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When there is death in the South


 Exactly as I remember going with my mother to many houses of sadness.

As I drove in she was walking into the house with eggs for breakfast and homemade biscuits ready for baking. Somehow in rural Southern culture, food is always the first thought of neighbors when there is trouble. That is something they can do and not feel uncomfortable. It is something they do not have to explain or discuss or feel self-conscious about.

"Here, I brought you some fresh eggs for your breakfast. And here's a cake. And some potato salad." It means, "I love you. And I am sorry for what you are going through and I will share as much of your burden as I can." And maybe potato salad is a better way of saying it.

Will D. Campbell, from Brother to a Dragonfly

Screw you, Charles Pierce

Via  Ol' Remus


Any police officer who drives himself home at night in the family sedan with the NRA sticker in the back window is a traitor to the uniform, and is demonstrating a profound lack of respect for the brother officers who were killed in Las Vegas.
--Charles Pierce at esquire.com

Goodies from Ol' Remus


The Bundy Effect - The next family threatened, the next activist individual or group arrested or black-bagged without legitimate cause, the next major false flag, the next use of military forces as civil law enforcement, the next unConstitutional misstep, and I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind that a revolt will erupt. It's not about making grand predictions; it's about examining the logical odds, and the odds are high.
Brandon Smith at alt-market.com

 Remus says - ISIS took Mosul with 800 lightly armed irregulars against 30,000 regulars with artillery, armor and air. There's a difference between motivated warriors and paid uniform-fillers. They don't belong on the same battlefield. Nothing reveals this more clearly than a civil war.

 IRS's obstruction of justice - Lerner's computer sent those emails through a mail server. That server is a centralized device that, in a government installation is, with a high degree of certainty, backed up and those backups are archived on a permanent basis... I don't believe there are no backups of both the server and Lerner's computer. This means that they were almost-certainly deliberately destroyed, which is a crime.
Karl Denninger at market-ticker.org

Modest proposal - If I were president, or if I were in the House or Senate, I'd load a bus up every day with illegal immigrants, say 50 per day. Then I would lock them in the appropriate embassy... Or, if that didn't work, every flight from a (flag carrier) airline would be making its southbound flights full of illegals.
George Ure at peoplenomics.com 

Seeding the country with criminal aliens - The ones we are losing are convicted felons, aliens from special interest countries, and other high risk individuals... we have been releasing aliens, through ICE, in Brownsville, Texas and McAllen, Texas. We have been ordered to go out of our way to bus them to those locations for release because they are cities of mostly Hispanic heritage, so fewer people will notice or care. We have been doing that for months before the stories broke in Phoenix, Arizona a couple of weeks ago.
Unidentified BP Agent, via Adan Salazar at infowars.com 

Career dilemma - Accusations of siding with the enemy leave Sgt. Bergdahl with only two options: pursue a doctorate at Berkley or become a Senator from Massachusetts.

Just who is America's police force, and by extension the Obama administration, which is behind this quiet militarization of local police forces with weapons that would normally be seen in a warzone, preparing for war against?, asks Tyler Durden in this article, Across America, Police Departments Are Quietly Preparing For War, at Zero Hedge.

 The American voter has placed untrustworthy people in positions of power and kept them there when they have clearly demonstrated that they have violated that public trust. Has America lost her ability to stand up against the tyrants and do what is right rather than what is easy? Obviously, this administration thinks you are as corrupt as they are and will vote them back into office or these young children would not be streaming into America to tug at your hearts and empty your heads of reason, says this statement from the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, via Bob Unruh at WND.
art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif As the issue nears crisis level, numerous indicators suggest the United States had long anticipated this very same mass influx and even attempted to schedule plans for it in advance... Despite Obama’s 2009 promise to end veteran homelessness by 2015, a nearly impossible goal which the president has less than six months to accomplish, accommodations for illegal immigrants have been virtually taken care of overnight.
Salazar and McAdoo at infowars.com
art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif U.S. Border Patrol agents are being recruited to serve as babysitters for the influx of illegal immigrant minors that have entered the country recently through the Rio Grande region of Texas... This is the front-line federal agency responsible for preventing terrorists and weapons of mass destruction from entering the United States... The special detail calls for 140 agents to staff and operate a Nogales “placement center” at full capacity, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the “foreseeable future,” the memo says.
art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif A law-enforcement source in Texas tells me this week that countless illegal aliens are being released into the general public despite testing positive for tuberculosis. “The feds are putting them on public transportation to God knows where,” he said.
Michelle Malkin at nationalreview.com
McCain's Sword of Democles - It is believed by many crewmen and those who have investigated the case that McCain deliberately “wet-started” his A-4E to shake up the guy in the plane behind his A-4. “Wet-starts” shoot a large flame from the tail of the aircraft. In McCain’s case, the “wet-start” apparently “cooked off” and launched the Zuni rocket from the rear F-4 that touched off the explosions and massive fire. The F-4 pilot was reportedly killed in the conflagration. McCain was quickly transferred to the USS Oriskany... it is between “very unlikely” and “impossible” for the Forrestal “wet start” to have been accidental.
Wayne Madsen at waynemadsenreport.com
Remus says - Aside from whether McCain wet-started his plane or not, there was the matter of shortcuts, the missiles were accidentally wired hot-to-fire before they should have been because two safety bypasses happened, each made without knowledge of the other. The flight deck was also chock-full of 1,000 bombs made in 1935. The crew was anxious to get them off their ship, they were dripping and unstable. Other than missiles, "only" those thousand-pounders detonated in the fire. Just to round out the screwups, some bomb mounts were only rated for 500 pounders. But such is war, this is how combat operations really are.

