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‘I AM NOT CHARLIE’: Leaked Newsroom Emails Reveal Al Jazeera Fury over Global Support for Charlie Hebdo

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As journalists worldwide reacted with universal revulsion at the massacre of some of their own by Islamic jihadists in Paris, Al Jazeera English editor and executive producer Salah-Aldeen Khadr sent out a staff-wide email.

“Please accept this note in the spirit it is intended — to make our coverage the best it can be,” the London-based Khadr wrote Thursday, in the first of a series of internal emails leaked to National Review Online. “We are Al Jazeera!”

Below was a list of “suggestions” for how anchors and correspondents at the Qatar-based news outlet should cover Wednesday’s slaughter at the Charlie Hebdo office (the full emails can be found below).
Khadr urged his employees to ask if this was “really an attack on ‘free speech,’” discuss whether “I am Charlie” is an “alienating slogan,” caution viewers against “making this a free speech aka ‘European Values’ under attack binary [sic],” and portray the attack as “a clash of extremist fringes.”

“Defending freedom of expression in the face of oppression is one thing; insisting on the right to be obnoxious and offensive just because you can is infantile,” Khadr wrote. “Baiting extremists isn’t bravely defiant when your manner of doing so is more significant in offending millions of moderate people as well. And within a climate where violent response—however    illegitimate [sic]—is a real risk, taking a goading stand on a principle virtually no one contests is worse than pointless: it’s pointlessly all about you.”

His denunciation of Charlie Hebdo’s publication of cartoons mocking the prophet Mohammed didn’t sit well with some Al Jazeera English employees.

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Revolution and the Law of Necessity,_Charleston_City_Hall_IMG_4589.JPG

In early 1850 Northern Ultras like Wendell Phillips trumpeted that “we are disunionists,” and Horace Mann admitted that Northern intransigence would produce a Southern rebellion against outrage and oppression. Daniel Webster could only produce useless Union speeches which had little effect upon Northern radicals who wanted revolution.
Bernhard Thuersam,

Revolution and the Law of Necessity

“[Webster] had not been speaking long [on 7 March 1850] before a tall, emaciated figure, with deep, cavernous eyes and a thick mass of snow-white hair advanced with feeble step, and sank into a chair on the other side of the Chamber. Webster, who had not seen him enter . . . soon referred again to Calhoun. The latter nervously grasped the arm of his chair, his black eyes glared, and half-rising, he exclaimed in a feeble, sepulchral voice: “The Senator from South Carolina is in his seat.” Startled, Webster turned, bowed, smiled and continued his excoriation of disunion.

He turned to Calhoun and exclaimed with profound emotion: “Peaceable secession is an utter impossibility.” When Webster sat down the applause could not be stilled . . . But Calhoun checked the congratulatory chorus. In faltering tones he expressed vehement dissent.

“I cannot agree,” he shrilled, “with the Senator from Massachusetts that this Union cannot be dissolved. Am I to understand him that no degree of oppression, no outrage, no broken faith, can produce the destruction of this Union?”

“Why Sir,” he continued, if that becomes a fixed fact, it will itself become the great instrument of producing oppression, outrage and broken faith. No, Sir, the Union can be broken. Great moral causes will break it, if they go on, and it can only be preserved by justice, good faith and an adherence to the Constitution.”

As he took his seat, Webster arose to answer the question. “I know, Sir,” he said, “that this Union can be broken up – every government can be – and I admit that there may be such a degree of oppression as will warrant resistance and forcible severance. That is revolution – that is revolution! Of that ultimate right of revolution I have not been speaking. I know that the law of necessity does exist.”

