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Bravery Unsurpassed: Medal of Honor recipient Cavaiani of Columbia dies at 70

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Jon Cavaiani liked to make one thing very clear: He didn’t “win” the Medal of Honor.

“I was a recipient,” the Columbia resident and Vietnam War hero told The Modesto Bee’s Ron DeLacy in 2003.

Cavaiani died Tuesday at Stanford Medical Center. He would have been 71 today. Cavaiani was born in England on Aug. 2, 1943, and moved to the United States four years later.

Gaining U.S. citizenship in 1968, Cavaiani exuded a soldier’s toughness throughout his life. He joined the Army despite a 4-F classification (he was allergic to bee stings) by learning of a doctor who had falsified 4-F excuses for healthy men wanting to avoid military service. Cavaiani said he blackmailed the doctor into doing just the opposite for him, and in 1969 began training as a paratrooper and went into Special Forces training. Soon he was in Vietnam, and when his year’s tour of duty ended, he refused to come home.

That refusal set in motion the chain of events that led to Cavaiani’s Medal of Honor.

In June 1971, he led 80 South Vietnamese and American soldiers in the defense of a hill, outnumbered by the enemy and under heavy fire.

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Terror study group finds “sovereign citizens” and “militia/patriot groups” among greatest threat to US

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The nation’s law enforcement agencies, (& the $PLC) from local cops all the way to the Department of Homeland Security, are always on the lookout for terrorist threats, and that includes at home as well as in far flung deserts and mountains. And they’re collecting data on all sorts of groups. What may come as a surprise is that, if you’re a regular reader of Hot Air or many other similar outlets, you might be one of the people they are watching! A new report this summer from a group of university analysts has identified the chief concerns of law enforcement agents at all levels, and some of them might surprise you. (A hat tip for locating this report goes to Crooks and Liars who apparently discovered it.)

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Jacob Alson Long – Confederate Artilleryman, Klan Leader, Professor and Attorney

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Jacob Alson Long – Confederate Artilleryman, Klan Leader

The son of Jacob and Jane Stuart Stockard Long, he was born 6 April 1846 at the old Long place near Graham, North Carolina.  Grandfather John Stockard served in the War of 1812 and represented Orange County in the General Assembly nearly continuously from 1826 to 1846. 

Jacob was schooled at Alexander Wilson’s academy near Graham and another at Hyco, Virginia, leaving school in 1864 to join Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia, serving in the artillery until the end came at Appomattox. 

Returning to the family farm after the war, he studied law under William K. Ruffin (son of Chief Justice Thomas Ruffin) in Hillsborough and was licensed to practice in 1870.  In the turbulence of the immediate postwar, he established a branch of the Ku Klux Klan in Alamance County and quickly organized ten orders in Alamance and Caswell counties with many prominent area men on the rosters. 

*The Klan was organized to counter the radical Union League of the Republican party which was indoctrinating freedmen to vote Republican and against their white neighbors, as well as encouraging them to intimidate white residents with violence to keep them from the polls.*Union League

Long opened a law office in Graham until 1872, then served as a railroad conductor until 1873, and taught school for one year.  Relocating to Yanceyville, he practiced law for ten years, and eventually returned for good to Graham.  He was nominated in 1886 by Democrats for Solicitor of the Fifth District, but was defeated; in 1893 he was a successful candidate for the General Assembly and served one term.  

Jacob A. Long died on 4 October 1923. 

(Sources: Biography of Jacob Alson Long, Carolina Long Avery, Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, William S. Powell, editor, UNC Press, 1987, pp. 91-92; Reconstruction in North Carolina, J.G. Hamilton, 1914)   

Ebola terror at Gatwick as passenger collapses and dies getting off Sierra Leone flight

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Staff tell of fears as jet from Africa is quarantined after the death of passenger who was 'sweating and vomiting' before she collapsed

Airport staff tonight told of their fears of an Ebola outbreak after a passenger from Sierra Leone collapsed and died as she got off a plane at Gatwick.

Workers said they were terrified the virus could spread globally through the busy international hub from the West African country which is in the grip of the deadly epidemic.

The woman, said to be 72, became ill on the gangway after she left a Gambia Bird jet with 128 passengers on board. She died in hospital.

Ebola has killed 256 people in Sierra Leone. A total of 826 have died in West Africa since the outbreak began in February. Tests are now being carried out to see if the woman had disease.

The plane was quarantined as ­officials desperately tried to trace everyone who had been in contact with the woman.

Airport workers face an anxious wait to see if the woman had Ebola. One said: “Everyone’s just ­petrified.

“We’ve all seen how many people have died from Ebola, especially in Sierra Leone, and it’s terrifying.”

