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Video Captures Moment Man Fights Back Against Activists Pushing to Remove School’s ‘Rebels’ Mascot: ‘Everything You Said Was Racist’

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 (WTOC-TV screengrab)

A school board meeting in Effingham County, Georgia, turned heated as residents fought back against an effort to change a local high school’s “Rebels” mascot, usually depicted as a Confederal soldier with a Confederate flag.

A “small group of people,” including the head of the local NAACP, showed up at the Tuesday night meeting, but were outnumbered by an “overwhelming majority” of people who expressed support Effingham County High School’s mascot, WOTC-TV reported.

Effingham NAACP President Leroy Lloyd told the school board meeting attendees that their petition seeks to “right the wrong that should have been corrected 60 years ago.” The petition calls on the school to replace its Confederate-themed mascot and its “Dixie” fight song.

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Donald Trump's comments as he speaks in Alabama

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Some goodies

Trump: "I am going to be the greatest jobs president that God ever created."

"We are going to repeal and replace Obamacare." He goes on to say the insurance companies benefit most from Obamacare. "The insurance companies are so protected, they're making a fortune. We're going to end that, we are going to make it competitive."
Goes on about Obamacare. "Take a look at what's happening to the deductibles. They're so high, it's impossible."

Trump said he'll put a 35% tax on business that build factories outside the United States

"The press is largely very dishonest. The political media. I think the political media is less popular than Congress."

"This will not be an election based on a nice person. This will be an election based on a competent person."

"I am the toughest guy. I will rebuild our military, it will be so strong and so great." "It will be so powerful and so great that we will never have to use it, nobody's gonna mess with us."
 Crowd chants "USA, USA"

Trump says he loves Oreos but will never eat them again because they moved a plant that was in Chicago out of the country.

Trump said China has smart, clever leaders while the United States has dummies.

Donald Trump says Bible is his favorite book, Art of A Deal second

"I just hate gutless people." 

He claims 7.5 percent of all births in U.S. are illegal immigrants. "We are the only place that's stupid enough to do it," said Trump.

"A woman, 66, was killed, raped, sodomized, by an illegal immigrant. We have to do something."

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Update regarding Copperhead activities up here (Southern Illinois)


 It's Been A Long Hard Road 2010 Tour, Cape Carteret, NC


Friend Brock,

Remember when we first started communicating all those years back, and I told you how this area was a hotbed of Copperhead activities? I am button poppin' proud to inform you it remains that way to this day.

Since that idiot shot those poor folks and his pic was posted holding our flag and all that has ensued since, Pam and I have counted more than seventy five (75) new flags flying up here. You can see them flying at peoples homes , out the back of pick up trucks, on car antennas, etc. These numbers do not count the 103 flags Pam and I  personally gave away to date; nor does it count such items as license plates bumper stickers and those sort of items.

People have had enough. We just saw a panel truck in town that said on the back "OK you haters if you don't like this American  flag (it was the battle flag) then you need a history lesson...if you still don't like this American flag, then you can kiss my sweet ass. Have a beautiful day." I thought it was great.

Also personal note Pam and I are going to see Whiskey Myers on Sept 5 just a few short miles from here. The ad on the radio says "Whiskey Myers a  real Southern  band and proud of it"  gotta love it.

Hope all is well there, our love to the entire family,

T is a pic of the new band minus the pretty girl who plays keyboards for us, we hadn't hired her yet. lol

Digging For Southern Roots

                                                              Mosby Monument 

"Mosby Country" Friends

John Singleton Mosby's Revenge

Mosby Quotes

 Mosby colorized

With all due apologies to Samuel Clemens, I like to think of myself as a Connecticut Confederate. Therefore, I was delighted to find recently that, in addition to being a self-made devotee of the “Lost Cause” and an ardent admirer of the South in general, I also have at least two actual ancestors who served gallantly in the Confederate Army throughout the War Between the States.

To backtrack a bit, however, my initial interest in the War for Southern Independence began about eighty years ago, even though I must confess I did not refer to the War by that name at the time. It all started when my grandfather gave me one of his early school books, an original copy of “American History Stories” by Dr. Mara Louise Pratt, printed by the Educational Publishing Company of Boston in 1891. While I found the stories fascinating, the book, of course, presented the conflict from an entirely Yankee perspective, and it was not until after World War Two when I landed in Augusta, Georgia, following a tour of Occupation duty in Tokyo, Japan, and then attended the University of Georgia, that I discovered just how much of what I had been taught about the “Civil War” had to be relearned.

