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Though opposed to his State’s secession, South Carolinian William J. Grayson saw the true face of the Northern-dominated union as Lincoln’s army murdered and plundered his neighbors. In like manner, North Carolina Unionist Edward Stanly, Lincoln’s proconsul in occupied New Bern, lost faith in the conquerors as he witnessed Northern troopships returning north laden with stolen furniture, artwork and jewelry.
Bernhard Thuersam,  The Great American Political Divide

Witness to Sorrow

“For this calamity, this crime of War between North and South, Northern people are chiefly chargeable. The cupidity and intermeddling spirit of New England were the main causes of dissention. Her greedy tariff exaction, her perpetual irritating interference with Negro slavery in the Southern States, her avaricious monopolists & political priests sowed the seed of which we are reaping the natural harvest.

If ever a people destroyed their own prosperity it is the people of New England. They are accustomed to call the brain of New England the brain of the Union — it is the brain of a lunatic who cuts his own throat. No chain of cause and effect in all history is more clearly traceable than the destruction of the Federal Union by Northern folly and madness.

If they succeed in the war they will be the rulers over insurgent provinces ready at the first opportunity to renew the contest. The restoration of the union is an impossibility. There must succeed to it another government with standing armies, enormous taxes and despotic power beneath whose influence Northern liberty will wither and perish. In the early part of November [1861] the Northern government began a series of predatory expeditions on the Southern coast. The first under Sherman and Dupont disembarked at Port Royal. They presented to the world a striking evidence of the ease with which men strain at gnats and swallow camels.

They were prosecuting as felons in New York the captured privateersmen of the South, and were seizing all the cotton and other property of widows, children and noncombatants on the islands of South Carolina, contrary to every usage of civilized war.

The robbery has been approved and applauded throughout the Northern States. They talk with exultation of cultivating the plantations of Port Royal on Federal account as a sort of financial appendage to the Washington government. The rights of the owners are disregarded.

To the people of St. Helena parish and the adjoining country the disaster was incalculable. They lost everything; houses, plantations, Negroes, furniture, clothing. They became fugitives. Northern men engaged formerly in surveying the coast served as guides for the marauding parties. With their wives and children they had spent months in the families of the planters, had eaten dinners and drank wine, and now they acted as pioneers of plunder to the scenes of the feast.

They were better able to discover the stores of old Madeira from having frequently joined the owners in drinking it. Their first question asked of the servants on entering a house from which their cannon had driven the owner was — “where is the wine kept?”

There was something indescribably mean in the conduct of these parties but very characteristic of the people whose officers they were. They are a thrifty race, not scrupulous about the means if their end be attained. Our worthy friends of Massachusetts treat us (as) they did the Indians, witches, Quakers, Baptists and other heretics of earlier times. There are many pious Christians but not a voice is heard in favor of peace. So far as we can judge from their acquiescence in Sewardism, they have fallen into the strange delusion that Christian Charity is consistent with rape, rapine and murder.

They pray and preach not for peace, but for the more earnest prosecution of a bloody war and the enactment of general confiscation acts. They [Northerners] exulted . . . a manifest judgment of Providence on the home of rebels and traitors. They believed that Heaven had put the torch to Southern homesteads to avenge the abolition party and support the cause.”

(Witness to Sorrow, the Antebellum Autobiography of William J. Grayson. University of South Carolina Press, 1990, pp 185-201)

California 'now resembles a medieval society'

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California isn’t what it used to be. Just ask historian Victor Davis Hanson. He has spent a lifetime in the Golden State and has watched with dismay as the culture has changed for the worse over the past few decades.

Hanson dubbed it “the weirdest place in the world” in his new e-book, a collection of PJ Media essays titled “The Decline and Fall of California.” And who could argue the point when he calls out absurdities like Tiburcio Vasquez Elementary School – an institution of learning named after a 19th century robber and murderer?

That just scratches the surface of his thesis, though. Hanson demonstrates the sweeping impact of liberal elitism on the state’s culture. “California is both more poorly managed than any time in its past, more divided between rich and poor, more fragmented by opportunistic ethnic identity politics, more impoverished by massive illegal immigration – and never more naturally wealthy.”

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Our Southern Code of Honor

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I read, just this week, that North Carolina is the 3rd fastest growing state in the country behind only California and Texas. I suppose I should be proud of that. I’m not, particularly. I question how many of the immigrants to North Carolina are LEGAL.

