Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Screw you, Charles Pierce

Via  Ol' Remus


Any police officer who drives himself home at night in the family sedan with the NRA sticker in the back window is a traitor to the uniform, and is demonstrating a profound lack of respect for the brother officers who were killed in Las Vegas.
--Charles Pierce at esquire.com


  1. Not just screw you Charles Pierce, screw you with a 5 inch round rasp, followed with turpentine. There I feel better !!!!

  2. Charles Pierce, with all due disrespect, would you kindly go f--k yourself!. May I remind you that way back when, it was the NRA that had a bumper sticker that read: Support your local police. Your average NRA member is a law and order type of guy, for whom there are some things you simply don't do (zero explanation is needed).
    If you want to look for traitors in uniform, start with the ones who believe that their badge grants them extra rights and that you are above the law. How about going after the traitors, who believe that any criminal act commited by a LEO can be condoned and justified, with the phrase. "officer safety, he resisted arrest".
    If you LEOs were actually doing your job as peace officers rather that terroristic thugs, there would be no need for You Tube videos showing the LEOs out of control, or internet blogs documenting police misconduct and criminal behavior ( shooting the family dog who has displayed no aggresive behavior, shooting UNARMED people, strip searching people for the most trival of offenses. Male officers stripping naked a female.
    What hate and have utter contempt for is the evil double standard; that if I as citizen did what too many LEOs do daily, I would (rightly ) commited a crime and sould be arrested for. So screw Charles Pierce, you are a liar and a poster boy for being hypocrite. May I have the pleasure of pissing on your grave

  3. What would that A-hole know about honor or respect?