Since then I have been a complete convert to the Confederacy, as well as continuing an abiding interest in all aspects of the War Between the States. I might toss in the fact that after moving to New York State from Georgia in the mid-1950s, I had the honor of participating in a number of North-South Skirmishes there as a member of the Clinch Rifles of Augusta (Company “A” of the 5th Georgia Infantry Regiment).

The Fighting Gamecock

 sumter 2

The University of South Carolina mascot is somewhat of a joke among SEC football fans.

“Cocky” has won several awards for his die-hard performances, but it is the innuendo that often gets everyone excited or chuckling about the “Gamecocks.” Even before I decided to attend USC, I remember as an undergraduate (in Maryland) the running joke about Ball State playing the South Carolina “Cocks.”

Most don’t realize that the Fighting Gamecocks take their name from one of the greatest heroes of the American War for Independence, Thomas Sumter. This is another classic example of the disintegration of American education. If someone had asked an elementary school student who Thomas Sumter was even as late as the 1960s, they would have been able to recount his story. Not today, probably not even among students at South Carolina.

He doesn’t fit the politically correct narrative of the War or early American history.

Pursuit of the Truth

 Dr. Dan Eichenbaum

When we hear the phrase “military justice,” most of us recall Jack Nicholson in the movie “A Few Good Men” saying, “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth.”

A JAG officer is a commissioned officer who serves as an attorney in the US Military. 

Many JAG officers perform routine tasks such as preparing wills, power of attorney forms, or filling other legal needs of military personnel. As part of the military justice system, they may serve as prosecutors or defense attorneys in trials in which decisions can determine freedom, prison time, or even execution.

In an ideal world and like their civilian counterparts, JAG officers pursue the truth and seek a just verdict based on that reality.

But what if the wheels of military justice were corrupted by the internal politics of the military or political elite? Pursuit of the truth then becomes a pawn in the hands of the oligarchy whose greed and lust for power demands an outcome favorable to their chosen agenda.

That’s when the “truth” becomes a lie used to cover up unwanted and inconvenient facts. Such is the case with “Extortion 17” the largest single loss of life for American forces in the Afghan War and the largest single loss of life event in the history of the US Navy Seals.

Senator Jeff Sessions cheers Trump platform as key to GOP victory in '16

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Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala.

While the Republican National Committee is reported to be running an anti-Trump war room amid fears the presidential candidate will “kill the Republican Party,” a prominent Senate conservative says Donald Trump’s immigration platform is exactly what the GOP needs to win the White House, no matter who wins the nomination.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., contends opposition to so-called free-trade deals and unrestricted immigration is how the Republican Party will gain the trust of the working Americans it needs to win elections.

“Most people go to work every day. They want to be sure that the candidate they vote for cares about them,” Sessions said in an interview on Michael Hart’s radio show on WYDE in Birmingham, Alabama. “I think the average working person is not happy with the Democratic Party, President Obama or Hillary Clinton, and they’re willing to vote for a good Republican if they have confidence in him.”

More @ WND

Greta: Yes, Donald Trump helped Tahmooressi

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Who is Donald Trump?

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They are lacking in negative stories from those who work for him or have had business dealings with him. After all the employees he's had and all the business deals he's made there is a void of criticism. In fact, long term employees call him a strong and merciful leader and say he is far more righteous and of high integrity than people may think.

And while it may surprise many, he's actually humble when it comes to his generosity and kindness. A good example is a story that tells of his limo breaking down on a deserted highway outside of New York City. A middle-aged couple stopped to help him and as a 'thank you' he paid off their mortgage, but he didn't brag about that. Generous and good people rarely talk of charity they bestow on others.

But as much as all this is interesting, the real thing that people want to know is what Donald Trump's plan is for America. It's funny how so many people say they don't know what it is, or they act like Trump is hiding it. The information is readily available if people would just do a little homework. But, since most Americans won't do their own research, here, in no particular order, is an overview of many of Trump's positions and plans:

1.) Trump believes that America should not intervene militarily in other country's problems without being compensated for doing so. If America is going to risk the lives of our soldiers and incur the expense of going to war, then the nations we help must be willing to pay for our help. Using the Iraq War as an example, he cites the huge monetary expense to American taxpayers (over $1.5 trillion, and possibly much more depending on what sources are used to determine the cost) in addition to the cost in human life. He suggests that Iraq should have been required to give us enough of their oil to pay for the expenses we incurred. He includes in those expenses the medical costs for our military and $5 million for each family who lost a loved one in the war and $2 million for each family of soldiers who received severe injuries.

