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You had to bet your life to graduate from the Vietnam-era Recondo school

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Sgt. Hamp Dews – Special Forces medic – 5th MSFC – 1969 (Photo: Hamp Dews-Nha Trang Mike Force History)


(Flamethrower team – Nui Coto – March 1969 (Photo: Hamp Dews-Nha Trang Mike Force History)

RIP Hamp


Post dedicated to Hamp Dews RIP

I have another picture of Hamp with a Skeleton head on his shoulder, but can't seem to find it.


When Maj. Gen. William Westmoreland took command of the 101st Airborne in 1958, he noticed a severe lack of proficiency in small-unit tactics and patrolling.

So  he immediately created a school to fix the problem.

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Part two  above and here is Part I

Taps for SOA Member Hamp Dews


Must Read–Breaking News: Japanese Clinical Trial Concludes Ivermectin Is “Safe and Effective” Treatment of Covid

 Via Reborn "Japan approves Ivermectin as safe and effective. They have  a relatively small population so they need all the saving they can get."

“Ivermectin has the same antiviral effect” on all mutant strains, including Alpha, Delta, and Omicron. Kowa added that ivermectin suppresses invasion of the virus and inhibits its replication.”

As you can see, I have told you the truth about Ivermectin, while Fauci, Biden, CDC, WHO, FDA, NIH, the medical establishment, and the whore Western media and social media tyrants have lied to you through their teeth while censoring those who knew for a fact that Ivermectin was an effective treatment that was being blocked and denied to dying people simply for the sake of Big Pharma profits and the control over people and destruction of civil liberty desired by Western governments and the ruling elites to whom Governments answer.

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Did over 100,000 people older than 124 years vote in Wisconsin?

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If you’ve been wondering about the extent of voter fraud in America, we may be seeing a staggering amount of either fraud or grotesque negligence in Wisconsin voter rolls. A review of the state’s voter roles showed that 569,277 voters registered on January 1, 1918. Of that number, 20% of these people, all of whom must be at least 124 years old, voted last November. Biden “won” in Wisconsin by 20,682 votes....

More @ American Thinker

These kids are more fit physically than half our conventional military--

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SHOCKING TESTIMONY Reveals Democrats Were Stealing Overseas and Military Ballots from Michigan, Georgia and Now Arizona Too (VIDEO)

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Paul Harris: The UOCAVA is the Uniform Overseas Civilian Absentee Voting Act ballot. That ballot is sent out to men and women who work overseas and the people who work overseas to get a chance to work in the election. This is what a ballot looks like that goes out, an 11 1/2 X 19 ballot. When I opened up a box of ballots this is what a ballot looks like that’s a UOCAVA ballot. You know what that is? It’s an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of copy paper.

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Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery to add portrait of Dr. Anthony Fauci (Should be satire.....)

A portrait of Dr. Anthony Fauci will go on display at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery later this year.

Fauci has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for more than three decades and is also the chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden. He has been named as one of seven people who will be honored at the Portrait of a Nation Gala on Nov. 12.

“The Portrait of a Nation Gala … will celebrate seven remarkable individuals for their transformational impact on the nation’s history, development, and culture,” the museum noted in a post about the fundraising event. “We are proud to introduce the 2022 Portrait of a Nation Honorees who embody creativity, individuality, excellence, and service to the people of our country,” the museum said.

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Lee and Jackson Banquet

Via Cousin John


 Lee honoring Jackson


What:   Lee & Jackson Banquet

When:  6:00 pm on February 12, 2022

Where: King’s Restaurant on US 70 east in Kinston, NC

Why:    To celebrate the birthdays of Generals Robert E. Lee and Jonathan "Stonewall"  Jackson

Who:    Anyone who cherishes the memory of these two Southern heroes

The Goldsboro Rifles, the Dr. B. T. Person and the Smithfield Light Infantry Camps are hosting a Lee and Jackson Banquet. Please come and help us celebrate the birthdays of these two great men and Confederate leaders.  It is General Lee’s 215th and General Jackson’s 198th birthday.

We are proud to have as our speaker for this year’s banquet, another of our favorites, Mike Parker.  Mike is a member of the CSS Neuse Camp 1427 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Three of his great-great grandfathers served the Confederacy during the War Between the States. He enjoys serving as a tour guide on the CSS Neuse II, a full-size replica of the original CSS Neuse. He serves as secretary of the CSS Neuse Foundation, caretakers of the Neuse II.  He has had a thirst for history all his life and has done extensive research on many of its subjects.  His topic this year will be the first seventeen years in the life of General Stonewall Jackson, “Before Stonewall”.  It promises to be very interesting and given Mike’s talent for delivery, there is no doubt.