We have had a great influx of folks from the Northern climes in recent years. They have had, we have heard, difficulty in assimilating into out Southern Culture. That is as it should be. We Southerners are, most assuredly, a different people with a different culture. And it is vitally important for all immigrants into the South to understand that the Southern Hospitality we are famous for, does have its limits.

Over the years I have been asked about our Southern Code of Honor. I assure you it does exist. It is written upon the heart of every Southerner having trod the scared soil of the South.

What is this legendary Southern Code the Southerners are so proud of anyway?

Well, you can sum it up in one word. HONOR. We cherish honor above everything else. Without honor, all that remains has no value. The word HONOR is seared across the ethereal visage of our souls.

Understand this: Southerners believe each man and woman has a duty, a responsibility, to seek nobility in life and in purpose. No matter his, or her, station in life, or the social strata he, or she, was born into. There is nobility in fighting the good fight, on your job, on the field of battle, at anything you turn your hand to. Southerners believe we were, indeed, created in the image of God. We have a duty to uphold that image as best we can. It is a continuous battle against the trials of life, but to shirk one’s duty, in this respect, is unforgivable. It is dishonorable.

Our Southern culture is a culture apart. We like it that way. We have no intention of changing. To do so would be to dishonor all those who have gone before us as well as their creation of this sanctified, set apart, land. The South is to Southerners what the Holy Land is to the Jewish people.

Never question the honor of a Southerner. It is considered a challenge and your challenge will be answered.

A Southerner will go to the wall to defend honor. No matter the size of the opponent, no matter the place, or the time. Honor will be defended.

There is an inviolate line, which must never be crossed. Where does that line lie? Everywhere. For instance, you do not disparage our women. That is at the top of the list of inviolate things. Others include: our homes, our friends, our religion, our military abilities, and you surely do not speak disparagingly about our ancestors. To violate any of these will bring the wrath of the South down on your head in an instant.

You may have noticed Southerners do not back down. We refuse to accept defeat. We are accused, often, of still fighting the War Between the States. That is true. We consider this era of forced quietude only half time between The South and the North. We have never laid the war down. To quit, to surrender, is not acceptable in our code of honor. So, we fight on. Understand… we will win. It may take another hundred, or even two hundred, years, but we will prevail. We never forget, and we never quit.

It has been said that Southerners are America’s true Warrior Class. Look at the great warriors of America. Consider how many were Southerners.

War comes naturally to Southerners. The Scot-Irish-German blood flowing in our veins and the Southern Code of Chivalry, we learn from birth, creates the most fearsome warrior on the face of the earth.

The true Southerner is a gentleman, or lady, always. Well, right up ‘til he takes your head off. He will knock you down then offer his hand to lift you back to your feet. If you make the same mistake again, you will find yourself in need of that helping hand to get you off your back… again.

Southerners are deeply religious people. We unashamedly believe in God. We believe the Bible is His Holy Word. At the same time we know one cannot be perfect, but we believe every Southerner is born into this world with the obligation to strive for perfection. Anything less is totally unacceptable. It has been said this is the Southern interpretation of the European Noblesse Oblige. Southerners know in the depths of their being they have an obligation to strive for nobility.

The Southern society is not a classless society. We acknowledge our society has an upper, middle, and a lower class. Bur we believe the obligation to nobility crosses those boundaries and emboldens even the least of us to carry the honor of his name, and his family’s heritage, without stain. Anything less is unacceptable.

There exists a divide between the Northern People, and the Southern People, in this nation. The divide is vast and unnavigable. We are two different peoples held together by law. The bayonet enforced the bondage of the Southern peoples. We have not forgotten. Nor will we. We know these bonds are only temporary. We work tirelessly for the day we will once again be ruled only by God and voice of the Southern people.

'Tis honor, above all else. It is our code. It is written on our hearts.