(The Eve of Conflict, Stephen A. Douglas and the Needless War, George Fort Milton, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1934, pp. 62-63)

1971 Dodge Hemi Super Bee Motor Trend Test Car

This 1971 Dodge Hemi Super Bee made its first public appearance in the Mopar armada raising a cloud of dust on the cover of Motor Trend magazine’s December 1970 issue. The wide-ranging cover story described the car as the best all-around performer in the bunch, with an impressive best quarter-mile time of 13.725 – a full second quicker than the 440-Six pack Super Bee also tested. The story was also chock full of technical statistics comparing four different versions of the Charger, but it must have touched Wilfred Azavedo at a very emotional level, because after the Williams, California, rice farmer finished reading the story, he drove to Chuck Swift Dodge in nearby Sacramento, presented the magazine to the salesman and said, “I want this car.”

After the salesman offered to order one exactly like it, Azavedo corrected him; he wanted the car in the magazine.

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The Battle for Huertgen Forest: Fierce German Counterattack on Lucherberg


Via Roy "My late father was SSG Lev Marokus, Co I, 3rd BN, 415th Inf, 104th ID. I have attached a photo of him taken in March 1945, after the 104th had captured Cologne.


Part 4 of a series

Mike Scruggs

Early on December 5,  Field Marshall Walter Model ordered General Kochling to launch a final  counterattack on the little fortress town of Lucherberg,  German artillery was placed just east of the Roer River to minimize any threat from American infantry. Kochling would continue to use the 246th Volksgrenadier Infantry Division and companies of the Ninth Parachute Regiment, plus a dozen Panzer and Tiger tanks.  Kochling’s artillery was low on ammunition, however, and his LXXXI Corp was needed to join a counteroffensive into the Ardennes that had been planned by Hitler and Field Marshall von Rundstedt to begin December 16. The objective was to cut off as many Allied troops as possible from their supply lines and capture the strategically important Belgian port of Antwerp.

The German assault on Lucherberg was backed by 180 artillery tubes, 11 Panzer tanks, a 60-ton Tiger tank, and at least two tracked-assault guns followed by infantry from the 404th and 689th Volksgrenadier regiments. The tanks led the attack followed by infantry and were able to penetrate all the way into the town square, while infantry engaged the Americans with small arms fire, grenades, and bazookas in furious house-to-house fighting. Two Panzer tanks worked their way into F-Company positions and destroyed an anti-tank gun and a Sherman tank. They fired directly into the command posts of the first and third platoons killing an artillery forward observer and seriously wounding several men, including F-Company’s commander. However, tanks have a visual disability in the narrow streets of towns.  Sergeant George Burns of second platoon was able to work his way down a street and fire his borrowed bazooka directly into the side of a Panzer tank, killing two supporting grenadiers and badly damaging the tank. The Panzer was forced to withdraw. After returning to his platoon for more bazooka rockets, Burns ran into another Panzer. He was so close that he hurriedly fired the bazooka from his hip, killing several German grenadiers. The tank limped away but was destroyed by an American tracked-tank destroyer as it left town. Sergeant Burns was later awarded the Silver Star. All 11 Panzers were incapacitated during the battle, but only two were total losses.

According to Grenadier Emil Weiss of Company 6 of the 404th Regiment, a heavy artillery bombardment was expected to precede the main infantry assault, but the barrage only comprised 600 to 800 rounds. The 404th had taken up positions 200 meters from Lucherberg, but was never able to get closer than 150 meters. Their assault was broken up by an extraordinarily heavy barrage of American artillery, which had formed a semi-circle around Lucherberg. By midafternoon, the Timberwolves of the 415th Regiment had secured the town. I-Company had lost six men killed, 14 wounded, and 22 missing. All their company officers had been killed, wounded, or captured.

General Kochling later wrote that the failure to retake Lucherberg sealed the fate of the German forces west of the Roer. Lt. General “Lightning Joe” Collins, Commander of the First Army’s VII Corp commended the 104th Timberwolf Division “as one of the finest assault divisions we have ever had in the corps,” referring specifically to their work at Lamersdorf-Inden and Lucherberg.

