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US replaying Vietnam War strategy in Syria: Analyst

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          "A pregnant lady" – abandoned by her lover    "The river was running red with blood."

The United States is deploying troops to Syria on the pattern it used during the 1954-1975 Vietnam War, says Scott Bennet, an American counter-terrorism expert and political analyst.

US officials recently told the Reuters news agency that Washington is planning to significantly increase the number of US special forces deployed to Syria.

“The recent reports that the US is increasing its special forces numbers in Syria should not be a surprise,” said Bennet, a former US army psychological warfare officer.

“It’s a standard pattern of an operational development which the US has followed since Vietnam, and in the Vietnam conflict of course it sent advisers that quickly turned into entire army full battalions and brigades which lasted over ten/fifteen years, and that was the Vietnam conflict,” Bennet told Press TV on Saturday.

“So this is how the US follows its conflict management, or war losing if you will, in some of these protracted efforts that are meaningless. It sends advisers and then it expands eventually over a five year period into a full-scale war,” he added. 



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The Department of Veteran’s Affairs has long proven that bureaucracy and medical care are incompatible. It’s bad enough that the incompetence and waste of the VA has led to the deaths of thousands of veterans in recent years, but apparently they’re also treating them like garbage while they’re still alive.

Last December the VA started reporting thousands of veterans to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check system, which is responsible for determining whether or not a potential gun buyer is legally allowed to own a firearm.

Priebus Won't Turn RNC Over to Trump If He Wins

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 Image: Priebus Won't Turn RNC Over to Trump If He Wins

The Times said Priebus "has also let it be known that he does not plan to let the Trump campaign take over the party apparatus if he captures the nomination.

"At an off-the-record happy hour with reporters last week, Mr. Priebus said clearly that, regardless of precedent, he would not be layered over by Mr. Trump’s loyalists, according to two people present."

If true, Priebus' decision would be a stunning reversal of precedent and a serious slap in the face to the Trump campaign.

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17 State Attorneys Create Coalition To Attack Climate Skeptics

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They’ve obviously never read the federal Bill of Rights nor the constitutions of their own states.

(CNS News) Seventeen attorney generals from around the United States have formed a coalition “to protect and expand progress the nation has made in combating climate change” in a first of its kind partnership of law enforcement officials.
Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring announced that he would be joining the coalition in a press release Tuesday.
“Attorneys General Eric Schneiderman of New York and William Sorrell of Vermont co-sponsored the meeting, with attorneys general George Jepsen of Connecticut, Brian E. Frosh of Maryland, Maura Healey of Massachusetts, and Claude Walker of the US Virgin Islands in attendance, along with former Vice President and leading climate activist Al Gore, and representatives from a total of 17 state attorneys general offices,” the release says.

John Kerry’s New Terror Treason: Befriending Communist terrorists with American blood on their hands.

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Stop by your local post office and you might just see a poster of Rodrigo “Timochenko” Londono hanging next to the Most Wanted posters of bank robbers and fugitives. The State Department is offering a $5 million reward for information about the Communist terrorist leader.

But all the State Department had to do was ask Secretary of State Kerry. Obama did the wave with the Cuban dictator and Kerry met with Timochenko , the leader of FARC, a Marxist terrorist organization that appears on his own department’s list of foreign terrorist organizations a little above Al Qaeda.

Timochenko is a Communist who was trained at the USSR’s infamous Patrice Lumumba University.

The State Department accuses him of ordering the kidnapping of Americans and responsibility for much of the cocaine that is smuggled into the United States. But none of that bothered Kerry who accepted a signed copy of a memoir by the terror group’s former leader which was addressed to “Senor” Kerry.

Russia, despite draw down, shipping more to Syria than removing

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When Vladimir Putin announced the withdrawal of most of Russia's military contingent from Syria there was an expectation that the Yauza, a Russian naval icebreaker and one of the mission's main supply vessels, would return home to its Arctic Ocean port.