2.) Speaking of the military, Trump wants America to have a strong military again. He believes the single most important function of the federal government is national defense. He has said he wants to find the General Patton or General MacArthur who could lead our military buildup back to the strength it needs to be. While he hasn't said it directly that I know of, Trump's attitude about America and about winning tells me he'd most likely be quick to eliminate rules of engagement that handicap our military in battle. Clearly Trump is a "win at all costs" kind of guy, and I'm sure that would apply to our national defense and security, too.

3.) Trump wants a strong foreign policy and believes that it must include 7 core principles (which seem to support my comment in the last point):

American interests come first. Always. No apologies.

Maximum firepower and military preparedness.

Only go to war to win.

Stay loyal to your friends and suspicious of your enemies.

Keep the technological sword razor sharp.

See the unseen. Prepare for threats before they materialize.

Respect and support our present and past warriors.

4.) Trump believes that terrorists who are captured should be treated as military combatants, not as criminals like the Obama administration treats them.

5.) Trump makes the point that China's manipulation of their currency has given them unfair advantage in our trade dealings with them. He says we must tax their imports to offset their currency manipulation, which will cause American companies to be competitive again and drive manufacturing back to America and create jobs here. Although he sees China as the biggest offender, he believes that America should protect itself from all foreign efforts to take our jobs and manufacturing. For example, Ford is building a plant in Mexico and Trump suggests that every part or vehicle Ford makes in Mexico be taxed 35% if they want to bring it into the U. S., which would cause companies like Ford to no longer be competitive using their Mexican operations and move manufacturing back to the U. S., once again creating jobs here.

6.) Trump wants passage of NOPEC legislation (No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act – NOPEC – S.394), which would allow the government to sue OPEC for violating antitrust laws. According to Trump, that would break up the cartel. He also wants to unleash our energy companies to drill domestically thereby increasing domestic production creating jobs and driving domestic costs of oil and gas down while reducing dependence on foreign oil.

7.) Trump believes a secure border is critical for both security and prosperity in America. He wants to build a wall to stop illegals from entering, put controls on immigration. (And he says he'll get Mexico to pay for the wall, which many have scoffed at, but given his business successes I wouldn't put it past him.) He also wants to enforce our immigration laws and provide no path to citizenship for illegals.

8.) Trump wants a radical change to the tax system to not only make it better for average Americans, but also to encourage businesses to stay here and foreign businesses to move here. The resulting influx of money to our nation would do wonders for our economy. He wants to make America the place to do business. He also wants to lower the death tax and the taxes on capital gains and dividends. This would put more than $1.6 trillion back into the economy and help rebuild the 1.5 million jobs we've lost to the current tax system. He also wants to charge companies who outsource jobs overseas a 20% tax, but for those willing to move jobs back to America they would not be taxed. And for citizens he has a tax plan that would allow Americans to keep more of what they earn and spark economic growth. He wants to change the personal income tax to:

Up to $30,000 taxed at 1%

From $30,000 to $100,000 taxed at 5%

From $100,000 to $1,000,000 taxed at 10%

$1,000,000 and above taxed at 15%

9.) Trump wants Obamacare repealed. He says it's a "job-killing, health care-destroying monstrosity" that "can't be reformed, salvaged, or fixed". He believes in allowing real competition in the health insurance marketplace to allow competition to drive prices down. He also believes in tort reform to get rid of defensive medicine and lower costs.

10.) Trump wants spending reforms in Washington, acknowledging that America spends far more than it receives in revenue. He has said he believes that if we don't stop increasing the national debt once it hits $24 trillion it will be impossible to save this country.

11.) Even though he says we need to cut spending, he does not want to harm those on Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security. He believes that the citizens have faithfully paid in to the system to have these services available and that the American government has an obligation to fulfill its end of the bargain and provide those benefits. Therefore, he wants to build the economy up so that we have the revenue to pay those costs without cutting the benefits to the recipients. He disagrees with Democrats who think raising taxes is the answer and says that when you do that you stifle the economy. On the other hand, when you lower taxes and create an environment to help businesses they will grow, hire more workers, and those new workers will be paying taxes that become more tax revenue for the government.

12.) Trump also wants reform of the welfare state saying that America needs "a safety net, not a hammock". He believes in a welfare to work program that would help reduce the welfare rolls and encourage people to get back to work. And he wants a crackdown on entitlement fraud.

13.) Trump believes climate change is a hoax.

14.) Trump opposes Common Core.