I-Company’s Commander, Lieutenant John Olsen, who died of wounds on December 3, was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, the nation’s second highest military award, for his extraordinary courage and leadership on December 2-3.  Lieutenants John Shipley and Arthur Ulmer, the forward artillery observers who directed over 2,000 artillery and mortar rounds onto German positions in Lucherberg from a position surrounded by German troops, were awarded the Silver Star for gallantry. German-speaking Sergeant Leon Marokus, who worked with the German medical officer in holding the German paratrooper commander to the terms of the truce, was also awarded the Silver Star for courage and leadership. I have not yet been able to determine the fate of Lieutenant Edwin Verelli, who was retained as a prisoner by Captain Strehler of the 10th Paratrooper company. The Germans suffered tremendous casualties from misdirected German artillery fire later that day.

Highly decorated German Lt. General Friedrich Sixt wrote a report nearly ten years after the war that contained some memories from a rifleman in the 15th company of the 9th Parachute Regiment commanded by First Lieutenant Ludwig Havighorst. During the early action at Lucherberg, the 15th company was ordered to occupy the school at Lucherberg but were driven out by an American air-raid. They left the building just before a bomb collapsed it, but a lieutenant and two riflemen were killed and buried in the rubble. Havighorst’s company suffered 37 dead and wounded in the first 12 hours at Lucherberg.

According to Sixt’s report, it was Lieutenant Havighorst who negotiated the cease fire at Lucherberg with an American officer, so that both sides could recover their wounded.

The report describes Americans and German paratroopers firing at each other from the windows of townhouses built around a courtyard and Havighorst’s awesome leadership by example in close-combat situations. The afternoon following the medical truce, the Ninth Parachute Regiment suffered another 24 dead and 32 wounded from American air strikes and artillery bombardment. Lieutenant Havighorst commented: “It is shocking and tragic—without a fight, without an opportunity to defend themselves, these paratroopers were now buried under the rubble of what minutes earlier had been houses. Havighorst’s company was in Dueren on December 9, when it received orders to join with forces preparing an offensive counterattack through the Ardennes.

The American 104th “Timberwolf” Division was on the west side of the Roer across from Dueren on December 16, when Allied forces were completely surprised by von Rundstedt’s massive counteroffensive against Allied Forces. Five German armored divisions and eight German infantry divisions, comprising over 200,000 highly mechanized troops pushed west just south of Dueren and into Belgium. The Timberwolves were able to hold their position, but a huge inward “bulge” buckled American lines further south.  To be continued.     


Lucherberg Kirche, (St. Nikolaus) destroyed in December 1944 and rebuilt in 1951
One interesting thing about all the focus on Lucherberg is that the population was only about 500. It did have the advantage of an elevation 500 feet higher the most of the countryside. Also, its buildings were made of of very large and heavy brick The civilians had all been evacuated, as was the German practice, when possible.  

Ludwig Maria Havighorst,
Former German officer, pilot, and paratrooper.
1Lt and paratrooper company commander in 1944.

In addition, I have attached a photo of 1Lt Ludwig Havighorst, obviously several years after the war. Havighorst was born in 1914 and enlisted in the Luftwaffe in 1935, age 21. He was selected and trained as a pilot probably in 1941-2. I think he flew the twin engine Junker 88. He was badly injured in an aircraft accident in 1943, and was returned to active duty as a Schirmfalljager or Schirmfallspringer, a paratrooper. He was 30 in December 1944. He actually has a facebook page with almost nothing on it. I doubt he is still alive, he would be 100 years old, but no death date is listed from him that I have found yet. There are two books about him, but they are in German and out of print. *I searched and there are used books available

  Sergeant George Burns with
German girl. Awarded Silver Star
for action at Lucherberg.

H.L. Mencken on the Calamity of Appomattox


After a Northerner complained that unexemplary statesmen represented the American South after the war and into the twentieth century, a Southerner reminded him that the Yankees had killed off the South’s finest leaders during the war and the unexemplary were all that remained. H.L. Mencken was no admirer of the South, but knew that two American countries would have been preferable to one held together by force.
Bernhard Thuersam,

H.L. Mencken on the Calamity of Appomattox

“No American historian, so far as I know, has ever tried to work out the probable consequences if Grant instead of Lee had been on the hot spot at Appomattox. How long would the victorious Confederacy have endured?

