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Texas high school defends Confederate flag

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A Southeast Texas high school is rallying around the Confederate flag after the symbol has sparked controversy across the country.

The Confederate flag is posted on the fence of the football field, covers a gym wall and is displayed front and center outside a high school in the Evadale school district, KFDM-TV reports. Jamie Richardson, the valedictorian of the Class of 2015, said the emblem has always been a kind of a pride for her school.

"If you look at our emblem it's not just the confederate flag, it shows symbols of everything that we represent academically and also outside of school with extracurricular activities and such," Richardson said.

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SICK=> Woman Posts Selfie in Front of Black-on-Black Man-Rape

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Gorgeouss Kiaa via Twitter

No way this country can continue intact.

A photo surfaced on Twitter Thursday that shows a Black man being forced at gunpoint to perform oral sex on a group of young Black men in an alley.

A smiling young Black woman is seen in the foreground of the photo in selfie position.

Meet the M10X™

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 M10X Rifles for SHOT


We are very excited to announce the M10X™ Elite is available for preorder!

Rifles will be shipping during July 2015. Make sure to get your deposit in today to ensure you’re one of the first to receive an M10X™ Elite!

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Why the National Cathedral must exhume Woodrow Wilson

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 The image on the left includes Stonewall Jackson, a Confederate general. On the right is Robert E. Lee.

Yet another consequence of electing a Marxist President.

"What comes next?"

"And Now, After Sending Our Best Young Men To Die On distant battlefields fighting Communism, we may simply vote a Marxist into our highest office."
23 July 2008


To the Dean of the National Cathedral, the Very Rev. Gary Hall,

It is my understanding that you have advised the Episcopal Church to replace the windows installed in 1953 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, in honor of Gens. Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee.

I will not criticize this decision. Jackson was a Presbyterian anyway, he doesn’t even belong there.

But, Dean Hall, your work isn’t done. You won’t have even gotten rid of all the Confederacy-apologizing Presbyterian bigots yet. There is another, and his bones lie beneath your feet.

The New Social Media Campaign That’s Encouraging People to Trespass on Private Property and Tear Down Confederate Flags

Hi Brock,   Saw this from Western Rifle Shooters. Not liking where this is headed. Bye, Steve RWC

Lets see, how long before the first one is killed, five, four................Check out the videos at the bottom and practice your draw.


First it was the ice bucket challenge. Now, a new social media campaign encourages people to film themselves tearing down Confederate flags from people’s property or vehicles.

In what appears to be the original video, posted to Facebook on July 11 by Jamari Williams, a young black man runs up to a house and jumps to tear down a Confederate flag from the flag pole. Another male, in the driver’s seat of the car, filmed the ordeal while laughing and saying “no flagging’” repeatedly.

More with videos and pictures @ The Blaze

NC: Save the Confederate Monument In Graham

Brock, would you please post this ? A group called "Concerned Citizens of Alamance County " and the local naacp group are going to petition the county commissioners to have the statue removed. Jamie Myrick (one of my Rangers) Alamance County Rangers and me started an online petition to fight it.

It is our heritage and it has been around since 1914. It was not put there because of slavery, it was put in memory of the Confederate soldiers that fought here.
Sign @ Change



 Visner-Smith family

 Sheriff's Department Takes Family's Home and Contents Using a Fake Eviction

U.S. Navy veteran Ted Visner and his wife, Kathy Smith of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, have been living out a nightmare. It started two and a half years ago, when the family fell victim to an apparent real estate scam by a local sheriff's department employee.

Ted Visner says they bought their former home on a land contract, only to learn seven months later, that the seller, Isabella County Sheriff's Dept. employee Shelly Sweet, was not making monthly payments on the house. A bank foreclosed on the property, all unbeknownst to the Visner/Smith family.

Ted Visner, who builds custom homes for a living, said, "Although we were paying Sweet every month on the purchase of the property, she had not been paying the underlying mortgage and the home fell into foreclosure." I asked Visner if he had records of those payments, he said he does, including canceled checks. You won't believe what happened next.

"On a weekend Sweet knew that we would be out of town, she offered the contents of our home to her friends and coworkers at the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department, claiming we had abandoned the home. Many took her up on her free offer deal and took over $55,000 dollars worth of our personal property."

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"Jack Hunter goes full retard."

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Lying, sniveling, money grubbing, traitorous, Scalawag coward.

States’ rights? Heritage? I was wrong: The Confederate flag has always been about race.
As a Charleston, South Carolina-based conservative radio personality known as the “Southern Avenger,” I spent a decade defending the Confederate flag that is yet again the center of so much controversy.

