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Prayer book of Confederate soldier killed at Rich Mountain discovered

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BEVERLY, W.Va. -- A prayer book carried by a Confederate soldier killed during the Battle of Rich Mountain on July 11, 1861, that turned up in the recess of an Ohio book cabinet more than a century later is now on display near the scene of the battle, in Randolph County's Beverly Heritage Center.

Sisters Carey Flinn Howells and Jennifer Flinn Marks discovered the 4-by-2.5-inch Catholic prayer book when they were examining some custom-made bookcases in the library of an old Cleveland Heights home Carey Howells and her husband, Dion, had just moved into.

The leather-bound book, titled "The Path to Paradise; Or, the Way of Salvation," was published in 1857 under the auspices of the Most Rev. John Hughes, the archbishop of New York. In addition to being filled with religious engravings and more than 500 pages of text, the little book contained a pair of mysterious handwritten inscriptions penned in old brown ink.

"Philip Bader, a Private in the 19th Ohio Infantry," read one of the inscriptions. "Presented to Mary Drumm by Philip Bader. Taken on the Battle Field at Rich Mountain from a Dead Secesh Soldier," read the other.

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Chick-Fil-A Meets The Real Haters With Love

Chick-fil-A employee hands out water at a “Chick-fil-A Is Anti-Gay!” protest Wednesday in Hollywood. Other outlets were mobbed as patrons showed their support for the chain.

Many of you asked how you might express support for Rachel, the young woman in AZ who had hate expressed towards her by the now jobless Adam Smith. Well a website has been established for people to show their support of Rachel and she may just appear on Fox News as well. Here’s the link.

We stopped by CFA to find these flowers given by a customer to Rachel. They were anonymously given. Thank you for your kindness and support.

So yesterday there was barely a peep from the “protesters” who barely showed up. While there were some who protested Chick-Fil-A for their pro-marriage stand based upon the Bible, for the most part it was relatively quiet, which makes the point that these people are 1) a very small minority, 2) don’t really have the core convictions they claim, like those who showed up on Wednesday, and 3) they are simply incapable of dealing with the issue in a mature way.

Carly McGehee, a Dallas political activist came up with the idea to have a “kiss-in” protest at Chick-Fil-A. I mean I’m sure it took a lot of thought to come up with that. While her Facebook page began all the hoop-la, and more than 15,000 people said they would attend (which is about the amount of people that showed up at one Charlotte, NC Chick-Fil-A on Wednesday), the people that did attend were completely caught off guard.

Decatur, GA actually saw a whopping “more than 20″ protestors. Homosexuality is not popular, nor is it normal. The organizer of the “non-event,” Marci Alt, 48, of Atlanta even invited the president of Chick-Fil-A to her house for dinner. Cathy has not replied, nor do I really expect him to do so.

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The University of North Carolina: A Powerful Influence......

(Excerpted from the Centennial Celebration Address of Stephen Beauregard Weeks, June 5, 1895)

North Carolina Among the Heroic in History:

“The heroic in history but seldom occurs. It is not often that the life of nations rises above the

monotonous level which characterizes the daily routine of duty. When such periods do

occur they are usually a part of some great national uprising like the leve en masse

in France under the first Napoleon, or the Landsturm in Germany in 1813.

Of the American States, none can show a fairer record in this respect than North Carolina.

There is little in the Colonial or State history of North Carolina that is discreditable. The key-note

to the whole of her Colonial history is unending opposition to unjust and illegal government,

by whom and wherever exercised.

During the period from the end of the Revolution to the Civil War there are no mountain peaks

in her history; the level of uniformity is hardly broken by a single event of importance.

And there is little in it to attract the student of the philosophy of history.

But there is a period in the history of North Carolina which stands pre-eminent. There is a time

which deserves to be characterized as the Heroic Period of the State. This is the period

of the Civil War and Reconstruction. Let other parts of our history be forgotten,

this period of itself, though it be less than half a generation in all,

will place North Carolina among the heroic in history.

During those years we see a renaissance of the ideas which characterized pre-eminently

the men of the Colonial period. The men of ’61 showed that the spirit of Colonial North Carolina

was still abroad in the land, and their watchword became again resistance to what they believed

to be unjust government, and with this as a basis they conducted a struggle for success

that has few parallels in history. They sought again to

carry out the program of their colonial ancestors…..