Could it have surmounted the difficulties inherent in the doctrine of States’ Rights, so often inconvenient and even paralyzing to it during the war? Could it have remedied its plain economic deficiencies, and become a self-sustaining nation?

How would it have protected itself against such war heroes as Beauregard and Longstreet, Joe Wheeler and Nathan D. Forrest? And what would have been its relations to the United States, socially, economically, spiritually and politically?

I am inclined, on all these counts, to be optimistic. The chief evils in the Federal victory lay in the fact, from which we still suffer abominably, that it was a victory of what we now call Babbitt’s over what used to be called gentlemen. I am not arguing here, of course, that the whole Confederate army was composed of gentlemen; on the contrary, it was chiefly made up, like the Federal army, of innocent and unwashed peasants, and not a few of them got into its corps of officers.

But the impulse behind it, as everyone knows, was essentially aristocratic, and that aristocratic impulse would have fashioned the Confederacy if the fortunes of war had run the other way. Whatever the defects of the new commonwealth below the Potomac, it would have at least been a commonwealth founded upon a concept of human inequality, and with a superior minority at the helm. It might not have produced any more Washington’s, Madison’s, Jefferson’s, Calhoun’s and Randolph’s of Roanoke, but it would certainly not have yielded itself to the Heflin’s, Caraways, Bilbo’s and Tillman’s.

The rise of such bounders was a natural and inevitable consequence of the military disaster. That disaster left the Southern gentry deflated and almost helpless. Thousands of the best young men among them had been killed, and thousands of those who survived came North. They commonly did well in the North, and were good citizens.

My own native town of Baltimore was greatly enriched by their immigration, both culturally and materially; if it is less corrupt today than most other large American cities, then the credit belongs largely to Virginians, many of whom arrived with no baggage save good manners and empty bellies. Back home they were sorely missed.

First the carpetbaggers ravaged the land, and then it fell into the hands of the native white trash, already so poor that war and Reconstruction could not make them any poorer. When things began to improve they seized whatever was seizable, and their heirs and assigns, now poor no longer, hold it to this day. A raw plutocracy owns and operates the New South, with no challenge save from a proletariat, white and black, that is still three-fourths peasant, and hence too stupid to be dangerous. The aristocracy is almost extinct, at least as a force in government. It may survive in backwaters and on puerile levels, but of the men who run the South today, and represent it at Washington, not 5%, by any Southern standard, are gentlemen.

If the war had gone with the Confederates no such vermin would be in the saddle, nor would there be any sign below the Potomac of their chief contributions to American Kultur—Ku Kluxry, political ecclesiasticism, nigger-baiting, and the more homicidal variety of wowserism.

Such things might have arisen in America, but they would not have arisen in the South. The old aristocracy, however degenerate it might have become, would have at least retained sufficient decency to see to that. New Orleans, today, would still be a highly charming and civilized (if perhaps somewhat zymotic) city, with a touch of Paris and another of Port Said. Charleston, which even now sprouts lady authors, would also sprout political philosophers.

The University of Virginia would be what Jefferson intended it to be, and no shouting Methodist would haunt its campus. Richmond would be, not the dull suburb of nothing that it is now, but a beautiful and consoling second-rate capital, comparable to Budapest, Brussels, Stockholm or The Hague. And all of us, with the Middle West pumping its revolting silo juices into the East and West alike, would be making frequent leaps over the Potomac, to drink the sound red wine there and breathe the free air.

My guess is that the two Republics would be getting on pretty amicably. Perhaps they’d have come to terms as early as 1898, and fought the Spanish-American War together. In 1917 the confiding North might have gone out to save the world for democracy, but the South, vaccinated against both Wall Street and the Liberal whim-wham, would have kept aloof—and maybe rolled up a couple of billions of profit from the holy crusade. It would probably be far richer today, independent, than it is with the clutch of the Yankee mortgage-shark still on its collar.

