that Donald Trump would be looking to stifle Nancy Pelosi’s select committee on January 6th, but his latest legal maneuvering has come as a bit of a surprise, if for no other reason than its swiftness.

Trump, like many Republicans, is likely of the impression that the select committee is looking to do little more than have a rerun of his second impeachment trial, this time attempting to conjure an ending that isn’t nearly as benign for the former President.  And, judging by the targeted subpoenas that we’ve seen thus far, he’s right on the money.

And that’s why Trump is taking a litigious slant early, attempting to limit just what sort of White House documents Pelosi can get her hands on.

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Border Crisis Breaks 35 Year Old Record as Biden and Harris Remain Unmoved: Unbelievable.


On day one of his presidency, the most pressing issue for Joe Biden was the humanitarian crisis on the southern border of the United States, and we all knew that it was coming.  Biden’s election itself was the harbinger of the catastrophe, as Democratic lawmakers consistently prove more lenient on immigration issues than their GOP counterparts.

And so the surges began, bringing with them heartbreaking scenes of toddler being left to fend for themselves just yards into the United States, and entire communities of immigrants living under bridges in southern Texas.

Border Czar and Vice President Kamala Harris has been little to no help, at least in the eyes of Americans who’ve watched her speak on “climate change” as the “root cause” of illegal immigration.

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