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Pelosi WON'T TAKE MEETINGS with Any US Citizen Whose Family Member Was Killed by Illegal Alien

Hiding Evidence: The Continuing Cover-Up

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“During his twelve-year reign as FBI Director, Robert Mueller not only protected his criminal friends by silencing those who could expose their bad acts, he projected his friends’ crimes onto others.”
More information is supporting the theory that the current big Justice Department “investigations” are actually functioning as big cover-up operations.  Robert Mueller’s team is effectively hiding key evidence related to serious crimes committed by government officials.  Mueller has nearly complete control over what the public or any investigator can see.  He has control over what witnesses can talk about.

This means that the Huber and Horowitz investigations exist to make you think something is being investigated when it is not.  That is why Representatives Doug Collins, Mark Meadows, and Jim Jordan sent a letter to Huber, the U.S. attorney, this week that essentially exposes the fraud.

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The Stone Mountain Memorial Association has approved the Communist $NAACP$, the $PLC, Antifa, and the Black Panther$ to rally at Stone Mountain

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It has been confirmed. The Stone Mountain Memorial Association has approved the Communist NAACP, the SPLC, Antifa, and the Black Panthers to rally at Stone Mountain with National media coverage to raise funds and support to remove all Confederate carvings from Georgia and beyond - on February 2 (Super Bowl weekend in Atlanta). They denied Our permit to defend Our sacred landmarks and then concealed what they had planned from everyone. While the big money globalists push their Communist agenda through their monopolized media and their NFL, We working class folk are denied our first amendment rights, and the cowardly lawyers that serve not the people but the stacked and biased courts, refuse to defend Us. 

10-Year-Old Boy 'Drag Kid' Photographed With Naked Adult Drag Queen

MAY 12: Lactatia attends the 4th Annual RuPaul's DragCon at Los Angeles Convention Center on May 12, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

On Monday, 10-year-old Canadian boy Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden was featured in a troubling Huck Magazine piece highlighting the life of a so-called "child drag queen."

Young Nemis, whose drag name is "Queen Lactacia," was shot by photographer Jonathan Frederick Turton for the spread. In one of the shots that did not make the magazine, Nemis, in full drag makeup and a black dress, is posing for a photo with the Season 7 winner of "RuPaul's Drag Race," Violet Chachki. In the shocking photo, Violet is wearing nothing but a pair of heels and a small piece of fabric covering his genitals, as seen in the screenshot below:


Comment on MALKIN: Border Wall: Monument For The People, Not ....

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Truth is America does not need a WALL. We need politicians that love America more than they love, money and power. If the politicians in Washington had the balls, Illegal Immigration would stop tomorrow. And by April every Illegal Alien here would self deport. No it would not take a “magic wand,” just honest and severe laws.

First, every employer found with an Illegal Alien employed. Minimum fine first occurrence, $25,000.00 per illegal. If more than 10 illegal aliens are employed, all HR staff, company president, CEO, and all board members, 6-months in prison. Plus another 6-months for every Illegal employed over 10. Second and all following violations are double the initial penalty. Company caught employing 15 illegals, $375,000.00 fine and 3 ½ years in prison for all complicit employees.

Second, no welfare benefits of any kind. Any worker found to approve welfare for illegal aliens will be fined $5,000 and have 6-month prison sentence for every instance.

Every school district found with illegals in attendance will have their funding cut 2% for every illegal.

Any college or university found with illegals enrolled will not be approved for any student loans for a period of 1-year.

And for the Illegals caught in these instances…NOTHING. They honestly are innocent victims. They came here mostly for opportunity. And they will be welcome here. BUT ONLY if they come here legally.

However, since congress is infested with moneygrubbing, power hungry, narcissists, the WALL is the only solution.

Pompeo: 'Ludicrous' to think Trump is threat to US national security

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says in an interview set to air Sunday that it is "ludicrous" to think that President Trump is a threat to national security.

The Cabinet official was responding to a report from The New York Times published Friday night that claimed FBI agents began investigating whether Trump was working on behalf of Russia after he fired FBI Director James Comey in 2017.

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MALKIN: Border Wall: Monument For The People, Not Pols

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This combination of pictures shows the eight prototypes of US President Donald Trump's US-Mexico border wall being built near San Diego, in the US, seen from across the border from Tijuana, Mexico, on October 22, 2017.

Profligate politicians have never met a multibillion-dollar infrastructure project they didn't like — except when it comes to President Donald Trump's border wall.

Think about it.

Boston's Big Dig black hole, the nation's most expensive highway project, burned through $25 billion and was plagued by deadly engineering incompetence, endless cost overruns, leaks, lawsuits and debt.

Vung Tau in 1970: Bars, Beaches and a Bustling Bazaar

Opposite of Saigon’s metropolitan vibes, Vung Tau in 1970 was a quiet town fit for tourism activities, as shown through these film snapshots by Australian serviceman Barry Connors.

Pristine white beaches, rows of kitschy tourist bars and breezy seaside roads were among the subjects of Connors’ images. Sheltered by a bay, the city’s Bai Sau Beach has always been a choice destination for day-trippers looking to enjoy its languid waves and calm waters. Bai Truoc Beach, however, is rockier, but offers fantastic views of the ocean.

Connors was an avid photographer outside of his day job, with a photo collection of more than 100 shots taken in Vung Tau. Here are 25 standout photos from the Australian’s archive:

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Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale talks 2020

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Hijab, Female Oppression and the Left

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Only a left-wing liberal living in subjective reality could promote the hijab — the quintessential symbol of feminine oppression — as fashion. This is yet another salvo in the attempt to Islamicize the West by making the unacceptable dictates of sharia law acceptable.

Psychologically speaking, it is well known that familiarity brings acceptance, so the purpose of making the hijab fashionable and familiar is to make hijabs (and oppressive sharia law) acceptable. This is a deliberate strategy of indoctrination designed to change public perception of the hijab from a symbol of oppression (objective reality) to a symbol of fashion (subjective reality). Anyone who participates in this idiocy is a useful idiot.

The “Women’s” March organized by Linda Sarsour is another contradiction in terms. In supporting sharia law, Sarsour supports tenets that deny individual freedom to women and the LGBT community. Is this what these marching women want?