I said the flag was about states’ rights. I said it stood for self-determination. I said it honored heritage.

I argued the Confederate flag wasn’t about race. I believed it. Millions of well-meaning Southerners believe it too.

I was wrong. That flag is always about race. Whatever political or historical points the flag’s defenders make, there will never be a time—and never has been a time—in which millions of Americans have looked at that symbol and not seen hatred.


Via comment by Cav Med on IRS harassment of conservatives spreads to other a...

North Carolina DMV Sells Out Of Confederate License Plates; South Carolina Will Not Sell Out

Photo of a North Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans specialty license plate.

The North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) says it has sold out of its Confederate flag license plates.

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Duncan D. Hunter will Re-Introduces His Bill Penalizing Sactuary Cities, Counties, and States For Violating Federal Immigration Laws

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Image result for Cong Duncan D. Hunter will Re-Introduces His Bill Penalizing Sanctuary Cities, Counties, and States For Violating Federal Immigration Laws

In previous Congresses, Congressman Duncan D. Hunter, Maj-USMCR (R-CA-52), an endorsed Combat Veteran For Congress, repeatedly tried, without success, to get the Republican leadership in the House to support his legislation penalizing safe harbor sanctuary cities, counties, and states for violating Federal Immigration Laws. The below listed Breitbart News article, explains Cong Hunter’s proposed legislation, and provides information on the murder of Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco, by Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez, a convicted criminal illegal alien who had 7 previous felony convictions, and had been deported from the United States 5 times.

The Obama administration, inept members of Congress on both sides of the isle, and the left of center liberal media establishment have been covering up the thousands of crimes committed by convicted criminal illegal aliens against American citizens in 300 + safe harbor sanctuary cities, counties, and states. Sanctuary policies are providing protection for Mexican drug cartels smuggling narcotics, violent criminal gangs from below the wide open southern border like MS-13, Mexican human smugglers, and convicted criminal illegal aliens whose presence in the USA has been harmful and dangerous to American citizens. Those foreign criminal illegal aliens migrate to, and operate in safe harbor sanctuary cities, counties, and states; they are, for the most part, immune from deportation by ICE and from arrest from local & state law enforcement officers. Local, county, state, and federal politicians who protect criminal illegal aliens, who have been injuring and killing American citizens every day throughout the nation, only view the victims of vicious crimes as “collateral damage” that are acceptable to them, because it would be politically incorrect to condemn them publically.

Prepping 101: Large Portable Family Shelters

If there is one thing I have learned since starting this column, it is that survival is very detailed. The byproduct of this is that survival can also be very expensive, because the cheaper options, while they look viable, fail in the details. To stay on the topic of bugging out which I started three weeks ago with pack basics and essentials, I got to thinking about family tents. In any disaster scenario, a large percentage of those who survive will end up displaced, and third only to food and water is shelter. And while small tents may be the way to go if you are lighting out alone or as a couple, if you have a family, with supplies, being able to drop everybody and everything into a dry single secure shelter is going to be a very big deal.

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I wish to put some things in perspective, as we are now living under conditions that are similar to what happened in Germany under Hitler and also very similar to the conditions our ancestors in the South endured prior to the secession of the Southern States. But it is now even more complicated, because we have a certain percentage of the Black community that is very ignorant and militant due to the propaganda spread by the US school system and the media for 150 years. 

These two governors Ball-less Bentley, and Spine-less Haley have created a very dangerous climate for white Southerners throughout the South. They have laid the groundwork for endless confrontations between the races and any injuries or, God forbid, deaths that occur from this point forward as a result of racial clashes will be entirely their fault. Had they had the intestinal fortitude to stand their ground and say no to the small minority of race baiters who were calling for the flags removal, and shifted the issue of those 9 murders to the real causes instead of letting the media and the investigators who found the picture of him waving a flag capitalize on that non-issue, all of this would have been avoided.

However what people don't understand is that this is not about heritage or flags, it is a completely orchestrated program of cultural cleansing and whether Bentley and Haley are just unknowing dupes in this cleansing or are in with the powers that be is irrelevant, because what they have done is create conditions where people in the South who hold their heritage dear to their hearts will now have to fear intimidation, injury or even death if they dare express their Confederate ancestry through tee-shirts, bumper stickers, flags or even the legal license plate with the SCV logo on it. 

