Friday, August 21, 2015

Harvesting Live Babies is Murder!

Comment by Bill on Planned Parenthood kept aborted babies alive to ha...

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Why is this shocking to everyone?  It is like getting upset at the Germans for making lamp shades out of human skin after they have been killing millions of people for years and everyone knew about it while it was going on! 

When a society can normalize murder of children for any reason (like woman’s health), anything is possible.  In my short life time, I have seen women go from being the glue that holds families together, the establishers of social moral codes for the community, and the champions of what has historically positive values for societies to the destroyers of the concept of families, to infanticide participants, and to the promotion of debauchery all in the name of women’s rights. 

What a G-dless society we live in today.  In my old age, I am really questioning how an omnipotent being as G-d is supposed to be could give human’s free will.  We are certainly not smart enough to handle it and if recorded history is any indication, we will never be able to handle it!  After all, we have programs like hoarders, the housewives of xyz, the kardashians, or the nightly ABC news to stimulate our minds.  How utterly depressing.  


  1. This the natural and almost mathematically predictable outcome of a society that has rejected God. "Come now and let us reason together" was the invitation that was rejected by a society that grew stupid, lazy and fat; wanting to worship its' own false idols.
    If my understanding of the Bible is correct: God will honor our free will to do what is right in our own eyes, and grant a period of time to repent and turn away from our evil. But there is a limit and when the cup of iniquity is full, then there will be a judgment day. There is a small comfort in that thought. What would be utterly depressing for me, would be that such mass murder would go unpunished.

    Brock, my friend, please read the Old Testament book of Habakkuk. This evil will NOT go unpunished. Why this is allowed to happen, I don't have a good answer. Also may I suggest to you, for your soul's sake, listening to the later part of Messiah by Handel starting with the Hallelujah chorus. Remember too, that all great nations and empires have a shelf life. The America of the old republic is gone forever, the empire and "super power" that it once was is in decline and will be gone. I also believe that we are in the "End times / Last days". Where on that time line, I don't know? And I could be wrong. But as disgusting as things are, maybe, events are unfolding on a time table and plan that I don't now understand. Keep the faith, Brock, keep the faith.

  2. I have to shake my head at the hoops people will jump thru for plausible deniability.
    Yes its illegal. But more importantly its immoral.
    And as we sit here and hope the state will stop it or bring justice to the state we are all guilty for doing nothing and yes this includes me.

    1. Yup.