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Black History Month

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Blacks' homeboy president

Via Cousin John
I find it a conundrum that America goes out of its way one month a year to recognize a race-based achievement that qualifies as historic, when the persons (read majority of blacks) demanding special recognition for said historical achievement are happiest wallowing in despair and the rejection of modernity.

I ask the question: At what point will blacks be deemed as having stepped into the present that all other Americans occupy?

Because if we are to believe Obama, the black race-mongers and the white apologists – blacks still haven’t arrived. The late Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, in the infiniteness of her deplorable ignorance, prognosticated that it would be another 25 years before blacks were capable of entering law schools without race-based affirmative action.

What I do not understand is if blacks have it so bad and have been left so far out of the mainstream of modernity, how is it that we have black billionaires? How is it that we have blacks that own major television networks and radio stations in the major media markets – and I’m not speaking about the family members of Jesse Jackson who benefited from his extortion tactics.

There is not one area of sports, employment and/or politics in America today in which blacks are not represented. They are among the highest paid in every category. Yet, despite this glaring reality, we are supposed to believe that blacks do not have the same opportunity whites have. We are supposed to believe that blacks are disaffected and underrepresented in business, education, industry, ad nauseum.
It is not white America’s fault that blacks are disproportionately incarcerated, unemployed, or impoverished. It is a truism that if a person breaks the law, he can expect to be incarcerated depending on the nature of the crime and their frequency of arrests.

In today’s economy, unemployed blacks should thank their homeboy president, because his policies have contributed massively to the high unemployment rate. That said, it should also be understood that an absence of marketable employment skills is not the fault of whites, either.

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A Failure Of Civility

Screen shot 2013-02-24 at 11.33.31 PM

$35.00, but seems it may be well worth it, reading the comments and so forth.

A Book Review by Matt Bracken
First, let me apologize for the poor writing quality of this review. Normally, I write an essay and spend days and days polishing it. Not this time. I’m currently in between my “pretty” essays, but this review is just pure business, like a claw hammer you picked up at Home Depot to bang nails. Pretty has nothing to do with it, so let’s get on with the job.

Second, let me apologize to the other very kind authors who have sent me their books to review over the past months. I have read them all, most of them are worthy of their own reviews, and I hope to get to them when I can.

A few months ago, I received a copy of the new book “A Failure of Civility,” by Mike Garand and Jack Lawson. It is subtitled “How to defend and protect you, your family, friends, neighborhood and America during a disaster or crisis.” Other than receiving this unsolicited book in the mail, a book I had never even heard of before that moment, I have no connection whatsoever to the authors or to the book.

“A Failure of Civility” grabbed my attention on the first page. It begins, “A few notes to our readers…. Consider reading this book as if the authors have parachuted into your backyard as special operations soldiers to assist you in forming a cooperative protection of your neighborhood. That’s one of the things that special ops soldiers are best at…covert insertion into isolated areas to train people in how to defend themselves against inequitable justice and malicious aggression. The authors’ combined life experiences, military and law enforcement, span 80 years. With this book, we give you the tools of knowledge to enable you to teach you and others how to defend yourselves, your family and neighbors. We want you to help save lives and to keep America strong.”

Wow, what a tall order! As a long-ago Navy frogman, I wondered if they could truly match that claim in their book. They do, and much more. I read the book cover to cover—twice!—in the first week.

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Federal court: No Second Amendment Guarantee For Concealed Carry

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The Second Amendment's guarantee of a right to bear arms does not extend to the right to carry a concealed weapon in public, a federal appeals court in Denver has ruled.

"We conclude that the carrying of concealed firearms is not protected by the Second Amendment . . ." Justice Carlos Lucero wrote on behalf of a three-judge panel of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Lucero cited case law dating to the 1800s that put restrictions on walking around in public with a gun.
"In light of our nation's extensive practice of restricting citizens' freedom to carry firearms in a concealed manner, we hold that this activity does not fall within the scope of the Second Amendment's protections," he wrote in the ruling issued

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Ugly in the extreme.

On this black day, 25 February 1862,

Abraham Lincoln, not content to pursue an aggressive war of destruction against the South and the Constitution, signed the First Legal Tender Act authorizing the issuance of United States notes ("Greenbacks") as a legal tender. Not only did he fight a war to destroy the Constitution, he financed it with unconstitutional fiat money.

Congressman Steve Stockman Exposes Obama’s Anti-Gun Spambots 
Good dog, good dog, now piss on his leg.