On top of what I've just said is the little known fact that our so-called government has in the past, and will again now use a tactic know as controlled opposition to further their socialist agenda. They will send a large group of Government paid lackeys somewhere, dressed as Southern folks and waving flags to purposely create a disturbance and a media event so they can then smear all Southerners on TV and in the prostituted press. We have no voice, and the truth will never be told, just as in Waco and Ruby Ridge.
  Now to the why of all this, as I said earlier it is not about flags and heritage, it is about how to transform America into a Socialist state. Southern culture is the last hold out of God loving and God fearing people, and when our country was founded it was founded with God at the top of the pile. That is to say that our founders recognized that all rights come from our creator, and not from any man or group of men. Socialism cannot exist under that scenario, therefore Southern culture must be eliminated! Our pastors do not understand this and thus we have a tremendous failure in our pulpits! The St. Andrews cross on our Confederate flags is one of the oldest Christian symbols on Earth thus it must go! It is the same purge of God and religion that happened during the French revolution, and under Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler. When and if we allow them to pull all our flags and monuments down, the next step will be to come after our Bibles, and to denigrate God and Christianity. The recent dictum's of the 5 black robed lawyers who call themselves judges in the Politburo on the Potomac is also a part of the game plan.

Now all that said, I will attend every flag rally that I can possibly fit into my schedule and I will soon have a 28' flagpole in my front yard, in addition to the two I always fly from my front porch, but I will do all this knowing that I jeopardize the safety of my person and my family. But the line must be drawn somewhere. What is next? A right to marry multiple wives, or your sister, or maybe your dog cat or horse? The government forcing you to buy food you don't want? or forcing you to take drugs or vaccines whether you want them or not? or confiscating your property for some politicians idea that some project he has in mind will be for the good of the community! At some point we must push back or become entirely enslaved.

IRS harassment of conservatives spreads to other agencies

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 The IRS scandal spreads.

New information has come to light that the gargantuan scandal revolving around attempts by the IRS to thwart, delay, intimidate, and prosecute conservatives prior to the 2012 presidential election was not confined to the IRS. The bombshell updated information, reported by several news outlets and government watchdog groups this week, indicates that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI were also involved.

According to records obtained by Judicial Watch (JW), IRS official Lois Lerner met with DOJ and FBI officials in October of 2010 to discuss the possibility of subjecting conservative nonprofit groups to criminal charges. All of this would represent a vast suppression of the conservative vote in the 2012 presidential election.

More @ The Examiner

Anti-American ‘Afrikans’ issue Sh*t on Flag Challenge

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**Warning Graphic**


Sierra McGrone, who uses the alias Nocturnus Libertus on Facebook, has issued a challenge for her supporters. She has proposed that, “with only $6, you too can help a young Afrikan clean their ass with the rag of oppression!”


More with video/pictures @ Popular Military

"What comes next?"

Comment by Ray on Confederate flag supporters rise up to defend emba...

I have seen many articles and comments over the last weeks crowing about the "end of the racist south". I have seen just as many claiming that the actions of the left have "united pro-liberty groups in ways not seen in a century". Some few have even noted that we as a nation are now "more divided that we have been at any time since 1860" . What none of them have noticed is that the White house , the neocons , the military and the communists have gotten EXACTLY what they wanted from all this. A divided people who are at each others necks, "civil unrest" and a people so distracted by a 150 year old symbol ,"Race riots" and a return to the pre 1960's state flags, that they are no longer looking at ANYTHING ELSE.

We are being herded like sheep to slaughter, while the "masters" laugh there asses off at how easy it was to distract us with military slight of hand (jade helm) symbols (they gonna ban my flag!) , and rumors. (they gonna take the guns/bibles/flags/votes). With all this effort to distract and manipulate EVERYONE; A thinking man must ask. What are they doing, have done, OR ARE ABOUT TO DO, in DC that is so evil that it is worth the very real risk of a civil war that the government KNOWS it cannot win? And the second question: Why would the "Leadership" place its collective neck in the noose NOW? Third: What has gone so wrong as to make all this imperative? Our military has been "downsized" until it is a pale shadow of what it was (smaller than ONE army group in ww2). The Military armed force in North America is in South Carolina(Blackwater) and it is under the sole control of the White house.

The people have been sold on the Idea that a marginally effective semiautomatic carbine that the US military has been trying to get rid of for 40 years, is somehow a "battle rifle".

Thereby rendering them effectively disarmed if they are forced to face anything more effective than a street gang. Effective munitions, explosives , the raw materials to MAKE explosives; ammunitions in quantity and even real money have all been removed from the public marketplace or outright banned to "civilians". Laws have been passed ratified and tested in the courts to end civilian rule or any "rule of law" at the whim of unknown and secret groups; They have only to be implemented. The Government has begun large scale military movements, PSYOPS ,propaganda ,and disinformation efforts to; "prepare the field" . You were an Officer and went to trade school Brock. What comes next?----Ray

Confederate flag Southern heritage rally attracts thousands

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Ocala made history today as more than 1,000 people attended the Florida Southern Pride Ride rally on Sunday, July 12 in support of the Confederate flag. An Ocala police officer told Ocala Post that he believes the number of vehicles and motorcycles that attended was actually closer to 2,000, which means the number of people was even greater.

