Sunday, September 5, 2021

UPDATE: SIX PLANES in Northern Afghanistan NOW HELD HOSTAGE BY TALIBAN — Filled with Americans and Afghan SIV Holders #BidenEffect

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Now we know why the media was ignoring this story.

The Taliban is holding the planes filled with Americans HOSTAGE in Northern Afghanistan!

As reported earlier, several retired Special Forces and US Veterans traveled to Afghanistan to rescue and bring the people Americans home that Joe Biden left stranded.

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Biden’s Green Light for America’s Enemies Patterns for Abandonment—Afghanistan and Vietnam

The radical Islamist Taliban provided an important base of operations in Afghanistan that facilitated the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the U.S. resulting in over 3,000 American deaths.

To prevent further such terrorist attacks on Western countries and rid Afghanistan of Taliban radicalism and barbarity, the U.S. and Allied Coalition helped to build and generously equip Afghan National Defense Forces numbering about 182,000, including 7,000 Air Force personnel.

Adding the National Police Force of 119,000, brought Afghan forces to 301,000 by July 2021.  As of April 2021, at least 66,000 members of the Afghan National Defense Forces and Police Forces had been killed since the war began in 2002.

The Afghan National Defense and Police forces were well paid, and their willingness to fight the Taliban is shown by sustaining considerable casualties over almost 20 years. Why did most of the Afghan Defense and Police forces essentially collapse with minimal resistance beginning in March 2021?


Florida Diner That Displayed Sign Rejecting Biden Voters Forced to Close Due to Popularity

 DeBary Diner owner Angie Ugarte is pictured in front of the sign on her diner door

The owner of a diner in Debary, a small Florida city, has a big message for supporters of U.S. President Joe Biden: “I don’t want your business.”

The  owner of the DeBary Diner, Angie Ugarte, told Orlando TV station FOX 35 she decided to deny service to supporters of President Biden after 13 American service members were killed at the Kabul, Afghanistan airport. She made her position known with a large sign on her diner’s entrance.

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‘We Will Keep Going As Long As We Can’: Former Special Forces Operator Describes Ongoing Afghanistan Evacuation Mission


When asked whether Peterson and the other Special Forces soldiers working to evacuate Americans and their allies had permission from the active duty military, his response epitomized Ark Salus’ mission. “Us in this community are known for our resources, resourcefulness of getting things done. And that, that includes not asking for permission.”

“They know that death is coming for them,” Peterson added. “They know it’s the very next day, or the hour. They know their children, their wives are going to be burned alive. They know what’s happening and it’s disgusting.”

On Thursday, Travis Dale Peterson spoke with The Daily Wire’s “Morning Wire” about the awe-inspiring effort by a group of former U.S. Special Forces personnel who are now organizing a massive rescue effort of Afghan allies from Afghanistan. Peterson is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant and a board member with Ark Salus, “a group of private American citizens and former U.S. Special Operations advisors with unique expertise,” driven by a “moral obligation to assist and protect the Afghans who assisted and protected” them during the War in Afghanistan.

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