Finally, at least one Republican is getting tech-savvy:

A Texas Republican on Monday said President Obama’s gun control campaign is a fraud based on fake messages over Twitter.

Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) accused Obama of trying to make support for his position look stronger than it really is by flooding Twitter with messages from people who don’t exist. . . .

Stockman said that in response to Obama’s call for people to tweet their congressman in support of gun control legislation, he received just 16 tweets. But he said all of these messages were identical, and that a closer look at them revealed that only six were from real people.

“The other 10 are fake, computer-generated spambots,” his office said in a press release. As evidence, he said these 10 tweets use default graphics and names, and have not engaged in any interaction with other people. Two of the tweets were sent at nearly the same time, and both follow just one person: Brad Schenck, Obama’s former digital strategist.


Yes indeed .gov, y'all sure did. 


When Home is No Longer Home

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Demography is destiny.
Everyone is familiar with the idea that every city has two malls: the one where white people shop and the one where white people used to shop. After a trip to my old home town in Florida over the Christmas holidays, I’m still trying to find that first mall.

For more than 20 years, until 1998, I lived in Brandon, a suburb of Tampa of about 100,000 people. When I was young, nearly all of those people were white, and the rest were black. Despite nearby strawberry fields and the remnants of the citrus industry, there was no noticeable presence of Hispanics. It was essentially the 90/10 white/black split that was the norm in much of the country until the 1970s but that endured in pockets until a bit later. Brandon was one of those pockets.

My high school yearbook from 1988 confirms that my memory is correct: a Hernandez here and a Rodriguez there, but they were very much the exception to an overwhelming white majority. That was just 25 years ago on the calendar, but it might as well be ancient history.

In 1998 I left Florida and moved to Poland, where I still live. At that time, the visible effects of immigration were just beginning to appear. A few more brown kids at the mall, a few more Asians where before there had been basically none; not huge numbers but just enough to notice. I had no way of knowing that these were the first signs of a transformation that would turn Brandon into a town that is now barely recognizable to me.

Slavery But an Accident in this Quarrel

  Pen of Fire: John Moncure Daniel
 Daniels fought some nine duels during his brief life, which ended of natural causes on the eve of the Federal occupation of Richmond.

Alabamian John Moncure Daniel was appointed charge’ to Sardinia by President Franklin Pierce in July, 1853, a post he would hold until early 1861. His conversation with Pennsylvanian Jeremiah Black below reveals the murky nature of Northern war aims; Black later claimed that slavery abolition was the pure cause of the war despite his known hostility toward abolition fanatics, but in his heart knew the Northern majority was set on a war of conquest and searched for a convenient pretext.

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Slavery But an Accident in this Quarrel:

“John Moncure Daniel had one last official duty to perform in Washington: a farewell visit to the Department of State, to which he had reported for almost eight years. His mission to Italy had formally ended on January 28 [1861], when President [James] Buchanan had signed the warrant for his recall.

One day in February Daniel paid a call on the new secretary of state, Jeremiah Black, a Northerner who had taken office only two months earlier, after the resignation of Lewis Cass. Black had been the U.S. attorney general and a successful lawyer in Pennsylvania. Daniel’s great-uncle considered him the ablest member of Buchanan’s cabinet.

Three years after their 1861 meeting, John Daniel recalled that he had expressed Southern sentiments to the new secretary of state. The two had talked about the troubles that were approaching, and Daniel had alluded to the matter of slavery. According to Daniel, Black had replied:

“Sir, slavery is but an accident in this quarrel. Slavery is only the John Doe and Richard Doe case, in which this mooted question is to be decided – whether your States shall continue their sovereignty and self-government, or the Northern majorities shall govern you and all of you as they please and according to their own separate interest. If they had not the point of slavery convenient, they would try it on other points just the same.”

Pen of Fire, John Moncure Daniel, Peter Bridges, Kent State University Press, 2002, page 161)

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The city of Cheraw, South Carolina has placed the following advertisement in the current AAA regional “GO” Magazine. As a longtime AAA member I have written the company regarding accepting such ill-conceived ads, as well as the city of Cheraw celebrating the unfortunate visit of an invading army led by a war criminal. The latter’s actions while devastating South Carolinians are best captured by Dr. Clyde Wilson’s words taken from a recent Chronicles Magazine issue:

It might be worth a moment to pause and remember February 17, 1865. On that winter day, the U.S. Army, with malice aforethought, robbed, raped, and burned out the white and black people of the beautiful city of Columbia, South Carolina. Although the city was undefended, had already been surrendered, and was of no military significance. Besides many homes, businesses, beautiful gardens, warehouses, and churches, deliberately set fires consumed, after looting, an Ursuline convent school, a Christian art collection, printing presses, a scientific museum, documents and relics of the American Revolution, and the means of subsistence of thousands of women and children.”