The meal, served family style, will consist of King’s barbecue, fried chicken, Brunswick stew, slaw, potatoes, tea and hushpuppies.
If you would like to be a part of this special celebration, please send your check made out to Allen Aycock.

                  $32.00/couple--$16.00/single to:        
                   Allen G. Aycock, Sr.

                   1128 Aycock Dairy Farm Road

                   Fremont, NC 27830

Please send it to Allen by February 5th , 2022 so we can give the restaurant a head count in time for them to prepare for us.  In the past, quite a few have waited to pay at the door.  When you do that, we cannot give the restaurant an accurate head count, so, please, send your check to Allen.  It really helps us as we want to have enough food and seating for everyone.  Thanks for your co-operation.

Please feel free to pass this along to ANYONE that you think might like to attend.  You do not have to belong to the SCV to be a part of this celebration. It is open to all General Lee and General Jackson admirers.

A s usual we will be having a silent auction to raise money for the upkeep of the General Joseph E. Johnston Monument on the Bentonville battlefield.  We encourage you to bring items for the auction.  Who knows, someone else may bring just what you have been looking for and you might bring what he or she has been looking for.  Items do not have to be War Between the States theme items, just any items you would like to donate to help us care for the monument.

For questions, you may email me at tobaccodog@gmail or call me at 919-222-8441.

Hope to see you at the banquet,

~~John Pippin

Watch: Kayleigh McEnany Says Kamala Harris Can Ruin Biden’s SCOTUS Nomination

The former White House press secretary for former President Donald Trump and current Fox News political commentator, Kayleigh McEnany, shared a prediction for President Joe Biden’s next Supreme Court nominee.

The former press secretary spoke to Dan Bongino on his Fox News show where she explained how Vice President Kamala Harris could ruin what should be a victory for the administration.

 More @ RTM

Sunday Talks, Lindsey Graham Goes Full Color Revolution, Supports Race-Based Political Judges, Unilateral War Against Putin and J6 Targeting

 Via sw44magnumman Brown


Cracks in a Towering Façade: A Presumption of Authority

The façade that has been built to towering heights around the concept of government that’s taken over a hundred years to build into a solid, impervious wall, is starting to crack. The theory is that public servants, a title they’ve been desperate to shed for decades, do the work that those busy making a living and paying taxes can’t or won’t do suggests that they work at the pleasure of private citizens and businesses. Since about the turn of the 20th Century, that hasn’t been the case. Slowly, these clerks and such that have traditionally been in place explain the process of how to move bids and the people’s business through the system have transitioned into a hostile enforcement arm of the government. Now, they come out of their holes, like groundhogs, every few months and spout the “new rules” of doing business, not just with the town, county, state or federal government, but between businesses and private citizens.

More @ TL Davis

Auto Glocks

Via John
Where do you buy one.....? :)

When the wall fell......


Via David " Berlin, I was there. Some see me as a symbol of hate and white supremacy.They see that out of their own fears and hate. I am a symbol against hate and tyranny."

189th AHC Ghostriders First Tour 1970

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Police in Disbelief After Wannabe Rapper Who Allegedly Shot Cop Is Let Out on Bail

Via Reborn


A 16-year-old boy charged with shooting a police officer in New York City is back on the streets after a judge allowed him to leave jail on $250,000 bond.

According to the Daily Caller, Camrin Williams was arrested last week after shooting officer Kaseem Pennant in the Bronx borough of New York. Williams is an aspiring rapper who goes by the stage name of “C Blu.”

The New York Post reported that the suspect is a member of a subset of the Crips gang known as the Reywey Crew.

More @ WJ

Watch: Leaked Video Shows Agents Get in Heated Exchange With Border Patrol Leadership During Mayorkas Visit

U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz got into a tense back and forth with agents in Laredo, Texas, Friday, as Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas paid a visit.

In video shared with Fox News by a Border Patrol source, Ortiz confirmed that “morale is at an all-time low.”