Instead, three days after Putin's March 14 declaration, the Yauza, part of the "Syrian Express", the nickname given to the ships that have kept Russian forces supplied, left the Russian Black Sea port of Novorossiysk for Tartous, Russia's naval facility in Syria.

Whatever it was carrying was heavy; it sat so low in the water that its load line was barely visible.

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NATO: Worse Than ‘Obsolete’: It’s a tripwire that could lead to World War III

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Image result for NATO: Worse Than ‘Obsolete’:  It’s a tripwire that could lead to World War III

Unlike many libertarians, I love presidential election season, because that’s when generally ignored foreign policy issues are discussed beyond the small circle of Washington wonks. And that’s why I’m having such fun with Donald Trump – much to the annoyance of some of my readers, both libertarians and liberals alike: because he’s provoking a much-needed discussion about who benefits (and loses) from “American leadership” on the world stage. Most useful is his recent assertion that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is “obsolete.”

So it is. When the Berlin Wall fell, and the Soviet Union dissolved, the rationale for NATO disintegrated along with it. However, as libertarians know all too well, government programs (especially those that benefit the corporate sector) never die, nor do they fade away: they just keep growing to the degree that their constituency wields political clout. In NATO’s case, this clout is considerable.

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Red Heads and Horses

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NYT & "Morning Joe" on Donald Trump's "Prophetic" 1990 Interview With Playboy

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The "Morning Joe" panel reacts to a March 1990 article in Playboy magazine, which the New York Times this week called "a remarkably prophetic document."


How do you feel about Japan’s economic pre-eminence?

Day 1 Of “Whiteness History Month” At PCC – Speaker Defends Black Rapists

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"Whiteness History Month" has officially kicked off at Portland Community College. Day 1 featured a clueless Dean who couldn't cite a single example of racial bias happening on campus, presenters that defended black rapists, said it's a privilege that white women are victims, mocked people who say they are "colorblind" on race issues and mocked others that they only see "one race, the human race", then concluded that "ignorance is privilege" and "knowledge creates bias".

More with videos if you want to torture yourself @ Progressives Today

Leftist Troll Harassing Finicum Supporters IDENTIFIED… AND WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE HIS SKETCHY PAST!

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  Mug Shot
The man who has been relentlessly trolling Portland area LaVoy Finicum supporters has now been identified as Peter Fournier.

Fournier has recently been spotted at a Finicum memorial rally, on March 5th, with a bull horn, shouting all sorts of immature insults at the crowd as part of a counter protest.

More with videos and pictures @ Progressives Today

Muslims March in Germany Chanting “With Allah’s Help, We Shall Conquer You”

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muslims germany

They seem to be assimilating quite well, no?

Muslims march down a German street chanting, “With Allah’s help, we shall conquer you!”

What lovely citizens.

The Trump Challenge: He’s confronting the post-World War II international order – and winning

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trump cannon

The candidacy of Donald J. Trump has upended American politics, and, indeed, has changed the political landscape in ways our liberal and conservative elites never expected and clearly abhor. He talks like an ordinary person, for one thing – a rarity in a realm where politicians routinely speak as if they are giving a speech before the Peoria Rotary Club. Unrehearsed and raw, he doesn’t do  “talking points” – and this, I think, more than his controversial proposal to deport millions of illegal immigrants, has provoked the policy wonks and the “intellectuals” into paroxysms of contempt. It’s also what’s endears him to ordinary people, and makes them listen – perhaps for the first time – to what a candidate for the highest office in the land is saying about where America is today and where he wants the country to go.

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This State’s GOP Moves to Strip Trump of 50 Delegates…Apparently Voters DON’T Matter

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Image result for This State’s GOP Moves to Strip Trump of 50 Delegates…Apparently Voters DON’T Matter

Apparently the game is afoot as a desperate GOP establishment looks to every possible way to prevent Donald Trump from winning the nomination.

