February 11, 2016

House Bill 4624

Sponsors: Robert L. Brown (D) House Seat 116 Charleston & Colleton Counties (US Army Veteran Vietnam 1970-71)
J. Seth Whipper (D) House Seat 113 Charleston & Dorchester Counties Wendell G. Gilliard (D) House Seat 111 Charleston

Bill Status : Under consideration by House Committee on Judiciary

Passage of Bill would allow removal of the Confederate Battle Flag and all Confederate symbols from Summerall Chapel at the Citadel.

Sponsors are “sugar coating” Bill by stating “The Board of Visitors MAY remove the Confederate Battle Flag.” Actually Bill states “The Board of Visitors may remove the Confederate Battle Flag OR any other War Between the States symbol previously placed in Summerall Chapel”. We all know the Citadel Board of Visitors intentions.

Passage of this Bill will effectively dismantle SC Heritage Protection Act. It opens the door for local government boards, councils, and commissions to permanently remove all Confederate Flags, monuments, markers, and street names.

It dishonors Citadel Alumni who served South Carolina 1861-65

Immediate action required. Contact your legislators and let your voice be heard. Do it before it is too late. All SC Legislators information can be found on the Heritage Defense Page.

Commander T. Leland Summers
1980 Robert Usher Road
Lancaster, SC 29720-7840