Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fighting Without Two Arms

In all great struggles for the fate of a nation or people, whether it is a reactionary or revolutionary struggle, there movement seeking change must have two separate but interdependent arms, that is, the “political” and the martial.  A political ideology without the means to implement it is not much more than an intellectual exercise or a suggestion; a violent movement without a “political” arm is not much more than a criminal gang. 
A resistance movement must have two well-developed "arms" with which to attack the enemy and turn the enemy's efforts against him.  A weightlifter risks injury if his body is not equally developed, and a man with only one arm is at a severe disadvantage in a fight.  Likewise, these two arms must work in concert to advance the cause.  Both arms have to put forth everything in a bench press, or one side is overloaded and the lift fails.  Likewise, a martial artist's arms need to work together to grapple, to deflect, to strike, and to block.
The two arms need to be balanced in strength and used in a cooperative manner, or that bar is coming down on your head.
The "martial" arm is fairly straightforward, and consists, for the sake of simplicity, of that wing conducting covert and direct actions.  The "political" arm might not seem so straightforward.  First, let's define "political" and "politics".

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