Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The US Has Lost Global Power, and Is Now Just Faking It


"If the US manages to convince enough people, at home and around the world, that it is still dangerous, then it will be able to hide its increasing enfeeblement for a while longer."

It’s a hard job being a global hegemon and the world’s sole superpower.

You have to keep the entire planet in line. Every country needs to be taught its place, and kept there, by force if need be. Now and again a country or two has to be conquered or destroyed, just to teach others a lesson. Plus you have to relentlessly meddle in other countries’ politics, rigging elections so that only US-friendly candidates can win, run regime change operations and organize colored revolutions. Stop doing this, and some countries will start ignoring you. And then the rest will quickly realize that you are losing control and go their separate ways while ignoring you.

Goodies From Ol' Remus

A pastry shop in 1889 Paris, painted when Beraud blended salon and impressionist styles, which was most of the time, albeit with a life-long shift towards the latter. I rate Jean Beraud's stuff as a solid "okay" with an occasional lunge at "pretty good". Beraud lived until 1935.

Family, Return of Kings - The Cultural Marxists know that in order to destroy America they have to annihilate the concept of a strong father figure and they have to make obsolete the icon of a loving mother, of a home life and childhood that is wholesome. To all you young players out there, I’m not ignorant to what the game has become. I will encourage you however to have a dream. There’s a pretty girl out there who has an education, can cook, does not leave her clothes all over the floor like you do, has a loving relationship with her father (who’s respect you must earn, sorry!), respects you and can be your best friend, lover, companion, wife and who will be a good mother to your children. You will someday grow old, don’t do it alone.

Education, Taki's Magazine - At the secondary level, boys should be taught by men. Student gender segregation also is desirable. And it would be silly to perceive “sexism” or “misogyny” here. We have seen the consequences of an education system dominated by women: boys put on drugs because they are boys and made to feel guilty about themselves for the same reason. It would be far better for a boy to have no education at all than to undergo a feminized one. The present system is the way to destroy a country; it is emphatically not a path to excellence. Excellence, both of mind and character, was the purpose of education as it was classically conceived.

 Tyrants, Z Man - Social media companies hire petty tyrants, sadists and mentally disturbed spinsters, give them a job reading the internet, looking for “hate speech”. These are people who relish the task, because it is the only time anyone notices them. Our public space is turning into a daycare center run by sadistic schoolmarms. The people in charge of social media firms truly think they can regulate what the world has to say about things. There’s no way to stifle dissent. The only thing that comes from efforts to do so is a violent response. But, the petty tyrants will only learn that lesson when the next Persian vegan shows up at their door.

Terrible person, Taki's Magazine - Please let me do penance, or probation, or social-media jail, or whatever form of public horsewhipping is necessary to transform me from a self-righteous privileged Neanderthal to a craven apologetic humiliated loser crawling around on my knees trying to convince people that I Get It Now, I was wrong, I’ll go to rehab, that wasn’t the real me, I’m donating my salary to homeless drunk Eskimos in Juneau. I hate me. Everything I do is an offense against helpless underrepresented demographic groups that will now assert their moral superiority and kill me. I hope someone invites me to be the commencement speaker at Bard College next year just so I can be disinvited and humiliated.
art-remus-ident-04.jpg The problem with "white privilege" is there isn't enough of it.
Daily Mail - Pensioner, 78, arrested on suspicion of murder after 'stabbing armed burglar, 38, to death in struggle in his kitchen' when two intruders woke him as he slept next to his wife ... the other one got away
art-remus-ident-04.jpg They knowingly allow Moslem gangs to kidnap their preteen daughters and force them into sex slavery. Now an elderly man is arrested for defending his life in his own home. In the end, what was their "finest hour" for?
  Vintage News - Nightingale floors: the Japanese flooring system used for alerting castle lords to nighttime attacks by ninja assassins

The Unknown Confederate West


A review of The Civil War in the American West by Alvin M. Josephy (Vintage, 1993).

