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14-year-old at the center of "NRA T-Shirt Controversy" now facing possibility of 1 year in jail

Suspended and arrested after refusing to change his NRA shirt. Today, 14-year-old Jared Marcum appeared before a judge and was officially charged with obstructing an officer.

A $500 fine and up to a year in jail, that's the penalty that Jared could face, now that a judge has allowed the prosecution to move forward with it's obstructing an officer charge against him.

"Me, I'm more of a fighter and so is Jared and eventually we're going to get through this," Jared's father Allen Lardieri said.  "I don't think it should have ever gotten this far."

The Logan County Police Department initially claimed that the at-the-time 8th grade Logan Middle School student was arrested for disturbing the education process, obstructing an officer and Lardieri says that officers even went as far as threatening to charge Jared with making terroristic threats.

"In my view of the facts, Jared didn't do anything wrong," Ben White, Jared's attorney said.  "I think officer Adkins could have done something differently."

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Massachusetts Governor John Andrew pressed Lincoln for war upon the South though he used Massachusetts men sparingly; that State’s regiments included California men in their cavalry, and captured South Carolina slaves enlisted into Massachusetts units who would count against the State’s quota of troops. The latter saved Andrew from conscripting his white constituents and certain defeat in the next election.  
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Massachusetts Arms for War

“Even as conservatives were exploring the possibilities of conciliation and seeking means of influencing [president-elect] Lincoln, Massachusetts’ newly elected Governor, John Andrew, was kindling the fires of radicalism. Southern society, he declared, must be entirely reorganized, and the federal government ought to be driven to aid in the work. 

There must be no “weak-kneed” measures. “I am for unflinching firmness in adhering to….all our principles.” “We must conquer the South,” he said, and “to do this we must bring the Northern mind to a comprehension of this necessity.” “War is in the air,” he later confessed, “and some of us breathed it.”

As Congress gave more attention to compromise measures, Andrew hurried to Washington to consult with congressional radicals.  A Virginia congressman, John Y. Mason, swore to Andrew that never could the South be induced to rejoin a Union of which Massachusetts was a member. 

Thus confirmed in his direst apprehensions, Andrew held conference, on Christmas Eve, with Senators Doolittle of Wisconsin, Trumbull of Illinois, and Sumner and Wilson of his own Massachusetts. Solemnly the radical coterie decoded that the integrity of the Union must be preserved, “though it cost a million lives.”

The Governor-elect’s impassioned and sanguinary pronouncements chilled conservative hearts in Massachusetts. Boston Brahmins were horrified and indignant; they distrusted Andrew, whom they believed to be wanting in good judgment, common sense and practical ability.  “What was apprehension about Andrew,” ruefully admitted Sam Bowles, “is now conviction.” He wobbles like an old cart – is conceited, dogmatic, and lacks breadth and tact for government.”  Democrats, sickened by the radicals’ willingness to sacrifice other men’s lives, asked whether people wished to die for the radical cause.

[On his inauguration day January 1, 1861, the new governor stated that] South Carolina’s secession was an injury to the Old Bay State, which was ready to endure once more, if need be, the sacrifices it had borne during the Revolution.  So saying, the newly-sworn Governor called on the legislature to arm the State for war. 

The entire address, sneered the Boston Post, was a lamentable appeal to passion, combining “the narrowness of a mere lawyer, with the intenseness of a fanatic.” It was “sophomoric in style, immature in thought, wretched in argument, and small in political knowledge.”

To assist him in his work, Andrew chose four aides – carefully culled from Harvard graduates and the better families – bestowed military titles upon them, and put them to gathering steamboats, purchasing supplies and inspecting the militia.  The people, [Andrew] said, must become used to the smell of gunpowder.”

