Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gen. John Allen: To Defeat ISIS, We Must Highlight ‘Our Profound Respect’ for Islam

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Blithering idiot.

A global effort to counter claims by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL) that it is acting in the name of Islam must include a counter-narrative that highlights “our profound respect” for the religion, the administration’s point man in the anti-ISIS coalition said this week.

Retired Marine Corps Gen. John Allen was speaking in Kuwait, where representatives of more than a dozen Islamic and Western met to discuss using public communications to combat ISIS (also known as Da’esh – an acronym for the Arabic rendering of the group’s name, ad-Dawlah al-Islamiyah fil-Iraq wa ash-Sham).

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NC: County Democratic Party chair arrested for dumping tea on man, kicking him in groin

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 Vivian Fulk

Vivian Fulk, chair of the Stokes County Democratic Party, was arrested at the American Legion in King.

King Police Department Chief Paula May told FOX8’s Michael Hennessey that Fulk “dumped tea on a man and kicked him in the groin.”

The American Legion, located at 446 South Main St., was being used as a polling place at the time.

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NC: Ft. Bragg with the Green Berets: Slow Motion Heavy Weapons Montage

Everything from the Milkor Grenade Launcher to the Javelin, with Carl Gustav's and RPGs, and  more.

Video: Groundbreaking New Scope That Works Like an Eye

New optics zoom at the push of a button, will work even without batteries.

The first major change to rifle scope optics technology in more than a century may very well be one of the most important things to hit the shooting world in ages.

Sandia National Laboratory has developed a variable power rifle scope that changes magnification by changing the shape of lenses, rather than moving the lenses. This mimics the way our eyes change focus, requires very little power, and can be operated by pushbuttons – so you can zoom in or out without moving your eye, gun, or hand out of shooting position.

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Study: Non-Citizen Votes May Have Tipped 2008 Election for Obama

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European leftists prefer American presidents who are critics of capitalism and fans of redistribution. The same is typically true of others foreigners, according to various surveys that show a Democrat candidate could win in presidential contests where foreigners had a voice at the ballot box. 

Polls like that are hypothetical, of course, because it is illegal for foreign nationals to vote in federal elections. But a new academic study shows foreign nationals have been in a position to help Democrats steal elections. In fact, the study demonstrates that it is likely that President Obama won the presidency thanks to non-citizens illegally voting for him in 2008. On top of that stunning conclusion, the study also concludes that “non-citizen votes likely gave Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote needed to overcome filibusters in order to pass health care reform and other Obama administration priorities in the 111th Congress.”

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Springfield Loaded M1A 7.62mm, Black Fiberglass, Stainless Steel


The Loaded series rifles are full of upgrades offering exceptional value and performance, with black fiberglass stock. Air gauged medium weight national match barrel in chrome moly. National match components such as national match trigger assembly, national match front sight and non-hooded rear sight assembly, and national match flash suppressor.

Item Number: MA9122
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Good Samaritans stop attempted robbery of 76-year-old woman

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Ben Stein: Obama Is 'Most Racist President' America Has Ever Had

US air force fires two more nuclear commanders amid leadership crisis

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Test launch of an unarmed Minuteman missile.

The US air force has fired two more nuclear commanders and disciplined a third, fresh evidence of leadership lapses in a nuclear missile corps that has suffered several recent setbacks including the removal of its top commander.

The most senior officer to be relieved of command was Colonel Carl Jones, second in command of the 90th Missile Wing at FE Warren air force base, Wyoming, in charge of 150 of the air force’s 450 Minuteman 3 nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles. He was dismissed on Monday “for a loss of trust and confidence in his leadership abilities” and reassigned as a special assistant to the wing commander.

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Mossberg 500 pump action shotgun- fast shooting and review with Jerry Miculek

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Former CBS News Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Claims Existence of Obama Enemies' List


"I kind of assume I’m on a list. I don’t think I’m the only one"


Who did you tell at CBS that your computers were hacked?

The first person I spoke to was Washington bureau chief Chris Isham.

Did he believe you?

He appeared to.

Did CBS care? Did they do anything about it?


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Butterbeans and Blackberries


On a summer evening some years ago, two of the South’s most celebrated writers, William Faulkner and Katherine Anne Porter, were dining together at a plush restaurant in Paris.

Everything had been laid out to perfection; a splendid meal had been consumed, a bottle of fine burgundy emptied, and thimble-sized glasses of an expensive liqueur drained. The maitre d’ and an entourage of waiters hovered close by, ready to satisfy any final whim.