In this movement that led up to the war North Carolina took the part of a conservative,

ambitious for peace. She sought to escape the necessity of war by all the means

in her power; but, when the die was cast and war was no longer avoidable, she entered

into the struggle with characteristic energy, and prosecute it to the end, and when

the end came, no State accepted the crushing defeat with more steadfast loyalty

than North Carolina, or sought with more energy to build up the waste places.

Then came what was worse than defeat…..the terrors of reconstruction….broke over us like

the roar of some terrible simoon, bearing in its path further humiliation, accompanied by

a corrupt government, increased taxes, and a depreciation of values.

Such was the struggle through which the best men of North Carolina were called to pass in

those fateful years between 1860 and 1875. These were the years on which the

fate of the future in a large measure depended.

Well did the brave men of that generation come to the succor of the foundering ship of State,

and nobly did they rescue her from the rule of her motley crew. The best men of North Carolina

were engaged in this work, and among them, most frequently as leaders, were many

alumni of the University of North Carolina.

Much more on UNC @ NCWBTS 150

The University of North Carolina: A Powerful Influence and Presence

Suspect in silver scheme pleads guilty to mail fraud

With a guilty plea in hand, the government and a court-appointed receiver turned their attention to determining how much money can be recovered for the estimated 800 victims of a Ponzi scheme investigators said was operated by Ronnie Gene Wilson, a former Anderson County Council member.

Wilson, 65, pleaded guilty in federal court Monday to two counts of mail fraud and will be sentenced later. U.S. Attorney Bill Nettles said Wilson could face 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine on each count. Wilson remained free on $1 million bond.

Wilson has been of “substantial assistance” to prosecutors and has agreed to disclose other criminal activity he is aware of, a government attorney said in court.

Nettles wouldn’t say if he anticipates more charges or arrests.

“I can tell you that we will run everything down,” he said after Wilson’s plea.

In April, federal prosecutors said in a court filing that over the last decade, documents showed that Wilson received approximately $90 million for silver investments.

Non-Standard Communications

Non-Standard Communications is a some what vague term. It covers a raft of topics, but I will try and keep to irregular communications as we may have it in our near future.

In todays world of instant communications to include video and Computer interface the key is power and links. While we have risen above the devices requiring connection to an electrical outlet we still need power. How we achieve this power is dependent upon the requirements of the device. While it can be stated that in our new world we are a Direct Current powered world today we still create that DC from an Alternating Current (AC) power outlet using other devices. This is funny since in the early 1880s that is what we used in America. Problem is that DC power loses its value as it is sent out over a pair of lines. Thus we found that Westinghouse using the works of Tesla and other European inventors started making AC to send over Morgan's Copper wire for our power.

Currently we receive our power at 110 volts single phase, 208 (210) Volts Double phase at 60 Cycles per Second. None of these will directly power any of the non plugged in Electronics we currently own and use.

To use this line power we must have devices to convert the line frequency and voltages to DC of a voltage we can use. This is a boon to our needs under no power situations. Since we can build small DC Solar chargers for pennies we can create many chargers for many devices. First though we need to look at all of the other possibilities available.

First is using what we have. The standard Telephone for instance that we have on our desk is attached to a 48Volt DC line. The amperage though is very low. However 48 volts DC will charge 8 @ 6 volt Batteries if you connect them in series. Then you can pull out 6VDC, 12VDC, 18VDC ,24 VDC, 30VDC, 36VDC, 42VDC, and 48 VDC. If you place a second group of 6 volt Batteries in Parallel you will double the storage capabilities.

If you connect wires from your equipment to the batteries at the correct points you can also charge the devices themselves. The key is to know what they use today when these wires are readily available. The Solar panel are the same thing.

With our devices charged up we can communicate on the move. This is far more prudent than Communications from a fixed location. We first have to determine how we will communicate when TSHTF.

If it is all out war on the streets we should probably use radio. Radio though is open to everyone who in on our frequency and knows our procedures. However the JBT's also need to communicate. If we can operate from near where something they need is operating the Radio Direction Finders will have a problem sorting us out. If we keep the Transmissions down to 10 seconds or less we can do it with almost impunity. This is however not very practical.
Better yet would be to only receive messages where the heat is greatest. So we use something else to answer.