Ignoring the border Feds bust illegals at Asian restaurants

 Suspects are removed from the My Thai restaurant and loaded into a van. Photo: Centre Daily Times

You couldn’t cook up a more bizarre government response to the illegal immigration crisis gripping the nation.

Despite the ongoing flood of illegal aliens pouring across the Mexican border into the U.S., the Department of Homeland Security has now turned its sights on Asian restaurants in the sleepy little town of State College, Pennsylvania, the home of Penn State University.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents swept into the State College area and raided at least eight Asian-owned businesses, arresting staff and hauling out cartons of alleged evidence.

A buffet restaurant popular with university students and a brand-new Karaoke bar were among the businesses ICE raided.

More @ WND

Price Index for Meats, Poultry, Fish & Eggs Rockets to All-Time High

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The seasonally-adjusted price index for meats, poultry, fish, and eggs hit an all-time high in May, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

In January 1967, when the BLS started tracking this measure, the index for meats, poultry, fish, and eggs was 38.1. As of last May, it was 234.572. By this January, it hit 240.006. By April, it hit 249.362. And, in May, it climbed to a record 252.832.

“The index for meats, poultry, fish and eggs has risen 7.7 percent over the span [last year],” says the BLS. “The index for food at home increased 0.7 percent, its largest increase since July 2011. Five of the six major grocery store food group indexes increased in May. The index for meats, poultry, fish, and eggs rose 1.4 percent in May after a 1.5 increase in April, with virtually all its major components increasing,” BLS states.

More @ CNS News

Diabetic severely injured by police


San Antonio has twice the number of people living with diabetes than the national average.

That's why we thought it was important to bring you the story of a local diabetic who was severely injured during a scuffle with police.

We want to be very transparent here, the gentleman happens to be a family member of News 4 San Antonio's Delaine Mathieu.

For that reason she has not been involved in our coverage or investigation of the incident.

News 4 Trouble Shooter Jaie Avila has the police video of what happened - and why diabetes plays an important role.

70-year old Thomas Mathieu doesn't fully remember the incident that sent him to the hospital with injuries to his face, head and arms, as well as three broken ribs.

When we interviewed him in mid-January, Mathieu had also developed a serious case of pneumonia.

"None of it adds up because I am, basically a gentle person," he said. News 4 San Antonio obtained police dash cam video from January 13th of this year.

Two SAPD officers responded to the Loop 410 Frontage Road, where it meets Evers Road.

That's where Thomas Mathieu had stopped his car in the turn lane, because he felt he was about to have a low blood sugar episode.

He says he didn't want to put others in danger. "I don't know what happened from there on," said Thomas Mathieu.

"I woke up with my face in the ground."

More with video @ News 4 SA

UK re-enactor recruiting poster

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"Atheists, homosexuals, feminists, and racists don’t build schools like Harvard. They just destroy them."

Harvard Rainbow Wreath

New students at Harvard University will soon be treated to a mandatory special orientation program designed to teach them all about societal “privilege and power” structures. The group responsible for overseeing the program explains (kind of) what the “class” is:
A mandatory power and privilege training that examines components of race, gender, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, ability, religion, international status, and power differentials . . .
And why it’s important for Harvard students:
The exercise of public leadership … requires an honest assessment of structural power dynamics, of in-group and out-group dynamics, and of privilege.
Maybe you’re not up on the vagaries of Newspeak. So I’ll explain the class rather bluntly:

73-year-old Hamblen County man takes down burglar after being shot twice

 Don Grubb, 73, recovering after getting shot twice while defending his daughter's property from two burglars

A 73-year-old Hamblen County man was recovering Sunday night after getting shot twice while defending his property from two burglars.

The incident started around 11:40 p.m. Saturday night just off Long Creek Road.

Don Grubb was in bed Saturday night when his dog wouldn't stop barking.

