Saturday, January 12, 2019

Pompeo: 'Ludicrous' to think Trump is threat to US national security

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says in an interview set to air Sunday that it is "ludicrous" to think that President Trump is a threat to national security.

The Cabinet official was responding to a report from The New York Times published Friday night that claimed FBI agents began investigating whether Trump was working on behalf of Russia after he fired FBI Director James Comey in 2017.

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  1. JEEZE!! It was only 2 years ago that America had a real live communist as president. His administration literally sold uranium to the Russians, funded Iranian terrorists, and instigated a Syrian rebellion that gave ISIS a claim to statehood. None of that was "good for america".
    To my knowledge, the FBI didn't lift a finger investigate anything Obama did. Now they are supposedly caring that a guy who ran an "america first" campaign is harming america. Ridiculous. I'm guessing it is just more fake news (creative writing backed by unnamed sources) designed to pile on the character assassination action on trump.