We have already seen Republican insiders claim that the voters don’t matter and that a clique of party regulars actually decides who “wins” the nomination. We have been warned of dirty tricks and rules changes to deny Trump the nomination, but this may be the boldest yet!
According to Time,

Donald Trump’s announcement that he no longer stands by a pledge to support the GOP has thrown his hold on South Carolina’s 50 delegates in doubt.

The Palmetto State was one of several that required candidates to pledge their loyalty to the party’s eventual nominee in order to secure a slot on the primary ballot. Though Trump won all of the state’s delegates in the Feb. 20 primary, anti-Trump forces are plotting to contest their binding to Trump because of his threat on the pledge Tuesday.

So in spite of beating Rubio and Cruz by over ten points, Trump faces the possibility of losing all of the delegates, a move that would almost guarantee an open convention and deny him the nomination.

Construction Workers Wanted

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In the end, what matters is social, ethnic and cultural homogeneity.


As America continues to circle the drain, replete with those awful slurping/sucking sounds of faulty plumbing, know that humans have responded in some interesting ways to tyrannical impositions over their rightful liberties.  America is at that point in time where alternate means need to be explored, short of the all-out final resolution. We still have some decency and civility left.

     What possible examples predate what we are experiencing today?  There are a few that spring to mind.  All of them revolve around the principle of building an alternate system of governance.  The examples range from what was seen in Iraq, with shadow "Emirs", to the IRA and how they operated, to the Polish Underground State in Exile.

 The shadow state concept is perhaps a better incarnation of local control than the "group of guys" training on a weekend.  The shadow state concept is agnostic, in that it works well for Muslims as well as American Blacks... so, the SAME concept of operations applies to Caucasians as well.

How to Hack an ElectionL Andrés Sepúlveda rigged elections throughout Latin America for almost a decade: He tells his story for the first time.


On the question of whether the U.S. presidential campaign is being tampered with, he is unequivocal. “I’m 100 percent sure it is,” he says.

It was just before midnight when Enrique Peña Nieto declared victory as the newly elected president of Mexico. Peña Nieto was a lawyer and a millionaire, from a family of mayors and governors. His wife was a telenovela star. He beamed as he was showered with red, green, and white confetti at the Mexico City headquarters of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, which had ruled for more than 70 years before being forced out in 2000. Returning the party to power on that night in July 2012, Peña Nieto vowed to tame drug violence, fight corruption, and open a more transparent era in Mexican politics.

Two thousand miles away, in an apartment in Bogotá’s upscale Chicó Navarra neighborhood, Andrés Sepúlveda sat before six computer screens. Sepúlveda is Colombian, bricklike, with a shaved head, goatee, and a tattoo of a QR code containing an encryption key on the back of his head. On his nape are the words ” and “ and “” stacked atop each other, dark riffs on coding. He was watching a live feed of Peña Nieto’s victory party, waiting for an official declaration of the results.

” stacked atop each other, dark riffs on coding. He was watching a live feed of Peña Nieto’s victory party, waiting for an official declaration of the results.
 When Peña Nieto won, Sepúlveda began destroying evidence. He drilled holes in flash drives, hard drives, and cell phones, fried their circuits in a microwave, then broke them to shards with a hammer. He shredded documents and flushed them down the toilet and erased servers in Russia and Ukraine rented anonymously with Bitcoins. He was dismantling what he says was a secret history of one of the dirtiest Latin American campaigns in recent memory.

More @ Bloomberg

We Have A Muslim and a Collectivist Problem

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So you want us all to "just get along"...?

Well my stupid soccerettes and booberettes ya gotta see that there are some fundamental differences that we "must overcome"...

[scroll down]

Chances are, when you overcome 'em you ain't gonna be too damn happy.

Vote Trump; you twits."

"There’s a particular photo that went around the world. That of the little boy lying dead on the beach.

 It is true that the photo is very sad and makes you reflect on the distress of these people fleeing their country at the risk of their lives.