As the “history” books to which government school students are subjected begin to deal with the War of Northern Aggression, they tend to make little mention of those states and territories west of the Mississippi, with the exception of Missouri and Kansas. Missouri, so we’ve been told, was chock full of greasy, “racist, hate-mongering “nativist” bushwhackers, who wanted nothing more out of life than to lie in wait so they could ambush the noble, virtuous, godly abolitionists from Kansas to whom “anti-slavery was the law of God.” Other than their presenting us with this little tidbit of historic fertilizer, they tell us almost nothing of what went on in the rest of the West. Either they haven’t done the homework or they have and hope we haven’t.

I’ve seen lines in some Western movies that talk about the War being an “Easterner’s War” and saying the West had nothing to do with it. Not quite accurate!

Illinois: Rally and Speak-out Against Confederate Monument

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 Image result for Oak Woods Cemetery,  confederate

 WBBM Newsradio

Dear Mr. Swiston:

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner, but I’m just now seeing your e-mail.  Here was information about what was planned:

This Last Saturday, April 7, from 3-4 PM, there will was be a community speak-out outside of Oak Woods Cemetery, at 71st and Cottage Grove. Within Oak Woods Cemetery there is a 46 foot tall statue commemorating the c Confederate soldiers who died at Camp Douglas. This statue is only yards away from the resting place of Ida B Wells, Black freedom fighter and labor organizer. Harold Washington and Jesse Owens are also buried in Oak Woods Cemetery.

This speak-out event was organized by, which is made up of anti-racist organizations and individuals working for social and economic justice for all people. Anakbayan Chicago, Black Lives Matter Chicago, Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, Trans Liberation Collective, and Workers World Party Chicago have all shown support for the organization. There will be speakers from BLM Chicago and Black Youth Project 100, as well as community members and stakeholders, at the rally on Saturday.

Black Youth Project 100 has launched the #HonorHerLabor campaign in response to the c Confederate monument. This campaign aims to build a memorial to Ida B Wells to replace the c C onfederate statue in Oak Woods Cemetery. Smash White Supremacy Chicago supports the #HonorHerLabor campaign and demands the removal of the c Confederate monument.

Thank you, and we appreciate your listening!

China’s president promises to cut auto import tariff

 Xi Jinping

President Xi Jinping has promised to cut China’s auto import tariffs and ease restrictions on foreign ownership in its auto industry amid an escalating tariff spat with Washington.

In a speech Tuesday at a business conference, Xi made no direct mention of the dispute with President Donald Trump but pledged to open China’s markets further and improve conditions for foreign companies.

Xi said Beijing will “significantly lower” tariffs on auto imports this year and ease restrictions on foreign ownership in the auto industry “as soon as possible."

Tucker Carlson Show on Syria: Cui Bono? Why there is a high probability that all three alleged gas attacks may be "black flag" attacks.

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I'm at 99.9%

National News NC gun range hosts 'machine gun social'

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A gun range owner in Brevard gave people a chance to shoot fully automatic weapons Monday.

Assault-style weapons have been a big topic since the mass shootings in Las Vegas and Parkland, Florida. Fully automatic means the gun fires continuously from the moment the trigger is pulled until it is released.

"Today is a machine gun social," explained Bear Arms co-owner Justin Fisher.  For $25, plus the price of ammunition, people got to try a fully automatic weapon, like a Vietnman-era M-60.

More @ WRAL

Senator Paul: FBI Raid on Trump's Attorney Was 'Great Overstep' by Mueller

 Image result for Sen. Paul: FBI Raid on Trump's Attorney Was 'Great Overstep' by Mueller

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) questioned why the FBI raided the office of President Trump's attorney on Monday, saying that the action was a "great overstep" in Robert Mueller's original Russia investigation.

Michael Cohen's home and hotel room were also searched. The action was based in part on a referral from the special counsel, according to Cohen's lawyer.

The New York Times reported that some of the documents were related to communications between Cohen and the president, as well as Stormy Daniels.

More @ Fox

The Lesson From Pennsylvania

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It’s likely that psephologists will discover from their postmortems on the recent primary election in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District that the barely victorious candidate, Conor Lamb, won by appealing to the “nice” Republican portion of this overwhelmingly Republican district. Nice Republicans are not necessarily the equivalent of the Republicans in Name Only despised by the party’s activist base, nor of the “country-club Republicans,” scorned by people from both parties, who wish to be liked and respected by the liberal elite they associate with professionally and socially, though the two types may in fact overlap. The nice Republicans are conservatives whose self-conscious gentility assures their political moderation, people with lowered opinions and quieted voices to match them. Nice Republicans used to have their counterparts in the Democratic and socialist parties as well, before it became not only fashionable but de rigueur among liberals to play the role of fire-eater, perpetually angry, offended, and on the offensive.

