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:) Falwell after Gillespie loss: 'DC should annex' Northern Virginia

 Falwell after Gillespie loss: 'DC should annex' Northern Virginia

Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty University and an ally of President Trump, said on Tuesday that the District of Columbia should "annex" Northern Virginia and return governance of the state "to Virginians."

"DC should annex NOVA and return the governance of VA to Virginians! The founders intended DC to include all fed employees who are conflicted," Falwell wrote on Twitter.

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Ralph Northam, Democrats prove fear works to win

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On Tuesday night, Democrat Ralph Northam became the next governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, beating Republican Ed Gillespie in a brutal campaign that stoked people's fears in the age of Donald Trump.

With 98 percent reporting, Northam won with just over 53 percent of the vote and a margin of eight points. In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton carried the commonwealth with almost a five-point margin of victory.

And while President Trump endorsed Gillespie in the last remaining weeks of the campaign, the Republican candidate was coy about expressing his support for the president. However, for Northam and the Democrats, Trump's endorsement was all they needed to paint Gillespie, a Washington insider and moderate Republican, as a white supremacist. It didn't help that Gillespie endorsed keeping the statues of Confederate generals and soldiers in Virginia.

Texas Church Shooting: Survivor Says Shots Were Fired From "The Roof"

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Richard Henry Lee Rails Against England’s Slave Trade


The responsibility for populating its American colonies with enslaved Africans rests with the British, who needed cheap labor for the plantations producing profit for England. Southern colonists, alarmed at the increasing numbers of black slaves arriving in British and New England hulls, repeatedly called for an end to the cruel trade. As Richard Henry Lee (father of Robert E. Lee) suggests below, any and all demands by Virginians and Carolinians to halt the slave-trade were nullified by the British Crown.
Bernhard Thuersam, www.Circa1865.com   The Great American Political Divide

Richard Henry Lee Rails Against England’s Slave Trade

“Massachusetts invalidated the British commercial system, which Virginia resisted from abhorrence of the slave-trade. Never before had England pursued the traffic in Negroes with such eager avarice.

The remonstrances of philanthropy and of the colonies were unheeded, and categorical instructions from the [British] Board of Trade kept every American port open as markets for men.

The Legislature of Virginia had repeatedly showed a disposition to obstruct the commerce; a deeply-seated public opinion began more and more to avow the evils and the injustice of slavery itself; and in 1761, it was proposed to suppress the importation of Africans by a prohibitory duty.

Among those who took part in the long and violent debate was Richard Henry Lee, the representative of Westmoreland. Descended from one of the oldest families in Virginia, he had been educated in England and had returned to his native land familiar with the spirit of Grotius and Cudworth, of Locke and Montesquieu; his first recorded speech was against Negro slavery, in behalf of human freedom.

In the continued importation of slaves, he foreboded danger to the political and moral interests of the Old Dominion; an increase of the free Anglo-Saxons he argued, would foster arts and varied agriculture, while a race doomed to abject bondage was of necessity an enemy to social happiness. He painted from ancient history the horrors of servile insurrections. He deprecated the barbarous atrocity of the trade with Africa, and its violation of the equal rights of men created like ourselves in the image of God.

“Christianity,” thus he spoke in conclusion, “by introducing into Europe the truest principles of universal benevolence and brotherly love, happily abolished civil slavery. Let us who profess the same religion practice its precepts, and by agreeing to this duty, pay a proper regard to our rue interests and to the dictates of justice and humanity.”

The tax for which Lee raised his voice was carried through the Assembly of Virginia by a majority of one; but from England a negative followed with certainty every colonial act tending to diminish the [British] slave-trade. South Carolina, also appalled by the great increase of its black population, endeavored by its own laws to restrain the importation of slaves, and in like manner came into collision with the same British policy.”

(History of the United States, from the Discovery of the American Continent, Volume IV; George Bancroft, Brown, Little and Company, 1856, excerpts, pp. 421-422)

Webb: Trump, year one +

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Trump blasts Gillespie over Va. loss: He 'did not embrace me or what I stand for'

Trump blasts Gillespie over Va. loss: He 'did not embrace me or what I stand for.


Tax cuts by year end will make a difference.

Former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and the resistance still won’t accept it, but they can’t change the reality that Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States. In simple terms and in spite of their attempts to rig the election for Hillary Clinton, the Clinton dynasty is over and there is no one to take the reins for the next generation. They fought and bought their way to the top and now are becoming increasingly irrelevant to the political discourse.