It would be getting and using his money just the same, but his toll would be less. As things stand, he not only exploits the South economically; he also pollutes and debases it spiritually. It suffers damnably from low wages, but it suffers even more from the Chamber of Commerce metaphysic.

No doubt the Confederates, victorious, would have abolished slavery by the middle of the 80s. They were headed that way before the war, and the more sagacious of them were all in favor of it. But they were in favor of it on sound economic grounds, and not on the brummagem moral grounds which persuaded the North. The difference here is immense. In human history a moral victory is always a disaster, for it debauches and degrades both the victor and the vanquished. The triumph of sin in 1865 would have stimulated and helped to civilize both sides.

Today the way out looks painful and hazardous. Civilization in the United States survives only in the big cities, and many of them—notably Boston and Philadelphia—seem to be sliding down to the cow country level. No doubt this standardization will go on until a few of the more resolute towns, headed by New York, take to open revolt, and try to break out of the Union. Already, indeed, it is talked of.

But it will be hard to accomplish, for the tradition that the Union is indissoluble is now firmly established. If it had been broken in 1865, life would be far pleasanter today for every American of any noticeable decency. There are, to be sure, advantages in Union for everyone, but it must be manifest that they are greatest for the worst kinds of people.

All the benefit that a New Yorker gets out of Kansas is no more than what he might get out of Saskatchewan, the Argentine pampas, or Siberia. But New York to a Kansan is not only a place where he may get drunk, look at dirty shows and buy bogus antiques; it is also a place where he may enforce his dunghill ideas upon his betters.”

Published in The American Mercury, Sept., 1930, (The Vintage Mencken, Gathered by Alistair Cooke, Vintage Books, 1955, pp.197-201)

How could trillions of dollars be laundered from the Wash DC regime to Saudi Arabia? Why, through Citigroup, of course.

Via comment by Sioux on Obama’s Hawaii vacation is over, now it’s time for...

A clever reader with probably more knowledge of the Middle East than they would care to have put before me a very interesting question.  Is the US laundering money to Saudi Arabia through Citigroup in order to “hedge” against, or compensate Saudi Arabia for the drop in oil prices?

Well, it sure as hell looks like it.

I recently tweeted the reportage on the massive derivatives position being accumulated by Citigroup (the parent Holding Company) and Citibank (the bank held by Citigroup HoldCo) – $135 TRILLION.  Citi is adding roughly $10 TRILLION PER QUARTER, and the bank is now holding MORE derivatives than the parent HoldCo, which is unprecedented and shocking.

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Obama’s Hawaii vacation is over, now it’s time for taxpayers to pay massive tab

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President Barack Obama and his family just spent their Christmas and New Year’s holidays in Kailua. Now it’s time for taxpayers to pick up the tab.

While the Obamas and friends who accompany them pay for their own private vacation home rentals on or near Kailua Beach, taxpayers foot a multimillion dollar tab for everything from a stand-by ambulance to the fuel for Air Force One.

Local taxpayers pick up the bill for Honolulu Police Department escorts who guard Obama, first lady Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha around the clock. Figures just released by HPD spokeswoman Michelle Yu show HPD spent $277,000 on overtime costs this year during the president’s 16-day vacation. That’s $16,000 less than in 2013, but $60,000 more than in 2012.

The Emergency Management Services department also dispatches an ambulance to be on call for the president, which annually costs the city about $15,890.

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Charlie Hebdo terror mentor's wife on benefits in Leicester

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 Amedy Coulibaly with his jihadist mentor Djamel Beghal

The wife of an al-Qaeda lynchpin who mentored the Charlie Hebdo murderers is living on benefits in Britain after deciding France was too strict against Muslims.

Sylvie Beghal, a French citizen, lives rent free in a four bedroomed house in Leicester after she came to the UK with her children in search of a more "Islamic environment".