More @ RTM

Ben Carson Slams Biden’s Race-Based Supreme Court Pledge as ‘Abominable’ Identity Politics

Ben Carson Slams Biden’s Race-Based Supreme Court Pledge as ‘Abominable’ Identity Politics

President Joe Biden recommitted this week to nominate the first black woman to serve on the Supreme Court, claiming that it was “time” for that to happen and that black women everywhere in America deserved representation on the high court. The announcement was praised by the Left, but Dr. Ben Carson slammed the pledge as “abominable” and the latest evidence that identity politics are moving the United States away from its fundamental values such as equality.

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Jesse Watters & Candace Owens on Minnie Mouse

Border Coveup

Suffering, Providence, and Robert Lewis Dabney

 32. "It is to me simply incredible, that a people so shrewd and practical as those of the United States, should expect us to have discarded, through the logic of the sword merely, the convictions of a lifetime; or that they could be deceived by us, should we be base enough to assert it of ourselves. They know that the people of the South were conquered, and not convinced; and that the authority of the United States was accepted by us from necessity, and not from preference. [snip] The people of the South went to war, because they sincerely believed (what their political fathers had taught them, with one voice, for two generations) that the doctrine of State-sovereignty for which they fought, was absolutely essential as the bulwark of the liberties of the people." ~~R. L.Dabney of Virginia 

In his 1903 book, The Life and Letters of Robert Lewis Dabney, Thomas Cary Johnson wrote of his friend, colleague, and spiritual brother, “Dr. Dabney was a great man. We cannot tell just how great yet. One cannot see how great Mt. Blanc is while standing at its foot. One hundred years from now men will be able to see him better.”

This prophecy has undoubtedly proven true for those who have been privileged to read any of Dabney’s works, or who have been inspired by his example. His intellect and industry were nearly singular. For most of his vocational years, he was a professor at the Union Theological Seminary in Virginia, where he labored diligently to raise up the next generation of Christian pastors, in not only the nurture and admonition of the Lord, but in a zeal to preach the Gospel to a perishing world. But Dabney was endowed with a broad and keen intellect and a passion for many labors, and his industry extended well beyond the seminary. He was not only a professor, but a pastor and a preacher; a church architect; a prolific author; a Confederate army chaplain; and, during a critical season of the War for Southern Independence, the adjutant general to General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson. After many years of faithful labor in his home state of Virginia, Dabney was appointed the first professor of moral and mental philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin. He spent his final years living on the incompletely tamed frontier of the Lone Star State. Dabney’s industry continued until the end.

Moe @ The Abbeville Institute

Officer Calls Out Woke DA in Emotional Eulogy

General George Patton: America’s General

george patton

 I-95 Battle Flag Memorial Donations: 22nd Va Infantry

 Colonel George Smith Patton

Mortally wounded at the Battle of Opequon Creek (or 3rd Battle of Winchester), leaving a widow and 9-year-old son, Colonel `Patton was the grandfather of Lt. Gen. George S. Patton III, World War II 3rd Army Commander, who "… often credited his grandfather –the brave Colonel of the 22nd Virginia— as the inspiration for his military career."  "........George Sr.'s father had commanded a Confederate regiment during the Civil War and was killed in Winchester, Va.=.......Patton used to pray nightly to a painting of two men he thought were God and Jesus but were really Civil War heroes Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson........"

Outspoken. Brilliant. Arrogant. Spiritual. Vulgar. These are just a handful of the adjectives attached to George Patton, all of which described him accurately at one time or another.

A complicated man, Patton was a Christian (Episcopal), yet he often studied the Koran and the Bhagavad Gita. He prayed to a personal God and turned to the Bible for inspiration, but he also believed in reincarnation, asserting that he had lived former lives.

More @ Wideners

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Southern Poets and Poems, Part XVII


A series by Clyde Wilson

Thomas Holley Chivers (1809—1858) of Georgia was a physician and poet and a friend of Edgar Allan Poe, who encouraged him. He published over 10 volumes of poetry and plays but was largely forgotten until rediscovered by 20th century critics. Chivers believed that  good poetry was a result of “divine inspiration.”


More @ The Abbeville Institute

I Had a Nighmare Last Night


Bill Hemmer calls out COVID-19 tests branded 'Made in China'

 Via sw44magnumman Brown

Zelensky Says Ukraine Lost Almost $500 Million to Biden War Hype: ‘We Don’t Need This Panic’

 Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned international corporate media and world leaders like President Joe Biden for publicly predicting imminent war with Russia on Friday, stating that the panic caused by these statements cost Ukraine 12.5 billion hryvnia (about $437 million) in foreign investment. 