Lincoln and the War Governors, William B. Hesseltine, Alfred A. Knopf, 1948, pp. 110-112)

Resources of the Southern Fields and Forests, Medical, Economical, and Agricultural. Being also a Medical Botany of the Confederate States; with Practical Information on the Useful Properties of the Trees, Plants, and Shrubs

Via comment by Terry on The Dogwood Tree & CSA Surgeon Francis Peyre Porcher
" We might need this information for the coming unpleasantness as much as our ancestors needed it in the last unpleasantness."

The NSA “scandal” isn’t important. Keep your eyes on the IRS plot, where the criminality lies.

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 Barack Obama would not be the current President of the United States if he had not directed executive branch agencies to criminally abuse their power in a broad conspiracy to target the Tea Party groups which decimated the Democrats in the House in the 2010 mid-term elections.

“Ace” at Ace of Spades has built one of the more successful political blogs on a balanced combination of snark, community-building (who else can can boast of a community that proudly/ironically calls themselves “morons?”) and very insightful observations that a lot of folks simply miss.

Last night, I read (twice) a post he wrote called Snowden’s Looking a Little Dodgy, which was written in regards to the stories surrounding NSA leaker Edward Snowden that has been dominating the news cycle for the past few days. I’d suggest that you read it all and think over it’s ramifications.

Obama IRS Harassed Christian Churches where large numbers of anti-Obama citizens worshiped

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The Obama IRS targeted Christian groups including Franklin Graham and the 180 year-old Biblical Recorder.

The Obama IRS implemented a program to infiltrate and target conservative, evangelical Christian churches.

The Examiner reported:

On Thursday the Examiner provided an exclusive report indicating that the Obama administration had implemented a covert program beginning in 2009 that was intended to spy on conservative, evangelical Christian churches.

That program involved infiltration — sending in government operatives to join churches for the purpose of data collection. The government snoops would keep their eyes and ears open for criticism of the Obama administration, talk of Tea Party participation, conversations about gun ownership, and a number of other issues.

But a special report issued today by Fox News indicates that the program went far beyond infiltration and snooping.

US High School Recites Pledge In Arabic: “One Nation Under Allah”

 Rocky Mountain High School Principal Tony Lopez has been stunned by the level of vitriol directed at him and the students for the Arabic pledge

Well now, here is evidence of what I’ve been saying all along and that is that you cannot be religiously neutral. It just can’t happen. Religion is at our very core and if we will not honor the true and living God as God, then we will fill that vacuum with a false god. Exhibit A: Rocky Mountain High School in Colorado. Outrage is building over the fact that students were encouraged to recite the Pledge of Allegiance over the loudspeaker in Arabic replacing “one nation under God” with “one nation under Allah.”

The school’s principal, Tom Lopez, is standing by his decision to allow the pledge after receiving a flood of complaints from parents outraged over the incident. He claims to not be pushing and Islamic agenda.

Lopez told Fox News, “These students love this country. They were not being un-American in trying to do this. They believed they were accentuating the meaning of the words as spoken regularly in English.”

Danielle Clark, communications director of the Poudre School District, said “We understand not everybody would agree with the students’ choice. We’ve heard there are some who are upset.”

On the other hand, she said she received one email from a person who “thought it was a great thing.”
Catch that? In all of those that responded, Clark got one email that thought this was a “great thing!” Is this action backwards or what? Parents in Colorado, I’m warning you to get your children out of the public school system. This will continue to happen more and more.

Southern Baptist President Fred Luter says his church will stop hosting Boy Scouts

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Gridiron Fred Luter.jpg

The Rev. Fred Luter was at the podium of the Southern Baptist Convention on Wednesday, running business for the nation's largest Protestant denomination.

In a high-profile vote, the Southern Baptists approved a resolution to express their opposition to the Boy Scouts of America's decision to accept openly gay scouts.

"I had no doubt our convention would take a stand on this issue," Luter said. "We believe in the Bible."

Luter, the first black president of the Southern Baptist Convention, said he thought it was a stand the denomination needed to take.

"They were trying to be politically correct," he said of the Boy Scouts. "There's nothing that can be politically right if it's bibliically wrong."