As I stated in an earlier article, the first 100 days is an artificial construct politically and in many ways so is year one but at least there is time to do an assessment while ignoring the false timeline. As the economy continues to surge, it’s even more important that the GOP pass tax reform.

First, a review of the current economic picture.

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White House Recognizes Victims of Communism, Affirms U.S. Resolve to ‘Shine the Light of Liberty’

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Victims of Communism Memorial

The White House released a statement on Tuesday in recognition of the National Day for the Victims of Communism, marking the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution in the Soviet Union.

The White House referred to the "dark decades of oppressive communism" that followed the Bolshevik Revolution, and recognized the many who have died and continue to suffer under communism.

The full statement can be read here:

Watchdog sues to see if James Comey 'coordinated' testimony with Robert Mueller

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A conservative watchdog group is suing the Justice Department to find out if former FBI Director James Comey “coordinated” with special counsel Robert Mueller before Comey's appearance before Congress.

Judicial Watch wants “all records of communications” between Comey and the Justice Department, which would include communications to Mueller, in the run-up to Comey's appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee in June. Congressional investigators wanted information on Comey’s firing by President Trump, as some lawmakers suspected the move was an attempt to impede a federal investigation into whether his campaign coordinated with the Russian government’s cyber attacks against the Democratic party in 2016.

The Justice Department missed a deadline to release the documents voluntarily under the Freedom of Information Act.

Fusion GPS official met with Russian operative before and after Trump Jr. sit-down

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In this photo taken on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016, Kremlin-linked lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya speaks to a journalist in Moscow, Russia.  President Donald Trump's eldest son changed his account of the meeting he had with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign over the weekend, saying Sunday July 9, 2017, that Natalia Veselnitskaya told him she had information about Clinton. A statement from Donald Trump Jr. one day earlier made no mention of Clinton. (Yury Martyanov /Kommersant Photo via AP) RUSSIA OUT

The co-founder of Fusion GPS, the firm behind the unverified Trump dossier, met with a Russian lawyer before and after a key meeting she had last year with Trump’s son, Fox News has learned. The contacts shed new light on how closely tied the firm was to Russian interests, at a time when it was financing research to discredit then-candidate Donald Trump.

The opposition research firm has faced renewed scrutiny after litigation revealed that the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid for that research. Congressional Republicans have since questioned whether that politically financed research contributed to the FBI’s investigation of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign – making Fusion’s 2016 contacts with Russian interests all the more relevant.

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Gunman Checked Each Aisle, Shot Babies At Point-Blank Range +2

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Johnnie Langendorff and Stephen  Willeford during a vigil for the victims of the First Baptist Church shooting Monday, Nov. 6, 2017, in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Willeford shot suspect Devin Patrick Kelley and Langendorff drove the truck while they chased Kelley. 

The gunman who killed 26 people at a small-town Texas church went aisle to aisle looking for victims and shot crying babies at point-blank range, a couple who survived the attack said.

Rosanne Solis and Joaquin Ramirez were sitting near the entrance to the First Baptist Church on Sunday when they heard what sounded like firecrackers and realized someone was shooting at the tiny wood-frame building.

In an interview with San Antonio television station KSAT, Solis said congregants began screaming and dropped to the floor. She could see bullets flying into the carpet and fellow worshippers falling down, bloodied, after getting hit.

Oliver North: PBS and Ken Burns get Vietnam – and Richard Nixon – wrong, again

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When Richard Nixon was in the White House, I was in Vietnam and he was my commander-in-chief. When I was on Ronald Reagan’s National Security Council staff, I had the opportunity to brief former President Nixon on numerous occasions and came to admire his analysis of current events, insights on world affairs and compassion for our troops. His preparation for any meeting or discussion was exhaustive. His thirst for information was unquenchable and his tolerance for fools was non-existent.

Mr. Nixon’s prosecution of the war in Southeast Asia is poorly told by Ken Burns in his PBS documentary "The Vietnam War.”  That is but one of many reasons Mr. Burns’ latest work is such a disappointment and a tragic lost opportunity.

It’s sad, but I’ve come to accept that the real story of the heroic American GIs in Vietnam may never be told. Like too many others, Ken Burns portrays the young Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines of the Vietnam War as pot-smoking, drug-addicted, hippie marauders.