“Back home the butterbeans are in,” said Faulkner, peering into the distance, “the speckled ones.”

Miss Porter fiddled with her glass and stared into space. “Blackberries,” she said wistfully.

—Eugene Walter, American Cooking: Southern Style

Elbert Guillory: Send Hagan Home

NC: We Must Stop Obama or Lose Our Country

Mike Scruggs

Earlier today I received an email from a friend in South Carolina.  In sharing the pain he feels for our country, he closed with a statement that “President Obama is destroying our country.”  He mentioned a number of ways Obama is ruining our country including throwing our healthcare system into chaos and forcing hard working Americans into healthcare policies they cannot afford.  Many workers are losing jobs and most are seeing their incomes and family living standards lowered. He mentioned that Obama and his Party’s disrespect for the Constitution is turning American government into a dictatorship in which the people no longer have real rights or recourse to injustice or despotism.  He believes our country has become a laughing-stock around the world because of our President’s incompetency in government at home and diplomacy abroad.

Another friend from Alabama sent me an email complaining of the President’s disrespect for the American military and ordinary soldiers. Obama is also demoralizing our military with social experimentation that can only lead to low military prestige and morale. Our forces and equipment are being cut to the bone, when we are being challenged in several theatres of conflict. Our military preparedness is in a dangerously low state. Meanwhile, the President and his Attorney General are threatening religious liberty in the country and in the military as never before. Obama is also attempting to change the balance of political power by Unconstitutional amnesties. He wants to pass an immigration bill that not only gives a sweeping amnesty to illegal immigrants but will also bring in another 20 to 30 million legal immigrant workers over the next decade, further displacing American workers and driving down their wages. This is when we already have 20 million Americans who want a full time job and cannot find one. This is arrogant wickedness of historic proportions. He shows no compassion for American workers or their families or for the taxpayers who must pick up the bills for Obama’s growing welfare state.

There is another issue that bothers me more than any.  It is the horrendous proliferation of political lies in television and radio ads supporting Obamacrat candidates for the U. S. Senate.  Many are disgraceful in both their deception and their disrespect for voters and the quality of honesty we need to maintain confidence in our government.

My friend from South Carolina mentioned that the country could not stand two more years of Obama. We must stop him. To stop Obama from destroying our country, our heritage, and the lives and future of our children and grandchildren, we must take the U.S. Senate away from the President’s radical leftist majority and replace it with a Republican majority who will have the good sense, moral integrity, and courage to stop Obama. Kay Hagan voted for 96 percent of Obama’s disastrous agenda. We cannot tolerate her radical support for Obama or the callous and deceptive nature of attack ads on her Republican opponent, Thom Tillis, without further staining North Carolina’s honor and putting our country at extreme risk. We must vote down Obama’s agenda, Tuesday, November 4, by voting Kay Hagan out of office.  She is helping Obama destroy America.

The Case Against Liberal Compassion


Four years ago I wrote a book about modern American liberalism: Never Enough: America’s Limitless Welfare State. It addressed the fact that America’s welfare state has been growing steadily for almost a century, and is now much bigger than it was at the start of the New Deal in 1932, or at the beginning of the Great Society in 1964. In 2013 the federal government spent $2.279 trillion—$7,200 per American, two-thirds of all federal outlays, and 14 percent of the Gross Domestic Product—on the five big program areas that make up our welfare state: 1. Social Security; 2. All other income support programs, such as disability insurance or unemployment compensation; 3. Medicare; 4. All other health programs, such as Medicaid; and 5. All programs for education, job training, and social services.

That amount has increased steadily, under Democrats and Republicans, during booms and recessions.

Election-Eve Bombshell Memo Embroils Jeanne Shaheen in IRS Targeting Scandal


Conservative groups here are outraged at a memo that surfaced hours before the polls open—a memo that suggests that incumbent Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) personally coordinated with the IRS’s Lois Lerner to use the tax agency’s power to target conservative groups.

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Video: Isis Jihadists Barter for Yazidi Girls at Slave Market

A disturbing video showing Islamic State (Isis) fighters laughing as they discuss the selling and buying of Yazidi women has emerged online.

Thousands of women and young girls from the Iraqi tribe were abducted and forced into slavery by the extremist militants after they stormed into villages in northern Sinjar region.