She is married to Djamel Beghal, a former London-based lieutenant of Abu Hamza whose teachings are thought to have inspired the Paris attacks. At least two of the suspected gunmen responsible for the killings were Beghal's disciples, it has emerged.

Reaction of Cop Who Killed Man High on Methamphetamine

Gorbachev Issues New Warning of Nuclear War Over Ukraine,,18051250_303,00.jpg

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev warned that tensions between Russia and European powers over the Ukraine crisis could result in a major conflict or even nuclear war, in an interview in a German news magazine on Saturday.

"A war of this kind would unavoidably lead to a nuclear war," the 1990 Nobel Peace Prize winner told Der Spiegel.

"We won't survive the coming years if someone loses their nerve in this overheated situation," added Gorbachev, 83. "This is not something I'm saying thoughtlessly. I am extremely concerned."

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How To Survive In The Woods

..........the fella instructing the class (CrossFit) had his own ‘lost in the woods’ survival experience
that I was curious about. He got turned around while out hunting and wound up having to spend the night in the sticks as it dumped 13″ of snow on his position and the temperature clocked in around 0 degrees. He survived with no apparent injuries and was helicoptered out the next day. I asked him what happened:

Him and his hunting buddy drove up a forest service road way back into the boonies, they then parked and rode their mountain bikes further in, they then parked the bikes and hiked in on foot. They then split up, one guy heading up one ridge and one guy heading up the other. After a while he broke for lunch and as he was eating he spied a mule deer out of the corner of his eye. He chased after it and by the time he came up for air he realized he had gotten turned around. He wandered for a while, back tracking, climbing up and down the hills, before realizing he was well and thoroughly turned around.

'Every single French Jew I know has left Paris': Editor of Britain's Jewish Chronicle claims people are fleeing terror-hit French capital

Via Michael Downing via NC Renegade

Jews are fleeing terror-hit Paris because of growing anti-Semitism in France, one of Britain's most influential Jewish journalists said today.

Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, spoke out after an Islamic terrorist took six people hostage and held them captive in a Kosher supermarket in the French capital.

This afternoon police ordered all shops in a famous Jewish neighborhood in central Paris to close.

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Momentum builds in Congress for raising the federal gas tax

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Record-low gas prices across the U.S. have given rise to fresh talk in Washington of raising the federal gas tax for the first time in over 20 years, with leading Republicans now saying a hike must not be ruled out.

The GOP has long resisted calls from business leaders and others to boost the 18.4 cent-per-gallon tax as a way to pay for upgrades to the nation’s crumbling roads and bridges.

Yet in recent days, senior Senate Republicans have said they want to keep options open and that "nothing is off the table" when weighing the best mechanisms to pay to finance infrastructure projects.

"I just think that option is there, it's clearly one of the options," said Sen. Inhofe (R-Okla.), new chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.

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NC: Fayetteville police: Wife accidentally shoots husband

Fayetteville police said a wife accidentally shot her husband, thinking he was an intruder at their home on Christian Street.<br/>Photographer: Gilbert Baez

A woman accidentally shot her husband Friday morning after he unexpectedly returned home and set off the house alarm, Fayetteville police said.

The man, a Fort Bragg soldier, was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center with a superficial gunshot wound to the chest. Police said he was in stable condition and expected to be released Friday afternoon.

The incident happened about 10:15 a.m. at the couple’s home on Christian Street in Fayetteville.

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George Zimmerman Arrested, Charged With Aggravated Assault With a Weapon (Throwing a wine bottle)

George Zimmerman's Jan. 9 booking photo. (Image via Seminole County Sheriff's Office)

UPDATE: George Zimmerman was jailed for allegedly chucking a wine bottle at his girlfriend on Friday night, WFTV-TV reporter Blaine Tolison reported Saturday morning.
The Associated Press reported that Zimmerman’s bond was set at $5,000 during his Saturday morning court appearance.

