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The Warrior Defined

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 An overused and most often misunderstood word, the true definition of what it means to be a warrior or the warrior mindset eludes most people.
Humans have a natural tendency to define all things down to the simplest most easily digestible level. Deep thought requires effort and effort is as foreign to many citizens as constructing an algorithm.
The oversimplified definition of a warrior is merely a fighter, a member of an organized military or fighting force or simply a brute or barbarian.
While a warrior might be a fighter or part of a military unit, mere membership does not make one a warrior.
A true warrior possesses a mindset or an ethos that guides his daily action in all things, not just conflict. A warrior understands and accepts that life is conflict and that overcoming conflict requires effort on his part. This effort may involve a physical confrontation and force of violence. He accepts this and prepares his mind and body for the conflict.

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Don't miss this: Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun!

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The Purge


As a thought experiment, ponder this question. "To create my ideal form of government, exactly who do I have to kill?"

To the Founding Fathers, the answer was "enough British Soldiers to win our Independence." To Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, it was "anyone who stands in my way." To Abraham Lincoln it was "as many as it takes to preserve the Union."

To many here in our own society who believe in a benevolent one world government run by the bestest wisest scientieist politicians ever it is "anyone who doesn't buy our bullshit about global warming." The calls for "re-education camps" and mass killings have already started, and if enough people tell the Big Lie long enough they'll get the sheep to believe it. Four legs good, two legs better. We have always been at war with....

It is an interesting thing to ponder, the killing of other human beings purely for ideological reasons. The other side, the statists and anti-liberty thugs all have their excuses. Traitor to the Revolution, bourgeoisie, Christ Killing Jews, whatever the label there have been enough people who have bought into those labels to literally murder millions of people who spoke the same language as their executioners.

Our Founding Fathers shot and killed men who spoke their language, were born in the same area, and kept on killing them with the help of those who spoke a different language, all because of political ideology.

It was easier in WWI when the opponent spoke German, and easy again in WWII with the Germans and Japanese. During the Cold War it was simple to hate the Godless Communists. But the enemy of freedom speaks your language, looks like you, and may even share the same blood. People often forget that our "Revolutionary War" was nothing more than a Civil War that succeeded from our point of view.

So, who would you kill? Would your ideal government be worth it?

The Glock Torture Test

ThePrepared Gear Review: Glock 21 .45acp (Performed by Bigbore of Adco Firearms)

For almost 10 years I’ve been abusing and neglecting my Glock 21. Its been a running joke among some friends and I. Nothing was planned or documented. As I tell people what it has been through, most simply don’t believe me. I guess I wouldn’t either. If someone told you their Glock has at least 150K rounds through it and has gone almost 15K rounds with no cleaning or maintenance would you believe them?

I want to do this so I have documentation, of what has been done, and how it worked. I don’t care about 500rds without a FTE, or FTF. Once it was buried in the mud w/a full mag, and when I dug it out the next day it went bang the first time I pulled the trigger but the weight of all the mud on the slide kept it from cycling. I scraped off most of the mud on my boot and fired the remaining 12 shots without a problem.

I want to know how much can it take and still function. If not function perfectly – what will it take to get running again.

Its all been done already, I'm just going to keep track this time. Heres a pic after around 15K rounds with no cleaning, and being buried in mud etc...
The barrel fouling was amazing, it was basically a smooth bore.
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These tests are also on YouTube

The 2012 Iowahawk Earth Week Cruise-In

I was the ninth entry and the first are last.:)

Bzzzzt! Sorry folks, that's it for this year's edition of the Earth Cruise, which, if the Mayans are wrong, will be back again next year. Humble thanks to all the participants who made this one another record breaker. And how did Yours Truly celebrate Earth Day, the most important day on the eco-calendar? With a 180 mile multicultural celebration of our beloved planet and her vehicles, natch! First a stop at the Latino Ethnic Awarness Association's first annual Custom, Hot Rod & Low Rider Show at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn IL, then a cruise west through the cornfields to the paint booths of Sycamore to photograph the gleaming freshly bronzed body of the Coupe of Wrath. Finally a stop at a secret storage facility to kick the tires on a Model A roadster. A visual review of the fun:

Formal Complaint To Be Filed Against Zimmerman Prosecutor, Angela Corey

Via Legal Insurrection

A source has confirmed that a formal complaint for possible financial irregularities pursuant to Angela's Corey's 2008 campaign has been initiated and will be filed against the Zimmerman prosecutor and State Attorney.

Yesterday, the website Gawker asked if Corey had sanitized her financial disclosures for her 2008 bid. The report was based upon the work of Joe Culligan's website Web of Deception. Culligan is a long-known and trusted source.