Please feel free to contact the city of Cheraw, especially if you are a AAA member, at, as well as on Facebook to demand that ads in better taste and forethought be utilized in the future. Let Cheraw know that it would be far better to honor and celebrate South Carolinians who served, defended and honored their State, and help visitors learn of their patriotism and heroism – and as examples for Americans to emulate.

Bernhard Thuersam

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Fastback


- KK #1987

- Original sheet metal, engine and drivetrain

- Complete rotisserie restoration in 2011

- Mostly original interior

- Incredible paint job by Jen Jacks of Atlanta, GA

- Under 150 miles since rotisserie restoration

- 34,800 original miles

- Only 201 Boss 429s were Candy Apple Red of the 858 Bosses total

- Based on Steve Strange's Boss 429 update, only 135 Boss 429's are known to exist

- Best of class winner at Texas Concours De Elegance and Best of Show People's Choice and Museum Choice at MCAH in 2012

Michelle Obama’s use of military as props sparks disgust

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WOW! that's more security than Amb Christopher Stevens got

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Christian Teen Forced By School To Change ‘Inappropriate’ Pro-Abstinence T-Shirt

20 Of The Best Pictures From the 223 Day of Resistance Rallies

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 Day  of Resistance

Yesterday, there were about 75,000-100,000 people (That’s the estimate I’m being given. It’s hard to be more exact than that because we haven’t heard from all the organizers yet, not every rally had a news story, and there were apparently a number of last minute rallies added that we didn’t have listed) who went to roughly 150 Day of Resistance rallies across 39 states. Rand Paul cut a video for the event at the last minute and there were tens of thousands of dollars worth of guns and ammunition that were given or raffled away. Additionally, to the best of our knowledge unlike the Occupy Movement, there were no arrests, rapes, murders, or attacks on the police. It was just law-abiding Americans who love their country and 2nd Amendment rights, peacefully gathering to exercise their Constitutional rights.

GOA Alert: Urge your Senators to put a stop to Republican-compromises



Anti-gun Sen. Charles Schumer's staff is leaking out to the press the Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn is "on the verge" of caving in and agreeing to a ban on private gun sales -- and requiring virtually every American to get the government's approval before exercising their constitutional right to become a gun owner.

According to The Washington Post (2/23/13), the remaining sticking point is Coburn's reluctance to require a 4473 for every private transaction.  Were this to occur, ATF's practice of going into gun stores and copying all the 4473's -- a practice which has been documented by GOA -- would soon produce a national gun registry.

Schumer's people have also let it be known that they may have Susan Collins (R-ME), John McCain (R-AZ), and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) in the bag.  (Note to gun owners in these states:  These Senators really need to hear from you!)

Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that the final version of the "Schumer sell-out" prohibits any paperwork from being kept on private gun sales.

Even then, the "Schumer Sell-Out" would still result in one out of seventeen legal gun purchases being permanently and illegally blocked.

According to scholar John Lott, 8% of all gun purchases are currently blocked by the FBI.  But, according to a recent study by the Department of Justice, only 1.8% of the 8% are blocked because they are "denied."  That means that 6.2% are neither "denied" nor "approved."  However, because most gun sellers won't sell a firearm under these circumstances, even after three days, these legal gun purchasers are permanently denied their constitutional rights by bureaucratic fiat.

Although the FBI is legally required to state a reason for blocking a gun purchase within five days, it NEVER complies with the law -- daring purchasers, instead, to "sue us."  Most purchasers, lack the means to do just that.

What if one out of seventeen lawful voters was illegally turned away from the polls?  What if one out of seventeen innocent men was illegally sent to prison?  What if one out of seventeen newspapers was shut down?  None of these would be acceptable to anti-gun zealots who, with relish, deny the right of legitimate gun purchasers to exercise their Second Amendment rights one out of every seventeen times.

The "Schumer Sell-Out" would still strip 150,000 veterans of their Second Amendment rights with no due process whatsoever.  Sure, there will reportedly be throwaway language, supposedly allowing veterans to get the constitutional rights back.  Schumer fooled Coburn into accepting comparable language on a 2008 law, but it never had any impact.  The problem is not "getting their rights back."  The problem is preventing their rights from being unconstitutionally stripped -- with no due process whatsoever -- in the first place.