Above, a photo showing some people walking to reach the final objective to live in a European country. Even if this photo is making it around the world only 1% of the people will notice the truth.

On the photo,  there are 7 men and 1 woman. Up to this point – nothing special. But in observing a bit closer, you will notice that the woman is bare feet accompanied by 3 children, and of the 3, she is carrying 2.

There is the problem, none of the men are helping her, because in their culture the woman represents nothing. She is only good to be a slave to the men. 

Do you really believe that these particular individuals could integrate into our societies and countries and respect our customs and traditions?"

When Conservative Statesmen Walked the Earth

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 Ha! :)

The Southern Dixiecrat movement was greatly the result of the communist-dominated labor union infestation of FDR’s Democrat party from 1936 onward. FDR’s labor advisor was Sidney Hillman, Russian refugee from the 1905 revolution who as a radical labor organizer in New York City, earlier delivered communist votes to Roosevelt for governor. In 1936 Hillman formed the CIO and the first political action committee, CIO-PAC, with the intention of funneling labor money directly to FDR’s reelection campaigns. Roosevelt’s 1940 running mate, Henry Wallace, saw nothing wrong with communism and the Southern Democrats had had enough. Hillman’s CIO also spawned the Highlander Folk School in Tennessee, a communist labor-organizing training facility attended in the mid-1950’s by M.L. King and Rosa Parks.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

When Conservative Statesmen Walked the Earth

“From the outset of his administration, the central theme of the [Virginia Governor William] Tuck tenure was hostility to organized labor. In his first message to the General Assembly, the new governor denounced public employee unions, and the legislators responded by declaring public employee collective bargaining to be contrary to the public policy of Virginia.

When employees of the Virginia Electric and Power Company threatened a strike in the spring of 1946, Tuck declared that a state of emergency existed, and mobilized the unorganized State militia, and threatened to induct 1,600 of the utility’s employees. The next year he convened a special session of the General Assembly and secured passage of two additional measures: one permitting State seizure of strike-plagued utilities, and another outlawing compulsory union membership (the “Right to Work Law”).

Across the nation a rash of postwar strikes caused the organized labor movement’s popularity to plummet. President Truman in 1946 vetoed legislation designed to curb union power, and that move, in combination with concessions made by the administration in order to end a United Mine Workers strike, brought the new President widespread criticism.

Senator [Harry F.] Byrd and the State’s conservative Democratic congressmen spent much of their reelection campaigns in 1946 pillorying organized labor; Eighth District Congressman Howard W. Smith, for example, assailed the Congress of Industrial Organizations’ political action committee (“CIO-PAC”) as a “new swarm of carpetbaggers who are invading the Southern States [and] are impregnated with communism.”

The ever-widening gulf between Senator Byrd and the national Democratic Party was the principal reason for the [Virginia] Republicans high hopes. Byrd supported Franklin Roosevelt for President in 1932, but he quickly became disenchanted as the new President repudiated the conservative thrust of his 1932 platform and embarked on a broad new social agenda.

When Roosevelt’s ill-fated “court-packing” plan was advanced in 1937, Byrd and other Southern Democrats joined with the Republicans to defeat it, thereby giving birth to the conservative coalition that would remain a formidable force within the Congress for decades. It was President Truman, however, who most infuriated Byrd.

Like most of his Southern colleagues, the Virginia senator initially greeted Harry Truman’s ascension to the Presidency in April 1945 with favor. Truman, after all, was the son of a Confederate soldier, and his Missouri accent fueled the feeling among Southerners that one of their own was finally in charge. In fact, Truman owed his spot on the national ticket in 1944 to Southern party leaders who had insisted that Roosevelt jettison liberal Vice President Henry Wallace as the price of their continued support.

[After Truman] attempted to breathe new life into FDR’s New Deal coalition, the President proposed a variety of liberal initiatives in his State of the Union message. The President’s initiative brought a sharp and swift denunciation from Virginia’s senior senator. “[Taken] in their entirety,” declared Byrd, “[the Truman civil rights proposals] constitute a mass invasion of States’ rights never before even suggested, much less recommended, by any previous President.”

