Sunday, November 15, 2015

1 of 22 Special Edition AMX

 AMC AMX, Von Piranha AMX,

At first glance, this AMC AMX just looks like someone bought some extra scoops and took an axe to the hood. However, this is actually a very rare special edition Von Piranha edition AMX. Supposedly only 22 were built by Thoroughbred Motors in Colorado Springs, Colorado. One of the examples even campaigned by racing legend Ron Hunter. The car being a true “Go Pack” is equipped with the stout 390 v8 mated with a Borg warner M-12 Auto Tranny. With only 24,700 actual miles and a price of $34,900, this looks to be a must have for any AMC enthusiast.

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Black Activists Double Down on Hate with #F***Paris Hashtag

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Resentful black activists and their comrades started a backlash against the huge public sympathy for the Parisian victims of the Islamist terror war. On Sunday, they used Twitter’s hashtag #FuckParis to reveal their emotional reaction to their loss of attention.

Breitbart News’ Milo Yiannopoulos reported, the social media backlash began almost immediately by Black Lives Matters activists upset about how the historic terror attack by ISIS that left over 120 dead had stolen the media spotlight overnight on Friday.

A small sampling of the tweets show no sympathy towards the killed and wounded in Paris. Instead, the left-wing activists described the slaughter in France as retribution for the Western colionialist, imperialist, racist, and white culture. (So you attack a Cambodian restaurant? IQ (80)

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NC police department urges residents to turn in their guns

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 Greensboro gun
  • Making peace must start within myself.
  • To respect self and others.
  • To communicate better.
  • To listen.
  • To forgive.
  • To be courageous.
The Greensboro, North Carolina police department wants to make residents safer by disarming them.

The department held a turn-in Saturday and invited citizens to sign a “non-violence” pledge and hand over their guns.

15 Photos From the Paris Terror Attacks

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 Contribution of Peaceful Muslims.

Caution: there are several graphic photos included in this series

Legacy media has a long and undistinguished history of whitewashing Islamist terror attacks on the West. The 9/11 attacks, Bali, London, Madrid and now Paris have been largely sanitized. In 2003, for example, The Guardian was caught photoshopping pictures of the Madrid train bombings to erase severed limbs.

Earlier today, London's Telegraph pixelated the aftermath of the Paris attacks in the Bataclan concert hall.

In my opinion, we adults have to deal with the reality of Islamist terror attacks. We have to understand the inhumanity, the carnage, the very real tragedy engendered by an ideology that places no value on human life.

In light of that, the following photographs and screen-caps have not been circulated by media because they show the reality of Islamonazism.

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German interior minister: Don’t link Paris jihad attacks to migrant influx

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 Good little commie.

Why not? The attackers had “French, Egyptian and Syrian passports.” Those who had Syrian passports could have come in with the migrant influx. If they didn’t, how are they different from jihadis who may be among the migrants? Thomas de Maiziere is just trying to shore up the sagging Eurabian narrative, and bamboozle the public into thinking that it will be just fine to import hundreds of thousands of Muslims while Muslims are waging war on Europe.

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Report: Terrorist Was RESCUED from ‘Refugee’ Boat

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Greek refugee boat Leros (Aris Messins / AFP / Getty)

One of the terrorists involved in the horrific attacks in Paris on Friday evening was reportedly rescued by Greek authorities from a refugee boat that sank off the coast of Greece last month.

The UK Mirror, citing Serbian and Greek media sources, says that 25-year-old Ahmed Almuhamed and another family member were rescued October 3. They were processed as refugees, but there had been no way to verify whether their identity documents were real. They were transferred to another vessel and continued their journey.

CNN reported Sunday morning on Fareed Zakaria: GPS that at least one, and as many as three, of the terrorists in the attacks reached Europe among the flood of Syrian “refugees.” CNN’s Clarissa Ward reported:

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France’s Le Pen for Nation to Re-Arm Itself – ‘Revoke Muslim Passports’

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If there is one ‘winner’ from last night’s terrible events in Paris, it is France’s anti-EU, anti-immigration far-right wing Front Nationale party leader Marine Le Pen. Having already ascended to the lead in yet another poll ahead of France’s 2017 elections, Le Pen came out swinging this morning call for France to “re-arm itself,” stating that radical Islam must be “eradicated” from France. She further demanded that border controls be made “permanent” and binational Islamists must be depreived of their French passport.

It’s Just The Beginning: Martial Law Declared In Paris; Borders Sealed; Weapons Caches Found In Camps

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A Friday night in Paris, France turned into a bloody rampage when at least two Muslim men armed with assault rifles left 160 dead and scores wounded. Some reports also indicate that suicide bombers were to blame for multiple explosions heard by witnesses.

A de facto state of Martial Law now exists in France, with mandatory curfews and the country’s borders sealed for the first time since the 1962 Algerian war. Paris authorities also announced a closure of all schools and universities in the French capital. Armored vehicles have been deployed around the city.

This is likely only the beginning for a wave of terror that could sweep the region in coming months and years. With hundreds of thousands of unidentified, fighting-age men having entered European borders in the last six months, the zones’ citizens from Germany to Hungary are, quite literally, up in arms.


Not two days has passed since the horrific Paris slaughter by gun-wielding Islamic terrorists shouting “Allah akhbar!” - wait, guns in a gun-control paradise? - and now news is developing that two of the killers were refugees. Doubtless more will be discovered; doubtless more will attack. ISIS has bragged of hundreds of moles in the “refugee” flood.

Now President "I will stand with the Muslims" Obama proposes increasing the inflow of refugees to the US by 100,000.  How has this immigration resulted elsewhere? Crimes in Europe are soaring. Dozens of cars burn daily across Europe. Sweden has seen its rape rates rocket with virtually every rape being committed by one of these new residents who are taking the Koran-quoted right-hand prize of what one Imam called "uncovered meat", and thus are asking for it. No-go zones exist in every large Western European city, some so bad even the police will not enter.

The evidence is irrefutable. These "refugees" are invaders bringing Sharia - the law that enslaves women, slaughters gays, and subjugates anyone not a Muslim.

Those aiding this Jihad-by-Hijra are enemies of America specifically and Western Civilization in general. Where are today's versions of Charles Martel, or King Jan Sobieski? Will Holger Dansk wake at last? We need you. For our current leaders are openly aiding and comforting our invaders, and the enemy is inside the gate to the cheers of those whose sons await beatings, and daughters await rape.

When the history of today is written in the future, will it be written by those who beat back this new wave of Islamic invasion? Or will it be written in Arabic by those who praise Allah for the useful idiots who helped them win at last?