I've confirmed that, when approached for disclosure of financial documents regarding Corey's campaign, her campaign Treasurer, Marshall Gunn's response appears to indicate the campaign is not in possession of said records. The request was regarding copies of disbursement checks payable to Corey's campaign manager, Brandon Patty, and any accompanying 1099's issued as a result. Form 1099s are issued to report the paying of wages, tips and various types of income beyond that of a standard full-time employee.

While the 1099 issue may seem arcane, a failure to Nancy Killefer withdrew her nomination as Obama's Chief Performance Officer and U.S. district court Judge Kimba Wood of New York, withdrew from consideration as Bill Clinton's attorney general over similar issues. The IRS tends to take the matter seriously. As for any campaign record retention, as confirmed by the Florida's Division of Elections, that is covered under Florida Statute 106.06.

Oppose Internet Censorship Bill: CISPA

Attempts to gain control of the Internet, or to implement government censorship of the Internet, continue at an amazing frequency and intensity. An example of this is the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), H.R. 3523, with 106 cosponsors, which has been moved out of committee and is ready to be taken up on the floor of the House later this week.

 CISPA is being framed as essential to national security. Tech giants like Facebook, AT&T, IBM, Microsoft, and Verizon favor the bill, unlike SOPA and PIPA which they opoosed and which had tech companies enforcing government policy. This measure includes an exemption of liability for those companies who take part in CISPA’s government information exchange; tech companies would be protected from any responsibility associated with regulating users.

The nuts and bolts of CISPA would have the Director of National Intelligence appoint members of the “intelligence community” as monitors of communications. First, government security clearances for employees of private firms would be granted. Then exchanges of information between government and private companies would be considered “proprietary information” as the search for “cyber threat intelligence” would be on.

Cyber threat intelligence is defined as “information in the possession of an element of the intelligence community directly pertaining to a vulnerability of, or threat to, a system or network of a government or private entity, including information pertaining to the protection of a system or network from: (1) efforts to degrade, disrupt, or destroy such system or network; or (2) theft or misappropriation of private or government information, intellectual property, or personally identifiable information.”

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), dedicated to defending constitutional rights in the digital world has analyzed CISPA’s vague terms:

“An ISP could use it to monitor communications of subscribers for potential infringement of intellectual property. An ISP could even interpret this bill as allowing them to block accounts believed to be infringing, block access to websites like The Pirate Bay believed to carry infringing content, or take other measures provided they claimed it was motivated by cybersecurity concerns.

"The language of ‘theft or misappropriation of private or government information’ is equally concerning. Regardless of the intent of this language, the end result is that the government and Internet companies could use this language to block sites like WikiLeaks and NewYorkTimes.com, both of which have published classified information.”

Your ISP could intercept every email or text message you send and notify the government of the content of your personal communications under the umbrella of “cybersecurity” concerns. Also, under CISPA, a warrantless cyber wiretapping program totally disregarding the Fourth Amendment protections could become routine.

Another troubling provision in the bill is the one that “supersedes any statute of a State or political subdivision of a State that restricts or otherwise expressly regulates” the new government/private sector information exchange spy program. No state nullification for government cyber spying would be allowed!

Ex-White House "Cyber Czar" Richard Clarke has even recommended that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) be empowered to monitor everything that goes in and out of America’s online infrastructure. But even worse, Clarke says if Congress won’t acquiesce in the matter, this all-encompassing monitoring authority for the DHS could be established by circumvention: “If Congress will not act to protect America’s companies from Chinese cyberthreats, President Obama must.” 

Internet freedom lovers and civil rights patriots need to unite to educate others and especially Congressmen on the censorship and privacy rights dangers of CISPA immediately. Many supposed “conservatives” in Congress are in favor of this bill, such as Michelle Bachmann (Minn.), Darrell Issa (Calif.), Dave Camp (Mich.), Patrick Henry (N.C.), Mike Rogers (Mich.), Fred Upton (Mich.), Joe Wilson (S.C.) and Joe Pitts (Pa.).

Contact:  https://www.votervoice.net/core.aspx?aid=972&issueid=28360&atid=21533&siteid=0&app=GAC&isvisited=false


Your Friends at The John Birch Society


In March 1912 Floyd Allen was convicted of assault in Hillsville, Virginia. He and his kin believed the courthouse gang had transformed this prosecution into a persecution. When the guilty verdict was announced, Floyd stood up & said, "Gentlemen, I ain't a goin'."

No one knows who fired first, but a gun battle broke out in the crowded courtroom. Five people were killed outright, two died later, and Floyd was wounded. The Allens fled to the hills, setting loose the greatest manhunt of the time, led by the infamous Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency. Floyd and his 22 year old son Claude were executed a year later. Four other family members served long prison sentences, and one was murdered. Thomas Moore has written a novel version of the Hillsdale massacre entitled "No Villains, No Heroes." It's a tale about the true meaning of law and justice, and the deadly dangers of runaway government & rouge police.