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Communism’s century of devastation

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Illustration on the centennial of the Bolshevik Revolution by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times
Egalitarian promises produced only death and starvation


President Franklin D. Roosevelt called Dec. 7, 1941 “a day that will live in infamy,” and with good reason. The date that Tojo’s Japan launched a surprise attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor heralded America’s entrance into the bloody fighting of World War II.

But there are other dates that live in infamy, and many of them aren’t nearly as well known. But they deserve to be. Take Nov. 7, 1917.

Anything come to mind? One hundred years ago this month, Bolsheviks under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin overthrew the Russian government and established a communist dictatorship. “The world has never been the same since,” writes foreign policy expert Kim Holmes in a recent article for the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Vicious NYT editorial ignores its former publisher's Mother's role in loyally supporting the Confederacy

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By Lewis Regenstein the descendant of over two dozen members of his extended family in Georgia and South Carolina who fought for the Confederacy to defend their Southern Homeland from the invading Union army. Regenstein@mindspring.com

It is very ironic to see this vicious editorial, since Bertha Levy  Ochs,  the Mother  of the future publisher of the New York Times,  was an ardent and loyal   supporter of the Confederacy. Her son Adolph Ochs bought the New York Times in 1896.

As recounted by the renowned historian Robert Rosen, in his authoritative book The Jewish Confederates,  her brother served in the Confederate army, and she  smuggled medicine into the South to help the Confederates overcome their severe shortages of such supplies:

 There is a family story that Bertha pushed her baby carriage, which contained contraband material hidden under one of       the  little Ochs boys, across the river from Cincinnati to Kentucky, to the Confederates. Adolph Ochs recalled in later years that "Mother gave Father  a lot of trouble in those days."

According to their granddaughter, Bertha's smuggling drugs to the Confederates came to the attention of of the Union authorities and a warrant was issued for her arrest. As a loyal Union officer, {her husband] Julius was able to have the charges dismissed.

In 1928, The Confederate Veteran magazine noted that "for a Mother of Israel to defy her husband and an entire army was no mean assertion of militant feminism in those days."

Ironically, the family  moved to Tennessee in 1964, one of the states affected by Union General Ulysses Grant's infamous General Order Number 11, expelling all Jews from the Union-occupied states of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi within 24 hours, which was eventually rescinded by President Lincoln.

Bertha  was a charter member of the A. P. Stewart Chapter of he United Daughters of the Confederacy; she died in 1908, and her coffin, as she requested, was draped with a Confederate flag.

I wonder of the NYTimes considers her one of those vicious racists it refers to in its editorial.

About John Kelly's Racist History Lesson

Trump Asked If He Would consider extreme vetting for people trying to buy a gun

Goodies from Ol' Remus

Losers, Taki's Magazine - A year later, they’re still crying. And screaming. They haven’t stopped for a second. Through their myriad poo-flingin’ diaper tantrums such as election recounts, begging electors to switch their votes, impeachment threats, the Russia deflection, and now the Nazi Scare, they’ve proved congenitally incapable of realizing this sort of behavior is exactly why they lost in the first place. And they keep organizing and networking and workshopping and fellowshipping so that they can gather together in public to cry even more, because if crying for 365 days didn’t work, surely the 366th day will finally do the trick.

It’s now known that the United Kingdom, where private gun ownership is even more restrictive than in Australia, has the highest rate for all violent crime of any EU country. The UK’s violent crime rate of 2,034 per 100,000 population is worse than the US and even South Africa.

 Daily Mail says Kelly was a militant atheist who "talked 'about how people who believe in God were stupid'"

  Ancient Origins - Hidden Chamber Found? Cosmic Ray Tech Reveals Large Void in Great Pyramid ... and it's a big one

WTVR-TV - Richmond’s long and vexing history as a murder city
art-remus-ident-04.jpg Excerpt: The black-on-black violent crime problem was stark and bluntly reported: "Why were there 11 times as many homicides committed by Negroes in Richmond last year than by white persons?" asked the first line of a newspaper report in February of 1941.
  Vegas, Free Market Shooter - Plainly, things aren’t adding up with the Vegas shooting. Paddock was in an area with extremely heavy surveillance, yet no stills or video of him have been released to the public. No potential motive has been released. Really, no answers to any of the questions that arose in result of the story not adding up have been addressed… instead, the Vegas massacre has vanished from cable news channels and the public mind. In just the span of a month, 4 survivors of the Vegas shooting have died. Here we are, a month later – with exactly what we had immediately in the aftermath of the shooting: nothing. No answers, no coverage, no questions… nothing.