"It was around midnight. My dog Toby was barking, and I got up and come outside and a car come by real slow," Grubb said.

The car, described as a light blue Crown Victoria, then drove right into his garden. The drivers took off to his granddaughter's house next door. That's when Grubb, a military veteran, grabbed his gun and jumped into action.

"I sat up there by their car and waited on them. I could hear them at the house. I heard it when they kicked the door down," Grubb said.

More with video @ WATE

Couldn't make this crap up: Michelle Obama: I Couldn't Feed My Kids Right–Even with a Harvard Degree

In an interview with MSN.com, First Lady Michelle Obama explained she used to struggle to feed her kids right—even though she received an education from Harvard and Princeton.

More with video @ Breitbart

Wisconsin Communications Class Added: 9/13-9/14/2014

Will be held @ WiscoDave's Farm

More @ Signal Corps

Mom of Illegal Immigrant Says Her Son Came to U.S. Because ‘They Don’t Deport Children’


While the White House continues to insist the influx of children from Central America has nothing to do with its immigration policies, mounting evidence is proving otherwise.

In addition to a leaked internal memo that pins the administration’s lax enforcement laws as responsible for the recent humanitarian crisis in Texas and Arizona, Jorge Ramos, anchor of the Spanish-language television network Univision, further challenged the Obama narrative that the surge is a direct response to violence and poverty in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

In an interview with a Marlen Mena Bautista, a Honduran mother whose 15-year-old son recently crossed the border illegally, Ramos found that children are instead coming to the United States because of a widespread perception that they won’t be deported.

In 1860 It Was Really Cultural Marxism

Via Billy

In our day many of us have become aware of the prevalence of something called “Cultural Marxism.” We have a vague idea of what that means and we realize it is something that is not good, for this country or any country—and we are not the only ones who have imbibed it. Yet many do not really realize how it works to destabilize a society.

Recently, I read an interesting book called Saints and Scoundrels, written by Robin Phillips and published by Canon Press in Moscow, Idaho. Starting on page 272, Mr. Phillips gives as good a critique on Cultural Marxism and how it works as anything I have seen anywhere. It’s written in layman’s terms, not difficult to understand, and I believe he wrote it that way on purpose. John Q. Average, reading this, will be able to grasp how Cultural Marxism is affecting our society and culture today. If this book ever gets any kind of following in our day I can just imagine the response of the church-at-large. That response will be “The Lord’s in control, so don’t worry about any of this stuff.”

Benghazi attack suspect captured by American team, en route to US


A suspected terrorist linked to the 2012 Benghazi terror attack that killed four Americans has been captured inside Libya by U.S. forces and currently is en route to the United States, Fox News has learned. 

Sources told Fox News that the suspect, Ansar al-Sharia commander Ahmed Abu Khattala, was captured Sunday during a joint U.S. military and law enforcement operation, and will face prosecution in the United States.

 More @ Fox

Branch Davidian Sacred Soil, 21 Years Later


We drove down a quiet country road, trees and green meadows in every direction. Mount Carmel, the famous Branch Davidian Compound, was a sharp turn to the right. Gone was the mailbox at the entrance with Branch Davidian Church clearly written on it in big black letters where the once 100-plus residents of a devout break-off of the Seventh-day Adventist Church received their mail.

Once on the grounds, we were met with two simple memorials each telling us that something very significant and violent had happened here; one to the four ATF agents killed in the February 28, government raid. A few feet away was a shrine of sorts with a name on a plague for each of the 76 Davidians (19 men, 34 women, 23 children) who lost their lives in the fiery furnace in their place of residence 21 years ago, April 19, 1993. Sympathetic visitors had left money on one of the shrines.

Russian troops being moved again to the Ukrainian border

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 Российские войска снова перебрасывают на украинскую границу

Russian troops returned to the Russian-Ukrainian border, said yesterday the Secretary of the National Security and Defense of Ukraine Andrey Paruby at a press conference in Kiev . 

According to him, in Millerovo (Rostov region). Arrived group of 150 paratroopers of the 76th Airborne Assault Division from Pskov . In general, the group of Russian troops near Ukraine Paruby estimated at 16,000 people on the eastern border and 22 000 people in the Crimea.

More with 33 pictures @ Vedomosti

The Hunt for the Ever-Elusive Tea Party Killer Leads to... Occupy Wall Street

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Liberals were so excited when news broke of a husband-and-wife team of psychopaths killing two police officers and a heroic armed civilian who confronted them in Las Vegas... and threw a "Don't Tread On Me" Gadsden flag over one of their victims.  At last!  At long, long last!  The elusive Tea Party killer had finally arrived!