You can order a copy signed by the author from www.ThomasMooreBooks.com. While you're there, take a look at Tom's unforgettable novel, "The Hunt For Confederate Gold." You won't be able to forget either of these great books. Without any qualification, I highly recommend them both.

In 1958, America accidentally dropped a nuclear weapon on two little girls’ playhouse

Via Paul

For certain rural residents of the Carolinas during the Cold War, apocalyptic anxiety hit disturbingly close to home. In 1958 and 1961, the American Air Force lost nuclear weapons over the skies of South and North Carolina, respectively, raining potential apocalypse on the folks below.
In both incidents, complete catastrophe was avoided thanks to that ever-potent combination of foresight and unmitigated dumb luck. And in the former incident, the bomb fell square on some unsuspecting children's playhouse.

The first accident occurred over Florence, South Carolina on March 11, 1958, slightly after 4:30 in the afternoon. An American B-47E bomber was flying from Savannah, Georgia to Bruntingthorpe Air Base in England for exercises — onboard was a Mark 6 30-kiloton fission bomb.

After experiencing some mid-flight difficulties with the bomb's locking pin, Captain Bruce Kulka entered the aircraft's bomb bay to inspect the device. It was at this very moment that the dark slapstick inadvertently started. Recounts American Heritage magazine of the Kubrickian scene that unfolded next:

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Outraged Mom: TSA Treated My Little Girl Like a Terrorist

The Transportation Security Administration is once again under fire after news leaked of how the agency threatened to close an entire airport because a 4-year-old girl hugged her grandmother.

The girl’s mother, Michelle Brademeyer, posted a harrowing account of the incident on her Facebook page, saying officers implied a gun was passed during the brief embrace.

Brademeyer’s daughter, Isabella, ran over to her grandma after the older woman had triggered alarms as she went through security at Wichita Airport in Kansas, she wrote. The family was on its way home to Montana after a family wedding.

Michelle Brademeyer's 4-year-old daughter, Isabella. (Courtesy of Facebook/Michelle Brademeyer)

Michelle Brademeyer said she and her two daughters passed through the screening with no incident, but her mother set off the alarm and was asked to take a seat and wait to be patted down.

It was then that the little girl ran over to her grandmother to give her a hug, said Brademeyer. “They made very brief contact, no longer than a few seconds. The Transportation Security Officers [TSO] who were present responded to this very simple action in the worst way imaginable,” she wrote.

“First, a TSO began yelling at my child, and demanded she too must sit down and await a full body pat-down. I was prevented from coming any closer, explaining the situation to her, or consoling her in any way. My daughter, who was dressed in tight leggings, a short sleeve shirt and mary jane shoes, had no pockets, no jacket and nothing in her hands. The TSO refused to let my daughter pass through the scanners once more, to see if she too would set off the alarm.


Catholic Bishops Call For Two Weeks of Action Against Obama

Roman Catholic leaders are calling for two weeks of public protests against President Barack Obama's policies as they intensify their argument that the administration is engaged in a war on religion.

The days between June 21 and July 4 have been set aside by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops which has sought to end the administration's contraception mandate, among other policies.

The protests against the Obama administration’s policies could be “the game-changer” in the presidential election, one leading lay churchman told Newsmax on Tuesday.

The protests, dubbed “A Fortnight for Freedom” will be an “unprecedented, aggressive attack” against policies that church leaders see as an assault on religious freedom, said Catholic Advocate chairman Deal Hudson.


Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Training: Their Target is the Tea Party

Hundreds of OWS training workshops took place this month throughout the country, in all 50 states, including small rural areas. Inside one of the training workshops, attendees report that OWS is “specifically instructed to go to any and all Tea Party gatherings, rallies, etc., to be confrontational and create havoc and disruption.”

They are being trained to recruit and enlarge their numbers in their assigned geographic locations, to use the correct messaging, to incite any opponents, engage in confrontation, employ tactics to evade police blockades and create gridlock.

OWS workshops are extremely organized and clearly well funded. Each workshop had a trainer, DVD’s, handouts and a training manual.

OWS has deep pockets and they will be providing food, water, entertainment and more… just as we saw last Fall with the gourmet meals, tents, hotel rooms and printing presses for their newspapers.
OWS is not a grassroots movement, as demonstrated by the training, resources and coordination at their workshops. OWS is orchestrated and organized by George Soros’ MoveOn.org and Media Matters, Van Jones, Steve Lerner, Francis Fox-Piven, Barack Obama, Union leaders (e.g. SEIU, AFL/CIO, UAW), Communist Party USA (CPUSA), Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and other radical far-left anti-American organizations who are dedicated to the destruction of our free market system and the overthrow of our Constitutional form of government.