Luter, pastor of the Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans for 25 years, said the change in policy by the Boy Scouts was troubling.

"I was a Boy Scout," he said. "We have a Boy Scout troop in our church."

Franklin Avenue Baptist will not host the Boy Scouts now that they've taken a position the denomination feels is unbiblical, he said.

"We'll be pulling out of Boy Scouts," Luter said. He said the church may use The Rev. Fred Luter was at the podium of the Southern Baptist Convention on Wednesday, running business for the nation's largest Protestant denomination.

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Journey from the Fall

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Secret Service Invades Home Of Obama Critic Over Twitter Followers

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 secret service tom francois


Tom Francois was visited by the Secret Service merely because he posted anti-Obama messages for his “large” Twitter following to read. I am sick and tired of looking out the window to see if Old Glory is still flying to reaffirm my shaky belief that I still reside in America. Francois never threatened the president; he simply lambasts and lampoons his actions, facial expressions, and unconstitutional policies. The most thin-skinned president in the history of the Republic has proven once again that he has nothing but disdain for the First Amendment.

The Secret Service agents arrived at the home of Tom Francois and asked if they could come inside and take a look around. Noting that he had nothing to hide and not wanting to see his things tossed about if the agents were forced to wait for a warrant, the avid political cartoon creator let the men inside. Francois maintains that while he loathes Barack Obama’s policies, he has never threatened his being in any way, shape, or form. I scanned hundreds of Francois’ tweets (which were the cited reasons for the Secret Service agents arriving on the blogger’s porch), and saw nothing violent—just the same angst felt by millions of Constitution-loving patriots.

The Dogwood Tree & CSA Surgeon Francis Peyre Porcher

Roundabout via Sister Anne


When I lived out West, I missed the dogwood tree's lacy, airy blooms, which seem to be omnipresent during springtime in the Southeast. To be without the dogwood in spring is like not having spring at all.

The dogwood tree (Cornus florida) hardly needs an introduction in how to identify it. If I were to stop random people on the street and ask them to identify a dogwood - kind of like Jay Leno asking random people about politics - I would be interested to see the results, but I'm guessing even people with no interest in plants could identify a dogwood tree.

Just in case, though, the dogwood is a small, slender-trunked deciduous tree with bark resembling a Roman tiled mosaic. Its large, four-petaled white flowers have a rusty-pink divot, or impression, at the tip of each petal's edge, which cause the petals to slightly curl. The pink-blossomed variety has greenish-white divots. Dogwood blooms have been said to signify Christ nailed to the cross, with the divots being the place where he was nailed.

As a medicine, other than for its aesthetic beauty, dogwood is no longer used; however, Native Americans, African slaves and Confederate soldiers found the tree's medicine highly valuable.
When the Southern ports were blocked during the Civil War, the South lost access to imported medicines, one of which was quinine, which was used to treat malaria, from the bark of the South American Cinchona tree. The surgeon general of the Confederacy commissioned Confederate surgeon and botanist Francis Peyre Porcher of Charleston, S.C., to prepare a treatise on medicinal and economically useful Southern botanicals.

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The choir of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Augusta, GA singing Dixie

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Zimmerman’s Father Blames Boston Bombings On Eric Holder’s Decision To Investigate Trayvon’s Death

With the first week of his son George Zimmerman‘s trial coming to a close and Father’s Day just around the corner, the defendant’s father Robert Zimmerman Sr. must have thought now was the perfect time to release his new e-book, “Florida v. Zimmerman: Uncovering the Malicious Prosecution of my Son, George.” The controversial text contains the bold claim that April’s Boston Marathon bombing never would have happened had the FBI not been spending so much time investigating the death of Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman directs most of the blame to Attorney General Eric Holder, who he says “shamelessly” hyped his son’s alleged murder case “to obtain great advantage in the African-American community.” He goes on to claim that Holder’s decision to investigate whether Martin’s death constituted a federal civil rights violation led to the FBI to not have “adequate resources to investigate clearly identified potential terrorist” threat in Boston. “Tragically,” Zimmerman writes, “we have suffered the consequences of Mr. Holder’s politically motivated decisions.”