They've tried to pin virtually every mass killing to the Tea Party or conservatives, of course, ever since the orgy of slander they unleashed within minutes of the Tucson shootings.  The most infamous subsequent botched smear job was when Brian Ross of ABC News breathlessly reported his discovery of a Tea Party guy who had the same name as the Colorado movie theater shooter.  The Boston Marathon bombings were initially portrayed as the work of anti-tax activists.  On and on it went, as the Left tried to will the Elusive Tea Party Killer into existence, while studiously ignoring the ideology of such individuals as L.A. madman Chris Dorner, or the Family Research Council shooter.

More @ Breitbart

Secession Requests

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NC: Who Won't Wear The Cord?

Some readers have written questioning my series of columns lampooning the lavender graduation at UNC-Wilmington. That is the ceremony where UNCW graduates are given purple cords to show that they are gay and lavender cords to show they approve of homosexuality. Students then wear these cords when they get their degrees at the university-wide graduation ceremony.

Some self-proclaimed conservatives have reasoned that since participation in the ceremony is optional, lavender graduation isn't a topic worthy of column space. That view is misguided as it fails to account for ingrained patterns in our institutional history, which show that today's "option" is often tomorrow's mandate. So these columns are about more than sexual identity politics. They also have implications for freedom of speech and freedom of conscience. Consider the example of our now-infamous Seahawk Respect Compact.

Some years ago, a staff member wrote to me in distress because he was being pressured into signing the respect compact. He feared that there would be repercussions for not signing it, even though it was said to be optional. Since then, there have been three developments with regard to the compact.

More @ Townhall

Officials: U.S. trained ISIS at secret base in Jordan


Members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIS, were trained in 2012 by U.S. instructors working at a secret base in Jordan, according to informed Jordanian officials.

The officials said dozens of ISIS members were trained at the time as part of covert aid to the insurgents targeting the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. The officials said the training was not meant to be used for any future campaign in Iraq.

The Jordanian officials said all ISIS members who received U.S. training to fight in Syria were first vetted for any links to extremist groups like al-Qaida.

In February 2012, WND was first to report the U.S., Turkey and Jordan were running a training base for the Syrian rebels in the Jordanian town of Safawi in the country’s northern desert region.

That report has since been corroborated by numerous other media accounts.

Last March, the German weekly Der Spiegel reported Americans were training Syrian rebels in Jordan.

More @ WND

An Overdue Message To The Republican Establishment

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This post has been long in the making. It’s a response to an attitude that I see and hear expressed constantly like a steady drip of arrogance and entitlement. My indignation against it has begun to boil over; and now that primary season is in full swing here in Arizona, I think the time is ripe to address it. I’m sure it will get me cross-ways with some, but I think it’s time someone said it out loud (or in writing in this case).

Here’s my message to the Republican Party establishment. I don’t owe you anything. Not my time, my money, or my vote. I don’t care how bad things get, or how awful the policies of the Democrats are–and trust me, I fully understand how awful they are. I’m not required to support any of your politicians just because they have an “R” next to their name, or shut my mouth about the things I believe strongly about, just to ensure your victory on election day. In fact, I’m not even obligated to contribute to your victory. What happens when I mark my ballot is between me and God, and you aren’t entitled to any of it.

New Use-of-Force Restrictions Placed on Border Patrol Agents

Via comment by cavmedic68w on Brainwashing Over-Educated American Liberals
"It's time for the U.S to get serious about immigration. We can start by taking away their incentives to be here. All benefits: medical, food stamps, public housing, education, everything. ...Our government is encouraging foreign nationals to come into our country illegally and stay."

U.S. Border Patrol will put in place new policies to restrict the use of force by agents. The new rules come amid the revelation that illegal immigrants are entering the U.S. at record rates and overwhelming federal resources. 

Under the new restrictions, Border Patrol agents will be required to avoid situations where deadly force may be used. "Examples include refraining from blocking moving vehicles' paths or firing at rock-throwers unless in imminent danger, the Huffington Post reported. "Additionally, agents will be trained on how to carry and use lighter weapons, while also facing restrictions on taser use."
Placing tight restrictions on Border Patrol agents could hinder their ability to protect the border or their own lives.

More @ Breitbart

$PLC SCV Roll Of Honor

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The following is a list of current SCV officials at the national, regional (or Army), and state levels who also are (or have been recently) members or representatives of groups listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as hate groups.

Membership in these hate groups — the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), the League of the South (LOS), and Free Mississippi (FM) — is determined from the hate groups' publications, their Web sites and media reports.

In the list below, each person’s name is followed by his position in the SCV and, in parentheses, his hate group affiliation.

Not listed are a large number of SCV officials who have spoken at meetings of hate groups or worked alongside their members.

SCV executive council member Kirk Lyons, a well-known white supremacist who is currently running for an even higher SCV office, is not listed because he has publicly denied being a current member of any hate group.

More @ $PLC