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The Way Ahead: How We Can Restore Liberty in Our Lifetime
The Plan Overview

Ultimately, if you want to see Liberty in your life time, then what we’re talking about is  one  of  two  things:  an  autonomous  regional  or  state  government,  or  a  clean  break.    It  doesn’t really matter to me which happens, but I can tell you that it won’t happen unless you take your Liberty back for yourself. 

Graphic Body Cam Footage Shows Killer Cop as He Murders an Innocent Unarmed Man

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On August 11, 2014 Dillon Taylor was gunned down in broad daylight by Officer Bron Cruz.
The confrontation happened because Cruz confused Taylor with a possible criminal in the area.

Taylor, his brother, and his cousin were exiting a 7-Eleven in an area where police were searching for a suspect who had allegedly been waving a gun around.  These uninvolved young men allegedly matched the description.

When the three men exited the convenience store they were surrounded by officers and ordered to show their hands.  Two of the men stopped and complied, Dillon Taylor, listening to music, kept walking.

Barely 40 seconds go by from the time Dillon is approached until he is shot by Cruz.

12 GA perimeter alarm

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NEW IMPROVED DESIGN. Tighter fit and feel and rust resistant assembly! 12 GA perimeter alarm device. A basic trip alarm device that can be used hundreds of times in many different ways for REAL security or fun.

The Doctrine of State's Rights

 Jefferson Davis 1875

This piece originally appeared in the North American Review, February 1890.

To DO justice to the motives which actuated the soldiers of the Confederacy, it is needful that the cause for which they fought should be fairly understood; for no degree of skill, valor, and devotion can sanctify service in an unrighteous cause.

We revere the memory of Washington, not so much for his achievements in arms as for his self-abnegation and the unfaltering devotion with which he defended the inalienable rights of the people of all the United States. This made him first in peace, first in war, and first in the hearts of his countrymen, and for this the great English poet wrote: “But one were worthy of the name of Washington.” Yet he was what no Southern soldier in the War Between the States could, with truth, be called–a rebel–and, without much extravagance in the figure, was said to have fought the battles of the Revolution with a halter round his neck. Had there been no inalienable rights, or had they not been violated, he could not rightfully have been absolved from his allegiance to the crown, or conscientiously have felt that he had not broken his faith as subject to the lawful powers of the British Government, in taking up arms against it.

Billboard from Alabama latest social media darling

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 Are you getting something billboard.JPG

Foreign Traveler Brings MEASLES to Branson Missouri

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 The Missouri Health Department is reporting that a Foreign Traveler brought measles into 
Branson Missouri. The infected person has been placed in isolation since May 31st.

Unfortunately given today's political environment it is unclear whether "Foreign Traveler" means tourist or illegal alien. Its an important distinction given that a tourist would likely have exposed many people for an extended period of time while visiting the many musical theater shows in Branson. Whereas, an illegal alien may have less exposure to tourists.

It's Official: In the Case of Another Black Riot in Baltimore, the Police Plan to Stand Down

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Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn "Mrs. Ringmaster" Mosby is seeking a protective order to block the release of Freddie Gray's autopsy and other sensitive documents being used for the prosecution of six Baltimore Police officers.

An attorney representing one of the six officers who were involved in the arrest of the known heroin dealer (who had spent two years in jail) said:

    "...there is something in that autopsy report that they are trying to hide."

The League of Shadows, the fictional group of terrorists in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy who wanted to restore order to the world by destroying Gotham City, had in all wrong when it came to their tactics of bringing the world's greatest city.

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Stickin’-it to Rep. Trey Gowdy, US State Dept. contractor World Relief brings first refugees to Spartanburg

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It is not really World Relief so much as the Obama State Department and Secretary of State John Kerry.  Gowdy had asked that no refugees be resettled in his district until his many questions had been answered to his satisfaction.   See our post yesterday about the inadequate response Gowdy has received so far.
The refugees from DR Congo*** resettled in Spartanburg apparently about a week or so ago could just as easily have been taken to any one of 190 (more!) cities in the US, but clearly the State Department is sending a message to Gowdy—(expletive you!).

As we said previously, Spartanburg is pivotal in the battle for determining who controls the resettlement process—will the UN/US State Department ram third-worlders down the throats of small town America, or will cities and states play any role in the present secretive resettlement process?

Just a reminder!  Rep. Trey Gowdy is not just any Congressman with concern for his district, he is Chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee responsible for the refugee program!

If anyone has any power in Congress on this issue, it is Gowdy.  The question is, is he willing to exercise his power?


Here is the latest from GoUpstate.

Jefferson Davis Last of the Senate Giants

Jefferson Davis was a Unionist and struggled to his last days as a Mississippi Senator to push Congress toward a solution to the sectional crisis. He belonged to the Calhoun school that saw preserving the rights of the South in the federal Union as paramount; he saw secession as a last resort of the States in order to preserve their sovereignty, if the Constitution they had ratified voluntarily in 1787, and its federal agent, became destructive of those rights.  Davis was born on this day in 1808.
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

 Jefferson Davis Last of the Senate Giants

“The theory of State Rights and the belief in secession had been understood in both sections equally, when advantage dictated understanding: as late as 1846 the State government of Massachusetts had been willing to secede, had passed resolutions to that end, in opposition to the Mexican War.

