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The Unrealistic Mentality of the Modern Survivalist

This is worthwhile.
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I am guilty of falling into the “Wolverines!” mindset from time-to-time, that being the image of going toe-to-toe with the insidious foreign invasion force and setting up ambushes to destroy the evil occupiers or perhaps having to confront droves of hostiles, be they urban gang-bangers, local looters, or some other such group of less than savory individuals. The modern survivalist seems to be rather obsessed with the idea of a total collapse of all centralized authority to the point where society is little better than Somalia, although historical precedent doesn’t give much credibility to this theory. The idea of a “total collapse” has been covered to the point of ad nauseam but what of the idea of a “partial” or “limited” collapse? If you have prepared for a total collapse and your entire mindset, mentality, and preparations are focused on that, what if the collapse is less than total? What if instead of a nuclear war there is simply an increase in violent crime by 500 percent or even 1,000 percent due to a serious weakening of government power and authority, short of a total collapse of central authority. Are you prepared to live in an America that is incredibly more dangerous than it presently is but where you don’t have a green-light to don the tactical armor and take out your battle rifle to clean the streets?

The Blood on Jesse Jackson’s Hands

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The ever hustling Mr. Jackson, who has been cutting corners and cutting deals ever since he dropped out of the Chicago Theological Seminary after a scant six months and began calling himself “the Reverend Jackson,” definitely has the blood of slaughtered African innocents on his hands. Because he was acting as America’s “special envoy” to Africa, it’s high time Mr. Jesse answered a few tough questions about the horror he wrought in Africa. It’s time to follow the trail of the African blood diamonds.

Issa: “We’re not looking at the straw purchasers, Mr. Attorney General. We’re looking at you

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On April 3rd at 10:15am est, the House Judiciary committee was convening a hearing at which Attorney General Eric Holder would answer questions about the burgeoning scandal involving the ATF allowing weapons to ‘walk’ into Mexico. Two of those weapons were found at the murder scene of Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry last December.

Also at 10:15am, reports that the White House would be releasing a photo of a dead Osama Bin Laden stole the headlines. The day ended without any photos being released. Meanwhile, GOP Rep. Darrell Issa grilled Holder and wanted to know who at the Department authorized the operation known as Fast and Furious, which involved the death of one of America’s finest. Yet, all the media seemed to have an appetite for was proof that the world’s most despicable was dead.

Holder: “…you have to understand the way in which the Department operates although there are operations, this one has gotten a great deal of publicity…”

Issa: “Yeah, there are dead Americans as a result of this failed and reckless program so I would say that it hasn’t gotten enough attention, has it Mr. Attorney General?”

It was the perfect allegory for the amount of attention and coverage given to the non-event that would be the release of a photo compared to that given to a story that involves government officials at an agency Eric Holder is responsible for – the ATF – having blood on their hands.

9/11 Family Invited To Presidential Ground Zero Visit Snubs Obama

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Boy, they pegged the narcistic Hussein to a T.


The League of the South

5 MAY 2011

Compatriots: Yesterday, I went down into the heart of the tornado damage area in NW Alabama. There are many little communities that have been by-passed and virtually forgotten by the relief efforts. I found two in extreme north Marion County--Shiloh and Clifty Creek. The local volunteers at the fire station in Shiloh community were very happy to see supplies coming in. I told them we would be back. They asked who "we" were and I told them The League of the South. They asked for the website address and other info and said they would not forget us. Moreover, they said they would let the storm victims know as well. This is what it means to be "servant leaders," something we claim to be.

As of this afternoon (5 May), we have raised exactly $4,375. That's in only four days of fundraising. Thanks to you all for your generosity. The largest single donation has been $1000--I challenge someone to top it! These poor folks we are serving really need and appreciate it.

Sara has really worked hard as our official Purchasing Agent, though she is not satisfied with her performance (she thinks she can save even more on her purchases). My 82-year-old Mama (a proud LS member) sent a good deal of cash to buy my gasoline for these trips--she still works a 40-hour week). My youngest daughter has been volunteering as a cook in Tuscaloosa to help feed the workers there. I'm really proud of my family, both biological and League!