Bill Ghent
Lt. Cmdr
NCSCV Camp 794
"The Columbus County Volunteers"

ABC, NBC, FOX, CNN, AP Call South Carolina for Donald Trump with 16% reported

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The New Vietnam: National Review, April 29, 1977, page 487

This article illustrates that Chomsky was lying about when we knew what was happening in Vietnam, just as, far more seriously, he was lying about what we knew about Cambodia. He led the reader to believe that at the time no one even suggested a bloodbath was happening in Vietnam, when we all knew something terrible was happening in Vietnam, and some people most certainly did suggest a bloodbath was under way. In particular Le Thi Anh accused the North Vietnamese regime of committing a bloodbath in the course of their pacification of South Vietnam.


By  Mrs.Le Thi Anh who left Vietnam when Saigon fell. A member of President Ford’s A advisory Committee on Indochinese Refugees, her articles have appeared in Asian Survey, Harper’s Weekly, and the Washington Star. 

It is two years ago this month since the communists overran South Vietnam.  When Saigon first fell there was much speculation in the west about the likelihood of a bloodbath; as the months passed, however, and there was little news the speculation began to taper off Now two years later, Vietnam and its people have vanished almost completely from the American consciousness. Those once actively concerned about the war both doves and hawks, share a common interest in forgetting that faraway land of so many unpleasant memories.

U.S. antiwar groups don’t want to be reminded of Vietnam for fear of having to admit that their marches, demonstrations and successful cut-the-aid campaign resulted in death or detention for thousands of South Vietnamese, many of whom were their partners in non-Communist opposition to President Thieu.

U.S. officials also are anxious to contain unhappy news from Vietnam, because it will reveal how inadequate the American evacuation program was, as well as how the U.S. failed its allies.  According to Frank Snepp, a CIA analyst who served in Saigon, the American Embassy wasn’t able to destroy its top- secret files during the frantic evacuation, and among the: information that fell into Communist hands was a list of 30,000 Vietnamese who had worked in the Phoenix program, a U.S.-sponsored operation responsible for the elimination of thousands of Communist agents. A full report on the massacre of those 30,000 Phoenix cadres is said to have. reached the desk of the French ambassador to Saigon by late 1975; he communicated it to . Washington. where nothing was done with it.

The American media also seem to want forget Vietnam. Scores of former concentration camp inmates—Vietnamese who escaped not in April 1975 but after the Communists had been in power a while—have arrived in the United States. but they get very little attention from the press. (Although this was recently remedied somewhat when Jean Lacouture’s horror story of life in present-day Cambodia and Father Andre Gelinas’ account of life in South Vietnam after the takeover were reprinted in The New York Review of books.

Woe to Me to Live Among Such People,204,203,200_.jpg

Northerners who brought on the war assumed that the South, like the rest of the country, was their property, and had no right to withdraw from the political Union. Not risking their own lives, they put at risk the lives of many others and essentially raised a bounty-enriched army of foreign and domestic mercenaries, impressed blacks and well-paid substitutes. All this to subdue the South and make it a colonial dependency.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Woe to Me to Live Among Such People

“A Northern woman who was a native of Rhode Island, but who had lived all her married life in the South, returned after her widowhood to Providence to be among her people. The following letter was written by her to my mother [Mrs. Louis T. Wigfall]:

May 13, 1861.

“. . . We are always delighted to hear from you – and indeed your letters and Louis’s are the only comfort we have in this Yankee land surrounded by people who have no sympathy with us, and who only open their mouths to revile the South and utter blood-thirsty threats. This morning an amiable lady wished she had Jeff Davis in front of a big cannon. We now have sufficient proof of how much stronger hate is than love of country.

Where was the patriotism of Massachusetts when the country was at war with the English in 1812? I lived then at the South, and was ashamed of my countrymen who refused to assist in the war. Massachusetts, which was the leading State of New England, refused to let her militia leave the State and when the US troops were withdrawn, to fight in other places, applied to the Federal Government to know whether the expenses of their own militia, who were summoned to defend their own State, would be reimbursed by the Government.

When our capitol at Washington was burned with the President’s House and Treasury buildings, and other public buildings, why did they not go to meet the British? On the contrary, they rejoiced at the English victories, and put every obstacle in the way of the government.

Now they are subscribing millions, and urging every man to go and fight their own countrymen. It is not patriotism; it is hatred to the South and woe is me, that I must live here among such people. God grant you success, It is a righteous war and all the bloodshed will be on the souls of those who brought it on.

I think, however, that you at the South are wrong to undervalue the courage and resources of the Northern States. They are less disposed to fight, but they are not cowardly where their interests are concerned; and will fight for their money. Where their property is at stake they will not hesitate to risk their lives, and at present there is no lack of money.”

