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The Government Wants Names of Online Commenters Who Trashed the Silk Road Judge

The Department of Justice has ordered libertarian website Reason.com to turn over the information of six commenters after they made threats against the federal judge who presided over the Silk Road trial.

Ken White of the blog Popehat obtained the grand jury subpoena issued by the Department of Justice last week, which demands "any and all identifying information” the website has pertaining to the threatening commenters. This includes email addresses, telephone numbers, IP addresses, and billing information associated with the accounts.

The subpoena targets users who commented on an article published on May 31st regarding a letter from Ross Ulbricht, the creator of online drug market Silk Road, pleading for leniency ahead of his sentencing for charges surrounding the site. The comments appeared after Judge Katherine Forrest gave Ulbricht two life sentences for his crimes.

“It’s judges like these that should be taken out back and shot,” a user named Agammamon wrote, according to the filing.

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"The current jihad against our forebares indicates a radical forward step in the movement toward suppression of free thought and expression."

 Jackson at manassas

A friend of mine, a scholar of international reputation and a Tar Heel by birth, was visiting professor at a very prestigious Northern university a few years ago. In idle conversation with some colleagues, he happened to mention that his mother was an active member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

His colleagues were shocked with disbelief. Their families had come from remote parts of Europe long after the War for Southern Independence. Their understanding of American history went like this: America had been founded by noble, freedom and equality loving patriots, and then that noble founding had been saved by other great patriots against a wicked rebellion of traitors seeking only to preserve the un-American institution of slavery. How could one celebrate both the founding and the treason?

Jefferson Davis and The Lame Lion of Lynchburg


Senator John Warwick Daniel (1842-1910) of Lynchburg, Virginia was a gentleman’s gentleman. Daniel served in the U.S. Senate from 1887 until his death in 1910 and was known as “The Lame Lion of Lynchburg” after being severely wounded in the War for Southern Independence. He was shot through the hip at First Manassas and struggled off the battlefield using two rifles for crutches. He removed a bullet from his hand with a pocketknife during the defense of Richmond in 1862, and he was permanently disabled after trying to rally his men at the Battle of the Wilderness in 1864. He nearly bled to death. His political career was marked by the same staunch defense of the South and State’s rights. One contemporary remarked:


NC Senator Sam, Cousin Sue and the U D C   

Why the Cherokee Nation Allied Themselves With the Confederate States of America in 1861



Many have no doubt heard of the valor of the Cherokee warriors under the command of Brigadier General Stand Watie in the West and of Thomas' famous North Carolina Legion in the East during the War for Southern Independence from 1861 to 1865. But why did the Cherokees and their brethren, the Creeks, Seminoles, Choctaws, and Chickasaws determine to make common cause with the Confederate South against the Northern Union? To know their reasons is very instructive as to the issues underlying that tragic war. Most Americans have been propagandized rather than educated in the causes of the war, all this to justify the perpetrators and victors. Considering the Cherokee view uncovers much truth buried by decades of politically correct propaganda and allows a broader and truer perspective.

On August 21, 1861, the Cherokee Nation by a General Convention at Tahlequah (in Oklahoma) declared its common cause with the Confederate States against the Northern Union. A treaty was concluded on October 7th between the Confederate States and the Cherokee Nation, and on October 9th, John Ross, the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation called into session the Cherokee National Committee and National Council to approve and implement that treaty and a future course of action.

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 A good friend of mine who is now gone, most unfortunately, especially for the history of the Cherokee, as he wrote what I consider THE book on Stand Watie. (He was working on another book when he died and his worthless daughter and son were not interested and would not even let me have his writings, so that I could do something with them. I have no use for people that don't love their families.) His wife's grandfather rode with Watie. The book is called Red Fox, Stand Watie's Years in Indian Territory, by Wilfred Knight. He begins the book with this poem that he wrote:

No monuments or marble shafts
Keep silent record of the time
When grey clan ranks of warriors rode
The Indian Nation line.

But mists of time have not eclipsed
The ancient stories of the day,
And still the whispered words are heard,
"Stand Watie passed this way."

The noon of darkness casts its spell:
Dutch Billy's bugle sounds once more
And Watie heads his column out
To ride through legend's door.

Now once again the muskets fire
While "Eagle" Buzzard spirits soars,
And smoothbores spew their deadly hail
As Watie leads to war.

But now - the Red Fox rides no more,
No bands of men, with muffled sound
Slip through the night to strike at dawn;
The fight is thru, the moon is down.

Now who will sing old Watie's song,
And who will tell his tale,
And who will keep the rendezvous
Along the Texas Trail? 

(Hollywood Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA Confederate Memorial Day 1992? I'm wearing my father's blue seersucker suit on the left standing beside my friend in the blue blazer, Wilfred Knight, a true Confederate and a gentleman. BT)

CHIBAYA MOYO: The Rhodesian African Rifles An Anthology, 1939-1981

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Chibaya Moyo  

Chibaya Moyo, ‘Strike to the Heart’ in Shona, is an anthology of stories and anecdotes from those who served with the masodja, the all-volunteer black soldiers of the Rhodesian African Rifles, a proud African regiment that fought with distinction in two world wars, the Malayan Emergency and the Rhodesian bush war. Chibaya Moyo brings together so many voices with tales of such vastly differing topics that it is by turn fascinating, tragic, humorous, intense, sad and inspirational; above all though it is honest.

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NC: 57th Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin opens with 680lb catch off the Viking 62 from New Jersey


WNCT with video

MOREHEAD CITY, N.C. - The Viking 62 brought home a 680lb blue marlin to take the early lead at the 57th annual Big Rock-Blue Marlin Tournament.