If I am a leader directing a squad into a position I can give each man (I will use the term Man to designate both genders for ease of space) number. Then give each man a scanner with only their freq in it. Next I can use pre-set ping numbers to replace directions, feet (distance), and start stop. From my place a distance away I can move them without compromising them by pinging my transmitter on their freq with a switch. By either having a number of radios or a switch to change frequencies I can talk to them and their movement can be my answer.

It is hard to RDF a on off radio signal of less than 10 seconds.

Perhaps if the JBT's leave the Internet up we can slip into an area and install WIFI repeaters that we know how to access, but are used by local businesses. If I place a directional antenna on my WIFI modem where the direction is both narrow and line of site the JBT's may not find it for months. If I also place a computer in a basement behind some boxes with a dial up modem connected to a dial line I can access the internet to drop messages on these computers. Then as I get to an accessible dial line I can access these messages. The antenna can be fashioned out of a Soup can with a WIFI antenna inside that has been positioned on a window ledge inside the building. I can access this from another window about 500 to 1000 feet away. What will be even better is if the locals can either leave their WIFI open for us or leak us the third or forth set of WEP codes.

If they can do this then if you take an old Dish network or Direct TV Antennas and cut a hole in the center for a WIFI connector with an antenna attached. Then just point it toward the source. This can extend the distance up to 600 yards.

With a series of these computers through out the AO you can have teams using them from Handhelds. Then the dial ups will be backups.

Then there is pure phone access. This where you find an empty building and locate the Phone drop location. Today as we speak the availability to find old Dial phones is good. There is also the repairman's Phones available in Pawn Shops and on line. These have better camouflage than carrying a desk phone in your pack.

When you see a building phone drop it is usually near the back. They look like a brick made of plastic and metal with two or three rows of pins sticking out. Usually the left hand row is the input. The wires are in vertical (long ways) order. The phone line is two lines. They can be found by using a phone or the Repairman's set and touching the wire to the first two. If it makes a noise but no dial tone mark it. This can be used if it doesn't show up in the second test as a 48V power source for power. Proceed down the pins.

When you come to the end and found no lines active do not despair.

Take the negative wire for the set and connect it to ground point. Usually a large copper wire connected to the outside of the pipe bringing the wires into the building. Then carefully go back down the wires and see if you can find either hot wires or Dial tones. If you get one it will never ring in but can be used to call out. Use these only for short emergency calls. They will set off alarms every time they are used until the phone company finds you.

Thus we have radio, WiFi, Dial phones, and finally we will cover light.

In 1776 it was one or two lanterns in the Old North Church Bell tower. In 2012 it can be red or green laser pointers. If you take a 3 foot piece of PVC pipe, paint it black, and using a Green laser pointer placed inside the pipe aim it using a rifle site behind the curtains in a specific apartment or empty building so that it strikes a particular brick in the side of a specific building. Using this set up you can either send Morse code or mark a drop point. It will be almost invisible in daylight unless the interested party wears a white shirt or carries a white hanky. The Sender looking across the mile path through the site will send the code when the hanky is on the brick. The recipient can acknowledge by had signals that were prearranged. To a follower or agent it looks like his contact didn't show up.

Hand signals can be used in restaurants with almost impunity. The sender and receiver don't ever need to meet. The code can be anything the unit has set up. From true Blind hand signals to prepared messages using private codes. The sender goes to a specific table or chair. Get their meal or drink and as they eat with one hand they send with the other. When the message is sent the sender eats up and departs. Later the viewer departs and carries the message on to it's destination, or re-sends it someplace else using another method.

The purpose of this is not to tell you how. It is to suggest to you how to start. Then as you sit down with each idea here begin to think how it could be implemented and designed.
The ideas are free. Share them with other nets and save a copy for yourself.


401k plan of attack

Ann Barnhardt


1. STOP MAKING CONTRIBUTIONS if you haven't already.

2. Liquidate it. Pay the "penalty". Would you rather pay a penalty or have it all stolen? Or possibly replaced with a "government savings account" comprised of Treasury paper which will probably default or be confiscated long before you are ever allowed to "tap it", and will NOT be able to be passed to your heirs should you croak, but will instead be resorbed back into the collective? Oh, and don't bother whining to me about the "tax consequences". Paying income taxes to this satanic baby-killing Christ-hating government is now, absolutely MORTAL SIN. Why, why, why would you pay taxes?