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Twelfth Annual Abbeville Institute Scholars Conference

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October 30 @ 5:00 pm - November 2 @ 8:00 am| $75-$100

The conference fee is $100 which includes reception on Thursday evening, lunch on Friday and Saturday, the banquet Saturday evening, and refreshments. Students pay $75 (This is a deal!)


Liberty University
Lynchburg, Virginia

The Abbeville Institute welcomes papers on all aspects of the Southern tradition from Jamestown to today. Of special interest are topics that prompt critical discussion of moral, political, philosophical, religious, and constitutional topics articulated by that tradition or embedded in it, e.g., the relation of religion to society and government, republicanism, natural law, natural rights, Southern identity and its relation to American identity, etc.

Special consideration will be given to presentations by graduate students and young professors who would like to have a critical discussion of their work. These may be short presentations designed to encourage discussion (around 15 minutes), or more substantial presentations (45 minutes). But presentations are not limited to this group.

College Board AP U.S. History: Deletes Pilgrims, John Winthrop, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Alexis de Tocqueville

Elections have consequences and I'm sure the Obama voters who just didn't know that he was a Communist are pleased now........The best I ever heard to the "I didn't know" statement was: "Anyone who had gone to the library and spent 30 minutes on a computer would have known exactly what he was all about".

 "And Now, After Sending Our Best Young Men To Die On distant battlefields fighting Communism, we may simply vote a Marxist into our highest office."
23 July 2008


High-school history teachers nationwide will give their top students a dark retelling of U.S. history this fall, courtesy of the College Board, a nonprofit college readiness firm led by Common Core architect David Coleman.

The College Board – which administers AP (advanced placement) courses and tests – is rolling out a revised curriculum framework for AP U.S. history, offering the 450,000 students who take AP U.S. history classes a hero-free account of America’s deeply stained past.

Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars, calls the new AP U.S. history framework “a briefing document on progressive and leftist views of the American past,” one which “weaves together a vaguely Marxist or at least materialist reading of the key events with the whole litany of identity group grievances.”

Conservative author Stanley Kurtz asserts the College Board is “pushing U.S. history as far to the left as it can get away with at the high-school level.”

The new 124-page history curriculum is a dramatic departure from the five-page outline previously supplied by the College Board to guide AP U.S. history instructors. A much more detailed “history from below,” it focuses on how native Indians and Africans suffered at the hands of Europeans in the New World.

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Doctor: Illegals bring risk of Ebola

 Not very contagious? Really? Then why do World Health Organization officials say the “worst on record” Ebola outbreak in three countries in West Africa is spreading out of control? Why all the special hazmat suits for doctors and nurses? Why did two doctors die treating Ebola patients? Why all the special and expensive isolation units for Ebola patients? In sharp contrast to WHO, U.S. Centers for Disease Control, or CDC, and government spokespersons seem to be going out of their way to downplay risks to Americans.

By Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D., of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

Ebola. Chikungunya. Dengue. Norovirus. Hantavirus. Swine flu. Varicella. Variola. The names sound like something out of a sci-fi movie. Yet, threats to Americans are real, and escalating by the week.

The Department of Homeland Security, or DHS, reported on Aug. 1 that serious diseases are spreading at detention centers for Illegal border crossers. Health-care workers and Border Patrol agents, plus their children, have tested positive for tuberculosis (TB), swine flu, chicken pox, lice and scabies. Instead of being quarantined, illegal border crossers are being dispersed rapidly across the U.S., with those of school age being registered in public schools opening soon for all.

The Border Patrol Council reports that 75 percent of illegal border crossers are from countries around the globe, other than Mexico. They are bringing diseases not common to, or eradicated from, the U.S.:

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Tracy Chapman - Give Me One Reason

Free Complete Firearm E-drawings

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"I've Been Hurt" "The Tams" Bass Mountain Boogie May 4, 2014 Snow Camp, North Carolina

5 Ways Muslims Have Contributed to ‘Building the Very Fabric of Our Nation’

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Why did Columbus set sail? Because the fall of Constantinople to Jihadists in 1453 closed the trade routes to the East.

Last Sunday, in his message congratulating Muslims on Eid al-Fitr, the holiday marking the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, Barack Obama wrote: “Eid also reminds us of the many achievements and contributions of Muslim Americans to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy.” That’s right: he said “many achievements and contributions.” I could only think of five. Maybe you will be able to think of some more.

5. Getting us here in the first place

This one predates the United States as a nation, but without it, the United States would not exist. Every schoolchild knows, or used to know, that in 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue and discovered America while searching for a new, westward sea route to Asia. But why was he searching for a new route to Asia? Because the fall of Constantinople to the Muslims in 1453 closed the trade routes to the East. This was devastating for European tradesmen, who had until then traveled to Asia for spices and other goods by land. Columbus’s voyage was trying to ease the plight of these merchants by bypassing the Muslims altogether and making it possible for Europeans to reach India by sea.