In addition to the accusations against Holder, the e-book contains a chapter called “Who Are The True Racists,” which includes a list of black leaders and organizations that Zimmerman has deemed “racist,” handily compiled by ThinkProgress below:

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Admission: Special Forces were only hours from Benghazi


In a bombshell admission that has until now gone unreported, Martin Dempsey, chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, conceded that highly trained Special Forces were stationed just a few hours away from Benghazi on the night of the attacks but were not told to deploy to Libya.

In comments that may warrant further investigation, Dempsey stated at a Senate hearing Wednesday that on the night of the Sept. 11, 2012, attack, command of the Special Forces – known as C-110, or the EUCOM CIF – was transferred from the military’s European command to AFRICOM, or the United States Africa Command.

Dempsey did not state any reason for the strange transfer of command nor could he provide a timeline for the transfer the night of the attack.

Also, Dempsey’s comments on the travel time between Croatia and Benghazi were incorrect.
His remarks for the first time confirm an exclusive Fox News interview aired April 30 in which a special government operator, speaking on condition of anonymity, contradicted claims by the Obama administration and a State Department review that there wasn’t enough time for military forces to deploy the night of the attack.

“I know for a fact that C-110, the EUCOM CIF, was doing a training exercise in … not in the region of North Africa, but in Europe,” the special operator told Fox News’ Adam Housley. “And they had the ability to act and to respond.”

The operator told Fox News the C-110 forces were training in Croatia. The distance between Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, and Benghazi is about 925 miles. Fox News reported the forces were stationed just three and a half hours away.

“We had the ability to load out, get on birds and fly there, at a minimum stage,” the operator told Fox News. “C-110 had the ability to be there, in my opinion, in a matter of about four hours … four to six hours.”

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Mike Bloomberg's Gun Control Message Backfiring

Late last year, New York City Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg launched a super PAC to counter the National Rifle Association when it comes to elections. Since new gun control measures failed in the Senate in April, Bloomberg has been out for blood running ads against Democrats who didn't vote for those measures. But it turns out, Bloomberg's efforts to unseat anti-gun control Democrats are backfiring.

Of the 35 Senate seats up for grabs in 2014, the 10 most contested battles come in mostly rural, conservative-leaning states such as Montana, West Virginia, Alaska and Arkansas, and nine of them are held by Democrats. Every Republican up for reelection in 2014, including the top GOP leaders, Sens. Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and John Cornyn (Tex.), have demonstrated that their biggest political fear is a primary challenge from the right, making them much more receptive to supporting the NRA’s position.

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Reports: US Mulls Syrian No-Fly Zone, Small Arms for Rebels

The United States is considering a no-fly zone in Syria and will send small arms, ammunition, and possibly anti-tank weapons to aid rebels in their long-running civil war against President Bashar al-Assad, reports say.

Reuters is reporting two senior Western diplomats said the United States was looking into a limited no-fly zone close to Syria's southern border with Jordan.

"Washington is considering a no-fly zone to help Assad's opponents," one diplomat said.

Meanwhile, CNN reported on Friday the United States will send weapons, provided by the Central Intelligence Agency, to Syrian rebels.

The reports come a day after the Obama administration announced that it had definitive evidence that Assad’s military had used sarin gas and other chemical weapons against opposition forces. The use of the chemicals had crossed a “red line” imposed by President Barack Obama, and the administration said it would increase its military support to the rebels.

But the White House has declined to specify what increased military assistance it would provide.

“I can't give you a specific timeline or itemized list of what that assistance is,” Ben Rhodes, the deputy national security adviser, said at a Thursday afternoon news conference.

Imposing a no-fly zone could require the United States to destroy Syria's sophisticated Russian-built air defences, thrusting it into the war with the sort of action NATO used to help topple Muammar Gaddafi in Libya two years ago.Washington says it has not excluded a no fly zone but is also considering other options.