More @ Breitbart

Freedom Convoy

Via Huong-Can Thi Nguyen

 May be an image of text that says 'Let's go Brandon Truck you Trudeau' 

My favourite #Trucker decal so far 🥰🇨🇦 Could not be more perfect representing the #Truckers joining #ConvoyForFreedom2022 from the US 🇨🇦🇲🇾 #HoldTheLine

(Imbecilic) Defense Sec. Concedes Possibility That U.S. Troops Could Face Off With Russians

 Via Billy

*War (or) Maybe We Could Go Bowling Instead

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin conceded Friday that there is still the possibility that U.S. troops could find themselves face to face with Russian troops — although he stressed that there was still time to work within the diplomatic space as well.

Austin gave a briefing on the escalating tensions — not just between Russia and Ukraine, but between Russia and the United States as well — alongside Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley, and he said that the primary goal was to continue to pursue diplomacy.**

More @ FNC*

& TDW**

Elon Musk Unloads on Biden Over Remarks About American Manufacturing: ‘Treating The American Public Like Fools’

Elon Musk Unloads on Biden Over Remarks About American Manufacturing: ‘Treating The American Public Like Fools’

The next day, Musk shared an analysis from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School — Musk’s alma mater — that explained that the national debt would increase by over 24% if the bill’s provisions are made permanent.

“There is a lot of accounting trickery in this bill that isn’t being disclosed to the public,” Musk said about the Build Back Better Act. “Nothing is more permanent than a ‘temporary’ government program.”

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk slammed Democrat President Joe Biden on Thursday over remarks that Biden made about using American automakers to produce more electric vehicles.

“I meant it when I said the future was going to be made right here in America,” Biden wrote in a tweet that featured a video of him talking with General Motors CEO Mary Barra. “Companies like GM and Ford are building more electric vehicles here at home than ever before.”

 More @ RTM

ATF to Start Confiscating Certain Triggers Today


Impeach Roy Cooper: From the Desk of Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson

Via  Rob Goring

May be an image of text that says 'SchoolChoice North Carolina Highlight: -More than 2,500 traditional public Schools in North Carolina About 200 Charter Schools -Over 100 Magnet Schools -Almost 800 Private Schools -Over 179,000 Homeschool Students -North Carolina offers ১ virtual public school'

This week is National School Choice Week! In the spirit of School Choice, my office will highlight the different options available for families across our state. 
To learn more about National School Choice Week or the different opportunities available for your children visit:
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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Doctor’s Organization Has Treated Over 150,000 COVID-19 Patients With 99.99 Percent Survival: "Early Treatment Works, Period"

Via John

Marble says that he and his small team of volunteer doctors prescribe [Dr. Peter] McCullough’s treatment protocol, which consists of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, prednisone, and other low-cost generic drugs. They also prescribe vitamins D and C, and zinc.

‘Early Treatment Works, Period’

A doctor who has been offering free telehealth services to COVID-19 patients during the pandemic says that early treatment for COVID-19 works, claiming that he has a 99.99 percent survival rate.

“We have a team of volunteer free doctors that donate their time to help treat these patients that come to us,” Dr. Ben Marble, the founder of, an online medical consultation service, said at a roundtable discussion hosted by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) on Jan. 24.

More @ The Thinking Conservative

“Fauci can pound sand.”

 Via sw44magnumman Brown

Farage: Russian aggression prompted by Biden’s Afghan disaster; Putin’s ‘outplayed’ the globalists

 Via Alan

Russia, Ukraine Agree To Uphold Donbas Ceasefire In Normandy Format Talks

 Via Bob " Poor Biden. His war plans are being cancelled."


Officials from Russia and Ukraine met in Paris on Wednesday and held what Moscow described as "tough" talks. Despite whatever difficulties there were, the two sides agreed that the ceasefire in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region must be upheld.

German and French officials were also present for the meeting, which lasted eight hours. The four countries started holding talks together after the Donbas war started in 2014 in a forum known as the Normandy format.

More @ Zero Hedge

Pelosi the 'Wolf of Washington'

 Via Hal

"Enough, I've had It...."

 Via David

Newly dated but I believe I've seen this before.

