Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Gettysburg 'ghosts’ run across road in this bone-chilling video: September 15, 2020

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Two “ghosts” at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, were spotted — 157 years after the infamous Civil War battle. See the spooky sight for yourself, filmed by New Jersey resident Greg Yuelling, as he drove through the historical battleground with his family on Sept. 2, 2020.

As Luck Would Have It

The tiny hamlet of Lake Hill in New York State’s Catskill Mountains was my mother’s hometown, and her ancestors there, the Howlands, could trace their family history to its roots in Fifteenth Century England and to Bishop Richard Howland of Peterborough who officiated at the burial of Mary Queen of Scots in 1587.  During the next century, Henry Howland sailed to the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts in 1623 to join his brother John who had landed there three years earlier aboard the “Mayflower.”  Some of Henry’s descendants then made their way across New England to the Mid-Hudson Valley where Edward Howland arrived in Lake Hill during the early part of the Nineteenth Century.  In 1910, Edward’s granddaughter Madge met and married a young Virginian named Julius Augustus Simpson who had just made his way north from Aldie in Loudoun County.

The young man, who most in the family always called Uncle Jules, established Lake Hill’s only general store and later became its postmaster.  As a child, I greatly enjoyed the tales Uncle Jules told me of his father’s exploits as a Confederate soldier during the War Between the States.  Few in the family actually believed those tales, but many years later while researching my various family histories, I found that Uncle Jules’ stories were all true.

North Carolina Legislative Democrats pledge to defund police & Strip Ciitizens of Second Amendment rights

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NC House leader discusses law enforcement funding :: WRAL.com

Forty-Seven Democratic members of the state House and candidates running to join the Democratic caucus have signed a pledge to defund the police, restrict the ability of law enforcement to obtain basic protective equipment and strip citizens of Second Amendment rights with no due process. The pledge includes ending cash bail and the assignment of court fees and costs, one which would return some dangerous criminals back to the streets, the other which would further defund the police by eliminating revenue for police training and police retirement. Eight Democratic state Senate members and candidates also signed the pledge. While not all current Democrat house members signed the pledge, if all 47 of the pledge signers were elected, they would represent 85% of the current 55 Democrat members of the state House.


Leaked Email from DHS Intel Official Proves Antifa is 'Organized,' Not a Leaderless Group

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For years, Americans who cherish freedom and liberty, not Marxism and anarchy, suspected that Antifa was an actual organization with leaders, at least at the local level.
It turns out that, indeed, Antifa is “organized.”

That’s according to a July email written by then-acting Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis Brian Murphey, which was leaked to CBS News investigative reporter Catherine Herridge, who posted the document on Twitter.

Statues: Tennessee and Virginia

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 Petition · Save the Portsmouth Confederate Monument! · Change.org

I am encouraged by the rapid response on the part of the citizens - a group was on the ground within 10 minutes of identifying the terrorist threat, and thus were able to defend against the terrorists when they arrived. Once the terrorists recognized that defenders were onsite, and vocal, they left.
Let's see more of that Minuteman spirit, eh wot? Additionally, know the provisions of the existing statutes that protect our statues and the agency(s) of your state government that is obligated to execute that law.

If your state doesn't have such a provisions, ask why not and then make it happen. Also, support and ally with those activities that are organized and pushing back against this Orwellian nightmare - in our state, it appears to be the Sons of Confederate Veterans, formed in 1896. In particular, the opportunity to further the cause via Make Dixie Great Again. In particular, the tactics and special operations.

For example, there is some very ugly stuff going down in Portsmouth VA, and I might have some of the details wrong here. Still, as I understand the situation, a seated state senator, black woman, was part of a group, along with her daughter, that vandalized a statue - another terrorist was physically injured when part of the statue fell on him. Anyway, as she was being brought to task for this terrorist act (felony charges were brought against her), she countered by levying charges of racism (of course) and filed a lawsuit. The city manager, another black woman implicated in the terrorist act (directing the police chief not to investigate, citing "conflict of interest"), decided to resign, the city attorney was fired, the police chief was fired, and the replacement police chief was placed on administrative leave.

Do an Internet search and prepare to be stunned as to how little of this you hear on the mainstream news. Here's one recent local report. At the bottom of that report is contact information - email and telephone - for the reporter. It is a good idea to use the media as one pillar of your intelligence efforts - think of them as an asset. It might be wise to make this an item of special interest.

Trump Says He’s Up For A Four-Hour Debate Moderated By Joe Rogan

Joe Biden's top 10 gaffes

 This would be devastating to Biden, so won't happen.

 A long form debate with a neutral moderator.
No fake audience reactions.
No biased questions.
Neutral camera positions.
No sound bite length responses.
Just their respective policies explained to us.
Please @realDonaldTrump and @JoeBiden make it happen. #debate #joerogandebate

Joe Rogan has offered to moderate a four-hour debate between President Trump and Joe Biden.
On Monday, Trump took up the offer.

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