Thursday, February 11, 2016

FBI sting to arrest 86 Americans in massive BLM cover-up

Via comment by Anonymous on LIVE call from Refuge -- FBI Siege Happening.

 Image: EXCLUSIVE: FBI sting to arrest 86 Americans in massive BLM cover-up

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, 74, was arrested late yesterday evening while exiting a plane at Portland International Airport on his way to Burns, Ore., a town located 30 miles south of the federally owned Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, the site of a months-long standoff between free-loving land owners and the U.S. government.

Celebrated for standing up to government land-grabs in 2014, Bundy has been charged with conspiracy to interfere with a federal officer, an allegation that reportedly stems back to his standoff with the Bureau of Land Management, which tried stripping he and his family of land-use rights they spent a century earning. The charges are identical to those filed against seven protestors (including his son Ammon Bundy) who occupied the wildlife refuge in protest of government overreach.

NewsTarget has received exclusive information that Bundy’s arrest, which was made using facial recognition technology and TSA goons, may not be isolated, but is in fact the first of many to come in an effort to silence those who obtained incriminating information about the BLM and its unlawful land grabs.

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  1. The headline for this news report is apparently (and deliberately?) misleading.

    When I saw the headline for this news report, I thought the BLM was secretly violating federal laws, and thus, the FBI was arresting BLM employees.

    But, after reading the text, I am left bitterly disappointed.

    It's all just more of the "same ol', same ol'".

  2. Maybe the next President of the United States of America will pardon the Hammonds, the Bundys, and all of the other band of protesters?

    I wonder if that can be made a campaign issue for the various candidates?

    Will the population support it?

    1. Will the population support it?

      They support most everything else if it doesn't affect their lifestyle and I doubt they would take this up as an issue, though it certainly should be one.