Under the 2008 Schumer legislation, the Obama administration can use a psychiatrist's diagnosis to strip veterans and others of their constitutional rights.  No court order is needed.  Soon, under Obama's Executive Action Number 1, millions of Americans with ADHD, and even post partem depression could have their gun rights taken away with a keystroke by Medicare, Medicaid, and the Department of Education.  Firemen, policemen, and soldiers with PTSD could also lose their gun rights under the "Schumer sell-out," and there's nothing they could do about it.

The "Schumer Sell-Out" would exacerbate the problem with NICS system breakdowns during weekends and black Fridays -- blocking all gun purchasers.

The "Schumer Sell-Out" would strip farmers and Americans in rural areas of their Second Amendment rights.  Sure, there is a possibility that Schumer will accept do-nothing language in the Brady Law protecting remote Alaskan villages.  But millions of Americans would still have to travel hundreds of miles (accompanied by their sellers) in order to transfer a firearm to their next-door neighbor -- hoping desperately that they're not among the 6.2% of Americans who get a non-committal response from the FBI.

The "Schumer Sell-Out" would still be ineffectual to stop Adam Lanza (who stole his guns) and James Holmes and Jared Loughner (who passed background checks).  In fact, an internal Department of Justice memorandum concedes that it would be almost totally ineffectual.

As a result, the main purpose of the “Schumer Sell-Out” remains, and has always been, to “break the back of the gun … lobby” and to serve as a platform for the next round of gun control.

The Sunday New York Times (2/23/13) pointed out what this is all about.  According to the Times, Schumer is jealous to protect the 13 Democratic seats in pro-gun states which will come up in 2014.  Press reports ascribe Coburn’s role as being one who will “provide cover” for Democrats running for reelection.

From a purely partisan standpoint, the GOP should realize that guns will serve as a powerful political weapon for them, unless Coburn’s acquiescence to the “Schumer Sell-Out” takes guns off the table.  In places like Arkansas and Montana, 95% of all voters would no doubt oppose the "Schumer sell-out," as 95% of NRA members and 96% of 25,000 GOA members did in recent surveys.

Conversely, the "Schumer Sell-Out" will revitalize and energize the handgun control movement.

Finally, the "Schumer Sell-Out" will give Obama the aura of invincibility and make it virtually impossible to stop the rest of his agenda.

If Sen. Coburn really wants to “compromise” with Schumer, he should make Schumer give up some ground and demand that Congress repeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act.  Now, that would be a real “compromise” that would save lives!

ACTION:  Contact your U.S. Senators and ask them to oppose the "Schumer sell-out."  Click here to send a prewritten message to your Senators

Please note that there are two different action responses for you to send, and the system will automatically send that response, depending upon whether your Senator is a Republican or Democrat.

The Leyat Hélica

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Russian 2013 two-handed sword

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Support for Confederate Flag now a “mental illness”


If the South should lose, it means that the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy. That our youth will be trained by Northern school teachers, will be impressed by all of the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors and our maimed veterans as fit subjects for derision.- Patrick Cleburne
The above statement turned out to be even more prophetic than General Patrick Cleburne could have ever imagined, not only did his prediction come true in the United States, it has now proven true for our northern neighbor, Canada.

The Toronto Star reports:
A high school in York Region has banned a controversial flag long synonymous with America’s Deep South, but also with prejudice and racism.
The Confederate flag became popular at Sutton District High School in the last two years, said principal Dawn Laliberté, emblazoned on bandanas, lighters, belt buckles, backpacks and pickup truck windows.
After explaining the flag’s symbolism to students this week, the school implemented a ban.
“Our first step is always to educate. We are only dealing with a handful of students who view it as a white pride kind of thing, so we thought now is the time to get the message out,” Laliberté said.
Time after time, when asked about the Confederate flag, the majority of students be it in the U.S. or Canada say that it is not a symbol of racism, but rather a symbol of their heritage, a way of life, their culture, only to be scolded and told that it is racist and subsequently banned.

Perhaps the most disturbing subject of this article seems to be that sporting the Confederate flag and celebrating ones culture is now a mental disease. Again quoting the Toronto Star:
A 2011 study in Political Psychology by psychologist Joyce Ehrlinger showed exposure to the Confederate flag resulted in “more negative judgments of black targets.”
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where this is heading, soon this study will be used far and wide in school districts across the U.S. , all the usual suspects appear in the Toronto Star article, diversity is good (unless you happen to fall into the pro Confederate flag category), lack of exposure to Black History Month etc.