Men sentenced to probation for gang-rape of 13-year-old


There will be no jail time for two men involved in the brutal gang-rape of a 13-year-old girl.
Like two other defendants before them Tommy Williams, 20, and Clarence Williams, 19, each received a minimum of 10 years of sex offender intensive supervised probation, with a maximum of life on probation.

The family of the young victim was outraged after learning the sentence Tuesday.
"There was six of them and they gang-raped my granddaughter," said the girl's grandfather, who got in a shouting match with the Williams' family members and was forced to leave. He protested the plea bargain, angrily stating the men should do time.

The crime happened in late 2016 at the Stonebrook Terrance Apartments on the 4000 block of Tappan Drive. The child reported the crime to police six days before Christmas that year. She told investigators she knew one of the suspects, who invited her to the apartment to play video games.
She told investigators while at the apartment with a couple other female friends, she went to the bathroom and her friends left. At that time, arrest papers say two men pulled her out of the bathroom and reportedly forced her into the bedroom where the other suspects were waiting before the reported gang rape happened.

At a previous sentencing in February, the girl's grandmother detailed the horrifying crime, telling the courtroom the child was rotated around the bed "like a hand on a clock" during the rape.
Her grandmother told the courtroom Tuesday that after what happened, her granddaughter might never be able to have children.

Two more defendants are still set to be sentenced. One of the two is a minor.
According to the arrest papers, of the six arrested in the gang-rape, some are cousins and some are brothers.


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Dershowitz: Targeting Trump's lawyer should worry us all

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There is much speculation as to the significance of the search of the offices and hotel room of President Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen. To obtain a search warrant, prosecutors must demonstrate to a judge that they have probable cause to believe that the premises to be searched contain evidence of crime. They must also specify the area to be searched, the items to be seized and, in searches of computers, the word searches to be used.

At least that’s the constitutional requirement in theory, especially where the Sixth Amendment right to counsel is involved, in addition to the general Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches. Yet, in practice, judges often give the FBI considerable latitude, relying on the “firewalls” and “taint teams” they set up to protect the subject of the search from violation of his or her constitutional rights.

More @ The Hill

7 Deadly Objects London Must Ban Next If It Wants To Survive

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There are some in the pro-stabbing crowd who claim that a person may have literally dozens of non-murderous reasons to carry a knife. They may even argue that knives are a basic human tool, and have been for thousands of years, and probably every adult in the world uses knives on a regular basis. But this is the kind of propaganda you'd expect to hear from knife-wielding lunatics.

I heartily support Mayor Khan's initiative. My only concern is that it doesn't quite go far enough. Even after we have gotten rid of the guns and the knives, we have still left many lethal objects that, by their very existence, may compel otherwise peaceable people to become serial killers. Let's highlight just a few:

1. Vehicles.

Police: There's never a reason to carry a knife and people should surrender them.

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Knife bin in Birmingham

People carrying knives are being encouraged to surrender their weapons during a community initiative to tackle knife crime in Birmingham.

Three secure metal bins where people can dispose of weapons have been set up across the city.
It follows several stabbings in the city last year.

Mueller Investigating Trump Over $150K Donation From Ukrainian Who Gave Clintons $13 Million

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The special counsel’s office is investigating a $150,000 donation a Ukrainian businessman made to President Donald Trump’s charity in 2015, according to a new report.

The donation, from steel magnate Victor Pinchuk, pales in comparison to contributions he gave to the charity Bill and Hillary Clinton set up. The billionaire has contributed $13 million to the Clinton Foundation since 2006 and had access to Hillary Clinton while she served as secretary of state.

But Special Counsel Robert Mueller is not investigating The Clintons. Instead, he is conducting a broad investigation of Donald Trump, including the flow of foreign money into various Trump-controlled entities.