‘Betraying the American people’: Leaked video reveals Joe Biden’s ‘hush hush’ migrant invasion

 Via John

While Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi go all out to protect Ukraine’s national sovereignty, at the same time they are orchestrating a clandestine invasion of America across the southern border.

Two million illegal immigrants from dozens of countries crossed over from Mexico last year, and the Biden administration is facilitating the cartels’ people-smuggling operation — at taxpayer expense.

Under cover of darkness, every night the federal government is transporting illegal migrants as fast as it can away from the border on secret charter flights into unsuspecting communities around the country. Officials have lied and obstructed the few journalists who have tried to reveal the truth.

More @ NYP

Bravo Fires 'Real Housewives' Vietnamese Immigrant Star over Posts Slamming BLM, Supporting Police During George Floyd Riots

Via David


Nguyen is a Vietnamese immigrant who escaped communism, noting in an episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City late last year: “I lived through the war and so because of the Communist country, we need to just escape.”


Bravo has fired Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jennie Nguyen over posts she shared on social media calling out the Marxist, far-left organization Black Lives Matter and slamming rioters amid the summer 2020 riots that spread across the country after the death of George Floyd.

“Bravo has ceased filming with Jennie Nguyen and she will no longer be a cast member of ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,'” Bravo said in a statement. “We recognize we failed to take appropriate action once her offensive social media posts were brought to our attention.”

“Moving forward, we will work to improve our processes to ensure we make better informed and more thoughtful casting decisions,” the statement said.

More @ Breitbart

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Hard Hands

Via Presley Dispatch

          May be an image of 1 person and standing

Video via John Robert Mallernee

Grover Cleveland The Last Jeffersonian President


From Ryan Walters, Grover Cleveland: The Last Jeffersonian President (Abbeville Institute Press, 2021).

“Equal and exact justice to all men, of whatever state or persuasion, religious or political.” Thomas Jefferson[i]

“I have faith in the honor and sincerity of the respectable white people of the South. … I am a sincere friend of the negro.” Grover Cleveland[ii]

On March 4, 1885, the long-ruling Republicans watched a Democrat take the oath of office for the first time since 1857. Since James Buchanan gave way to Abraham Lincoln four years later, a quarter century of GOP rule, resulting in corruption, profligate spending, high taxes, and ever-expanding government, had become the norm. Republicans had used the absence of the Jeffersonian South to re-make the country as they desired, implementing programs and policies that Southerners had always rejected.

More @ The Abbeville Institute

AMMUNITION UPDATE at Atlantic Firearms

Kansas Bill Would Force Pharmacists to Fill HCQ & Ivermectin Prescriptions for COVID-19 Treatment

Speaking of the devil, I just added info @ On Ivermectin

A group of Kansas politicians in charge of advancing public health policy are pushing for the allowance of off-label medications to treat COVID-19. 

That includes widely censored ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. 

Some Republican senators want to shield doctors from legal liability and board discipline from prescribing such drugs. 

Sen. Richard Hilderbrand, R-Galena, and chair of the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee requested the introduction of Senate Bill 381.

Mire @ WLT

Listen: Kid Rock Releases Song ‘We the People’ Tearing Into Biden, Fauci, CNN, Facebook, and More: ‘Let’s Go, Brandon!’

 Listen: Kid Rock Releases Song ‘We the People’ Tearing Into Biden, Fauci, CNN, Facebook, and More: ‘Let’s Go, Brandon!’




Crime Against Humanity' - Putin on 'Wokeness' and Western PC Culture

 Via David

Dated & repost



The Most Dangerous Time


 On January 26, 2022, news outlets reported Breyer's intention to retire from the court at the end of the 2021–2022 term.

Today, Biden announced that he was going to drop the demand that employers force-vaccinate their employees. This comes after his poll numbers are lower than that of Nixon at the end of the Watergate hearings. It comes after court after court, including the Supreme Court has ruled that this requirement is unconstitutional, though how they justified allowing it for federal employees or federally-funded (even when only paying for medicare and medicaid patients) hospitals remained in effect is anyone’s guess. Okay, the Supreme Court is just as corrupt as everything else, that’s the answer.

More @ TL

Mark Twain & School Boards

Via Peter

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards. ~Mark Twain AZQUOTES'

EXCLUSIVE: Fairfax Schools Suspend Kids, Call Police As System Defies Virginia Governor On Masks

Security guard stymied after he couldn't see because his mask caused his glasses to fog up

 Fairfax County Public Schools made a show of defying Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s order that schools respect parental rights on masking on Tuesday, with an assistant principal standing in front of the school to suspend students without masks, and a public relations staffer who said the media was not allowed to watch the conflict between state and local governments play out. 