3. If you can't liquidate it, take out a loan on the balance. Take out the maximum possible loan, and then set up the repayment schedule on the longest possible term.

Now, let's talk about all of you out there who are not permitted by your employer to liquidate your 401k. That decision rests with the PLAN ADMINISTRATOR, who is your employer, be it an individual or a board.

What kind soulless, psychopathic monster would refuse to let their own employees have access to their own money? What POSSIBLE reason could there be for a business owner or a board to refuse to fill out a few forms, sign at a few documents and just let people have their own money?

If your employer will not let you out of your 401k, you need to sit down and think long and hard about who you are working for, and why you are working for them, because they are, by definition, bad people.

Finally, what lesson can we learn from this? How about this: If you don't have access to something, if you cannot take physical possession of it, if all you have is someone telling you that they are taking care of your money, which you cannot touch or have access to - THEN IT ISN'T YOUR MONEY, AND IT NEVER WAS. In short, you have been conned.

If your employer won't let you liquidate your 401k, that means that your employer has CONNED YOU by telling you that they were paying you a wage of X, when in reality it was less than X by the amount of your 401k contribution amount. Go sit down and figure it out. Back out your 401K contributions off the top of your pay as if they never existed. THAT is your actual wage, if your employer refuses to let you out. Would you have ever agreed to work for that wage?

For those of you who come out on the other side of this collapse and war, you must always remember that if an asset is not FULLY liquid and available to you, then it isn't really at all, and you have to assume that all such arrangements are nefarious and must be rejected.

Iraqi Court Absolves Terrorist Freed By U.S. After Killing Soldiers

Hussein = Traitor

Surprise, surprise the Hezbollah terrorist released by the Obama Administration to Iraq out of respect for the country’s sovereignty won’t make it to the U.S. to face trial for killing five American soldiers.

We all knew this would happen back in December when the commander-in-chief handed over the Lebanese militant, Ali Mussa Daqduq, to Iraqi officials. A mainstream newspaper presented it as a “dilemma” for the president as American troops prepared to exit Iraq. Daqduq had been in U.S. military custody in Iraq since 2007 for his involvement in a carefully orchestrated plot that killed, kidnapped and tortured American military officers.

The atrocities took place in a city called Karbala, south of Baghdad in early 2007. Around a dozen terrorists dressed in U.S. military uniforms opened fire on Americans after approaching a camp in five sports utility vehicles resembling U.S. transports. One U.S. soldier died at the scene and four others were kidnapped, tortured and executed. Daqduq, a Hezbollah commander, was the mastermind.

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Gun Nuts

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A Fast Food Loyalty Rooted in Southern Identity

Via Peter

Food has always been a complex issue in the South, where the country’s most distinct culinary region often eats its supper against a backdrop of race and religion.

So for a Southerner like Justin Breen, whether or not to go to Chick-fil-A is not as simple as choosing sides in a national cultural war that has pitted people who support the chain’s biblical position on homosexuality against those who do not.

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The Police: Useless, But Not Harmless

Via Nancy

The bad news for Rafael Lopez was that the 27-year-old Iraq war veteran had been robbed and severely beaten by a gang of at least 10 men on the street outside the Aqua nightclub in Minneapolis. The good news – or Lopez initially thought – was that the assault took place less than ten yards away from the 1st Police Precinct station.

Bruised and bloodied, Lopez attempted to enter the station to file a complaint, only to be met by Officer Aaron Hanson, who angrily told him to leave. As Lopez tried to explain what had just happened to him, two of Hanson’s comrades "came out, put their gloves on and were yelling at me, telling me to get out," he later recalled.

This was the second time that evening that the intrepid Officer Hanson of the Minneapolis PD had consciously refused to come to the aid of Lopez and his friends.

Lopez had come to the aid of his friend Joshua Rivera, whose wife Magdalena was being harassed and intimidated by a pack of street thugs. While trying to escort Magdalena to safety, he was blind-sided by several of the goons. When Rivera came to Lopez’s aid, he was swarmed and beaten unconscious. Magdalena ran to the police station to seek help. She was able to get through the front door, but found that the inner door was locked. She managed to get Hanson’s attention and frantically gestured for him to come out, "but he just shrugged his shoulders," she recounted.