15.) Trump is pro-life, although he allows for an exception due to rape, incest, or the life of the mother.

16.) Trump is pro 2nd Amendment rights.

17.) Trump's view on same-sex marriage is that marriage is between a man and a woman, but he also believes that this is a states' rights issue, not a federal issue.

18.) Trump supports the death penalty.

Trump believes that there is a lack of common sense, innovative thinking in Washington. He says it's about seeing the unseen and that's the kind of thinking we need to turn this country around. He tells a personal story to illustrate the point:

"When I opened Trump National Golf Club at Rancho Palos Verdes in Los Angeles, I was immediately told that I would need to build a new and costly ballroom. The current ballroom was gorgeous, but it only sat 200 people and we were losing business because people needed a larger space for their events. Building a new ballroom would take years to get approval and permits (since it's on the Pacific Ocean), and cost about $5 million. I took one look at the ballroom and saw immediately what needed to be done. The problem wasn't the size of the room, it was the size of the chairs.

They were huge, heavy, and unwieldy. We didn't need a bigger ballroom, we needed smaller chairs! So I had them replaced with high-end, smaller chairs. I then had our people sell the old chairs and got more money for them than the cost of the new chairs. In the end, the ballroom went from seating 200 people to seating 320 people. Our visitors got the space they desired, and I spared everyone the hassle of years of construction and $5 million of expense. It's amazing what you can accomplish with a little common sense."

On top of his saving years of construction and $5 million in expenses, he also was able to keep the ballroom open for business during the time it would have been under remodeling, which allowed him to continue to make money on the space instead of losing that revenue during construction time.

Donald Trump's entire life has been made up of success and winning. He's been accused of bankruptcies, but that's not true. He's never filed personal bankruptcy. He's bought companies and legally used bankruptcy laws to restructure their debt, just as businesses do all the time. But he's never been bankrupt personally.

He's a fighter who clearly loves America and would fight for our nation.

Earlier I quoted Trump saying, "I love America. And when you love something, you protect it passionately – fiercely, even." We never hear that from Democrats or even from most Republicans. Donald Trump is saying things that desperately need to be said but no other candidate has shown the fortitude to stand up and say them.

Looking over this list of what he wants for America I see a very necessary set of goals that are long past due.

Before we criticize someone because the media does, maybe we should seriously consider what he has to offer.

Peggy Hubbard talks about Ferguson and Protests

Via comment by Quartermain on Nine Year-Old #Ferguson Girl Shot Dead in Her Bed ...

"They Laid Waste To Our Land" Waylon Jennings

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Race Ready 2008 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 0.7 miles # 42 of 50 Built 

- FR500CJ #42
- 1 of 50 produced
- Delivered new to Jacky Jones Ford in Cleveland, Georgia
- One owner since new
- 0.7 miles since new
- Never raced or prepped
- Supercharged 5.4L engine
- 6-speed manual transmission
- Lightweight racing wheels
- Goodyear Eagle rear slicks
- Dash-mounted 10,000 RPM tach
- RJS racing harnesses
- Roll cage
- Documented with the original bill of sale

More @ MECUM

THE TARIFF IMBROGLIO: Cincinnati Daily Press March 27, 1861

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 Ensign Joseph Pippen

(My G, G Grandfather - Tariff Must Be Reduced)   
The Tariff must be reduced; it was grinding the South to powder. The northern manufacturers were declaring dividends of 25 and 30 per cent per annum, while the poor farmer at the South could scarcely "make both ends meet." The Tariff must be reduced - it made the rich richer and the poor poorer. 


The tariff question is looming up in the Secession movement, both at home and abroad. The Virginia Convention has added it to its grievances, and is using it as an aid to the precipitation of that State --- a thing which seems to be only a question of time. Foreign papers are discussing it, and enlarging on the more favorable commercial relations offered by the Confederates; and it will be an important aid to them in securing the recognition of their independence. No observing man can now doubt that the Confederate Government will at once be recognized by the leading European Powers.

On the 1st of April, the new tariff (Morrill) goes into operation, which levied duties from fifty to seventy-five per cent higher than the Confederate tariff, on the leading articles of cotton and woolen goods. This, of course, will, if not prevented by Government force, drive all the importations to the Confederate ports, annihilating Northern commerce and the revenue of the Government, and doing for the South what of itself it would never begin to do, giving it a great foreign commerce.