The North alone now repudiated State sovereignty because it had no interest to serve with its support. After the Republican senators had rejected the Crittenden Compromise, which gave to them every eventual advantage and to the South nothing in the end, they would not listen to a proposal of a convention of the States; they were then challenged for a compromise proposal of their own, but not a Republican replied.

At this distance it is certain that the deadlock exactly suited the North, for its purpose was to subdue the South at all costs; in a policy that conceded nothing and demanded everything, the North meant to “ride over the South rough-shod.”

The South was willing at this time to accept any measure that guaranteed it even less than its Constitutional rights in the territories; but the north no longer desired equality of sectional power; the North was bent on domination.

By refusing to budge from this position, the North forced the South to act for its preservation, and by means of the slavery issue the shrewdness of the Yankee succeeded, as always, of putting his enemy in the wrong.

There was probably not a single phase of the conflict that Mr. Davis failed, in a sense, to understand; and yet, in the end, he could not see why men would not follow the law, or why the inflamed sections would not abide by compromises.  Men sometimes act reasonably, but never logically; this was a distinction that Mr. Davis, being logical, could not grasp.

[After his final speech and resignation from the United States Senate after Mississippi had seceded, Davis] painfully moved through the crowded Senate chamber out into the street, [and for him] the old Constitutional republic came . . . to a dramatic end. There would no longer be a Union in the exact sense of that word; there would be a uniformity; for one of the two types of American civilization must absolutely prevail.  Davis left the Senate smaller; it would never be so large again; he was the last of the Senate giants.

All the night of January 21 he suffered, sleepless; the nervous strain of the last six months had broken him down. His neuralgia had spread film over one iris; he was almost blind in that eye.  Mrs. Davis, anxious in the next room, heard him say, again and again, in a tone of agony:

“May God have us in His Holy keeping, and grant that before it is too late peaceful councils may prevail.”

(Jefferson Davis, His Rise and Fall, Allen Tate, Minton, Balch & Company, 1929, pp. 12-13)

NC: 57th Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

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NC: Parker’s Barbecue in Wilson

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When Parker’s Barbecue in Wilson, NC opened in August 1946, a door connected two buildings, providing access to two very different dining experiences in Wilson. To the left, there were oysters, which you could pair with whatever liquor you packed; to the right, barbecue and sweet tea.

“This was the family side,” says Parker’s current co-owner Kevin Lamm, pointing to the original dining room of the barbecue building. As Lamm puts it, the restaurant’s founders — Graham Parker, Ralph Parker, and Henry Parker Brewer — knew they needed to “make it either one way or the other.” So eventually, he says, “They decided to go the family route.”

Sixty-seven years later, it’s a decision that’s worked out well. Each week, Parker’s smokes about 150 whole hogs — which are chopped and seasoned with a vinegar-and-red-pepper sauce — and fries about 8,000 chickens for 20,000 customers, who start coming early in the day. “We have people eat barbecue at 9:00 [a.m.],” says Donald Williams, who co-owns the restaurant with Lamm and another partner, Eric Lippard.

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Waco II: Complaint Filed Against Official Who Set $1M Bonds for Bikers

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More legal challenges are stacking up against Waco authorities in the wake of the May 17th shooting incident outside a Twin Peaks restaurant. After last week’s recusal motion, another attorney has filed a complaint with the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct against Waco Justice of the Peace Walter H. “Pete” Peterson.

The complaint is based on comments made by Peterson and reported by the Waco Tribune:
I think it is important to send a message. We had nine people killed in our community. These people just came in, and most of them were from out of town. Very few of them were from in town.
That is not how the law is supposed to work, as Breitbart Texas reported last week in an interview with attorney Kent A. Schaffer.

More @ Breitbart

Will U.S. Soldiers Soon Be Dying for Communism?

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 "And Now, After Sending Our Best Young Men To Die On distant battlefields fighting Communism, we may simply vote a Marxist into our highest office."
23 July 2008

Do you recall the justification that U.S. officials used for sending more than 58,000 American men to their deaths in the Vietnam War? They said that communism was so bad and such an enormous threat to the United States that it was necessary to stop the North Vietnamese communists before they came to the United States and took over the federal government. In fact, even today die-hard anti-communist crusaders, especially conservatives, still claim that those American soldiers were sacrificed in a worthy cause.


Then would someone please explain this photograph to me? It’s a photograph of U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter passing in review of a military honor guard during a welcoming ceremony at the Defense Ministry in Hanoi this week.

Yes, that’s Hanoi, as in (North) Vietnam, the city on which the U.S. government dropped some 20,000 tons of explosives during the Vietnam War.

It’s just my own humble opinion, but that’s just plain disgraceful. A high U.S. government official passing in review of a Vietnamese communist military honor guard? Jane Fonda, call your office.

It gets worse.