Earl Hall caught the marlin. "This is the biggest fish I've ever brought to the dock," he said. "I've caught bigger fish and lost them, but it's your catch percentage that's not always as good as you want it to be but we're just happy to have it hanging here. "

Three other blue marlins were boated on this first day of the tournament. The Shenandoah, Callie Girl, and Carly A were all entered into the Fabulous Fishermen category, which awards $365,00 to the first boat that brought back a 500 lb. fish. Although Carly A had a bigger fish, Shenandoah took home the first check of the tournament for boating the 500 lb. fish first.


1. VIKING 62     680 LBS

2. CARLY A     504.3 LBS



Hundreds of anglers are putting their fishing skills to the test at the 57th Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament.

The tournament draws thousands of tourists to downtown Morehead City every year.
More than 120 boats are hitting the water to start their quest for the biggest blue marlin. Anglers can fish four out the six days of the event.

We will be keeping you updated on all the Big Rock action throughout the week. You can follow the action at the  official website for the tournament here.

GOA's Larry Pratt on Fox and Friends

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Six Seconds – The Threat Matrix – McKinney Pool Mob Fiasco & McKinney Pool Mob Witness Speaks Out

From beginning to end this screen grab sequence of the Officer in McKinney Texas is less than 6 seconds.  Six seconds inside the threat matrix.  This is what police have to deal with.

danger 1 

More with video @ The Last Refuge


Our prior research aligns with the statements and testimonials of all the local residents within the Craig Ranch sub-division of McKinney Texas. ~RESEARCHED BACKSTORY~

According to the Daily Caller Benet Embry, who hosts an internet show on Deep Ellum on Air and lives in the neighborhood, has been accused by some for being a traitor to his race after he posted to his Facebook account to push back against what he called a false media narrative that has been crafted in the wake of the incident“.  As a consequence the Black Grievance Mob is trying to get him fired (see here)

However, last night Benet Embry spoke to Sean Hannity about what took place within the Craig Ranch sub-division:

DoD: 1,000 new trainers could deploy to Middle East

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The U.S. force deploying to the Middle East later this year to train and equip moderate Syrian rebels may exceed 1,000, a Pentagon spokesman said Friday.

The mission will involve about 400 U.S. trainers — likely to include many Army Special Forces personnel — as well as additional "enablers" who will provide security and logistical support for the trainers, defense officials say.

"It could approach 1,000, it could even exceed it," said Rear Adm. John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesman, in a briefing with reporters Friday.

Obama lawyers asked secret court to ignore public court's decision on spying

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Image result for Obama lawyers asked secret court to ignore public court's decision on spying

The Obama administration has asked a secret surveillance court to ignore a federal court that found bulk surveillance illegal and to once again grant the National Security Agency the power to collect the phone records of millions of Americans for six months.

The legal request, filed nearly four hours after Barack Obama vowed to sign a new law banning precisely the bulk collection he asks the secret court to approve, also suggests that the administration may not necessarily comply with any potential court order demanding that the collection stop.

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Man charged in food stamp fraud roundup pleads guilty; sent money to family in Yemen

Sufyan Hazem Saleh.jpg

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Among those arrested last week in a state food stamp fraud roundup, pleaded guilty Monday to unrelated charges of federal food stamp and tax fraud totaling more than $1.6 million.

Sufyan Hazem Saleh, 33, of Birmingham, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge R. David Proctor to one count of tax fraud and one count of food stamp fraud.

Under a plea agreement with the U.S. Attorney's Office, Saleh agrees to pay restitution of $498,470 to the IRS and $1,125,772 to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which administers the food stamp program.

Saleh also has agreed to forfeit another $375,220 to the government.

In exchange for his guilty plea, prosecutors are dismissing two other charges and a sentence at the low end of the federal sentencing guideline range, which will be determined at sentencing.

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America’s descent into the Dark Ages will not end well. It never has in the past.

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History is not static and it does not progress linearly.  There was more free speech and unimpeded expression in 5th-century Athens than in Western Europe between 1934-45, or in Eastern Europe during 1946-1989. An American could speak his mind more freely in 1970 than now. Many in the United States had naively believed that the Enlightenment, the U.S. Constitution, and over two centuries of American customs and traditions had guaranteed that Americans could always take for granted free speech and unfettered inquiry.

That is an ahistorical assumption. The wish to silence, censor, and impede thought is just as strong a human emotion as the desire for free expression — especially when censorship is cloaked in rhetoric about fairness, equality, justice, and all the other euphemisms for not allowing the free promulgation of ideas.

George Orwell devoted his later years to warning us that while the fascist method of destroying free expression was easily identified (albeit only with difficulty combatted), the leftwing totalitarian impulse to squelch unpopular speech was far harder to resist — couched as it was in sloganeering about the “people” and “social justice.” It is easy to object to the speech codes of a self-interested, corrupt dictator in sunglasses and epaulettes, but difficult to fight censorship that allegedly helps the poor, minorities, and the helpless.

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If You Wear Glasses This Video is For You

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The Fallen of World War II

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My New Prayer Candle (Unbelievable)

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The Real Reason The Cops Crashed The Pool Party

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Here we go again, another “Black Lives Matter” riot on the way for McKinney, Texas.

Over the weekend there was another “Twitter Pool Party” by one  (at twitter).  Apparently his forte is to send out mass invites via social media and flash mob community pools.  Why? Well because Black Privilege, thats why.  These parties have obtained on the small end about 100 people to a community pool that have no right to be there.  They set up DJ tables and pay no mind to the paying, legitimate residents who are now forced to listen to their music, their mouths, tolerate teens smoking weed and drinking…..at their pool.   You know the ones, those good kids that “just want to have fun.” YOLO right?

More with video @ Living While White