DIY Weapons of the Syrian Rebels

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Nearly two years after the start of Syria's popular uprising, the conflict has evolved into a slow-moving, brutal civil war with many players and no clear end in sight. Multiple rebel groups across the country continue to fight President Bashar al-Assad's forces, using any weapons they can get their hands on.

While the rebels are using many modern weapons, they've also come up with their own makeshift solutions. In these weapons workshops, anti-aircraft guns are welded to pickup trucks and armor shields are attached to machine guns and cars. Mortar shell nose cones are turned on lathes and explosives are mixed by hand. Homemade grenades are launched by jury-rigged shotguns or giant slingshots in the urban battlefields of Aleppo and Damascus. Gathered here are a few examples of the hand-built munitions of the Syrian rebels.  

As if Hanoi Jane wasn’t fuel enough........



Finke: Michelle at Oscars 'unnecessary and inappropriate'

Oh My God - the Academy actually fans the fire by drafting First Lady Michelle Obama to help present Best Picture from presumably the White House? So unnecessary and inappropriate to inject so much politics into the Oscars yet again. Hollywood will get pilloried by conservative pundits for arranging this payoff for all the campaign donations it gave the President’s reelection campaign. I don’t understand this very obvious attempt to infuriate right-leaning audiences. Clearly the studios only want to sell their movies to only half of America.

Your Excuse is Invalid

Proposed design of NC illegal immigrant licenses sparks concern

A new driver's license expected to be issued to some illegal immigrants in North Carolina has prompted state lawmakers and immigrant rights groups to voice concerns over the proposal.

The proposed North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles license has a bright pink stripe and the bold words "NO LAWFUL STATUS."

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles announced last week they would begin issuing the licenses March 25 following a lengthy legal review. The Obama administration's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program grants valid federal work permits to qualified applicants brought to the U.S. as children without legal authorization.

Some Republican lawmakers in the state have balked at the idea, filing a bill Thursday to bar the DMV from granting the licenses until at least June.

More @ Fox

Tet '68 Hue

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My daughter Zoe once got in trouble at school for defining the difference between communism and socialism. Not surprisingly, she repeated the short answer that I had taught her: "The difference between a communist and socialist is that a socialist is a communist who has not found his AK-47 and the will to use it, and a communist is a socialist with an AK-47 who IS ready to use it."
I was called by the "social studies" teacher on that one and went into the school for a visit. What, I asked was wrong with that answer? As he sputtered, I asked a second question. "Have YOU ever been a socialist or a communist?" "Well, no," he answered. "Let me tell you something then -- I have been BOTH a socialist AND a communist and believe me I know what I'm talking about and you most definitely do not." My daughter was not disciplined.
Today is the 45th Anniversary of the liberation of Hue City. Even before the city was reclaimed from the Communists, reports circulated of massacres committed by the Reds.From Wikipedia:
During the months and years that followed the Battle of Huế, which began on January 31, 1968, and lasted a total of 28 days, dozens of mass graves were discovered in and around Huế. The estimated death toll was between 2,800 to 6,000 civilians and prisoners of war. Victims were found bound, tortured, and sometimes apparently buried alive. . .

A first summary was published for the U.S. Mission in Vietnam by Douglas Pike, then working as a Foreign Service Officer for the U.S. Information Agency in 1970. Pike identified three distinct phases for the executions in Huế. Phase one was a series of kangaroo court trials of local ARVN officials. The highly publicized trials lasted anywhere from five to ten minutes and the accused were always found guilty of “crimes against the people”.
Phase two was implemented when the communists thought that they could hold the city long-term, and consisted of a campaign of “social reconstruction” along Maoist dogmatic lines. Those who the communists believed to be counterrevolutionaries were singled out in this phase. Catholics, intellectuals, prominent businessmen, and other “imperialist lackeys” were targeted in order to “build a new social order”.
The last phase began when it became evident that the communists could not hold the city and was designed to “leave no witnesses”. Anyone who could identify individual VC members who participated in the occupation was to be killed and their bodies hidden. . .