More @ DW

Ukraine Says ‘Destabilization’ Fueled by Biden Admin Hysteria, Not Russia

 Via Billy

 ZOLOTE, UKRAINE - DECEMBER 12: on December 12, 2021 in Zolote, Ukraine. A build-up of Russian troops along the border with Ukraine has heightened worries that Russia intends to invade the Donbas region, most of which is held by separatists after a 7-year-long war with the Ukrainian government. On Tuesday, …

Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksiy Danilov told reporters on Tuesday that Kyiv considers – and intelligence reports from the West agree – that “internal destabilization” caused by panic over a potential further Russian invasion is “the number one issue,” not any potential invasion.

With this “destabilization” – leading to generalized panic and the collapse of the national currency, the hryvnia – “the Russians have nothing to do here,” Danilov asserted, according to state outlet Ukrinform.

More @ Breitbart


Via Huong-Can Thi Nguyen

                        May be an image of text that says 'IF MASKS WORK, PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS ባH'

Misdirected Outrage


The federal government facilitates fundraising for traitors. That’s the claim made by the Washington Post’s Joe Davidson in a 14 January column. This occurs, says Davidson, through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), a philanthropic funding operation managed by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) which enables federal employees to donate to charities they choose through automatic payroll deductions.

This may come as a bit of a shock to anyone familiar with the CFC. Having grown up in Northern Virginia, my impression of the CFC is formed largely by benign advertisements appearing in local newspapers and on the sides of buses during the holiday season, which is when it runs. What travesty of justice could possibly lead the WaPo to devote a thousand-word article to it? The Sons of Confederate Veterans, apparently

More @ The Abbeville Institute

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

This Man Lived Alone For Nearly 30 Years In The Mountains of Alaska In a Log Cabin Which He Built With His Own Hands

 Via Vesna Borizovska


A search will show many  more videos 

Why I Am No Longer A Tenured Professor at the University of Toronto

I recently resigned from my position as full tenured professor at the University of Toronto. I am now professor emeritus, and before I turned sixty. Emeritus is generally a designation reserved for superannuated faculty, albeit those who had served their term with some distinction. I had envisioned teaching and researching at the U of T, full time, until they had to haul my skeleton out of my office. I loved my job. And my students, undergraduates and graduates alike, were positively predisposed toward me. But that career path was not meant to be. There were many reasons, including the fact that I can now teach many more people and with less interference online. But here’s a few more: 

More @ Independent Institute

A Tale of Two Statues


When Robert E. Lee died in 1870, a memorial association was formed in the City of New Orleans.  After six years had passed, the association raised an amazing $36,400 – during the throes of Reconstruction – to construct a monument.  The world-famous New York-based sculptor Alexander Doyle (who studied in Bergamo, Rome, and Florence) was commissioned, and it was installed at Tivoli Circle – renamed Lee Circle – in 1884.  The statue was placed atop a granite pedestal consisting of a 60 foot column.  The statue itself is 16.5 feet high and made of bronze.  Attendees at the dedication included Jefferson Davis, two daughters of General Lee, and former Confederate general P.G.T. Beauregard.

Monuments such as these also memorialized the many common soldiers whose bodies were never recovered for burial, or who lie strewn across battlefields in unknown, unmarked, or even mass graves.  The postwar monuments provided solace for survivors and healing between the regions as monuments to the dead of both sides in the war were erected as the veterans were dying off.  The Lee statue was a rare early monument erected during the post-war federal occupation of Louisiana.

More @ The Abbeville Institute

Sunny Saigon · Vietnam 1965-1975

 Via Sunny Saigon

No photo description available.

Inflection Point & Texas TL in Exile Ep 8

This is a real inflection point in my mind, more significant than even the American Revolution. All of the enemies of the republic have been integrated into the system and all external enemies have been invited in by them.

As the illegitimate government is pursuing an aggressive war to defend the nation from which the recognized president took bribes as the Vice President and was able to use a billion dollars of US aid as leverage to unseat the prosecuting attorney then close to indicting Hunter Biden, the conduit by which those bribes flowed to Joe Biden himself, the media can see no connection.