(A Southern Girl in ’61, The War-Time Memories of a Confederate Senator’s Daughter, Mrs. D. Giraud Wright, Doubleday, Page & Company, 1905, pp. 51-53)

Sorry Papa, But Daddy Trump Is the One Defending Catholics from Invaders

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Pope Francis, a man who lives in a country surrounded on all sides by a gigantic wall, has objected to Donald Trump’s plans to build his own wall to stop illegal immigrants.

Granted, the Vatican’s wall was built to stop marauding hordes of barbarians who didn’t obey Roman laws, didn’t speak Latin, and were mostly just attracted by Rome’s wealth and opportunities.

They were nothing like the illegal Mexican immigrants Trump wants to keep out. Unlike the Visigoths, Mexicans all speak a Latin dialect of some kind. And they have no intent to flout Roman laws — just Californian, Texan and Floridian statutes.

As a Catholic, albeit more of a Benedict XVI fan, Pope Francis is my spiritual leader. But that doesn’t mean he’s my political leader. When he says that Trump’s plan is un-Christian, I’m afraid to say I disagree with him. Daddy Trump is right, and Il Papa is wrong.

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Weaving the Bridge at Q’eswachaka

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Blunt Trump Thump Ricochet’s Off Pope’s Target

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Pope Francis has stated that GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is not a Christian. Based on what? The fact that Trump wants to put a halt to runaway illegal immigration into America which has resulted in rising crime, rapes and even murder by Islamists, causing uncertainty to all. Really!

Let’s get back to basics.  When God created the world he did it with perfection and great care. 

Countries emerged throughout God’s Creation, each with distinctive people, speaking their own language and living according to their own customs and culture. There were boundaries to each country which required a passport for anyone to come in. This assisted in keeping order in those countries, since they knew who was coming and going. God is a God of order.

As Communism grew and spread, countries went on a quest to erase all borders so as to be free to meld with other countries, particularly The United States that was seen as a cash cow to anyone who came in, with or without papers.

Immigrants always had the freedom to come in legally, apply for citizenship, and then enjoy the benefits of a free country. A standard was required of those who wanted to come and live here. Those days have drastically changed.

G.W. Bush Legacies: Illegal Immigrants, Amnesties, Fairytale Islam, Naïve Foreign Policy and Political Correctness

Part 1 of 2

Mike Scruggs

Few realize this, but President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama have allied views on the top two issues in this year’s election: immigration and Islam. On immigration, Bush pushed hard for several major amnesties, the last one being Kennedy-McCain in 2007. All failed because of public protest and conservative Republican opposition in Congress. Illegal immigration under Bush was 4.4 million, while it has been only 2.5 million to date under Obama. Obama supported the 2013 Schumer-Rubio amnesty and legal immigration surge bill, but it failed because of public outrage and lack of support by House Republicans. But now Obama has given his unconstitutional amnesty, which could be open-ended if not stopped.

It should have been stopped by Republicans in the House by defunding it, but Republican Speaker John Boehner decided that cooperating with Obama and pleasing the U.S. Chamber cabal of cheap-labor-big-donor lobbyists was safer than facing the voters, who he thought would soon forget his treason. He was wrong. Public protest soon resulted in his replacement as Speaker. Unfortunately, this conservative victory was quickly lost to the Chamber cabal’s promises of substantial campaign financial help and direct or implied threats to use their dark money mega-PACs to unseat conservative dissenters. The big-donor establishment was able to elect amnesty and massive foreign-worker surge advocate Paul Ryan as Speaker. Hence grass-roots conservative voters are in justifiably angry revolt.

George W. Bush and Barack Obama both hold to the fairytale that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance:

"The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam," said the president, escorted by Islamic clerics into the ornate mosque full of Turkish tile, Persian rugs and Egyptian paintings. "Islam is peace."
--G.W.  Bush, 9-17-2001.