I had intended to have the 2011 LS national conference agenda finalized by next week, but it looks as if I'll have to delay it because of our relief work. Once it's completed, I'll notify everyone and we'll post it on our website.

Hang in there,

Michael Hill

Day By Day



Romanian AK Draco Mini 7.62x39 caliber handgun.

Just when you thought you could not get a smaller AK firearm, look again! Introducing the Romanian AK Draco Mini pistol. This handgun has an introductory price of only $399.95 each. With a smaller profile and a 7.5 inch barrel this firearm breaks the mold when it comes to a compact AK. The Draco Mini uses standard AK double stack magazines, or can you imagine the look of this firearm with a 75 round AK drum on it? Simply amazing!

Gone with the Wind Turns 75 - One book is $25K

Signed First Edition of Gone with the Wind in Custom Southern Cross-designed Morocco binding
Gone with the Wind
Margaret Mitchell
Signed First/First in Custom Southern Cross-designed Morocco binding

When Gone with the Wind hit the big screen in 1939, it was like nothing audiences had ever seen - a sweeping, panoramic drama of epic proportions, complete with turmoil, life lessons and more romance than anyone could ask for - in almost four hours of technicolor. But the story had already made its mark in the pages of Margaret Mitchell's book. First published in 1936, Gone with the Wind won the 19th Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, and had readers everywhere eagerly turning pages.

Criticized by some for a lack of originality in writing style, a failure to achieve consistent tone, and especially its inherent racism and refusal to take a firm stance against slavery, the novel was nevertheless a smashing success. The story is one of struggle, growth and survival in harsh physical and emotional circumstances. Scarlett O'Hara especially is a fascinating character, beginning as a spoiled, entitled, wealthy girl unaware of her own privilege, and growing up quickly throughout the novel as she endures indescribable tests of faith and mettle in the form of war, death, loss, hunger, rejection, tragedy, and the general shock of the transition from untold wealth and servant slaves to going hungry and having to fend and work for herself and others.

Even in the midst of her darkest hours (of which there are many, throughout the novel's dramatic 1000+ pages), Scarlett is fierce, brave, manipulative, dramatic and scheming. While she displays courage and resilience under fire, she never learns the lessons of humility, real kindness or authenticity, instead consistently plotting ways to better her own station and turn situations to her advantage. With her desperation and driven determination toward her own ends, Scarlett O'Hara remains, a full 75 years after her initial debut in the world of fiction, one of literature's most lasting and notable drama queens.

With May 2011 marking the 75th anniversary of the book's debut, there are numerous editions available for collectors and readers alike. True first edition, first printing copies in good condition or better can easily fetch four figures and up, with Mitchell's signature, intact dust jacket, and fine or better condition sending prices into the five figures.

Notable Editions of Gone with the Wind

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An alien in my own land

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"A once free people, we only seek to pay "our" taxes and obey the law, jumping through the ever-greater assemblage of hoops set out for us. Yet now we are increasingly lined up, numbered and humiliated by a police state so perverse it punishes only those who try to obey the laws, until we are treated as aliens in our own land, while the invaders receive protection from the police who should be arresting them as they march in our streets with their foreign flags, demanding to have our immigration laws overturned while collecting checks from our government.

Do the bureaucrats really think there will never be a price to pay?"

White House seeks to scotch bin Laden questions

I guess since they keep contradicting themselves, they have decided to shut up. A White House of fools.
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"The White House on Thursday sought to sidestep controversy over the exact circumstances of the raid to kill Osama bin Laden, highlighting instead a "flawlessly" executed and dangerous mission.

Officials have declined to give any further details of the raid against the Al-Qaeda leader, after being forced to amend earlier accounts of what exactly happened when Navy SEALS stole deep into Pakistan in a covert action on Sunday.

White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters on Air Force One that the operation was still being evaluated, but said that after transparently offering details of what happened, Washington was no longer offering public accounts."

Allen West discusses bin Laden’s death and what it means

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Warm Respect for a Scottish Ruin