"We have been clear that we are not excluding options but at this stage no decision has been taken," said Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and Obama's incoming national security adviser.

"A no-fly zone ... would carry with it great and open-ended costs for the United States and the international community. It's far more complex to undertake the type of effort, for instance, in Syria than it was in Libya," U.S. deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes said on Thursday.

Any such move would also come up against a potential veto from Assad ally Russia in the U.N. Security Council. The Kremlin dismissed U.S. evidence of Assad's use of nerve gas.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Saturday any attempt to enforce a no-fly zone over Syria using F-16 fighter jets and Patriot missiles from Jordan would violate international law.

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Why The West Doesn't Understand Islamists (They Don't Read What the Radicals REALLY Say)

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 To read Yusuf al-Qaradawi’s 1984 book, Islamic Education and Hasan al-Bana, is to get an Islamic education. Nobody should be allowed to talk about Islam or political Islamism without having read this or similar texts. Just as Marx claimed in the “Communist Manifesto” for his movement, the Islamists, too, disdain to conceal their aims. Yet those who don’t read their actual texts, speeches, and debates but only their public relations' disinformation know nothing.

It’s easy to see why al-Qaradawi is the leading Sunni Islamist thinker in the world today, the spiritual guide behind Egypt's Islamist revolution. He knows how to express his ideas clearly and persuasively. Here is his depiction of the Muslim world before the rise of revolutionary Islamism to power and prominence:

‘’Just imagine a waste land which has no sign of leaf or tulip or hyacinth far and wide, but which blossoms forth immediately with the first sprinkle of the rains of blessing, and fields of flowers begin to bloom. Lifeblood starts circulating in its lifeless body…..

"The condition of the Muslim nation was like a wasteland in the middle of the fourteenth century Hijri (mid-nineteenth century). The pillars of caliphate had broken which was the last display of unity under the flag of Islamic belief. Islamic countries were breathing their last under the talons of capitalist countries like Britain, France and others, so much so that Holland, whose population was [small] dominating over the ten million strong population of Indonesia with the help of force and weapon. It had spoilt the face of Islamic decrees and putting Quran behind was busily engaged in its disrespect. Blind imitation of self-made Western laws and appreciation of foreign values had set over the lives of Muslims. The youths and lovers of new culture who were bearers of the so-called modern culture were particular victims of this. Western domination upon the field of education and means of communication was producing heaps of Westernized `Khan Bahadur" (honorable people) whose names were no doubt Islamic but brains were West-bred.’”

There is a huge amount to analyze in this passage. Notice his different angle on what for the Western author would be a tale of Western imperialism and on the technological and organizational backwardness of Muslim peoples. Al-Qaradawi does not put the emphasis on Western strength or even injustice but on Muslim weakness. He does not flinch from facing the humiliations of the situation. He promises--as the Arab nationalists did sixty years ago--that his doctrine will bring rapid development and tremendous power. Like Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev once said, al-Qaradawi pledges to the West, ""We will bury you."

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Am I a traitor?

Via NC Renegade


The question hit me like a lightning bolt as I looked in the mirror upon awaking this morning. Am I a traitor to my country, to my fellow citizens of the United States of America? Have I abandoned all sound reason and logic and lost my moral compass?

Have I somehow sold out my ideals and thereby my family, friends and fellow reporters?  Apparently someone in this administration must believe I am a traitor and lost my way, for I am the target of active telephone monitoring by the National Security Agency (NSA), a branch of the Department of Defense and an agency tasked with monitoring foreign intelligence and communications.

As I stared in the mirror, I asked myself, “what am I missing here?” What have I done during the course of seeking out the truth to provide to the American people about what’s really going on within and outside of our government with regard to the numerous “scandals” we are learning about? Could it be that the truth is that toxic to those in power that they will go to such lengths to silence an investigative reporter?