Eric Holder, Barack Obama, the Democrat Party – including the Marxist/Communist members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus – and the news and print media are all in bed with OWS. Ordinary Americans cannot and should not expect that OWS will be held accountable for inciting riots, raping women (as they did the last time around) or for any other crimes they may commit.

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Breivik: Victims legitimate targets

 Norway: Breivik Offers Apology to Non-Political Victims
He reiterated that the youngsters attending a summer camp hosted by the ruling Labour Party's youth wing were "legitimate targets", since he claims they were "political activists" working for the "deconstruction of Norwegian society" through the multiculturalism he insists is leading to a "Muslim invasion" of the country.
Norway Killer Picked Victims Who Had “Leftist” Look
 "Certain people look more leftist than others," Anders Behring Breivik said on the sixth day of a trial that has transfixed Norway, explaining how he picked off "Marxists" with his rifle and pistol while passing over a young man he thought looked conservative.

Google Books lists Bill Ayers as author of Dreams from My Father

Google, which sits atop more data than anybody outside the NSA, is presenting Bill Ayers as the author of Barack Obama's purported first autobiography, Dreams from My Father. Follow this link and see it while you can. If it is gone by the time you read this, a screen shot of the page, and a close-up on the Dreams entry are provided for posterity.

Google knows so much about us already that privacy activists are alarmed. What data are its algorithms sifting through to come to the conclusion that yes, the stylistic parallels to Ayers' other books are formidable and Barry never showed any sign of an ability to write this way before or after, and yes, Christopher Anderson's friendly biography includes the information that Obama found himself deeply in debt and "hopelessly blocked." At "Michelle's urging," Obama "sought advice from his friend and Hyde Park neighbor Bill Ayers."

So the company that supposedly knows more about us than we know ourselves also knows who wrote Dreams from My Father.

Matthew Owens Beating: Arrests Expected Today

Fighting Without Two Arms

In all great struggles for the fate of a nation or people, whether it is a reactionary or revolutionary struggle, there movement seeking change must have two separate but interdependent arms, that is, the “political” and the martial.  A political ideology without the means to implement it is not much more than an intellectual exercise or a suggestion; a violent movement without a “political” arm is not much more than a criminal gang. 
A resistance movement must have two well-developed "arms" with which to attack the enemy and turn the enemy's efforts against him.  A weightlifter risks injury if his body is not equally developed, and a man with only one arm is at a severe disadvantage in a fight.  Likewise, these two arms must work in concert to advance the cause.  Both arms have to put forth everything in a bench press, or one side is overloaded and the lift fails.  Likewise, a martial artist's arms need to work together to grapple, to deflect, to strike, and to block.
The two arms need to be balanced in strength and used in a cooperative manner, or that bar is coming down on your head.
The "martial" arm is fairly straightforward, and consists, for the sake of simplicity, of that wing conducting covert and direct actions.  The "political" arm might not seem so straightforward.  First, let's define "political" and "politics".

San Francisco Parks Trashed On Earth Day: Celebrations Are Not Very Eco-Friendly, Huge Messes Left Behind

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 Happy Earth Day, everybody! Just when we thought our faith in the drunkards had been restored, we spotted this disaster area left behind after throngs of Marina District revelers took their overconsumption outdoors yesterday afternoon. After a brief stop at the Marina Dateway, where the neighborhood grocery store was experiencing a run on domestic beer and ladies were overheard discussing the caloric content of various vodkas, we found this scene on the grass at Fort Mason around 7 p.m. Saturday evening.

What looked something like this during the afternoon, by sunset looked like a good place to catch Hepatitis. That's also when the seagulls started swooping in, probably looking for beer can rings to choke themselves to death with. (Because of how disappointed in humanity they were.)

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Eye Dropper

Man arrested for releasing personal info Dem Party committee member

Via NC Renegade

The arrest of former state Department of Health and Human Services employee Christopher Lykes for allegedly releasing the personal information of over 200,000 Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries has led to an unexpected he-said-she-said brouhaha between the S.C. Republican Party and the state Democratic Party.

Yesterday, the SCGOP fired a press-release salvo claiming that Lykes was not a former member of the Lexington County Democratic Party Executive Committee. According to the Republican Party, Dick Harpootlian and his liberal minions "scrubbed" the official S.C. Democratic Party website of Lykes' name. An April 18 screencapture shows Lykes as a Lexington Democratic Party Executive Committee contact, but his name is missing from an April 19 screencapture. Lykes was arrested on April 18.
“The South Carolina Democratic Party thinks they can pull the wool over the public’s eyes. Dick Harpootlian and his cronies need to immediately condemn Chris Lykes’ behavior and apologize to honest, hard-working South Carolinians,” says Matt Moore, SCGOP executive director.

Public debt

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