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Police kill bystander in California standoff

A Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy accidentally shot and killed a man during a gunfight with a wanted parolee who invaded the man's house and took his wife hostage, authorities said Saturday.

The deputy mistook Frank Mendoza, 54, for the parolee during an 8-hour standoff that ended with SWAT officers storming his home in the suburb of Pico Rivera to rescue his wife and kill the suspect, said William McSweeney, chief of the sheriff's detective division.

He said the confusion occurred after Cedric Ramirez, 24, traded gunfire with deputies who were trying to arrest him for parole violations around 5 p.m. Friday. Ramirez broke into Mendoza's home through a rear window. Deputies went to the front door to rush an adult and two children out of the house when Ramirez appeared in a hallway and began shooting at them, McSweeney said.

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The Myth of Russian Aggression & Sanctions prompt Putin to deploy Iskander missile

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The term "Russian aggression" has been inundating headlines across the Western media and even graces the title of a US Senate bill introduce this year - S.2277 - Russian Aggression Prevention Act of 2014. But what "aggression" is the West referring to? A cursory look at Russian history over the past 500 years compared to say, Britain, France, or even America and its "Manifest Destiny," portrays Russia as a nation preoccupied within and along its borders, not in hegemonic, global expansion. The idea of far-flung former colonies is one unique to the British, French, Dutch, and Spanish. Even today geopolitical, socioeconomic, and even outright military intervention in these former colonies is exclusively the pursuit of the United States and Europe.

The United States alone has hundreds of military bases around the world, has been permanently occupying Germany and Japan for a half century, Afghanistan for over a decade, and had invaded and occupied Iraq for nearly as long.

"Russian Aggression" is a Marketing Gimmick



CIA op: Clinton lied about Bin Laden opportunity. A “coward”


'What papers do you think Sandy Berger stole out of the archive?'

 Bill Clinton is a “monumental liar” for saying he refused to take out Osama bin Laden because of collateral damage, said Michael Scheuer, who headed the CIA’s Bin Laden unit at the time.

An audio recording of Clinton made Sept. 10, 2001, recently surfaced in which Clinton said he chose not to kill bin Laden because he would have had to “destroy a little town called Kandahar in Afghanistan and kill 300 innocent women and children, and then I would have been no better than him.

Scheuer was hot as he appeared on “Fox & Friends” Friday morning, calling Geraldo Rivera a “clown” and a “dummy” for refuting his accusation.

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Navy SEAL Punished for Criticizing Politicization of Military Seeks Accountability

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Special Operations Petty Officer 1st Class Carl Higbie is seeking accountability for the politicization of the military he witnessed while in the Navy SEALS. 

Higbie saw this politicization affect the lives of others through death of a fellow SEAL, killed while following an "obsolete"--but required--"Standard Operating Procedure" in Iraq, and in the manner in which three SEALS were treated after being "falsely accused of physically abusing Ahmed Hashim Abed, following his capture in 2009."

According to The Daily Beast, these two events spurred Higbie to write Battle on the Homefront: A Navy SEAL's Mission to Save the American Dream.

After the book's release, Higbie felt the politicization of the military in his own life, as his July 2012 Honorable Discharge was changed to a General Discharge in September 2012. It was the first of many ramifications he would face for trying to do what he thought necessary to return accountability to military leadership.

Higbie's Honorable Discharge was restored in May 2014--after a nearly two-year legal battle--but he is still looking for the accountability.

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The League of the South on the Lee Chapel Dispute

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29 July 2014
For immediate release
Re: A statement on the situation at Washington and Lee University
The League of the South does not wish to reason nor seek brotherhood with the broad forces responsible for removing the St. Andrews cross from Lee Chapel at Washington and Lee University. Nor will we call them bigots or accuse them of not understanding the South.
Rather we Southern nationalists seek only their destruction as we would any pest that threatens our people and our land. We call them one thing and one thing only: enemy. And we care not one iota whether they understand the South or not. For the South belongs to us and we are here to claim our birthright.
We can promise them and their allies this. That their campaign to destroy our culture and its images will be taken as a campaign to destroy our blood. It is a war they have started but one we will finish, God willing. By the grace of Almighty Providence we will banish them and their godless kind from our land as a householder banishes rats from his steading.
On this they have our solemn promise made under our banner, the Black Cross.
On behalf of the board, staff, and membership of The League of the South,

I am,
Michael Hill, President

2014 National Shag Dance Champonships Junior I 4th and 5th grade!