To prevent this by collecting duties off the coast or by seizing cargoes, is war. The Government and people may as well look that event in the face at once. The first attempt made to collect duties from foreign goods bound to Confederate ports, will be followed by reprisals on our own commerce, and will be the beginning of a war with the Confederates, with a probability of involving us with foreign powers; for the first shipments will be made in foreign ships, and a seizure will raise the question with foreign governments; and what foreign power will respect our national claims over the Confederates, when we ourselves admit by our actions that we have no power over them.

Every-body begins to see now that the North has furnished the Confederates with the most powerful means for carrying out their scheme. We derive no satisfaction from reminding our readers that we told them so, while this tariff was pending. We urged this very advantage which the tariff would give the Confederates, as a reason why no increase of duties should be made at this time. In addition to giving them our commerce and a revenue to support their Government, we have furnished them with what they regard as a real grievance, one that they can state, a thing which they have not yet been able to do in regard to the slavery question.

The new tariff does not include the whole tariff difficulty, for the Confederates might have resorted to the same means under our present tariff. But that would afford them too small a margin to be used with much effect, for the current of trade is not turned from the great commercial cities by any small margin. They could not have seriously damaged our commerce without a tariff so low that it could not be relied upon for revenue, even if it would pay the cost of collecting; and the probability is that the present tariff would have driven the Confederates to free trade, and to direct taxation to pay for their Secession amusement, a thing which might have been a very useful lesson to them.

The North has played the game badly. The Republican Party was besotted with the old Whig Idea of protection, to which the actual necessities of the Government gave a force it never had before. And Northern politicians and journalists were besotted with the idea that hostility to slavery would prevent the Slave Confederacy getting any countenance from European Powers, and have seized with avidity upon every English and French article against Secession as proof of this. Probably by this time they begin to see that trade will beat philanthropy, no matter how long a start it may have.

Another notion with which Northern journalists blind themselves, is that the Confederates can do nothing at sea, because they have no vessels. What should prevent their having vessels? They have ports, navy-yards, revenue, and some vessels already, which are invincible, under the present practice which permits them to make war while we cry no coercion. They have one of the Government war steamers, lying at the Pensacola Navy-yard, which, doubtless, they will have fitted up ready for service when Fort Pickens falls into their hands; and even should they limit themselves to reprisals on Northern vessels in their ports, they can carry on the war in that way without loss to themselves.

But the worst feature of this tariff question is that it is governed entirely by a false idea of its operation. The South suppose that it makes them contribute more than their share of the Federal revenue. The North has always admitted it, and supposed that it made something out of the South by this system of supporting the Government. The idea is totally false. The laborers of the South consume no imported goods. Nearly all the laborers of the North do consume imported goods. The poor whites of the South consume no imported goods. We have no class in the North corresponding to them.

The small planters and farmers in the South consume much less of imported goods, or goods of any kind, than the same class in the North, on account of their different mode of living, and the greater comfort taste and luxury which prevails at the North Thus the class consuming foreign goods in the South is a very small one. Any one acquainted with the different circumstances of the people of the two sections, must see that under our revenue system the North pays vastly more than its proportion for the support of the Government.

The tariff is really a Northern grievance. Under it the South does not pay more than half its proportion of the Federal revenue; nor half what it receives back again in salaries, fortifications, troops for defense against Indians, and postal facilities. Under a tariff system the South is almost exempt from the burdens of Government, yet the South is permitted to allege the tariff as a Southern grievance. Thus our Government has a rotten financial system, totally unreliable as a means of revenue, and which puts the support of the Government chiefly on the North; while the South, which is supported by it, makes it a source of constant complaint.

It is time the falsity of the whole tariff system were exposed, and the thing overthrown. The North, with its immense taxable basis, would not feel the support of Government by direct taxes, any more than it should be felt, to secure an economical Government; and it is time it should show that it can stand on its own genius, without any Government restrictions. In the long run the tariff has never benefitted manufacturers, and never will they will prosper best with free trade, and should demonstrate at once that they can stand on their own bottom.

And we will say to the manufacturers that it will not be long before they will be the loudest clamorers for free trade; for a horizontal tariff of fifteen or twenty per cent, will be destructive to them. It will give them no advantage of any moment at home, while the duty which they will pay on imported materials will cut them off from foreign markets, where they will come in competition with goods made from free materials; and that is the tariff we are coming to.

We conclude that a Government which will not make war to defend its important positions in the Confederate States, will not to collect its revenues from them. It cannot be done without. Therefore there is an immediate necessity for the reduction of our tariff to theirs. Fortunate would it be for the country if the present disruption should overthrow the whole tariff system.