The senator’s disdain for Truman was surpassed, perhaps, only by that of Governor Tuck. On February 25, 1948, the governor went before the General Assembly to denounce the Truman civil rights program and to propose a measure of his own for dealing with the President. The Tuck “ballot bill” would keep the names of all presidential candidates off of the November ballot in Virginia. Instead, only the parties would be listed . . . [to] keep Truman from getting Virginia’s electoral votes . . . In Washington, Senator Byrd took to the floor to strongly endorse the Tuck bill and commend it to his Southern colleagues.”

(The Dynamic Dominion, Realignment and the Rise of Virginia’s Republican Party Since 1945, Frank B. Atkinson, George Mason University Press, 1992, pp. 20-22)

When the Yankees Were Rebels

Below, slave-holding and slave-trading rebels of Massachusetts resisted the might of British troops sent to disperse them, and the Southern colonies voluntarily assisted New England in its war to end British rule. Some 86 years later Southern rebels at Manassas resisted the might of New England troops sent to disperse them but had no assistance in its war to end New England rule.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

When the Yankees Were Rebels

“At five o’clock on Wednesday morning, a man on horseback, without cape or coat, galloped into Lexington, shouting that the British were coming up the road. Some called him to stop; but he rushed on in that mad way toward Concord. Then it was that the blood boiled in our veins. We remembered the insults and threats which had been heaped upon us so long, and swore that they should be avenged that day. Some ran through the streets, waving their hats over their heads, and hurrahing for their rights.

The women ran from house to house, gathering muskets for the militia, and carrying ammunition in their aprons. No one was idle, and no one was afraid to face all the British troops — yes, and fight them too, if fighting was to be done. At last the drum beat to arms. We seized our muskets and rushed to the green. Captain Parker drew us up, seventy strong, in double rank; telling us to fight bravely in the cause for freedom.

Then were heard their drums beating, and saw the bayonets peeping out from the dust, and glittering in the sun. But what could seventy men do against a thousand? Their leader galloped up like a madman; cursing, shouting, and ordering us to disperse.

All at once they poured a volley at us . . . they fired again; then the dreadful scene began. The enemy marched to the storehouses, broke them open, and began the work of destruction. The flour was emptied into the river; the ball, which we had gathered with so much care, stolen or sunk in wells, and our two cannon battered and abused till they were unfit for use. Next day they began to break up the bridges; and this was more than we could bear.

And soon the hills and lanes were swarming with the boys from Reading and Roxbury, who had heard of their friends being shot . . . we rushed headlong on the murderers, and drove them and their commander out of the town. O! It was glorious to be in that chase — glorious! Remember boys, how often we were insulted by [General] Gage, and called “rebels,” or “Yankees” by his men! Yes, and cowards, too — cowards! The blood boils at the word! And then our bleeding men behind us! — it was glory, I say lads, to chase the rascals like deer up the road, and make them feel that “rebels” could fight as well as they!”

(Camp-Fires of the Revolution, Henry Clay Watson, Lindsay & Blakiston, 1854, pp. 23-27)

Here’s the problem with all this coverage about how unpopular Donald Trump is

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Hey, did you know that people actually hate Donald Trump? Yup, it's true. Women hate him.

Hispanics hate him. Millennials hate him. Mormons hate him. Republican National Committee members hate him. Heck, even white men don't like him that much.

What's that you say? He's winning the Republican presidential nominating contest? Never mind that. He'll surely falter in the general election. Because people hate him.

This, I suspect, is what the media sound like to many voters right now, as we bombard them with stories about how incredibly unpopular Trump actually is. We sound like your annoying, amateur movie critic friend who tries to convince you "nobody" liked the film that is No. 1 at the box office.

The argument just doesn't seem believable.