“Islam brings hope and comfort to millions of people in my country, and to more than a billion people worldwide. Ramadan is also an occasion to remember that Islam gave birth to a rich civilization of learning that has benefited mankind.”
—G W. Bush,12-4-2002

“There are thousands of Muslims who proudly call themselves Americans, and they know what I know — that the Muslim faith is based upon peace and love and compassion.”
—G.W. Bush, 9-28-2001

“The world sees a nation at prayer -- Christian, Jew and Muslim, alike -- praying for strength to an almighty and merciful God.”
--G. W. Bush, 9-27-2001

“The Islam that we know is a faith devoted to one God, as revealed through the Holy Quran. It teaches the value and the importance of charity, mercy, and peace.
—G.W. Bush, 11-15-2001.

Many of President Obama’s quotes on Islam are similar. There is even a quiz on PBS Newshour online, dated February 19, 2015, entitled, Who said it? Bush vs. Obama on Islam. Here is an Obama quote that seems to be a continuous theme for both of them:

“This great religion in the hands of a few extremists has been distorted to justify violence.”
—Barack Obama

Here are a few condensed quotes from Obama, one of which sounds a bit threatening:

“The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.” “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer.” “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.” America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles of justice and progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings”.

I hope George W. Bush has changed his mind on Islam. Otherwise, what Bush believes about Islam is hardly distinguishable from what Barack Obama confesses to believe about Islam. Unfortunately, this politically correct version of Islam is contradictory to the Quran, the teaching and example of its Prophet, Muhammad, nearly 1400 years of violent Muslim history, and bloody conflict wherever Islam touches the West today.  Islam does not mean “peace,” as Bush and Obama have often stated, and it is certainly not a religion of tolerance.  It means “submission, surrender, or to resign oneself.”

 The Arabic word “salaam” (peace) shares three consonants with Islam. My opinion is that Bush has been duped, while Obama is being deceptive. Islamic Law (Sharia) dominates every part of the Muslim life. Radical Islam is the real Islam of the Quran, including its doctrines of Jihad (holy war against all unbelievers) Islamic Supremacy (world domination), Hijra (immigration for conquest), and Takkiya and Mudarat, doctrines of deception. It is completely incompatible with and extremely dangerous to Christianity, Judaism, or any belief but Islam. Not every Muslim is a Jihadist, despite the 109 verses in the Quran that make Jihad compulsory.

One in every 7.9 verses in the Quran condemns both unbelievers and unfaithful Muslims to hell.  According to numerous surveys, only about 25 percent are sympathetic enough to Jihad to pose some future threat to non-Muslims, but substantially more than half would impose Islam and Islamic law on Western countries, if they became a majority Most of the rest are silenced and held captive by fear of militant Sharia. The penalty for criticism of Islam can be death. You cannot be familiar with Biblical Christianity and the Quran and hold that Allah of the Quran and the God of the Bible are the same. We ought to be rescuing people from Islam, not praising lies about it.

I believe Bush did the right thing by striking back at al-Qaeda bases in Afghanistan after 911. He also did it with minimum manpower and risk. His misunderstanding of Islam, disregard of the difficult demographics of the pseudo-nation of Iraq, and naïve ideas about nation building and making democratic republics out of predominantly Muslim nations, however, quickly mired the U.S. in a difficult and costly situation to solve without long-term commitment.

Bush’s multiculturalist mindset also played into making the U.S. more vulnerable to the 911 terrorist attacks.  During his 2000 presidential campaign, Bush was duped into making a high-ranking member of the Muslim Brotherhood his campaign coordinator for Muslim outreach.

Following his victory, key Muslim Brotherhood members became gatekeepers for Bush’s understanding of Islam and the Middle East. In June 2001, Bush’s plan to give amnesty to three million Mexicans had already passed the House, and immigration controls were being relaxed.

Responding to political pressure from Muslim Brotherhood front groups and liberal Senate Republicans, the Bush Administration relaxed airport screening standards to ensure Arabs would not be profiled or disproportionately searched or detained at airport security stations. 

In 2005, Michael Tuohey, the U.S. Air ticket agent who checked in Mohammad Atta, leader of the nineteen 911 airline terrorists, surfaced on the Oprah Winfrey show. He was later interviewed by David Hench of the Portland Press Herald (Maine). Here is one of Tuohey’s statements:

“I said to myself, ‘If this guy doesn’t look like an Arab terrorist, then nothing does. Then I gave myself a mental slap, because in this day and age, It’s not nice to say things like this.

When I looked at their tickets, they had first-class, one-way tickets, $2500 tickets. Very unusual. I guess they’re not coming back. Maybe this was the end of their trip.”