Some vehicles had as many as eight people per vehicle arrive at the event.

More with many pictures @ Ocala Post


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My 2nd great-grandfather Octave Bruso. Company G, 5th Missouri (1861) and Company E, 50th NY Engineers (1862-1865). Also the "Union Veterans Legion" lapel pin he wore in the photo. (Below)

If you will go back and read your history the men who actually fought against the south in the Civil War, black and white, had no problem uniting under both flags at numerous reunions.

President McKinley on at least one occasion wore a confederate veteran's lapel as a symbol of unity, even though he was a combat veteran from Ohio. Having survived numerous Civil War battles, he was murdered right here in Buffalo by a left-wing terrorist.

Have you ever watched the videos of those inter-army reunions which followed the war?
Previously I posted an old photo of a Confederate reunion, in which two proud, medal-bedecked black confederates pose proudly with their white colleagues. Confederates' descendants have called the Civil War the "War for Southern Independence" and the "War of Northern Aggression."

Unlike Hitler's Nazis, the CSA didn't want to conquer. It wanted freedom from DC's tyranny and more autonomy for the states as promised under the Tenth Amendment. And now, the money-shot: If you are like most ignorant (not stupid) Americans, you've been brainwashed to believe the "free North" fought the "slave South" to free "negroes."

This is demonstrably wrong.

Confederate flag supporters rise up to defend embattled symbol

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Source: Noel Pennington

An eight-mile convoy of pickups, motorcycles and cars wound through a central Florida town on Sunday in a show of support for the Confederate flag, as a backlash against its banishment from public landmarks across the South picks up steam.
Horns blared and hundreds of the rebel flags fluttered as more than 1,500 vehicles and some 4,500 people turned out for the "Florida Southern Pride Ride" in Ocala, according to police estimates. Vehicles from states across the South and as far away as California participated.

"That flag has a lot of different meanings to a lot of different people," said David Stone, 38, who organized the event. "It doesn't symbolize hate unless you think it's hate - and that's your problem, not mine.”

More @ Yahoo

Pro-Confederate Rallies Resume In Dixie: Six shots fired

Via comment by Anonymous on "Help Preserve Southern History - Another Battle in..."

 S.C. House votes to take down Confederate flag after 13 hour debate

Memphis, TN
James Edwards of The Political Cesspool and League of the South members joined a crowd of over 500 people in Memphis, TN who rallied against plans to violate the grave of General Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Stafford, VA
60 to 70 people showed up to support the Confederate Battle Flag at the second League of the South rally in Stafford, VA.

Ocala, FL
Almost 5,000 people turned out for the “Florida Southern Pride Ride” in Ocala, FL in the largest pro-Confederate Battle Flag demonstration to date.
Update: Six shots were fired from a black neighborhood at the pro-Confederate Battle Flag supporters in Ocala.

Calhoun, GA
More than 500 vehicles flying the Confederate Battle Flag showed up at the Wal-Mart in Calhoun, GA.

Richland Hills, TX
More than 100 people gathered to defend the Richland High School Rebel mascot in Richland Hill, TX.

Burlington, NC
Around 100 people came out to support the Confederate Battle Flag at a Dixie Outfitters outlet in Burlington, NC.

Gainesville, FL
I’ve already covered the League of the South counter-demonstration in Gainesville, FL.

Erwin, NC
About two dozen people paraded through Harnett County, NC in support of the Confederate Battle Flag.

Oklahoma City, OK
Dozens of people paraded around with the Confederate Battle Flag at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

Loxahatchee, FL
Hundreds of people rallied in support of the Confederate Battle Flag in Loxahatchee, FL.

Lake City, SC
Lots of people rallied in support of the Confederate Battle Flag in Lake City, SC.

Tyler, TX
Dozens of people rallied in support of the Confederate Battle Flag in Tyler, TX.

Giles County, VA
50 people paraded again through Giles County, VA in support of the Confederate Battle Flag.

Knoxville, TN
Supporters of the Confederate Battle Flag rallied in Knoxville.

Greene County, VA
Dozens of people paraded through Greene County, VA with the Confederate Battle Flag.

San Antonio, TX
Supporters of the Confederate Battle Flag marched through downtown San Antonio.