Captured Viet Cong documents boasted that they had "eliminated" thousands of people and "annihilated members of various reactionary political parties, henchmen, and wicked tyrants" in Hue. One regiment reported that its units alone killed 1,000 victims. Another report mentioned 2,867 killed. Yet another document boasted of over 3,000 killed. A further document listed 2,748 executions.
Always remember that this is the true face of collectivism. Behind the lying smiles and soothing words, the only definition of "peace" that collectivists of any stripe agree upon is when all their political enemies are dead or in prison. Remember the victims of Hue, 1968. And never, ever, believe that collectivism is anything other than a death cult.

‘Berettas Don’t Bluff’: Major Gun Company Threatens to Leave Maryland Over New Gun Control Proposals

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 Beretta USA Threatens to Leave Maryland Over New Gun Control Proposals

Beretta USA is threatening to leave Maryland over new gun control proposals, the Washington Post reports, and they would take hundreds of jobs along with them.

“Why expand in a place where the people who built the gun couldn’t buy it?” Jeffrey Reh, general counsel for Beretta, asked.

The Washington Post explains:

Beretta, the nearly 500-year-old family-owned company that made one of James Bond’s firearms, has already invested more than $1 million in the [civilian version of a machine gun designed for special operations forces] and has planned to expand its plant further in Prince George’s County to ramp up production.
But under an assault-weapons ban that advanced late last week in the Maryland General Assembly, experts say the gun would be illegal in the state where it is produced.

Now Beretta is weighing whether the rifle line, and perhaps the company itself, should stay in a place increasingly hostile toward its products. Its iconic 9mm pistol — carried by every U.S. soldier and scores of police departments — would also be banned with its high capacity, 13-bullet magazine.

More @The Blaze

Human Events Newspaper for Sale

A screenshot of Human Events magazine's website is shown. | Screenshot



I used to receive Human Events for a period in the past before the widespread advent of the internet. It was known to be somewhat paleo friendly, as it’s Editor for some duration after ’96 was Terence Jeffrey, who had been Pat Buchanan’s campaign manager in ’96. If I’m not mistaken, HE supported Buchanan’s primary challenge in ’92.

But as far as I know in recent years Human Events, which is now owned by Eagle Publishing, has been indistinguishable from other pro-war yahoo rags. (I haven’t followed them in recent years. If anyone knows whether they still retain any paleo vestiges, let me know. Also, does anyone know if Jeffrey still leans paleo?)

Here are a couple of comments on the potential demise of HE from Lew Rockwell. See here and here.

Human Events has a venerable history as the Rockwell posts show. This is a case where we really need some paleo moneybags to buy it up and retake it from the neocons. And no that does not mean turning it into moderation central.

Situation Report: Tight Silver Markets & Food Price Inflation


It’s been a quiet few days on the FreeFor Internet circuit, including this very small, humble part of it. I think that’s a good thing because FreeFor writers and readers both need to have a healthy prioritization of time in the Real World, not Internet World. When New Rhodesia goes Full Zimbabwe, it’s going to be your Tribe’s small, local Real World that counts. Download what you need and print what is really valuable on tangible paper now, while you still can.

This post will touch on a few things, not being sure if they weave a coherent story.

Last week my tax refund came in, so as I wrote about earlier, it was time to redeploy fiat currency proceeds from Regime defunding to better uses. Part of that was buying some junk silver. I went with a close friend and associate and fellow Rhodie Patriot to the coin dealer to stock up, mentioning on the way over: “If it’s as hard to get silver as it is to get ammo lately, that will be a sign that things are really on the verge.”

I was able to get a nice allotment of half dollars, and when paying, I asked the dealer if he was seeing tightness in the physical silver market. He strongly and immediately replied to the effect that yes, the market had been tight for several months and was getting even tighter – he said the half dollars I’d gotten had pretty much cleaned him out. There were some quarters and dimes left, but no Maple Leaves and no American Eagles. He also said he was getting calls from other dealers who were totally out of physical silver inventory seeking some of his.

On the way home from the coin dealer, I hit the grocery store, and made an incremental addition to my food storage. It really wasn’t more than about $85 worth of canned goods, but the checkout clerk commented: “Stocking up, huh?” I avoided engaging on that issue, just mumbling about “buying in bulk when prices were good.”

The issue at the store that presented squarely was inflation: I’m telling you, it’s happening now, in a big way. I buy the same array of staples for my food storage mostly from the same store, so I know what they tend to cost. Since Christmas time, soup prices are up 25 to 35%, pasta prices are up 7%, and coffee prices are up 12% to 14%. If you want a non-sexy investment recommendation for 2013, here it is: add to your food storage.