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SEAL Vet Lawmaker: Obama’s Foreign Policy Incites Terrorists

 Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-MT), official portrait

Freshman Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-MT), a former Navy commander and Congress’ only SEAL veteran, said Obama’s foreign policy fueled the terrorist attack on the Paris offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo that left 12 people dead on Wednesday.

“When America doesn’t lead–and this administration is not leading–then it fuels and it gives hope to Islamic fundamentalists,” Former Navy Commander Rep. Zinke told Breitbart News.

“Yes, it is appropriate to say Islamic fundamentalist, Islamic radicals because that’s what they are,” he continued, adding that by denying to characterize Islamic terrorists for what they are, Obama is further fueling the jihadist movement.

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45 MORE Signs That You Might Be One of Those Crazy Preppers

Via WiscoDave via Zero Hedge

45 More Signs That You Might Be One of Those Crazy Preppers


A while back, I wrote an article called “30 Signs That You’re One of Those Crazy Preppers.”  Lots of readers got into the spirit of things, since it was pretty darned relatable.  We all know these are actually signs of sanity, but we’re used to being misunderstood by the unprepared and sometimes it’s fun to have a good laugh about their misconceptions of what we actually do.

Then Ebola happened, here on American soil, and a lot more people jumped on board the preparedness bandwagon.  To welcome the newbies, here are 45 MORE signs that you might have crossed over to the “prepped side.”  (Many of these came straight from the readers!)

Many of these will be things that non-preppers just can’t understand, but they’ll probably give you a warm glow. Feel the prepper solidarity!

MI5 Head Warns al-Qaida Plans 'Mass-Casualty Attacks Against the West'

Al-Qaida militants in Syria are plotting attacks to inflict mass casualties in the West, possibly against transport systems or "iconic targets," the head of Britain's MI5 Security Service said on Thursday.

Speaking after gunmen killed 12 people in an assault on a French satirical newspaper, MI5 boss Andrew Parker warned that a strike on the United Kingdom was highly likely.

"A group of core al-Qaida terrorists in Syria is planning mass-casualty attacks against the West," Director General Parker said in a rare public speech at MI5 headquarters in London. His last public speech was in October 2013.

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Female Gun Store Owner Shoots and Critically Wounds 3 Armed Robbers During Gunfight

Via Harry


A gun store called “She’s a Pistol” in Kansas, which caters to female shooters was the target of a violent armed robbery attempt less than three hours ago.

Three armed men entered the store, shot one of the owners and then punched one of the female owners in the face.

The owner who was punched drew her own firearm and opened fire. During the gun battle she hit all three suspects, wounding two of them critically and one less severely.

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 Jon and Becky Bieker

 Extensive coverage below

 Business owner killed, three suspects injured in robbery-gone-bad at Shawnee gun store

"“She said she saw three individuals walking in wearing hoodies,” Allen said. “She said she had been suspicious because they had parked on the side of the building. One of them was carrying a duffel bag.”

Bryan Fischer and the Gospel of Genocide


The Bible instructs us that a dog will inevitably return to his vomit, and a sow will eventually resume wallowing in the mire. In similar fashion, Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association cannot free himself from the habit of making incomprehensibly foolish and brazenly bigoted statements in defense of the quasi-genocidal dispossession of the American Indians.

“The native American tribes at the time of the European settlement and founding of the United States were, virtually without exception, steeped in the basest forms of superstition, had been guilty of savagery in warfare for hundreds of years, and practiced the most debased forms of sexuality,” Fischer asserted in a February 2011 column.

He insists that “the superstition, savagery and sexual immorality of native Americans” left them “morally disqualified from sovereign control of American soil” – which is now properly the possession of Euro-Americans by right of “conquest.”

Since “the Europeans proved superior in battle, taking possession of contested lands through right of conquest,” purchasing Indian lands on mutually beneficial terms was desirable, but not necessary. Violent conquest was a form of redemption, Fisher maintains, given the irremediable wickedness of the red-skinned heathens who populated North America and the virtuousness of the European settlers who were brought here to “Christianize” the indigenous population.