You know the rest of the story. Political correctness trumped common sense and public safety, and thousands died, just as we are now taking in suspicious and unvetted Syrian refugees and putting American lives and national security at risk.  

“One half of the prisoners of war, registered by the victorious armies of the South, have been foreign mercenaries.”

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Many in our day, some of them so-called “historians” have sought to paint the Old South as a land of bigotry, ignorance, and treason.  They do this either because of gross ignorance, which was foisted upon them in public schools, or because they have an agenda that is geared toward the total destruction of any and all Southern culture, particularly Christian Southern culture. Everything that existed before the Beatles except slavery and the “civil rights” movement must be expunged, while these must be preserved in order to promote the proper amount of “white guilt.”

Robert Lewis Dabney, one of the most remarkable of the Southern Presbyterian theologians and a man who served on Stonewall Jackson’s staff had the presence of mind to recognize what was going on in this country even before the start of the War of Northern Aggression, and he, unlike some of his contemporaries, understood  what it was really all about. With the discernment he possessed in so many areas you might almost say he was the Patrick Henry of his day.  He had that rare ability Henry had in noting what the results of various actions would be if pursued to their logical conclusions.  He correctly foresaw where both the public education movement and the women’s “rights” movement were going while theological contemporaries like Henry Ward Beecher in the North were indulging in theological  “reality shows.”

Bay Area Personal Experience Report

Kindness of Stephen P.


So here I am in the Bay area. That place, one of the epicenters of lunacy. Once again just living my life, I have been slapped in the face with reality.

Yesterday, what a day, I learned again, that what you think what is, isn’t. In this case I would be referring to the rock star Tom Petty who is originally from Gainesville, Florida. Now I don’t know much about Gainesville. I was told that is near Georgia by the panhandle, where ever that is. Basically I know more about some rock star’s career than I do North American geography but I am a product of the government run educational system after all.

As you may have noticed lately there is a whole bunch of emotional outrage in the here un-United States, over issues that shouldn’t have even amounted to much when compared to the everyday goings on that seems to go unnoticed  to the average propaganda believers called the American public. Now I won’t get into the particular incident alluded to here but if I had a dog it would bark “Roof!”

Now let me redirect back to my starting point. Thinking something or someone is one thing and in reality turns out to be something else entirely.

Prior to yesterday I thought I liked the music and character of the successful musician Tom Petty.  I thought a man such as Tom Petty, being from the South and produces music that directly leads the listener to believe he is a good Southron person rich in Southern pride and culture, would be intelligent enough to understand a few things about American history. I believe now, once again, I have been duped.

In an article I found a few days ago, the musician Tom Petty stated something to the effect “using the Confederate Battle Flag at his concert was stupid…” Well, I won’t argue with that. If you don’t have the balls and intelligence to handle the responsibility of displaying a symbol that refers to you as a “rebel” against government aggression then I say keep your vagina plugged Tom and don’t fly it

So whatever, if he can’t handle the media and his personal shortcomings that is his problem. So to hell with Tom Petty(sorry wife). He is unlike Kid Rock who wants everyone to know if you don’t like the way he does business at his shows “You can kiss his ass.” when it comes to the flying of the Confederate Battle Flag. I would hope that if anyone wanted to do so, per his request, it would be after he has had intestinal trouble after a bad lunch with Mexican food. But hey that is just me.

So if I can get to a point that I find most unpalatable. It is part of a common theme. The same old song and dance if you will. Something that is thrown into my face daily. As of late it has been multiple times a day in many different mediums.

 TP stated(TP being the initials of the before mentioned rock star) a name which I no longer want to hear or write anymore because, personally, he kind of broke my heart. Yes I know, how gay right? Well folks now I can legally marry him in any state of my choosing so who is gay now? After I divorce my wife of course.

Well anyway, this TP says something like “ we should think about how black people would feel…” Holy shit, did a guy from the South, who has an album called ‘Southern Accents’ and a song called ‘Rebels’         just say “we” should all think how black people should feel? Besides excluding all the other races and even using a blanket statement to cover the “feelings” of black people I am taken aback. Really?  Did Mr. Anti-establishment , who  released the album Hypnotic Eye just go and become another zombie of political correctness? The same guy who produces music with lyrics like:

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