More @ T. L.Davis


Nicole Sirotek RN talking to Senator Ron Johnson (Hold on)

Via Daughter Virginia 

Cheney Crushed in Wyoming Straw Poll, Trump-Backed Challenger Receives 10 Times More Votes


Liz Cheney, much like most democrats this year, is on borrowed time.

Her decision to sell out to Nancy Pelosi and company has not paid dividends according to a new straw poll from the Wyoming Republican State Central Committee.

The poll shows her losing big in the GOP primary to her opponent, Harriet Hageman, who has been endorsed by President Donald Trump.

Hageman received ten times as many votes from the county activists, winning 59 to 6.

More @ WLT

Gingrich: January 6th Committe“basically a lynch mob” and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has “joined the lynch mob and is totally misusing the FBI.

Ron Paul: Jan. 6th Show Trials: A Political Charge and a Political Verdict by a Political Court


Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney (R) took issue with recent comments made by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R) in which he suggested that members of the Jan. 6 committee could be put behind bars should Republicans take control of Congress following the 2022 midterm elections.

Gingrich predicted on Sunday during an appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” that Republicans will take back the House and the Senate after the elections, and that the new Congress would potentially jail the committee for its investigation into the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol riot.

More @ RTM

Join us to discuss the disastrous 14th Amendment.

    Abbeville Institute

Join Professor Jesse Merriam for a discussion on the 14th Amendment. 

No Amendment has done more to distort the original Constitution than the 14th Amendment. Eric Foner considers it to be the basis of a new founding of the United States. But is that because of its original intent or because the federal court system has used it in a way its authors never intended. Also, what can be done to counteract this ongoing affront to the original Constitution?


Jesse Merriam is an associate professor at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia, and a Washington Fellow at the Claremont Institute's Center for the American Way of Life. He holds a J.D. from the George Washington University School of Law and a Ph.D in political science from Johns Hopkins University. 

Schedule: ]

The event begins promptly at 7 PM Eastern on January 27, 2022. 7:00-7:05: Introduction of speaker, Brion McClanahan 7:05-7:35: Jesse Merriam on the 14th Amendment 7:35-8:05: Q&A moderated by Brion McClanahan 

This event is limited to 500 participants. Tickets are limited to one per registrant. You will be provided a Zoom link following the checkout page. Please register immediately after purchasing your ticket. 

Register Now!

Monday, January 24, 2022

On Ivermectin

141 pesos for 4 6mg is $1.70 per pill

Stromectol(Ivermectin) 3mg × 120 pills 

$326.06 3 mg (with discount 10%)  $293.45

SHOT Show 2022: New Guns

a photo of the Marlin Model 1895 Rifle

SHOT Show 2022 is finally here. Due to the global pandemic, many exhibitors decided to go digital this year instead of in-person. If you didn’t make it out to the Venetian Expo & Convention Center in beautiful Las Vegas, we’ve got you covered. We promise to cover the most exciting show releases with all the specs listed. You don’t have any excuse not to attend SHOT Show 2022. With our guide, you don’t even have to leave the couch. Throw a pot of coffee on and get ready to scroll through some amazing new products.

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Sunday, January 23, 2022

"I want this statue Removed, he divided this Country, has a dislike for Police, and he is Racist"

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France's Last Chance for Survival? The Gatestone Institute


"France is no longer France, and everyone sees it... The third-worlding of our country and our people impoverishes as much as it disintegrates, ruins as much as it torments".

When French President Emmanuel Macron speaks, it is only about the pandemic. Political analysts think that if he manages to avoid all other topics, his reelection will be a certainty. If he does not, everything could turn out any which way.

"No, the great replacement is not a fantasy". — Éric Zemmour, candidate in France's upcoming presidential election, YouTube, December 15, 2021.

"Four hundred thousand Muslim immigrants enter France each year. In five years, that makes two million more Muslims. These Muslims go to live in the Muslim areas and do not integrate... What do you think that means?" — Éric Zemmour, YouTube, December 15, 2021.

"We see violence in our cities and towns.... We see hatred of France and its history becoming the norm... You abandon, without reacting, entire districts of our country to the law of the strongest... if a civil war breaks out, the army will maintain order on its own soil.... No one can want such a terrible situation... but yes, once again, civil war is brewing in France and you know it perfectly well". — Open letter in Valeurs Actuelles, signed by thousands of professional soldiers who asked that their names not be made public, May 9, 2021.

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