In video footage uploaded on YouTube, several Islamist fighters are seen as they negotiate the purchase of girls as young as 15 in exchange for money or guns.

"Today is the slave market day," a man is heard saying, according to a translation by Middle Eastern television channel Al Aan TV.

Video Posted By Kurdish News Agency, Posts By ISIS Fighters Suggest Turkish Military Cooperating With ISIS


An October 27, 2014 report by the Kurdish news agency DIHA claims that Turkey is cooperating with the Islamic  State (IS), and presents as evidence footage that it claims was shot by the agency on October 22 which shows IS fighters meeting with Turkish soldiers.

The English-language DIHA report states:

"Turkish support for ISIS gangs has been proved once more with photographic evidence. Armed gang members have been photographed at the border with Turkish soldiers, bidding each other farewell.

"Turkish support for ISIS gangs, which is constantly on the international agenda, has been documented once again by footage shot by the Dicle News Agency (DİHA), which shows armed men talking to soldiers before crossing into Rojava. This close support for ISIS contrasts with the treatment accorded to dozens of civilians from Kobane who have been made to wait for hours at the Murşitpınar border gate by soldiers and have lost their lives as a result.

"Intimate meetings between Turkish soldiers and ISIS!

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Medal of honor roll call: John F. Baker Jr.

john f. baker
John F. Baker Jr.

Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. En route to assist another unit that was engaged with the enemy, Company A came under intense enemy fire and the lead man was killed instantly. Sgt. Baker immediately moved to the head of the column and together with another soldier knocked out 2 enemy bunkers. When his comrade was mortally wounded, Sgt. Baker, spotting 4 Viet Cong snipers, killed all of them, evacuated the fallen soldier and returned to lead repeated assaults against the enemy positions, killing several more Viet Cong. Moving to attack 2 additional enemy bunkers, he and another soldier drew intense enemy fire and Sgt. Baker was blown from his feet by an enemy grenade. 

He quickly recovered and single-handedly destroyed 1 bunker before the other soldier was wounded. Seizing his fallen comrade’s machine gun, Sgt. Baker charged through the deadly fusillade to silence the other bunker. He evacuated his comrade, replenished his ammunition and returned to the forefront to brave the enemy fire and continue the fight. When the forward element was ordered to withdraw, he carried 1 wounded man to the rear. As he returned to evacuate another soldier, he was taken under fire by snipers, but raced beyond the friendly troops to attack and kill the snipers. 

After evacuating the wounded man, he returned to cover the deployment of the unit. His ammunition now exhausted, he dragged 2 more of his fallen comrades to the rear. Sgt. Baker’s selfless heroism, indomitable fighting spirit, and extraordinary gallantry were directly responsible for saving the lives of several of his comrades, and inflicting serious damage on the enemy. His acts were in keeping with the highest traditions of the U.S. Army and reflect great credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of his country.

North Carolina Investigates Hagan Over Stimulus Money To Husband’s Company


North Carolina’s Secretary of Environmental and Natural Recourses is seeking an investigation into Democratic Senator Kay Hagan over how a company co-owned by her husband received $250,644 from the 2009 Stimulus Bill.

The Charlotte Observer is reporting:

5 Gubernatorial Races Where Your Gun Rights Are on the Ballot


Gun rights are essentially on the ballot in a number of Governor's races around the country. Among these are the races in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

In all fives of these states, a pro-Second Amendment candidate or incumbent is running against a pro-gun control candidate or incumbent.

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Man calls daughter’s ‘rapist’ home, tortures and kills him, say police

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 Furious over the alleged rape of his 14-year-old daughter by a 45-year-old married man, the father called the man to his house on Friday night, treated him to dinner and then tortured him to death, police said. He then went to the police station, surrendered himself and gave police a detailed account on how he tortured and murdered the man.

The 36-year-old reportedly burned the man’s genitals using heated tongs and then strangled him to death. The incident was reported from Northeast Delhi’s Khajuri Khas area on Saturday.

What Does Societal Collapse and Martial Law Look Like?

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According to a survey conducted by the Adelphi University Center for Health Innovation, 55 percent of Americans believe that the government will come to their rescue when the proverbial poop hits the fan because your big brother really cares. Literally, every alternative media outlet could show conclusive proof that an EMP was going to wipe out the power grid. We could conclusively prove that nuclear bombs were going off in 39 American cities in the most horrific false flag attack in world history and it would not make any difference to 55% of all Americans because of their cognitive dissonance.