2016 Race In Totally Uncharted Territory

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It was just days ago that Western Journalism reported on the results of a new CNN/ORC poll showing that Donald Trump, the candidate who has literally upended the 2016 presidential contest, is a serious competitor in the general election. Pundits and politicians said it could never happen — the brash billionaire businessman could never sustain the excitement, maintain the momentum, and become a serious candidate for President of the United States.

But he has, and now a just-released poll from Rasmussen Reports contains data that will shock the socks off both Republican and Democrat power brokers. This, as they say, is a true game-changer.

Trump Likely to be BANNED from Future Republican Debates

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This report should make Donald Trump supporters angry! While taxpayers are often funding political debates, the Republican Party has the ultimate say over its own events.

And while the GOP is supposed to stand for the principles of the Founding Fathers, it can be manipulated by the political establishment which can’t stand Trump’s conservative views.

The real reason why the GOP is focusing on Trump’s threat to run as a 3rd party candidate is it would give them grounds to boot him from future debates. The Republican Party, to protect its interests, is probably willing to boot the front-runner candidate. And they have savvy enough operatives,Karl Rove, who are ready to do it…

Harvesting Live Babies is Murder!

Comment by Bill on Planned Parenthood kept aborted babies alive to ha...

 Image result for Harvesting Live Babies is Murder!

Why is this shocking to everyone?  It is like getting upset at the Germans for making lamp shades out of human skin after they have been killing millions of people for years and everyone knew about it while it was going on! 

When a society can normalize murder of children for any reason (like woman’s health), anything is possible.  In my short life time, I have seen women go from being the glue that holds families together, the establishers of social moral codes for the community, and the champions of what has historically positive values for societies to the destroyers of the concept of families, to infanticide participants, and to the promotion of debauchery all in the name of women’s rights. 

What a G-dless society we live in today.  In my old age, I am really questioning how an omnipotent being as G-d is supposed to be could give human’s free will.  We are certainly not smart enough to handle it and if recorded history is any indication, we will never be able to handle it!  After all, we have programs like hoarders, the housewives of xyz, the kardashians, or the nightly ABC news to stimulate our minds.  How utterly depressing.  

The Proper Bug Out Bag

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ISIS Killers Bulldoze 5th Century Syrian Church – Dig Up and Desecrate Saint’s Remains

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Photo published for ISIS dig up and desecrate saint's bones after bulldozing 1,600-year-old Christian church reported:
The twisted terror group today released a video showing its barbaric militants razing the ancient Mar Elian monastery to the ground, even digging up and desecrating the bones of a Christian saint.
There were reports that fighters had also kidnapped the monastery’s abbot, Father Jacques Mouraud and a church volunteer, Botros Hanna, who are both now feared dead.
Earlier this month ISIS abducted up to 250 Christians from the monastery and its surrounding villages, many of whom were women and children.

Planned Parenthood kept aborted babies alive to harvest organs, ex-technician says

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 The entrance to a Planned Parenthood Clinic is seen here in Oklahoma City on July 24, 2015. (Associated Press) **FILE**

In an undercover video released Wednesday, a former technician for a tissue-harvesting company details how an aborted baby was kept alive so that its heart could be harvested at a California Planned Parenthood facility, raising more legal questions about the group’s practices.

Holly O'Donnell, a former blood and tissue procurement technician for the biotech startup StemExpress, also said she was asked to harvest an intact brain from the late-term, male fetus whose heart was still beating after the abortion.

 A StemExpress supervisor “gave me the scissors and told me that I had to cut down the middle of the face.

More with video @ The Washington Times

Danville's Goodyear Plant Postpones Sen. Tim Kaine's Visit In Fear of Confederate Flag Protest

Senator Tim Kaine tells ABC 13 that for the first time ever, he was uninvited from an event in fear of a possible protest. That protest was about the Confederate flag.
The Goodyear Tire and Rubber plant in Danville was part of Kaine's five day tour of Virginia focusing on job creation and economic development. Less than 24 hours before he was supposed to be here, Kaine says Goodyear postponed his visit.

More with video @ WSET


 Virginia Flaggers Raise Second, Prominent Confederate Flag in Danville


Danville, VA - Nearly two weeks after the Danville City Council banned the Confederate flag from city flagpoles, one group is working to keep it flying.

The "Virginia Flaggers" raised a second, highly-visible, Confederate flag there.  Susan Hathaway of the Virginia Flaggers says these flags are pushback for council's decision to remove the flag at the Danville Museum.

More with video @ WSET