  Big gun, small tank, National Interest - Unlike recoilless guns, which lose velocity relative to conventional guns, Rarefaction Wave Gun—RAVEN—guns retain the same velocity and power as a conventional gun while reducing recoil forces, around 75 percent, with the way that it vents, allowing for cannons of the same power factor to be mounted on light vehicles. Barrel heating was reduced by 41 percent. RAVEN could provide America’s next generation of light vehicles the firepower they need to overmatch any current and future threat. While the technology is not yet mature, it is based squarely on concepts already understood and developed.

On Bowe Bergdahl - Colonel Kurt Schlichter: "The military is more broken than I ever feared possible."

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 A disgrace in uniform.
I'm absolutely stunned. It's an outrage and the military should be ashamed.
We have a Navy that can't sail its ships; we have a United States Army Military Academy that is graduating people who are openly communist and anti-American. And now a man who betrays his country, who deserts his men in the face of the enemy, who gets men killed and wounded, gets no jail time!
Our military is more broken than I ever feared possible. I'm stunned and disgusted.

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Donna Brazile Exposes Deep Dem Clinton Divide

Harvey Weinstein 'hired former spies to counter sex abuse accusers'


Harvey Weinstein reportedly hired journalists and highly trained ex-spies and military personnel who used fake identities to try to stop accusers from going public with sexual misconduct claims against him.

The news came as the Television Academy, which hands out Emmy Awards, was said to have expelled Weinstein "for life," following a similar move by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which gives out the Oscars.

Among the private security agencies hired by Weinstein starting around autumn 2016, The New Yorker reported, was Black Cube, which is largely run by former officers of Israeli intelligence agencies, including Mossad. Another was corporate intelligence giant Kroll.

Donna Brazile on Seth Rich: Killed for being white on the wrong side of town?

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Former interim Democratic National Committee (DNC) head Donna Brazile worried Seth Rich was either killed for being white or by Russians.

From her book “Hacks“:
I felt some responsibility for Seth Rich’s death. I didn’t bring him into the DNC, but I helped keep him there working on voting rights. With all I knew now about the Russians’ hacking, I could not help but wonder if they had played some part in his unsolved murder. Besides that, racial tensions were high that summer and I worried that he was murdered for being white on the wrong side of town. [My friend] Elaine expressed her doubts about that, and I heard her. The FBI said that they did not see any Russian fingerprints there.

Former Clinton Adviser: Time For a Special Prosecutor to Investigate Clinton

A former top Clinton confidante and Democrat pollster believes it’s time for a special prosecutor to be appointed to investigate Hillary Clinton.

Doug Schoen was responding to news that former FBI director James Comey had modified his original statement on the Clinton email investigation.

Specifically, Comey changed a key phrase – the famous “extremely careless” line – from its original description of “grossly negligent.”

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley wrote a letter to current FBI director, Christopher Wray, saying “then-Director Comey and other FBI officials believed the facts fit that gross negligence standard until later edits were made.”

Chuck Grassley: Early James Comey drafts found Hillary Clinton 'grossly negligent' in mishandling emails

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 Grassley is demanding more information about the drafts from FBI Director Christopher Wray. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, is accusing former FBI Director James Comey of removing the words “grossly negligent” from his July 2016 remarks announcing Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would not be charged with a crime for mishandling classified State Department emails.

Grassley asserts that preliminary drafts of Comey’s remarks use phrases “indicating a violation of federal statute” but the works were removed in subsequent drafts.

Grassley is demanding more information about the drafts from FBI Director Christopher Wray.

“Although Director Comey’s original version of his statement acknowledged that Secretary Clinton had violated the statute prohibiting gross negligence in the handling of classified information, he nonetheless exonerated her in that early, May 2nd draft statement anyway, arguing that this part of the statute should not be enforced,” Grassley said in a letter send Monday to Wray.

Grassley is demanding the original drafts, “including the metadata to determine who is responsible for the edits.” Grassley is also asking for all records pertaining to the reasoning behind the changes.