Saturday, July 31, 2010

Illegals And Communists Protest Arizona Law In Raleigh

"Illegals, Communists, and others that oppose Arizona’s law which actually supports Federal law, march and rally: downtown Raleigh, NC on July 29, 2010. The Raleigh Police chief, Harry Dolan, supports the Arizona law." My grandfather, Charles Franklin Koonce, was the Police Chief of Raleigh in the early 20th century.

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You do understand that the war is on and was started by the government, right? You do realize that you are neatly catalogued by the government’s security agencies profiling (thought that was illegal) you as to your entire standing (personal history) in society and what “lists” you are on. Read the rest HERE.

Transference: Why North Ascribes Racial Hatred To South?

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12 Pictures Of The South 1862 To 1944

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Supreme Court, Not Bolton, Has Authority

ONLY the US Supreme Court has Constitutional Authority to Conduct the Trial. Read the rest HERE.

Jones Interviews Burr


This month’s edition features Senator Richard Burr, Republican Senator of North Carolina.Senator Burr has served as North Carolina senator since he was sworn into office in 2005. He had previously served in the U.S. House of Representatives for ten years. Sen. Burr grew up in Winston-Salem, NC and played football while attending Wake Forest University.

During the program, Congressman Jones talks with Senator Richard Burr (R-NC), about many of the issues facing North Carolina and the country. Sen. Burr discusses his thoughts on health care and what needs to be done to limit the damage of the new health care law. Since he is Ranking Member of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Sen. Burr shares his ideas on how to take care of our troops and their families once they return from war. Other topics, such as the economy and jobs, are also addressed.Chief of Staff Glen Downs will appear on the show for a “mailbag” segment that touches on several topics. Mr. Downs asks the congressman about the upcoming Congressional Recess and what Congressman Jones will be doing for the next month while in the 3rd District.

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Confederate Heritage Youth Day

My dear Compatriots:

I would like to invite all campers and counsellors to our upcoming sixth annual Confederate Heritage Youth Day. The big event will be held in Western York County, SC, CSA, at Rick’s Fun Field (located at 615 Woodland Park Road in Smyrna, SC 29743) on Saturday, 9-25-2010. But campers are welcome to come Friday, 9-24-10. All campers will be enjoy a nice, Southern breakfast that Saturday, and a free dinner will follow for all participants.

Confederate Heritage Youth Day is held outside with a variety of interesting historians and instructors, all of whom are well educated in the true history of the South and our immortal Southern Cause. Living history programmes will also be demonstrated, such as those involving infantry, artillery and cavalry, to give you the bona fide flavour of our nation during the War for Southern Independence.

It is a wonderful day of learning about our noble heritage and history. I encourage you to attend if possible. It will be splendid to have a reunion with the counsellors and campers.

Please see the attached flyer for more information.

Thank you all, and may God save the South.

—In Christ and Dixie,

Kirk Carter

Deo Vindice. +

NCFIRE Action Alert

North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
Secure Our Border-Enforce Our Laws

South Carolina and Tennessee have already passed strong illegal immigration enforcement laws. Now Virginia is considering doing the same: .

It is imperative that North Carolina get ahead of this situation. We will soon become know as a "sanctuary state" among the illegal alien population as we will become the only southeastern state without legislation against illegal aliens. Our court systems, hospitals, social service departments, law enforcement departments and our State budget can not handle the massive influx of illegal aliens this is going to cause. The shortfalls in financing for these departments and agencies, will come from one place...your back pocket in the form of increased taxes.

The leadership of NCFIRE urges you, in the strongest possible terms, to contact the North Carolina Legislature and insist they enact laws that discourage illegal immigration into North Carolina. The easiest way to contact them all at once is, to register (for free) at: . Once you are registered, select the "Contact Your State Government" tab at the top and then the "All Legislators" option and write your letter in the box provided.

Our position on enforcing illegal immigration laws in this state are as follows:

(1) Require all companies (public and private), doing business in NC, to use the E-Verify System

(2) Cut off all funding to sanctuary cities in North Carolina.

(3) Require stricter punishments for businesses that hire illegal aliens in North Carolina.

(4) Revoke all North Carolina drivers’ licenses issued without a valid social security number.

(5) Require proof of citizenship for any social welfare program in North Carolina.

(6) Require voters to present a valid photo ID at the polls in North Carolina.

(7) Require all 100 counties in North Carolina to enact the 287g program.

(8) Require that English be the preeminent language of North Carolina.

(9) Deny enrollment of illegal aliens into any North Carolina college system.

(10) Deny North Carolina residency status to any person that is in this Country illegally.

(11) Regulate, control and deport the illegal alien population in North Carolina.

Please feel free to use these points in your letter.

Thanks for your time and attention on this matter,
James Johnson