Friday, October 8, 2021

Steppin' Back


The locusts descend upon the land.

Not the literal ones, but a kind much worse, in my estimation. The urbanites, long disenchanted with the social upheaval of late, have begun to migrate to the country. My home county, Newton County, Arkansas, is sadly not immune, though we are largely blessed.

Rugged and in the remote mountains of northwest Arkansas, my home county is steeped in both history and poverty. My people scratched out existences in the rocky hill sides as they raised families. I remember my grandmother talking about playing the game ‘jacks’ once and stating that she, as a grown woman, had never actually seen a store-bought jack, as they played with peach pits.

These new comers know nothing of the land, and many care even less about the people. They come down and build their ‘McMansions’ all along every scenic route and over my home country. True, some are good people who will acclimate and become part of the social fabric of my home. It  has always been that way, but far too many are odious transplants who denigrate and insult my people. It is this thought that weights heavily on my mind as I drive Hghway 7 on a cool Saturday morning. I wonder to myself, ‘How can one escape this madness?’ as I observe three new buildings on the point of the mountain.

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Texas Man Rides Horse From California to Kentucky

September Jobs Collapse Signals Crisis for Biden’s Tax-and-Spend Economic Agenda

The astonishing miss Friday in September’s jobs numbers — only 194,000 jobs created, versus an expected 500,000 — was not only a shock to market expectations, but represents a crisis for President Joe Biden’s tax-and-spend economic policy.

For months, even when the jobs reports have been disappointing, the Biden administration’s economists have claimed that big spending was helping the U.S. economy, and that more big spending was the answer to accelerate the ongoing recovery.

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Comment on Michael Flynn Says ‘We Have Two Separate Governments...

 Michael Flynn Says ‘We Have Two Separate Governmen...

Most people who are in the know, have known this for a long time. Some call them the Shadow Gov which is why there is no real justice for political/corporate criminals. They're protected. They even interfered in our Civil War. The US sent the Bolshevik's money from a secret slush fund. A group made up of many groups — who operate outside of the reach of the Justice Department.

They are the most powerful individuals inside of the corporate world, the military leadership, and the U.S. government. They are the ones who aren’t elected, and have no “terms” that end. They exist behind the veil of the elected representatives — making the decisions that matter, and driving the votes inside Congress that really matter.

Their prime objective is not freedom or Democracy. It’s to boost their own interests. Not only those of the corporations or organizations they own and lead, but also those of their own families; over many generations. The children inherit the power as it shifts from one age to the next, contained inside of a small circle of insiders.

America will not be free until we get rid of them, permanently. Maybe, we need to put a sniper in every tree surrounding their domains. That beast, Garland, would instantly be removed
if not for their protection. All by design.


Catholic leader won't give up effort to expose Marxist ties

A Catholic insider known for holding the Catholic Church accountable is warning there is something akin to a virus that has infiltrated the top leadership that has aligned itself with abortion, homosexuality, and even Marxist-based revolution.

Michael Hichborn, who leads the Lepanto Institute, has researched Vatican agency Caritas Internationalis and is exposing its collaboration with worldly evil in a well-documented article that can be read here.

“The Vatican's agency called Caritas Internationalis is on the governing body,” Hichborn explains. “It's called the International Council of the World Social Forum.”

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Putin on Attacking America & Animals v Humans

Via Gene Kizer Jr

                 May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'WHY WOULD I ATTACK AMERICA? YOU ALREADY HAVE DEMOCRATS FOR THAT. PATRIOT HUMOR' 

                 May be an image of text that says 'The difference between Humans and animals? Animals would never allow the dumbest ones to lead the pack.'

YouTube Blacklists Washington GOP Congressional Candidate Joe Kent, a Retired Green Beret

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News in June, Kent declared his opposition to the country’s “permanent ruling class.”

Via Breitbart News:

“Trump tried to get troops out of Syria the first time, and we all saw what happened after that Secretary of Defense Mattis and the rest of the permanent ruling class in the Pentagon and the government turned against President Trump in an effort to keep our troops overseas and deployed,” he said.

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Michael Flynn Says ‘We Have Two Separate Governments’: ‘One That Actually Gets Elected’ & One ‘That Operates Under No Rules’

 “Sounds like that government was still controlled by Barack Obama,” said Carlson,

The first National Security Director for former President Donald Trump told Tucker Carlson America has two governments, only one of which is elected.

Lt. General Michael Flynn (USA – Ret) told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that an unelected group within Washington effectively runs the country without reference to voters in an interview scheduled for release Monday.

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Enoch Powell: Rivers of Blood


When bullets start flying, defiant Taiwan will keep fighting...alone

At the same time Taiwan prepares for war one day, neighbors Japan, South Korea, Philippines, and Vietnam are watching China make aggressive moves to control the international waters of the South China Sea as if those major shipping lanes belong to the CCP. Occupying Taiwan will embolden China even more.

Taiwan will fight a losing battle against China’s overwhelming military might if that short-lived war happens, a national security expect predicts, but he also predicts the world will witness many on the tiny island die in battle rather than bow to the Chinese Communist Party.

Earlier this week, Taiwan’s military tracked nearly 150 Chinese aircraft that entered the country’s outer air defense zone over a four-day period. Approximately 56 aircraft flew across the Taiwan Straight in just one day. That unheard-of incursion, reportedly the worst in 40 years, is viewed by some as provocative harassment but others assume China’s military leaders are studying how Taiwan would respond to a future air attack.

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Milley, Fauci, and Biden are soulless men who reveal the bankruptcy of our ruling class.


As we watch events unfold in 2021, obvious questions about the fitness of our national leaders present themselves. Who are these new woke national icons and how did they come to lord it over the rest of us? Here are some observations by way of preliminary explanation.

The Strategist

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley conceded to Congress last week that he has been an anonymous source to controversial “inside” progressive muckrakers detailing the supposed dysfunctions of the prior administration. He strangely characterizes such anonymous, self-serving, behind-the-scenes leaking as some sort of public-service transparency. Evidently, it is now a part of the chairman’s duties to serve the media.

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For some reason I am unable to delete the video below which has nothing to do with the subject:)

“If you’re breaking into someone’s home in the middle of the night, if you don’t get shot or killed you should feel fortunate.”


An alleged robber died from a gunshot wound last week after forcing his way into the home of a responsibly armed woman. 

Police told local media that the suspect, who has been identified as 40-year-old Jeffery Flowers, was pretending to be a cop at the time of the invasion.  

“Neighbors had videos of him parking in front of the residence and looking through windows, ultimately breaking through the door and pulling a weapon out,” Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings told Fox59.

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WATCH: Naked New Jersey Businessman Chases Car Thieves with AR-15, Police Take His Guns

Via Billy

Wexler was forced to sell his guns and was sentenced to two years of probation.

(What else did he expect living in NJ?)

A wealthy New Jersey businessman had his firearms seized after he used an AR-15 to chase car thieves away from his property last year, according to a new report from the New York Post.

Newly released footage shows Evan Wexler, naked, in front of his Fort Lee mansion firing several shots at another man who was trying to steal his Mercedes G-Wagon. According to the Post, it was the 18th time thieves had attempted to steal one of Wexler’s exotic cars, and the police had done little to stop them.

“I keep calling the police and showing them videos to prove I’m not crying wolf,” Wexler said. “I’m begging them to deter these guys, but they’re not doing s–t. The cops show up too late or go on high-speed chases but they never catch anyone.”

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