Magdalena went back outside and borrowed a cell phone to call 911. A few minutes later – long after he could have provided any help – Hanson ambled outside. After Magdalena described what had happened to her husband and their friend, the officer blithely explained "that he didn’t need to deal with this because it happens all the time," she testified in an official complaint. Without offering to call an ambulance, or even asking if anybody had been seriously hurt, Hanson quickly retreated into the station and locked the door behind him. It was "literally 10 seconds and he was already going back inside," Magdalena observes.

Later that morning, Lopez went back to the station to file an incident report.

More @ LRC

Why Texas would be better off as a free republic.

Southern National Congress

Texas would be better off as a free republic in many ways. First, the taxes paid to the federal government by Texas would now be staying in Texas. In 2007, this amounted to $225,390,904,000 . The most recent Texas State budget amounted to $182,000,000,000. By shifting the location to where these tax monies go, Texas could operate effectively on the monies currently paid in taxes to the federal government without increasing any taxes itself. The monies currently collected for Texas's use could then be used to pay down debt and national defense.

As a republic Texas could protect its own borders effectively and set up a sound immigration policy to replace the current federally-mandated one. Texas would also be free to deport illegal immigrants. A Lone Star republic would also be able to refuse services to illegal immigrants, which currently drains State resources to the tune of $4.3 billion annually. A refusal of services to illegal aliens and their families would force them into a track of seeking legal immigration status. Texas needs population growth. With Texas in control of immigration policy, the future of her demographic make-up could be managed in Austin rather than in Washington, DC. This means that the needs of Texas would take priorities over political paybacks to ungrateful nations whose children we school and immigrants we are forced to absorb under the US plan. Presently, unfunded federal mandates cost Texas over $4 billion each year. This kind of burden hurts educational effectiveness and slows economic growth.

In terms of national defense, Texas could provide the manpower to protect its national interests. Rather than having our sons and daughters fighting imperialistic wars, they would be kept in Texas to protect our sovereignty and borders. With Texas as a free republic, there would not be obligations or treaties to protect other overseas nations unless Texans wanted there to be. By going independent, we would keep out of foreign entanglements and wars. Texas sons and daughters would not have to die in jungles and deserts around the world based on fuzzy foreign policy or defending a UN agenda.

Regarding technology, the fighter airplane plants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and other factories would provide Texas with state-of-the-art defensive capabilities, including combat vehicles, missiles, ships, and avionics. Presently 65% of the united States defense contractors are located in Texas. When a policy of defense rather than offense is sought, the type of weapons needs also change. Texas could become the world leader in military technology.

Texas would not need a fleet of carriers to patrol the seven seas or bases in the Indian Ocean like Diego Garcia. Maintaining a presence in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic would adequately provide for our defensive needs. With the shipyard facilities in Texas, such vessels could be constructed within the republic. Texas is poised to be a player in space technology as well, although it would need to work with other nations in launching its own satellites.

In the area of energy, Texas could provide for its own needs without the federal red tape currently in place. A Lone Star republic could develop its own oil fields within its own land boundaries and offshore. Texas already produces 1/3 of the petroleum in the U.S. The Texas oil fields would be able to improve their productivity. The petroleum produced would also be a valuable export that could be traded with other nations. Texas also has its own electrical grid, which could be maintained independent of other nations, such as the US.

In the areas of banking and economics Texas has many large banking interests already in place. She is already the largest exporter of goods in the United States. By going independent, that trade would increase rather than decrease.

In terms of trade, the Port of Houston is already the sixth largest in the world. Texas has three of the 10 largest US ports located in our borders. The air cargo facility at DFW is viewed as one of the world's best. We already have more farms and more farm acreage than any other state. Transitioning to an independent republic would be easily accomplished without major interruptions in agriculture, trade or economics.

Texas also has its own culture, cuisine, art, music, and literature. These areas are important in establishing a national identity. With these items already in place, the transition from forced Statehood within the Union to independence could be accomplished easily in terms of having a separate culture and identity.

All in all, Texas would be served better in providing for the well being of its citizens, national defense, economic stability, education, and trade as a sovereign, independent republic than as a part of a sinking imperial union. Leaving the Union would remove many of the restraints and shackles from a powerful nation that has been held back. Texas would be allowed to blossom and achieve its fullest potential as a separate republic. It will never reach its full potential as a subservient political sub-district in this current bankrupt Union.